Chapter 760: Dark Sky Ocean World, Stormy City

Chapter 760: Dark Sky Ocean World, Stormy City

One month later.

After the half devil storm, Tianxia City gradually calmed down.

Additional experts began to arrive at Tianxia City, eventually suppressing Immortal City’s riot.

Immortal City’s seals principally were unable to handle the heavy load, but after so many emperor rank creatures had been killed, the seals grew sturdier again. After a month of fighting, the Tianxia competition authorities managed to close the Departed World Gates.

The seals becoming sturdy meant that no matter how much the rioting creatures crashed against it, the Departed World Gates wouldn’t budge. 

Afterwards, an old scholar found a way to seal off the rotten aura in Tianxia’s King’s Palace.

Rotten aura provided nourishment for the sealed and guardian creatures. The moment the rotten aura was cut off, in a closed off environment, the rioting creatures could only kill each other in order to survive. Thus in half a month, a large portion of Immortal City’s sealed and guardian creatures had killed each other.

Once the riot passed, the city was reconstructed. This would take a while for the soul pet trainers with rock type soul pets.

Three months later, Tianxia City had recovered to its flourishing state. However, subconsciously, an atmosphere of nervousness was now prevalent in the public exchanges between soul pet trainers. Higher ranked soul pet trainers realized that the bonds between the factions were quietly being drawn apart. 

While Tianxia City was being reconstructed, so was Tianxia’s King’s Palace. 

The election every ten years and Tianxia’s King had always been a shrine that every soul pet trainer in Tianxia Realm dreamed of. Even if they could only leave their name on those golden steps, this would still be a paramount honor in their families and groups. 

However, this time the golden statue was very astonishing, because nobody expected that the statue, filled with the majesty of a king, would be of a young man. He was casually smiling and standing above the streets of Tianxia City’s most flourishing streets… 

His face was recognized by many young people who had participated in the Battle of the Realm. Indeed, he had won first place in this competition! 

It was very hard to believe that the person who obtained Tianxia Realm’s highest honor, Tianxia’s King that had a ten year throne, and could make all of Tianxia’s experts submit, would be him!  

However, underneath this statue was a line of words that explained how he became a king!

“Transformed into a devil and summoned the strongest dragon. Together, they defeated the Evil King Bai Yu, and he used his life to safeguard Tianxia City’s thousand year foundation!” 

Use his life to safeguard the foundations...

Her Majesty Liu Binglan did not believe these words because she believed that Chu Mu hadn’t died yet. He had merely left because he was tired both physically and mentally.

However, every night when she cried, Liu Binglan knew her stubbornness was only deceiving herself.

She was more clear than anyone about the state of Chu Mu’s body. The last half devil transformation had caused the burden on Chu Mu’s soul to reach the limit, and changed him into a devil. People had indicated that they had witnessed a silver-white haired devil that was wandering alone, eastward. It was like a walking corpse… 

Liu Binglan had searched eastward for an entire two months, but aside from the white devil flame marks she found at the beginning of her search, she hadn’t found any signs of Chu Mu.

He had transformed into a devil.

Perhaps in the future, some merciless slaughter would occur in a city because of a devil. Or perhaps there would emerge a forbidden land within a forbidden region where any human that entered would be slaughtered because this was a devil’s territory. Or maybe even in the future, recorded in the last page of the human pet reflection would be an ultimately evil devil which would precisely bee this devil… 

However, nobody would know that this devil was actually the young man which used his life to safeguard Tianxia City’s thousand year foundations. 


The sun and moon continued to rise and fall.

Time passed and quietly, a year had come and gone. Tianxia City was no longer discussing the Tianxia Storm in its leisure time. People had also gradually gotten used to the statue of the young man standing in the city.

Humans easily forgot things, and after the tense fight in the dark between the three great factions and Soul Alliance, Tianxia City’s people had begun to turn their attention towards the fights between the various lands.

In this year, Tianxia City’s residents were not discussing Eastern Continent’s Wanxian Realm’s border.

In the distant continent, there were not many kingdoms near the boundless sea.

Windy Rain City was one of Wanxiang Realm - Qi Kingdom’s seaside cities. This city had this unique name because all four seasons of the year, it would be constant rain and wind. 

The unique climate of this city originated in the dark and mysterious ocean world deep into the ocean! 

This Dark Sky Ocean World had an ancient legend that said that in this world resided a thousand year old ice type and dark type creature. This creature was able to cover the skies with one hand and its roars were capable of creating calamity-level tsunamis. Soul pet trainers that would often enter the ocean to hunt would not dare enter more than a hundred kilometers into this ocean world. 

Dark Sky Ocean World was actually a forbidden region. It could not be traversed, nor was there an end to the region and ashore on the other side. Most soul pet trainers that arrived in Windy Rain City were spirit emperor rank experts, because if one hadn’t reached this rank, they wouldn’t dare enter the ocean! 

