Chapter 762: Mysterious Species King

Chapter 762: Mysterious Species King


Suddenly, a shrill scream cut open the silence of the night, echoing through the wet rainforest!

A group of night dwelling birds flapped their wings, escaping from their nests as they were frightened.

“What’s the matter, what’s the matter?” Deng Feng woke up and quickly let our his soul remembrance.

Deng Fenghe’s soul pets were just outside fo the tent. Its furry head only lifted slightly with confusion when it heard the scream.

The soul pet didn’t sense any danger near, so the scream truly came unexpectedly.

“That girl!! It was that stupid girl!!!!” Suddenly, Liu Yuming came out from a side tent, painfully grasping at his eyes, his fingers almost sinking into his eyeballs!

Mental Burn!

As a spirit emperor, Liu Yuming only needed a thought to make the girl speechless, so Liu Yuming didn’t have any guard against her. Yet, he didn’t expect that when he pounced forth to...

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