Book 2 Chapter 76 - Meeting a Powerful Enemy Alone

Chapter 76: Meeting a Powerful Enemy Alone

Chu Mu was alarmed. To the constantly killing Chu Mu, such a tiny energy ripple and reserved aura was too familiar. It was the hidden ability of some night attacking soul pet!!

“Wuwu~~~” With her strong perceptive abilities, Mo Xie also immediately sensed that something was off, as she quietly let out a muffled hum and bared her teeth, her silver eyes silently watching outside the window.

Chu Mu looked gravely out of the window, and he quietly casted an incantation to add the effects of Ice Armor onto himself.

Mo Xie had already lightly jumped onto the floor. Her four paws quietly started burning with Demon Fire Evil Flames, ready at for the appearance of the soul pet any time!

Outside the window, a black head suddenly appeared. Hanging downwards, its green eyes looked straight into Chu Mu’s room, emitting a dangerous light!!

“Wandering Eyed Ghost!”

Chu Mu, in one glance, figured out the organism that had poked its head out.

Wandering Eyed Ghost: Undead World - ghost type - Wandering Eyed Ghost species - middle class commander rank

In this area, ghost type soul pets should be very rarely seen. Yet, in front of him was one, and it was clearly going for him. At this moment, Chu Mu already guessed something!

“Mo Xie, Evil Flame Claw!!” Chu Mu immediately commanded!!

Mo Xie had long been waiting to attack. The moment Chu Mu gave the command, her body darted forward. When she was still airborne, her body suddenly blazed with demon fire evil flames, almost instantly removing her Pitiful Appearance as transformed into the Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox, directly ripping towards the Wandering Eyed Ghost!!!

The Wandering Eyed Ghost originally wanted to ambush Chu Mu, yet it didn’t foresee that Chu Mu had already discovered it, so it didn’t have time to dodge. A large gash was instantly inflicted by Mo Xie onto its pale face, causing her demon fire evil flames to dart into this ghost type soul pet’s body!!!

“Ewu!!!!” The Wandering Eyed Ghost immediately let out a vicious scream, and its white, pall-covered body fell backward from the third floor, and it heavily landed on the somewhat unfrequented streets!!

“Damn it!!”

On the roof, an old man’s angry voice sounded!

“Vine Dragon Dance!”

The old man immediately sent a command to his soul pet.

Chu Mu in his room suddenly felt the entire room start shaking. Quickly reacting, Chu Mu immediately jumped out the window.


Almost just as Chu Mu jumped out of the window, the room that Chu Mu was in suddenly made a loud noise, and the entire four-floor building collapsed amidst the rumbling sound!!

When Chu Mu was still in the air, he started to chant an incantation, and very decisively summoned his Night Thunder Dream Beast. The Night Thunder Dream Beast ran out from the dark and, almost just as Chu Mu was about to land, appeared under Chu Mu and carried him forward swiftly…...

“Hong hong hong hong!!!!!”

Ten meters of housing fell towards them. The Night Thunder Dream Beast continuously made a few lightning quick dodges and narrowly brought Chu Mu out of the collapsing house and into the empty streets.

Upon reaching safety, Chu Mu also turned around, and he suddenly saw a giant vine appear from the rubbles of the hotel!!

This vine was twenty meters long and was completely from the bottom of the hotel. As it waved around, it waved the entire structure to the ground. It openly extended onto the houses on this street, as if it was a flexible plant constantly waving around!

“Heavens, what is that?!”

“Is that a Devil Vine!!!!”

Screaming sounds immediately echoed through the little alley, and the nearby residents awoken by the terrifying creature ran far away!

Seeing the massive dragon and snake-like organism, Chu Mu couldn’t help but draw in a breath. Even if he had sixth rank soul armor, if he took a hit from that massive vine, he would be injured!

“Little kid, you seem to be quite fast at reacting. But, if you obediently take this death, maybe you’ll be spared from the pain.” From the other house, a somewhat bony old man stood there and watched Chu Mu from above with his brown eyes, like an eagle.

Seeing this old man, Chu Mu immediately creased his brows. This old man was someone that Chu Mu recognized- it was the unnamed servant that Yang Luosen brought. Chu Mu didn’t think that the old man actually chased him and harbored a killing intent for him!

Chu Mu naturally knew that the old man was very powerful so, without any hesitation, he started chanting another incantation…...

Chu Mu’s two eyes slowly became red and let out a ruthless aura. This aura slowly infected Mo Xie, who was facing off with the ghost type Wandering Eyed Ghost…...

Mo Xie’s pupils slowly turned red and blinked demonically. This glow then slowly burst open and fell upon Mo Xie like a blood red armor.

Violent Blood Pupil!!

