Chapter 758: Victory in this moment, Empyrean Dragon vs Evil Devil!

Chapter 758: Victory at this moment, Empyrean Dragon vs Evil Devil!

The sky split, the devil claw came. The massive cyan figure flipped in the clouds, dashing through the terrifying energy!


The dragon turned around and slapped its massive claw down, going straight against the dozen Shattering Heaven Imprints!!

The cyan claws were massive, colliding with the black Shattering Heaven Imprint. Immediately, all of the imprints were broken by the cyan claw, becoming the black energy dissipated.

Standing on the empyrean cyan hidden dragon. Chu Mu’s arms extended to both sides. The wind cave in his palms suddenly opened, causing some of the imprints to get forcefully absorbed by Chu Mu!

Chu Mu’s wind cave at least absorbed a couple of the shattering heaven imprint, the energy almost ripping Chu Mu’s palm apart!

Chu Mu knew the maximum amount of imprints his palm could hold was this amount. Any more and his arm would burst open from the power!


Chu Mu’s hands waved forth and spit the Shattering Heaven Imprints back out. A bunch of shattering heaven imprints blew forth like dark lightning, magnificently appearing around the half devil Bai Yu!

Half devil Bai Yu didn’t dare to take the techniques head on. A massive devil flame sword formation appeared around his body, revolving his body and kept all the shattering heaven imprints outside the formation.

Chu Mu’s reverse attack stopped half devil Bai Yu’s shattering heaven imprints. He very decisively gave up shattering heaven imprint. He slowly lifted up his hand, and the devil flame sword formation that burned started burning with even brighter silver devil light!

When the devil flame sword formation swirled, it was the half devil’s strongest defense. Yet once it moved forth, it was also the sharpest weapon!!

Half devil Bai Yu had a total of 180 swords. Every sword was incredibly sharp but their lengths were surprising. When floating, they seemed like they pierced through the heavens. The sword length was burning with silver evil devil flames, bringing out the dominating manner of the swords even more, ripping through the skies!

Half devil Bai Yu lifted his hand and the 180 heavenly devil swords flew forth with whistles, bringing tidal waves of devil flames that covered the entire skies that reached the east region of the city!

Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon flapped its wings, its throat lighting up with dazzling cyan light, gathering energy that blew towards the swords!!!


The dragon light was like a beam of light coming through a thunderstorm, instantly shattering thirty heaven devil swords.

However, the remaining hundred heavenly devil sword still split through the skies!!

Half devil Bai Yu controlled his heavenly devil swords to fly without a normal spatial path. These devil flame weapons often darted in and out randomly in the space. Sometimes, these devil swords threatened to fly right out one’s body and split them up!

Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon constantly switched positions, while many thousand meter long blades would always appear right where the empyrean cyan hidden dragon was just at. Standing on empyrean cyan hidden dragon’s skull, seeing the fierce devil swords slash sideways, downwards, and right through, Chu Mu was also frightened!

Defending and attacking at the same time, the half devil Bai Yu’s heavenly devil sword formation was even stronger than shattering heavenly imprints. At least, Chu Mu couldn’t control it yet.

The shattering heavenly imprints were indeed powerful, but in emperor rank, to organisms like empyrean cyan hidden dragon, it could directly use its dragon claw to shatter the imprints!

And these heavenly devil swords could come out straight from one’s stomach- it was truly bizarre!!


The thousand meter long swords, even without locking onto the empyrean cyan hidden dragon, danced without pattern through the skies, often able to leave wounds on the empyrean cyan hidden dragon!

The swords flew through the winds, crisscrossing. Facing this dense attack, Chu Mu was helpless, only able to use Evil Beheading to cut some of the devil swords apart.


Continuously getting hurt, Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon was very angry. It let out a roar to all the ten devil swords and snapped them, its maw exploding with strength that bit through another bunch of devil swords. Its dragon claws gripped shut, snapping countless devil swords as well!

The empyrean cyan hidden dragon didn’t have many special techniques, but its unparalleled power solidified its dominator rank. Very quickly, all hundred devil swords were broken through by empyrean cyan hidden dragon’s power!

The final five heavenly devil sword appeared strangely above the dragon’s head, attempting to pierce through its head.

Chu Mu’s palm grabbed and brought all the space in his palm. These heavenly devil swords were grabbed by Chu Mu and casually thrown towards the horizon!

