Chapter 763: Girl with special attraction

Chapter 763: Girl with special attraction

Qi City City Master Fort

“City master, we found traces of the girl you were looking for.”

Zhong Pingsha’s face quivered as he respectfully kneeled down before city master Wei Fangqing.

Zhong Pingsha’s most powerful soul pet was just a low class emperor rank. Even this city master’s secondary soul pets could easily kill all his soul pets. Zhong Pingsha usually had a soul emperor’s arrogance, but he didn’t dare be disrespectful in front of this city master.

“Oh? You have news this quickly?” Wei Fangqing lifted an eyebrow.

Wei Fangqing didn’t really believe that there was a thirteen or fourteen year old girl that reached spirit emperor, yet in a few days someone had already reported it.

While surprised, Wei Fangqing smiled. This was a person that the Heavenly Concubine wanted. If he was able to find her, it would be a great service, and the reward could probably raise his power once more! 

“Very well, where is the person?” Wei Fangqing asked.

“We met in the rain forest, and she used her soul remembrance to attack my companion. We found two sets of footprints a few days later, corresponding to a devil man and the girl, so we suspect the devil man has taken the girl and is escaping east.” Zhong Pingsha said.

Zhong Pingsha wasn’t stupid. He didn’t mention that the girl stayed with them for a whole month, in case the city master blamed them.

“Devil man?” Wei Fang furrowed his brows. He didn’t believe the devil man existed, yet he appeared right with the girl he wanted. Truly strange.

“My two comrades have already followed the steps out, but the devilman’s strength probably isn’t something we can deal with. City master…..” Zhong Pingsha said.

Zhong Pingsha and his two companions weren’t inexperienced. When they saw the devil flames left behind, they knew that it was a White Nightmare with advanced devil flames, most likely a high class emperor rank!

“En, lead the way- I, city master, will go personally!” Wei Fangqing didn’t hesitate, standing up and saying.

Walking out of the city master hall, Wei Fangqing even called over two spirit emperors and also told someone to send the message to Heavenly Concubine!

“City master, you said Heavenly Concubine is in Qi Kingdom?” Zhong Pingsha heard Wei Fangqing’s task for the sub commander, and his entire face full of fat widened in shock and excitement.

“En.” Wei Fangqing only nodded, not saying much else.

Zhong Pingsha’s face was full of emotions. In this Wanxiang Realm, who didn’t know of heavenly concubine? Even the spirit emperors had to treat this woman as a female war goddess. Not only because of her authority above everyone, but also her incredible strength was unmatched in the human realm!!

Wanxiang Realm’s spirit emperors were also all highly positioned, each a hegemon of their own region. Yet, between hegemons, there was a huge power disparity too. Zhong Pingsha knew fully well that a low remembrance spirit emperor was like a fat fly in front of Heavenly Concubine. A casual slap would cause him to die.

Putting aside heavenly Concubine, the female spirit emperors under her were also all famous, none of which he could trouble!

In eighth rank kingdom Qi Kingdom, Zhong Pingsha and his two companions were only lower level spirit emperors. City master Wei Fangqing was already a character they were lucky to be in contact with, let alone Heavenly Concubine, which even Wei Fangqing had to treat with absolute respect.

Thinking that the girl was someone Heavenly Concubine put down a great reward to find, Zhong Pingsha wanted to slap himself. If he gave the girl to Heavenly Concubine, he may even have been brought into her faction, and his status would become a whole new level!

“Stupid Liu Yuming. If not for him, I would have had a chance to appear in front of heavenly concubine!!” Zhong Pingsha was angered.

Heavenly Concubine was always hard to meet with. Letting such a rare opportunity slip by, Zhong Pingsha wished he could cut Liu Yuming up into pieces immediately!


Qi Kingdom east side

White Nightmare was pretty wounded, so its speed couldn’t be at its peak. However, to follow its king’s steps, even though it hadn’t recovered its stamina, it didn't want to waste too much time.

It knew that going eastwards would allow it to meet up with the king.

“So, the rumors of a devil man that has been circulated around is not you, but your king?” Little girl sat on white nightmare’s back and said.

A wild White Nightmare was carrying a human girl. If this scene were seen by others, it would definitely become the talk of the town. After all, wild White Nightmares were always full of evil and had very deep hostility towards other species.

Even when you signed a soul pact with it, when it grew, it may directly devour you, if you didn’t have enough soul power, so it was known to be evil and dangerous.

However, a little beauty laid on White Nightmare’s back, not fearful at all. Instead, she seemed used to it, as if she was familiar with communicating with wild soul pets.

