Chapter 759: Spiritual Depth, Hidden Flame

Chapter 759: Spiritual Depth, Hidden Flame


City west side, from outside the mountain ranges to the city wall, with a resounding boom, everything started collapsing, quickly spreading into the city as well!

One could see that the western city area’s structures looked like it was getting pulled down by a massive moving beast. Streets, houses, stores - it all sank into the ground. Countless people who hadn’t managed to escape died in this!

The skies were in tatters. Strange yet ruthless winds filled the skies, creating a chaotic wind belt similar to folding skies bewildering world!

The dominator rank collision of energy could likely last a few years before it completely disappeared. At this moment, Chu Mu, receiving the huge blast, had been sent flying. His world was spinning, and he felt as if all his bones were shattered.

Finally, Chu Mu’s body slowly stopped in the chaotic wind belt. He opened his eyes, and scanned the turbid skies to quickly find the large cyan figure.

Chu Mu was protected by the Empyrean Cyan Hidden dragon, so the attack wasn’t too harsh on him. Even so, Chu Mu sustained pretty heavy wounds.


Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s cyan dragon scales were almost all shattered. Its wounds still burned with white devil flames, decimating its soul!

Seeing Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s shocking wounds, Chu Mu’s heart was shocked, and he quickly flew over to absorb the devil flames into the wind cave in his palm.

Without devil flames burning its soul, the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s pain clearly receded. It flapped its bloodied wings and inspected its surroundings carefully.


Suddenly, in front of Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon burned a silver devil flame as half devil Bai Yu appeared!

“Die!!!!” half devil Bai Yu spit out a single word.

In the devil flames, half devil Bai Yu’s body was more than half extinguished. One could clearly see many parts of its silver body festering already!

Yet, this scary devil forced itself to come over despite its heavy injuries and launch another attack against the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon!

Chu Mu saw this and also casted displacement specter to appear between Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon and the half devil!

Half devil didn’t have any absolute defensive techniques. Feeling the energy within half devil Bai Yu’s hands still being formidable, Chu Mu bit down and imagined the technique that half devil bai Yu cast beforehand!

Heavenly Devil Sword!!

A ring of devil flames lit up around Chu Mu, quickly forming 20 thousand meter long large devil swords that encircled Chu Mu!


Half devil Bai Yu’s hands blasted energy towards Chu Mu’s heavenly devil swords, causing both the swords and Chu Mu to fly many kilometers back!

Feeling no pain, when Chu Mu was sent flying back, he forcefully controlled the twenty devil swords to revert and fly towards the half devil!!

The heavenly devil swords didn’t need to follow any path. They strangely appeared on top of, behind, and in front of the half devil…...


The thousand meter long swords slashed frenziedly, almost extinguishing all of the half devil’s flames!!


Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon already caught its breath again. A cyan dragon beam gathered within its throat and shot straight at the half devil!!

Half devil Bai Yu already couldn’t handle the pressure. When the dragon beam came, the nearly extinguished figure was slammed against the beam and sent flying to the plains north of tianxia city!


Dragon beam pushed half devil Bai Yu a few hundred kilometers before exploding. Under the radiance of the cyan beam, the entire unharmed north side of tianxia city was lit up!

Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s last hit caused half devil to lose all its fighting strength. However, Chu Mu still wasn’t relieved, chasing all the way to the plains.

The plains had a raging wind blowing through it after Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s dragon beam, so it was hard to see the situation.


Suddenly, Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon let out a roar towards the far end of the plains!

Chu Mu looked over, and was surprised to find that within the gray, half devil Bai Yu was dragging its wounded body to fly away!

“Don’t chase.” Chu Mu stopped Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s attempt at following.

He didn’t tell Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon to follow because the half devil was extremely quick and hard to catch up to. On the other hand, half devil Bai Yu’s stamina was almost spent, so his half devil phase should end soon.

“Let’s hope you can find some life soul item.” Seeing the lonely devil figure bring the long haired girl away, Chu Mu sighed and murmured.

After half devil Bai Yu’s half devil finished, there’s a high likelihood that he would return to a human state. As long as Bai Yu didn’t die, he would definitely heal back and search for soul items for Bai Jinrou.

Yet, such items exist but are incredibly hard to find in this world!


Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon gazed at Chu Mu and let out a gentle sound.

“Go, your wounds are very heavy. If you meet an enemy now it would be big trouble.” Chu Mu nodded.

In this fight, Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon was even more wounded than the time it fought the prison island god. If not for Chu Mu blocking the final attack from the half devil, Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon would definitely have life-threatening wounds after the last attack.

Though Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s self-regeneration was powerful, such a heavy wound could only be cured through chrysalis again.

Of course the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon couldn’t become a chrysalis within human territory. It had to find a quiet place to let itself nurse its wounds.


The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s body slowly shrunk to only two meters tall, its tired but pure eyes watching Chu Mu.

Hearing what Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon said, Chu Mu’s face became slightly pained. He slowly lifted his hands and stared at the burning palms with silver eyes. He looked at the devil he now was.

“Little hidden dragon, Mo Xie, Zhan ye.” Chu Mu casted an incantation to summon his three main soul pets in front of him.

Little Mo Xie immediately jumped onto Chu Mu’s shoulder, all nine of her tails wrapped around Chu Mu while her small mouth let out murmurs and woos.

Little Hidden dragon took the other shoulder, its small claws constantly rubbing against Chu Mu’s face.

Zhan Ye stood silently to the side, saying nothing, only watching Chu Mu with its pure black eyes.

“You guys should leave with Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon.” Chu Mu’s burning devil flame palms lightly caressed little Mo Xie’s tail.

“Wuwuwuwu!!!!!!” Little Mo Xie was the first to resist. Her nine tails grabbed Chu Mu even tighter.


