Chapter 758: Victory in this moment, Empyrean Dragon vs Evil Devil!

Chapter 758: Victory at this moment, Empyrean Dragon vs Evil Devil!

The sky split, the devil claw came. The massive cyan figure flipped in the clouds, dashing through the terrifying energy!


The dragon turned around and slapped its massive claw down, going straight against the dozen Shattering Heaven Imprints!!

The cyan claws were massive, colliding with the black Shattering Heaven Imprint. Immediately, all of the imprints were broken by the cyan claw, becoming the black energy dissipated.

Standing on the empyrean cyan hidden dragon. Chu Mu’s arms extended to both sides. The wind cave in his palms suddenly opened, causing some of the imprints to get forcefully absorbed by Chu Mu!

Chu Mu’s wind cave at least absorbed a couple of the shattering heaven imprint, the energy almost ripping Chu Mu’s palm apart!

Chu Mu knew the maximum amount of imprints his palm could hold was this amount. Any more and his arm would burst open from the power!


Chu Mu’s hands waved...

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