“Beng!!! Beng!!!!! Beng!!!!!!!!!!!”

Five swords were all thousand meters long, each longer than the mountains at the horizon. When they fell to the ground, they created massive sword craters that couldn’t possibly be filled up within a few years!


Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s blood flowed along its scales. Half devil Bai Yu’s techniques caused a decent amount of damage to empyrean cyan hidden dragon, creating burning marks on his wings, chest, stomach, and back!

But, the empyrean cyan hidden dragon’s powerful self-regeneration showed itself!

No matter how deep the wounds were, as the devil flames disappeared, empyrean cyan hidden dragon’s body healed at a visible rate!

Half devil Bai Yu’s gaze stared coldly at Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. The half devil Bai Yu indeed had an absolute advantage in terms of type. However, the undead title of empyrean cyan hidden dragon definitely was real. With this regeneration speed, its wounds would probably heal completely again within a few exchanges!

Bug type organisms’ stamina was absolutely top tier in all soul pets. Maybe when the half devil of bai Yu ended, empyrean cyan hidden dragon would still be full of fighting intent!

Half devil bai Yu still had some awareness, and realized he couldn’t last long against the bug type undead hidden dragon!

“Let’s fight it out!!” Half devil Bai Yu stared with some wildness in them!

Its figure slowly floated back. His other pupils turned with a strange glint as cold evil aura emanated its body!

“Ao~~~~~~~~~~~” Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon let out a call. Clearly, it warned Chu Mu to be very careful, because it could sense the half devil was about to release its most powerful technique!

Chu Mu didn’t dare underestimate anything. Even as an invincible emperor, he could easily get killed by half devil Bai Yu’s strongest technique!

Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s dragon scales slowly lit up with pale dragon glow, slowly forming around Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s formidable dragon horn!

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s sharpest weapons were its dragon horns. Under its wings’ propelling, it gathered the dragon power to its horns, an attack able to destroy an entire continent!!!

Of course, the longer the dragon power collected, the more powerful the energy!

At this moment, Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon and half devil Bai Yu were both gathering power. Neither of them dared to release their power easily!

The Cyan Dragon aura and silver evil aura collided up and down. One could see that at the center of the skies, the two energies each took half the sky. Where the energies met, the space clearly twisted, affected by the two sky reaching storms!!

Strangely, no matter how these energies rubbed, how they infiltrated each others’ territories, the heavens were absolutely silent. Not even a gust of wind passed through!

The entire world went silent!

There were only the sizzling of the energies as if the judgment day was nearing!!

Chu Mu had already jumped onto its back from its horn. With the two dominator rank powers colliding, Chu Mu could no longer participate. He could only wrap devil flames around itself to ensure the half devil’s energies wouldn't harm him!

Finally, empyrean cyan hidden dragon and half devil Bai Yu’s energies were already at an extreme!

Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon flapped first. One could find that empyrean cyan hidden dragon’s wings were wrapped in cyan glows, the speed even faster than before!!

The dragon horn’s light was almost expanded infinitely by the wrapping, as if blasting forth. It was so large it reached from one side of the sky to another!

It was very hard to imagine that empyrean cyan hidden dragon’s dragon horn attack could cross the entire sky. The majesty of it caused Chu Mu to be shocked!!!

If the technique went towards tianxia city, no one in the city could survive this dragon horn!!

Half devil Bai Yu’s pupils were strange. Silver evilness suddenly gathered together and its body disappeared, becoming a world-rending space blade!

The space blade’s aura was not any less than the empyrean cyan hidden dragon! Vertically, it reached the skies and the earth. Horizontally, it reached either side of the horizons, splitting the world in four!

At the center, it approached the empyrean cyan hidden dragon’s cyan dragon horn!!

Two energies didn’t need moving. When they were let go, empyrean cyan hidden dragon and half devil Bai Yu’s distance was instantly bridged by the techniques’ effects!!!


Cyan and silver, the moment they clashed, the energy was so large it caused the skies to fade!!

The entire tianxia city went into the darkness, unable to even see anything within a meter!

The silence was scary around their ears, but their eardrums and minds were facing shock!!

Power at extreme caused an extreme darkness. When their visions returned to normal, the blue skies peeled back block by block, becoming a shocking chaos that revealed a starry sky like scene that was within reach!

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