Chapter 761: Heavenly Concubine’s Order, Spirit Emperor Young Woman

Chapter 761: Heavenly Concubine’s Order, Spirit Emperor Young Woman

North of Windy Rain City, at the end of the two hundred kilometer rainforest was Wanxiang Realm’s Qi Kingdom’s Qi City. This was a famous eighth rank kingdom city in which the number of experts alone was more than the number of wandering soul pet trainers in Windy Rain City.

Qi City’s City Lord appeared to be a wandering soul pet trainer who had relied on himself to become outstanding. However, those who actually knew him also knew that City Lord Wei Fangqing actually held a position in Soul Alliance, and that his position was rather high!

Soul Alliance’s supreme experts were the Sixteen Absolutes and under them were Thirty Two Scars. The Thirty Two Scars were equivalent in status to the three palace factions’ elders. This was precisely a status that Qi City’s City Lord Wei Fangqing enjoyed in the surrounding tens of kingdoms.

Today, Qi City Lord Wei Fangqing didn’t have much to do. The younger generation in his family was engaged in a competition and as an ‘upstanding and virtuous’ city lord, he had to instruct the backers of his family. 

Instructing the backers of the family referred to inviting disciples from other famous families within the city. 

However, he hadn’t even been able to watch one round of the competition when he received news of something.

“Heavenly Concubine’s order. Could it be that the experts from the three great palaces have appeared here?” Wei Fangqing was doubtful in his heart, but he still respectfully greeted the person who gave him the order.

Of course, this respectful greeting wasn’t to the cold-faced female reconnoiter, but rather for the golden order in her hand. 

“Heavenly Concubine is currently searching for a 13 year old young woman who has come from the other side of the Dark Sky Ocean World. It’s very likely that she landed in one of the big cities near the dark ocean. No matter the cost, you must find this young woman.” the female reconnoiter’s voice was a bit sharp. 

Wei Fangqing slightly raised his head and asked in a low voice: “There are many cities along the dark shore. There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of 13 year old girls within them. Does Her Majesty Heavenly Concubine know if this girl has any unique parts about her?” 

“This girl’s soul remembrance is rather high.” 

What exactly was a high soul remembrance for a 13 year old young woman? Spirit soldier or spirit teacher? Was this something unique? 

“How high?” asked Wei Fangqing.

“Spirit emperor.” the female recon's voice was calm as she spoke. She seemed to have given out numerous orders already so she didn’t find anything strange about what she said.

“Ok, spirit emperor…” Wei Fangqing subconsciously nodded his head. However, his expression quickly paused and he realized that something was wrong. 

“This Ji Servant, you just said… spirit emperor?” Wei Fangqing made sure his words were clear. 

“Yes, spirit emperor. You cannot reveal any of this to your subordinates when you issue a capture warrant. Have them take away all girls of this age with high soul remembrance. It won’t be long before Heavenly Concubine personally comes himself. If you manage to find her, Her Majesty Heavenly Concubine will heavily reward you.” the female reconnaitre spoke very quickly. She didn’t care if Wei Fangqing heard her clearly or not and once she finished speaking, she turned and left.

City Lord Wei Fangqing maintained his polite actions, but the expression on his face had frozen up. 

“Spirit emperor and as a 13 year old girl. What kind of a joke is this. Disregarding Qi City, even in the entire Wanxiang Realm or even Tianxia Realm there wouldn’t necessarily be one, right…” after a while, Wei Fangqing finally managed to say something.

It was not doubted that spirit emperors were the peak of humanity.

Being able to enter the spirit emperor rank at the age of 13 would make one an absolute genius. The number of geniuses among Wanxiang Realm’s tens of billions of citizens were extremely few. However, a 13 year old girl entering the spirit emperor rank was inconceivable! 

Right now, Wei Fangqing really found this hard to believe. However, Heavenly Concubine had already given his order. As Soul Alliance’s supreme existence, Heavenly Concubine obviously wouldn’t joke about something like this. This meant that this young spirit emperor really existed! 

Under Soul Alliance’s Alliance Master were a pair of concubines: the Empress Concubine and the Heavenly Concubine. The Empress Concubine perennially wore a golden mask. It was said that even the Four Heroes had only ever seen her bewitching lips and perfect chin. 

The Empress Concubine had always been regarded as the most mysterious woman among Soul Alliance’s experts. But her methods had even made the Alliance Master’s personal strategist concede defeat. 

As for the Heavenly Concubine, she was regarded as the number one outstanding woman in a thousand years. Although her methods were not as godly as the Empress Concubine who managed to accrue huge amounts of power within Soul Alliance in a short period of time, she possessed something which allowed her to occupy an unshakable supreme position. This something was absolute strength which made even the leader of the Four Heroes afraid. 

Wei Fangqing really could sweep across the surrounding dozens of kingdoms with his strength. However, at the end of the day, he was merely one of the Thirty Two Scars. Compared to the Heavenly Concubine, there was a whole world of difference in terms of both strength and status. Therefore, when the Heavenly Concubine personally gave an order, even if it meant finding a needle in a haystack, Wei Fangqing had to mobilize everyone possible to find this needle!

Of course, Wei Fangqing was also still wondering about the reason why Her Majesty Heavenly Concubine wanted to find this young girl. Indeed, wouldn’t it mean that in the future the title of the number one outstanding woman in a thousand years would belong to this girl if she had the chance to grow up?! 

