Chapter 763: Girl with special attraction

Chapter 763: Girl with special attraction

Qi City City Master Fort

“City master, we found traces of the girl you were looking for.”

Zhong Pingsha’s face quivered as he respectfully kneeled down before city master Wei Fangqing.

Zhong Pingsha’s most powerful soul pet was just a low class emperor rank. Even this city master’s secondary soul pets could easily kill all his soul pets. Zhong Pingsha usually had a soul emperor’s arrogance, but he didn’t dare be disrespectful in front of this city master.

“Oh? You have news this quickly?” Wei Fangqing lifted an eyebrow.

Wei Fangqing didn’t really believe that there was a thirteen or fourteen year old girl that reached spirit emperor, yet in a few days someone had already reported it.

While surprised, Wei Fangqing smiled. This was a person that the Heavenly Concubine wanted. If he was able to find her, it would be a great service, and the reward could probably raise his power once more! 

“Very well, where is the person?” Wei Fangqing asked.

“We met in the rain forest, and she used her soul remembrance to attack my companion....

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