Chapter 761: Heavenly Concubine’s Order, Spirit Emperor Young Woman

Chapter 761: Heavenly Concubine’s Order, Spirit Emperor Young Woman

North of Windy Rain City, at the end of the two hundred kilometer rainforest was Wanxiang Realm’s Qi Kingdom’s Qi City. This was a famous eighth rank kingdom city in which the number of experts alone was more than the number of wandering soul pet trainers in Windy Rain City.

Qi City’s City Lord appeared to be a wandering soul pet trainer who had relied on himself to become outstanding. However, those who actually knew him also knew that City Lord Wei Fangqing actually held a position in Soul Alliance, and that his position was rather high!

Soul Alliance’s supreme experts were the Sixteen Absolutes and under them were Thirty Two Scars. The Thirty Two Scars were equivalent in status to the three palace factions’ elders. This was precisely a status that Qi City’s City Lord Wei Fangqing enjoyed in the surrounding tens of kingdoms.

Today, Qi City Lord Wei Fangqing didn’t have much to do. The younger generation in his family was engaged in a competition and as an ‘upstanding and virtuous’ city lord, he had to instruct the backers of his family. 

Instructing the backers of the family referred to inviting disciples from other famous families...

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