There was wind and rain and the ocean sky was dark. Ocean water would constantly strike the shore, spraying the land… 

At this season of the year, the ocean was the most violent. Even spirit emperors weren’t willing to enter the ocean. Therefore, in this grey ocean, there was only the roar of the ocean water. Even the surrounding shore contained no youngsters training… 

Under the ocean spray and under a reef in the ocean, a middle aged man was lying, unconscious, on the shore. The lower half of his body was submerged in the ocean water...

Although the man was unconscious, his arms tightly held a young woman.

This young woman’s face was pale, and she trembled as she climbed free from the man’s embrace.

The young woman was about 13 or 14. After she struggled free, she strenuously dragged the man out from the water and tried to awaken him with her shouts.

However, when the young woman turned the man over, she discovered that his chest had been dug into and his innards had already been washed away by the ocean water. It looked very nauseating, nearly making the young woman faint. 

The young woman shivered and cried amidst the wind and rain for a long while. Sometime later, she calmed down and used her two white hands to dig into the reef composed of silt. She dug until her hands were completely bleeding...

“Although I don’t know your name, I’m truly thankful for your constant protection.” the young woman used her hands to wipe the tears off her face as she spoke dejectedly. 

As she spoke, she slowly placed the middle aged man’s corpse into the hole she personally dug. Then, she exhaustedly covered it up.

Afterwards, the young woman staggered along the reef. 

When she saw the quiet city amidst the wind and rain, an exhausted smile finally blossomed on her pale face.

Her small body teetered along as she walked towards the unfamiliar city. 


One month later.

“Idiot, you can’t do anything! Don’t you know that soul cores of different attributes cannot be placed together? Especially soul cores that counter each other!” a sharp cry rang out from an old street in Windy Rain City.

The people walking nearby all craned their necks to look and after discovering an obese man scolding a young servant girl, nobody paid much more attention and continued with their business.

The obese man had a bit of fame in Windy Rain City, and every few days would venture into the ocean to hunt emperor rank sea creatures that nobody else would dare attempt. 

Sea creatures had always threatened Windy Rain City, especially emperor rank sea creatures. The larger ones only had to flip around and would be able to create a tsunami that could launch Windy Rain City residents from one end of the city to the other. Fortunately, the residents here had grown up in the wind, rain and waves. As long as an emperor rank sea creature didn’t attack them, it wouldn’t affect them too much.

Of course, in this city, there was no lack of sea creatures causing disturbances. Right now, there needed to be human experts to deal with these sea creatures. Among them, the obese man scolding the servant girl was a rather famous one of these experts. He was called Zhong Pingsha. 

“Whatever, we need to be on our way.” Zhong Pinsha’s companion waved his hands. His companion was a small eyes man about 30 years old. This man seemed to be rather lenient to this servant girl, but occasionally, a strange light would appear in his small eyes.

“If you make another mistake, I’ll sell you!” the obese Zhong Pingsha glared at the young servant girl and continued to scold: “Really, Old Deng had nothing better to do that to find a black faced girl to make a servant girl…” 

The young servant girls’ cheeks were black, but her eyes were very bright. She shyly watched Zhong Pingsha and aside from the fear in her eyes, there was also some other complicated emotion. However, she hid it very well. In other people’s eyes, she was a dumb girl.

“Let’s go meet up with Old Deng. Didn’t he say that in the northern rainforest, a very strong White Nightmare appeared? Although I prefer fighting in the ocean, White Nightmare inner crystals are worth a lot.” said the small eyed man. 

"But it’s strange that a wild White Nightmare appeared in this location. I’ve lived for so long, and it’s still the first time I’ve heard of it.” laughed Zhong Pingsha, causing the fat on his face to jiggle. 

Wild White Nightmares were extremely rare. Windy Rain City also had a damp atmosphere, making the chances of a wild White Nightmare appearing here near zero.

Zhong Pingsha and his companion were spirit emperor rank hunters. They weren’t a part of any faction and at most had a bit of fame within Hunting Association from wandering a few rather dangerous bewildering worlds in Qi Kingdom. 

They had received news that someone had seen a White Nightmare in the depths of the northern rain forest. It was very likely an emperor rank White Nightmare. Thus, Zhong Pingsha, Deng Fenghe and Liu Yuming, who all often went hunting, planned on hunting it. 

Most recently, Dark Sky Ocean World had been in a too stormy state. Even spirit emperors didn’t dare enter. However, they needed spirits and couldn’t just sit still. Therefore, when they heard an emperor rank White Nightmare appear in the rainforest, although they were suspicious, they didn’t hesitate to go! 

Of course, during this trip, they were bringing a young servant girl… 

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