Zhan Ye roared at Chu Mu but slowly turned around, stepping away towards further in the plains.

Every step Zhan Ye took left a deep imprint in the plain. It had its head down as its black figure slowly became distant.

Seeing Zhan Ye walk further and further away, Chu Mu only smiled proudly. He knew the meaning behind Zhan Ye’s last roar. However, once he truly became a devil, would he really be able to return to humanity like half devil Bai Yu?

Even if Zhan Ye found the strongest ice type soul item in the world, if his soul wasn’t there anymore, was there any meaning in lowering his soul temperature?

“Little hidden dragon, when you’re ninth phase ninth stage, eat this, and you will become the most unique combination between Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon and Ghost Dragon!” Chu Mu handed over soul items in his spatial ring to little Hidden Dragon.

These soul items were prepared by Chu Mu for Liu Binglan after he woke up from his icy casket. Chu Mu held back little hidden dragon’s phase, but it would eventually hit tenth phase anyways. This last strengthening little hidden dragon had to do itself, or else all the resources Chu Mu spent on it will be wasted. 

Little hidden dragon’s cyan eyes were already teary. It jumped off of Chu Mu’s shoulder and clung onto Chu Mu’s calf like a little child…...

Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon extended a claw and plucked little hidden dragon off of Chu Mu’s leg.

Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon knew that after this half devil, Chu Mu likely was going to disappear from this world. Though it wanted little hidden dragon to follow Chu Mu, in this situation, it could only bring little hidden dragon back to train it.

“Leave with your mother. If you find ice type soul items like Zhan Ye in the future, you can come back to look for me.” Chu Mu petted the little head of the crying hidden dragon.


Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon told Chu Mu to not easily give up his own soul because one day, it might awaken again…...

After saying that, it flapped its wings and grabbed the struggling little hidden dragon, departing towards the west side of tianxia city…...

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s flight wasn’t steady anymore. It really was hurt badly this time, requiring a long time to heal.

Seeing the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon leave with little hidden dragon, Chu Mu wished that the final words of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon were true. Then, ghost type little hidden dragon may already have surpassed Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon and become the strongest hidden dragon!

Though he never stepped on the path to the extreme, if his own soul pets could go beyond emperor rank, Chu Mu felt that there wasn’t too much to regret about.

Of course, speaking of regrets, little Mo Xie was the hardest to convince.

Little Mo Xie was very smart. It knew clearly that ice type soul items couldn't wake up Chu Mu after becoming a devil, so she didn’t believe the lies Chu Mu told Zhan Ye and little Hidden Dragon. Even if Chu Mu became a mindless, memoryless devil, little Mo Xie wasn’t willing to leave.

“Alright, come back into my space.” Chu Mu knew he couldn’t trick little Mo Xie into leaving, so he could only bring her back into his space.

“Night!” Chu Mu cast an incantation, summoning night thunder dream beast before him.

Night Thunder dream beast’s black pupils stared at Chu Mu…...

Night was the only soul pet that didn’t reach emperor rank. Even without Chu Mu, he believed that this proud and noble child of the night would find a demon home and reach emperor rank and continue to roam…...

Night Thunder Dream Beast didn't say much, also turning around like Zhan Ye. However, when it stepped forth, Ye suddenly accelerated, its black figure running rapidly across the windy plains…..

It was getting faster and faster, to the point where the wind could rip its body apart, yet it didn't show signs of slowing at all, as if slowing would cause it to never have the courage to leave again.

Chu Mu stood in place and watched as Ye ran away, suddenly feeling his throat tighten a little.

After a while, when Ye finally disappeared in his vision, Chu Mu murmured, “The next time I see you all, you have to become the kings in each of your hearts!”

For some reason, Chu Mu believed he had the chance to see them again, someday!

“Mo Xie, devil tree, ghost monarch, Qin, Ning. If my soul still remains in this body, you may all be restricted in my soul pet space. If my soul gets destroyed…...and I say if, if my soul disappears, then you will all disappear along with it……” Chu Mu said.

Chu Mu didn’t select these soul pets, not because Chu Mu had favoritism towards Zhan Ye, little Hidden Dragon, and Ye. It was because for all of Chu Mu’s soul pets, as long as he didn’t summon them, they would all choose to remain in Chu Mu’s soul pet space and die with Chu Mu’s soul together.

Or in other words, none of them believed that Chu Mu would die here. They believed what Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon said, that Chu Mu’s soul will awaken again someday.

Though they all knew of Chu Mu’s body situation and knew the probability was low, as long as there was a sliver of chance, they were willing to wait. It didn’t matter that the consequences of waiting were to be permanently locked away or die.

Chu Mu took an antoher look at the mighty Tianxia City. Other than some places still billowing with smoke, it was relatively well preserved. Liu Binglan, Elder Liu, and the other elders can solve the following problems.

With Chu Mu’s speed of half devil, the plain and tianxia city was truly just a few steps away.

However, Chu Mu only glanced at the woman bursting with a holy radiance, his silver pupils slightly turning.

Chu Mu turned around and chose east.

This was the direction he wanted to go in. Even if he became a devil, he had to continue down this path.

The silver figure slowly took a step forward, leaving a string of white devil flames on this vast land. The previously dark devil flames became uncontrollable as his soul temperature exceeded a limit, again enveloping Chu Mu’s body…...

After an unknown amount of time, Chu Mu’s hair turned completely silver, with even his eyebrows getting affected.

Most surprisingly was his pupils. The sadness in them disappeared, slowly becoming an emotionless void.

If one looked closely, one could find a silver flame silently burning deep within those pupils, as if everything about Chu Mu was hidden in this spout of flame deep within those emotionless eyes. This was the spiritual depth…...

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