Chapter 762: Mysterious Species King

Chapter 762: Mysterious Species King


Suddenly, a shrill scream cut open the silence of the night, echoing through the wet rainforest!

A group of night dwelling birds flapped their wings, escaping from their nests as they were frightened.

“What’s the matter, what’s the matter?” Deng Feng woke up and quickly let our his soul remembrance.

Deng Fenghe’s soul pets were just outside fo the tent. Its furry head only lifted slightly with confusion when it heard the scream.

The soul pet didn’t sense any danger near, so the scream truly came unexpectedly.

“That girl!! It was that stupid girl!!!!” Suddenly, Liu Yuming came out from a side tent, painfully grasping at his eyes, his fingers almost sinking into his eyeballs!

Mental Burn!

As a spirit emperor, Liu Yuming only needed a thought to make the girl speechless, so Liu Yuming didn’t have any guard against her. Yet, he didn’t expect that when he pounced forth to enjoy her tender body, he was severely mentally burned, his eyeballs almost completely burned!

“Liu Yuming, what are you doing, how many times do I have to tell you to not bother the girl!” Deng Fenghe said angrily.

“That stinking brat…….that brat’s soul remembrance is extremely high!!” Liu Yuming painfully casted a water type soul technique to cleanse his eyes.

Deng Fenghe and Zhong Pingsha walked by Liu Yuming, they especially looked at his eyes. Seeing that nearly half was burnt off, their faces were shocked.

Liu Yuming was a third remembrance soul emperor, so even without defense, he shouldn't have been burnt this badly!

“Where’s the girl?” Deng Fenghe ran to the tent and looked around but didn't see the girl anywhere.

Immediately, Deng Fenghe cast soul remembrance and sensed the nearby thousand meters.

It hadn’t been long since Liu Yuming screamed. If he released his soul remembrance, he could definitely find the girl.

Yet, Deng Fenghe, other than finding a few animals darting around, didn’t sense the tracks of the girl at all. This girl had just disappeared without any traces!

“Is this girl’s soul remembrance truly that high?” Deng Fenghe’s heart slowly rippled.

“Let’s chase after her, this girl’s origins were unclear from the get-go!” Zhong Pingsha said.


The rainforest was especially humid, so footprints are often left in the ground. To experienced hunters, these footprints are the easiest to detect. As long as it isn’t washed out by the rain, they are easily trackable by their prey.

Under a hundred-year-old tree, a thin and lonely figure was curled up silently in the tree hollow, her wet clothes sticking to her dirtied skin.

Cold, darkness, hungry, and tired, she slowly fell into bitter tears. Her usual smile could always affect many lives and could even give dying vines another life. She always loved facing every person with a sweet smile…..

Yet, she was now hiding in a completely strange place crying, not knowing where to go next.

The entire night, she was hiding in this tree hollow to affect the other three’s vision. She especially left a string of footprints that led another direction, so tonight, this tree hollow should be safe. The second day, she woke up and the drizzle finally showed signs of stopping. Grass, leaves, and mud mixed scents wafted through the air. The little girl cupped some of the gathered water outside the tree hollow and washed her face.

After washing her face, the little girl’s black face seemed to have shed a layer, revealing her pale but tender skin.

With a little bit of brushing, the little girl looked entirely different, instantly going from a little brat to a beautiful fragile little beauty!

No wonder Liu Yuming, a soul emperor, would find interest in this little girl. Presumably, the fellow who probably often committed such atrocities had seen through her dirtied face and saw this beauty already.

On the north end of the rain forest was the even more flourishing Qi City. After leaving the three behind, the girl could only walk barefoot.

Yet, a mere half an hour out, she suddenly found a row of heavy footprints!

These footprints still had white flames, size not unlike those of an adult.

“Is it the devil man in the legends?” Little girl covered her mouth and thought silently.

The footprints were very fresh, meaning the devil man was near her.

The little girl wasn’t afraid at all, following these footsteps forward.