This was the reality. This little girl had come into contact with all sorts of wild soul pets since birth. She had a special closeness on her, causing all organisms to lower their guard around her. Even when wounded, soul pets would always come to her side to look for healing and help.

In reality, in the human realm, many people were born with strange talents. For example, some soul pet trainers had unique insights on certain types, giving them special effects when controlling soul pets of that type.

Some soul pet trainers were naturally mellow, allowing them to approach wild soul pets easily, and greatly increase their chances of signing a soul pact.

Of course, the girl’s talent was abnormal, so abnormal that even high class emperor rank soul pets with high intelligence didn’t have any wariness of her.


White Nightmare seemed to have already caught its king’s scent and followed forth. It even specially warned little beauty that she had to be very respectful or else she could get killed!

The young girl was a human after all. If she didn’t heal him, White Nightmare wouldn’t even have thought about bringing a human before its king.

“Don’t be scared. Some of my old friends were beings similar to your king. They may even be crueler than your king, but they would never get angry at me.” Little beauty smiled cutely, not knowing what fear was.

If it were any other female spirit emperor, they would definitely be scared stiff at the sight of a high class emperor rank White Nightmare. This little girl was truly special; maybe this was the reason why heavenly concubine wanted to find her.

“White Nightmare, there seems to be someone chasing us from behind!” Little girl turned around and saw that at the far end of the rain, a grey organism with feathered wings was dashing through and quickly approaching.


White Nightmare also turned around to glance at it, its other pupils locking onto the grey organism!

“Its a Turbid Feather Demon Emperor, the same rank as you, but its much faster than you!” Little girl quickly figured out what organism it was, even before the White Nightmare.

Because of its wounds, White Nightmare had been flying very slowly. Now that the Turbid Feather Demon Emperor was chasing, it immediately casted devil phantom to accelerate eastwards!

“Why are there so many experts here. It’s been a month, and there are already high class emperor rank experts.” Little girl grumbled.

High class emperor rank in human realm was already near the top. Little girl thought that by hiding, she could merge in with the commander ranks and monarch ranks, yet she already brought a high class emperor rank enemy looking for her.

And, she believed that these chasing people definitely won’t give up because of a gap of the sea. Presumably, it won’t be long before a group of even stronger people would chase her like rabid dogs.

The girl’s exceptional approachability was useless against humans, so her best move was to find an extremely powerful organism.

Both being high class emperor rank, White Nightmare’s strength may be a rank stronger than the Turbid Feather Demon Emperor, but it was much slower.

As the distance was slowly closed, the Turbid Feather Demon Emperor was already 4000 meters away. At this distance, the young girl could see a middle aged stranger smiling disgustingly at her.

Beside the middle aged man was the fat Zhong Pingsha. At this moment, Zhong Pingsha’s gaze was burning, as if he was looking at a huge feast, causing the little girl to feel uneasy.

“Why are these people chasing me, are they communicating with the previous people? When did they expand their reach to here? Did the Sang Guards all die in Tianxia realm and Wanxiang realm because someone leaked information?” Little girl bit her lips. Seeing the chasers getting closer and closer, she got more uneasy.

Even if she escaped, she would be followed by many people. It seems the world no longer has anywhere for her to exist!

“White Nightmare, go and find your king. They only came for me.” Little girl said to White Nightmare.

From Zhong Pingsha and Wei Fangqing’s eyes, she got this answer. Though White Nightmare was high class emperor rank, it was wounded and wasn’t match for the middle aged man controlling the Turbid Feather Demon Emperor.


White Nightmare suddenly stopped, and stared angrily at this feathered demon emperor. If not for his wounds, White Nightmare would burn this Turbid Feather Demon Emperor to a crisp!!

“Hahaha, still trying to run. Little girl, you truly have some ability, able to make this devil man help you!” Zhong Pingsha laughed.

Before, Zhong Pingsha found little girl and white nightmare, yet white nightmare was too powerful and they didn’t even dare near it. Now that one of the Thirty Two Scars of Soul Alliance, Wei Fangqing, was here, even the devil man had to die!

Thinking that this little girl could allow him to get in contact with the high up Heavenly concubine, Zhong Pingsha’s smile became even more greasy!


White nightmare was incredibly stubborn. Even when it was wounded, it didn’t back off at all, slowly releasing its devil flames.

Wei Fangqing stared solemnly at this devil man. He thought that the devil man would at most be middle class emperor rank, yet he now saw that it was a high class emperor rank!

High class emperor ranks usually existed in super bewildering worlds that humans dared not enter, or lived deep in the forbidden realm. How is such a powerful soul pet be in the human realm? Wei Fangqing himself was shocked. When had high class emperor ranks become so easily found? If it ran to his Qi City, the casualties would be innumerous!

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