Chapter 759: Spiritual Depth, Hidden Flame

Chapter 759: Spiritual Depth, Hidden Flame


City west side, from outside the mountain ranges to the city wall, with a resounding boom, everything started collapsing, quickly spreading into the city as well!

One could see that the western city area’s structures looked like it was getting pulled down by a massive moving beast. Streets, houses, stores - it all sank into the ground. Countless people who hadn’t managed to escape died in this!

The skies were in tatters. Strange yet ruthless winds filled the skies, creating a chaotic wind belt similar to folding skies bewildering world!

The dominator rank collision of energy could likely last a few years before it completely disappeared. At this moment, Chu Mu, receiving the huge blast, had been sent flying. His world was spinning, and he felt as if all his bones were shattered.

Finally, Chu Mu’s body slowly stopped in the chaotic wind belt. He opened his eyes, and scanned the turbid skies to quickly find the large cyan figure.

Chu Mu was protected by the Empyrean Cyan Hidden dragon, so the attack wasn’t too harsh on him. Even so, Chu Mu sustained pretty heavy wounds.


Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s cyan dragon scales were almost all shattered. Its wounds still burned with white devil flames, decimating its soul!

Seeing Empyrean Cyan Hidden...

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