After another half an hour, the little girl’s footsteps came to an abrupt halt because between the branches, she saw that on a lone rock two hundred meters ahead, an organism burning with pale flames laid there…...

“This is…...this is a White Nightmare?” The little girl said to herself, her bright eyes curiously examining it.

White nightmare had rather noticeable characteristics. It was that no matter what state it was in, its eyes were always white. Though there were many whites, the white nightmare’s pupils were the same color as its devil flame.

“Isn’t the devil man’s eyes supposed to be silver?” Little girl thought to herself strangely.

Presumably, the devil man was indeed just a white nightmare in the shape of a man, which was then exaggerated by people in the city not familiar with white nightmares.

At least now the little girl proved that the devil man was indeed just a pure white nightmare in the form of a young man…...

“It seems injured?” Little girl quickly noticed that the white nightmare’s chest flames were almost all extinguished, meaning he was heavily damaged on the chest.

“Nie~~~~~~~~” the “devil man” seemed to have noticed the little girl and let out a hostile cry!

“Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you.” Little girl quickly walked over and put her soft hand on its chest.

White Nightmares usually had some violence in them. They would attack others actively and not let anything near them, not even similar species.

And, though this white nightmare was weakened, its aura showed that it was a high class emperor rank!!

High class emperor ranks were all very powerful beings in Dark Sky Ocean. Having such an organism appear in human territory will cause immense terror!

Yet, something strange happened!

Such a high class emperor rank white nightmare should have hostility and belittlement with everything, yet when this little girl neared, it allowed it to come closer. Its eyes weren’t showing apathy or belittlement, instead showing some confusion.

Seeing the “devil man” not holding hostility towards her, the little girl smiled.

The little girl’s smile had a special contagious power, able to affect people and also soul pets. Her smile caused the “devil man”’s expression to change again, becoming gentle…...

“Let me heal you.” Little girl wasn’t afraid. She sat down by the white nightmare and cast an incantation.

Little girl’s recovery technique was very effective. When it fell on white nightmare’s chest, the devil flames slowly lit back up and the wounds quickly closed.

“Nie~~~~~~” White Nightmare saw that its wounds were recovered, and let out a call towards the little girl.

“Don’t thank me, there were many old friends of mine who liked fighting who often came to me with a body of wounds, and I would always heal them.” The little girl laughed, unbelievably able to understand the white nightmare completely.

“Nie~~~~~~~~” White nightmare had no hostility at all now, instead telling little girl something.

“Ah? Where is this? I don’t know either, I’ve been here for only a month……” 


“You got lost? You’re looking for your king?” Little girl’s face showed shock but she quickly asked again.

Little girl was very knowledgeable of soul pets. She knew that a king of a soul pet was definitely not a leader of a tribe, or the strongest organism in the realm. It was truly the king of the species!

The king of a species, no matter where it went, it had the utmost authority in front of its own species, able to command all of them!!

The reason the young girl was so surprised was because through the white nightamre’s words, the “king” it mentioned was truly the species king, a white nightmare king that was unbelievably powerful!

Little girl could tell that this white nightmare was already high class emperor. This should already be a very strong presence in Wanxiang City. Yet, when this high class emperor rank’s wounds got better, it already wanted to get up and go back to its king. Every time it mentioned king to the young girl, it would show respect and fear for its leader.

“Able to garner this much respect from a high class emperor rank, just how powerful is this king? Very likely it is one of the most powerful organisms within Wanxiang City!” Young girl thought to herself.

“White nightmare, I have nowhere to go right now. Will your king take me?” Little girl asked in a small voice.

White Nightmare quickly responded.

“You don’t have to worry about that. Those with hostility towards me are only people.” Young girl quickly said with confidence.

Little girl knew that she had a lot of enemies that were all very powerful. Soul emperor ranks like Deng Fenghe were spirit emperors and still couldn’t dodge her.

Knowing that there was a king above this high class emperor rank, little girl felt like she had to fall subordinate to this mysterious king, or else within a few months, she would get brought away by those previous people.

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