Chapter 760: Dark Sky Ocean World, Stormy City

Chapter 760: Dark Sky Ocean World, Stormy City

One month later.

After the half devil storm, Tianxia City gradually calmed down.

Additional experts began to arrive at Tianxia City, eventually suppressing Immortal City’s riot.

Immortal City’s seals principally were unable to handle the heavy load, but after so many emperor rank creatures had been killed, the seals grew sturdier again. After a month of fighting, the Tianxia competition authorities managed to close the Departed World Gates.

The seals becoming sturdy meant that no matter how much the rioting creatures crashed against it, the Departed World Gates wouldn’t budge. 

Afterwards, an old scholar found a way to seal off the rotten aura in Tianxia’s King’s Palace.

Rotten aura provided nourishment for the sealed and guardian creatures. The moment the rotten aura was cut off, in a closed off environment, the rioting creatures could only kill each other in order to survive. Thus in half a month, a large portion of Immortal City’s sealed and guardian creatures had killed each other.

Once the riot passed, the city was reconstructed. This would take a while for the soul pet...

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