“No wonder she wanted to keep it a secret. If this evildoer truly exists…” muttered Wei Fangqing. 

“Aide!” Wei Fangqing didn’t dally. He promptly summoned his aide and gave him the Heavenly Concubine’s order.

“Senior Kingdom Lord, should we continue searching for the devil?” asked his aide. 

“No. It’s just some false rumor created by commoners. Even if it does really exist, it won’t mysteriously just come to us!” said Wei Fangqing.

The rumor of the devil had come and go this past year in Wanxiang Realm. Some people said that this devil was actually an extremely strong White Nightmare because many White Nightmares took the appearance of a human. Others said that it was likely this was a half human half pet from legends, and was the most mysterious creature in this world. 

This devil’s strength varied from person to person. Some said it was a high class emperor, some said it was a peak emperor and others said that it was a paragon emperor, nearing an existence that surpassed emperors. None of the rumors were able to give a precise answer. 

However, one thing could be certain. This devil did exist. Many people had personally witnessed and someone had even seen its silver demonic eyes. However, after meeting its cold gaze, this soul pet trainer’s soul was wounded...

Wei Fangqing had also heard of the devil. The rumors were particularly abuzz most recently in his kingdom. In order to make his citizens feel at ease, he dispatched a group of experts to find traces of the devil. However, they didn’t find anything valuable. 

There weren’t many who had heard of the devil’s rumors, especially those wandering soul pet trainers who stayed somewhere else for too long. 

For example, Zhong Pingsha, Deng Fenghe and Liu Yuming, these three famous spirit emperors in the hunting world, hadn’t heard of it before. 

Recently, the dark ocean had been rather unstable and the three of them were getting sick of just sitting around. Once they heard of the devil from an older hunter, they laughed and guessed that this ‘devil’ was really just an emperor rank White Nightmare. 

Moreover, they felt that this White Nightmare was actually just a Nightmare Palace member’s soul pet. Due to the death of its master, it had become a wild White Nightmare. 

A pseudo emperor’s inner crystal was worth 500 spirits, a low class emperor’s 2000 spirits and a middle class emperor’s 10,000 spirits. Emperor rank soul pets consumed an enormous mount every day so the three of them naturally didn’t care about how terrifying the devil in the rumors was. They prepared their items and stepped into the rainforest to begin looking for tracks of that White Nightmare. 

“Haha, this White Nightmare is truly young and impatient. It’s footprints are so evident that it’s basically guiding us!” Zhong Pingsha stood in the rainforest and let out a hearty laugh. 

“It really is a White Nightmare in a human form. It’s footprints are basically the same as a human’s. No wonder those fishermen thought it was a devil…” the narrow-eyed Liu Mingyu ridiculed. 

Those spirit soldiers and spirit teachers hadn’t even seen a monarch rank White Nightmare before. But these three spirit emperors had seen more than most people. What ‘devil’ was there. It was definitely a White Nightmare that took the form of its dead master! 

“Devil?? Is it a human or a devil?” muttered the young servant girl, who wasn’t complaining about the rain, as she lowered her head and looked at the burnt white devil flame footprints. 

This young servant girl was the young woman who washed up on the dark ocean’s shore a month ago. When she managed to crawl into Windy Rain City, she had been absolutely spent. She happened to encounter Deng Fenghe who was coming back, unsuccessful, from the ocean and became his servant girl.

Deng Fenghe normally didn’t restrict her freedom. After her wounds healed, she would often wander nearby the residence, often going to older people to ask questions.

As for the rumor of the devil, the young girl had also learned of it from those old people. 

As chance may have it, Deng Fenghe became interested in hunting the devil and the servant girl who took care of him on a daily basis naturally followed alongside. 

“The rainforest is so large, but the footprints were probably only from a few days ago. Let’s rest a night first.” Zhong Pingsha was rather fat and even his soul pets were fat. His physical strength wasn’t very high. 

The rainforest was vast so eventually the emperor rank soul pets would grow tired. 

“Ok, it’s not like this devil understands how to hide itself. It will be easy to find.” nodded Deng Fenghe. 

As the three of them spoke, they found a rather flat area of land. They created a water barrier here, to keep the rain on the outside and began to pitch tents. 

The three of them were all spirit emperors. The rainforest wasn’t a dangerous bewildering world so they didn’t have to worry about creatures causing them trouble.

They pitched four tents. The servant girl had followed them for many days and was very tired. After glancing at the pitch-black forest, she entered her tent to sleep.

However, not long after she fell asleep, she suddenly sensed her tent being softly opened. A small-eyed face entered the tent, and the eyes gleamed a lecherous light in the darkness. 

The young girl quickly awoke, but she calmly did not utter a noise. She had already discovered Liu Mingyu’s intent a while ago. However, what made her extremely angry was that this old pervert dared to enter her tent!

She had already blackened her face and worn ugly and shabby clothes. She originally thought that due to her young age others wouldn’t find trouble for her. Thus, she never expected this type of perverted bastard.

As a young girl, she was innocent and pure, but this didn’t mean she didn’t wasn’t cautious against others. When Liu Mingyu entered, she quietly condensed her soul remembrance… 

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TL: So Empress Concubine was previously Di Ji, which is the defector young woman. Because it was just revealed that Ji refers to concubine, Di Ji will now be translated as Empress Concubine. Basically, Empress Concubine = defector young woman