As Chu Mu’s remembrance increased, the effects of Violent Blood Pupil also increased significantly. Mo Xie’s power abruptly increased from the sixth phase fourth stage to the sixth phase ninth stage, raising a total of five stages!

“Wuwuwu~~~~” Her long fur danced in the wind as she showcased her demonic aura and braveness, facing off against the seventh phase second stage Wandering Eyed Ghost!!

The Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox’s talent was, in itself, comparable to many commander rank soul pets. Mo Xie’s continuously mutating soul pet talent was even higher than normal, and when combined with Chu Mu’s type strengthening on her, simply speaking from talent, Mo Xie was already comparable to a high quality high class commander rank. Thus, fighting the seventh phase high quality middle class commander rank Wandering Eyed Ghost wasn’t unimaginable.

The always wild Mo Xie was almost without any fear, jumping straight towards the elusive Wandering Eyed Ghost!!

“Wandering Eyed Ghost, entangle this Six Tailed Demon Fox. Devil Vine, block off this kid’s retreat paths. Storm Eagle, kill his Dream Beast!” The nameless old servant immediately gave his servant a command!

The Wandering Eyed Ghost’s face was torn by Mo Xie, and it was already furious. When Mo Xie charged towards it, it also let out a shrill ghost scream and pounced at Mo Xie!!


The terrifyingly destructive Devil Vine again appeared with its massive vine, and it actually laid across the entire street, shattering the limestone pavement and toppling a bunch of houses on both sides!!

Chu Mu was just about to ride his Night Thunder Dream Beast that way for escape, but he was immediately blocked off by the Devil Vine. Without another choice, he could only switch directions!!


A shrill sound came from the air and a dark, cyan, and massive figure brought a scary gale with it as it dived down. Instantly, the entire alleyway was in turmoil, and the ruins created by the Devil Vine flew up into the air!!

Realizing the terrifying power of the eighth phase Storm Eagle, Chu Mu didn’t dare to fight it head on, so he immediately commanded his Night Thunder Dream Beast to cast Night Dance in order to merge with the dark!

The Night Thunder Dream Beast took strides and continued to run, its black body slowly merging into the darkness with Chu Mu as it ran, disappearing into the night.

“Heng, an insignificant little trick, think you can escape?” The nameless old servant snickered but immediately casted an incantation!

When the spell was uttered, the nameless servant’s eyes suddenly glinted with a piercing light that shrouded the night with its sharpness, almost instantly seeing through the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s Night Dance!

“Wing Slash!”

Finding Chu Mu’s tracks, the nameless old servant instantly commanded his storm eagle to attack Chu Mu!!


The storm eagle let out a sharp scream, and its dark cyan wings violently flapped once, bringing it into the air so it could quickly divebomb again as it extended its blade-like feathered wings!!


The dark cyan Wing Slash was ten meters long, and it was like a long crescent blade, chopping from above!!!


The Wing Slash fell straight onto Chu Mu, and his Ice Armor instantly shattered. The sixth level soul armor shined dimly, and even its defenses were also almost broken through.

“Demolition Wave!!”

Chu Mu tightly held onto Night Thunder Dream Beats and commanded it to cast its ability!!


An electric like dark pulse immediately appeared on the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dream horns. With a neigh from the Night Thunder Dream Beast, the dream horn shot out a dark energy entity!!


A dark light shot past, and dark ripples went out with the dark light as the center. The ripples transformed into a vibrating energy that shattered everything nearby!


The Storm Eagle’s body was very quick. Just as the Night Thunder Dream Beast emitted its Demolition Wave, the eighth phase soul pet had already flown into higher clouds, causing its dark cyan body to disappear.

“Ye, dodge!”

Just as the Night Thunder Dream Beast finished its attack, its body immediately leaped to the side continuously…...


A large bang exploded under the Night Thunder Dream Beast, and the massive snake-like vine again poked out of the ground, brashly brandishing its fearful body!!

Countless thin vines suddenly extended from the huge vine, and the Night Thunder Dream Beast kept jumping around, constantly switching positions.

“Thunder Tailwhip!”


The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s white tail was quickly charged with purple lightning. With a sweep of its long and elegant tail, it broke off dozens of vines that tried to bind the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body.

“Kid, weren’t you so arrogant that day in Gangluo City? Why are you like a dead dog now, dodging left and right? Let me see your arrogance again!” The nameless old servant laughed out loud.

In Gangluo City, Chu Mu had a group of Nightmare Palace killers, so the old servant was wary, naturally causing him not to dare to attack. Yet, now that Chu Mu was alone, the old servant had to wash away his former shame and also take revenge for Yang Luosen’s Ghost Winged White Bone Blood Demon!

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