Chapter 757: Fight, Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, Half Devil Bai Yu

Chapter 757: Fight, Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, Half Devil Bai Yu

In Tianxia City’s eastern mountains, Eight Desolations Ju Que, and the Shadow Absolute wore extremely unsightly expressions!

As higher-ups in Soul Alliance, why would they not recognize the Undying Hidden Dragon that had left Wanxiang City in a storm of blood ten years ago?! 

“How did that half devil brat call the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon here?!” Shadow Absolute Zhou Shan grit his teeth. If he knew earlier that this brat could do this, he would have killed him!

Chu Mu being able to transform into a half devil through his own volition already made the two Soul Alliance experts extremely surprised. Now that they saw the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon called by him, this had further thrown a wrench into their plans; indeed, even if half devil Bai Yu was stronger, it would not necessarily be the case that it would be able to kill the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, known as ‘undying’!

They had schemed and calculated in order to ensure the destruction of Tianxia City’s roots. However, they never expected that this plan would be ruined by a young man!

“We need to make a move. If this plan fails, we won’t be able to explain it to Di Ji and Alliance Master!” Eight Desolation Ju Que said in a low voice.

After speaking, Ju Que jumped onto his Giant Ice Demon. He swept up an icy storm as they flew towards Tianxia City.

Shadow Absolute Zhou Shan also jumped onto his soul pet. If the plan failed, the two of them would be heavily punished. The situation already reaching this extent was already out of their expectations. Thus, Zhou Shan could only make his way to Tianxia City while full of resentment.

Senior Elder Liu swept his gaze over the eastern part of the city, and immediately spotted the Giant Ice Demon!

“They’ve come!” Senior Elder Liu knew that it still wasn’t the time to celebrate. After all, half devil Bai Yu and Soul Alliance’s two experts were still present. They couldn’t be negligent!

Liu Binglan’s Palm Dawn concubine had used light type healing techniques on her and Senior Elder Liu’s soul pets, while Chu Mu and the half devil White Nightmare were fighting, thus recovering much of their fighting strength.

They were too weak to fight with half devil Bai Yu, but it wouldn’t be a problem for them to deal with Eight Desolations Ju Que and Shadow Absolute Zhou Shan!

The three elders didn’t hold back either and summoned their soul pets to meet Soul Alliance’s two experts!

Soul Alliance Ju Que and Zhou Shan were clearly going for half devil Chu Mu. If they could get rid of Chu Mu, half devil Bai Yu would probably be able to defeat the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon.

However, the two of them discovered that Senior Elder Liu and the others were already waiting for them. Their faces were unsightly as they said: “You’re courting death!!”

“The two of you will leave your lives here today!!” Liu Binglan’s words carried chilling killing intent. 

As the Dawn Supreme, Liu Binglan also possessed a bit of inherited power. She was unable to use it before because her soul power was depleted. But now that it had recovered, Ju Que and Zhou Shan were going to die! 

“Hmph, even the old Dawn Supreme didn’t dare talk so big!” mocked Ju Que. He rode on his Giant Ice Demon while summoning ice and snow to cover Liu Binglan and the others!

A fight between the human supremes erupted in Tianxia City’s eastern part!

“Ao hou hou hou hou~~~~~~~~”

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon raised its prideful head, and let out a mighty roar towards half devil Bai Yu a hundred kilometers away!!!

The two dominator rank creatures had auras that would create an endless series of storms that struck hundreds of kilometers of mountains from Tianxia City’s western part to the Folding Skies bewildering world. There were probably hundreds of thousands of soul pets there, but when the aura reached this area, countless creatures began to flee in groups!

The devil flames on half devil Bai Yu’s body were burning exuberantly. The enemy in front of it was one of the few ultra strong existences in this world that could threaten it. If half devil Bai Yu didn’t go use both its hands, he wouldn’t be its opponent. 

Promptly, half devil Bai Yu ripped open a warm space in front of it. He slowly placed Bai Jinrou’s corpse inside so that he would be able to use both hands.

Bai Jinrou had only used one hand before, so now that he had put Bai Jinrou down, this showed how afraid he was of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. 

However, this evil devil’s haughtiness didn’t lessen at all. After placing down its daughter, it moved its demonic body!!

Half devil Bai Yu flying out of Tianxia City was for the best. Chu Mu didn’t allow the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon rush over to it because he didn’t want the two dominator rank creatures affecting Tianxia City with their techniques.

Seeing half devil Bai Yu make his way over, Chu Mu jumped onto the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s enormous dragon horn and began to burn his body!

In terms of attributes, the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon was probably a bit weaker than the half devil.

Nonetheless, Chu Mu had the same attributes as it, and possessed a paragon emperor’s strength. Essentially, he made up for its deficits, so Chu Mu had to participate in this fight!

Being able to fight alongside the world’s strongest creatures was an honor that Chu Mu had dreamed of countless times!

Flying in the sky, facing half devil Bai Yu’s torrential devil flames, Chu Mu could feel his blood boiling. The devil flames flickering out of his silver skin made Chu Mu’s unfettered fighting intent even more exuberant! 

“Ao hou hou hou hou hou~~~~~~~~~”

It seemed like it had been a long time since the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon had faced an opponent of this rank. From its dragon roar, it was possible to feel the fighting intent of a prideful dragon!!

Its enormous heavenly cloud-like cyan wings began to beat. It rose higher into the air since being only 5000 meters above the ground would actually hinder its movements. Only by reaching a height of a hundred thousand meters, in the vast aerial region, would it be able to fully show off its dragon might!

The enormous cyan figure rose into the air with a whistle!

The silver devil figure created a devil flame ocean, which unceasingly ascended into the air while covering everything!

The fight between the dominator ranks raged above Tianxia City’s eastern skies. Tianxia City’s eastern part’s millions of residents that were attempting to flee came to an abrupt halt as they looked on with horror at the boundless amounts of energy that raged like a calamity above the vast mountain range and eastern city!

These millions of people were unable to see the cyan light and devil flames collide in the air, but they could see the constant stream of energy falling and destroying the enormous mountains in front of them!

Even though this was a fight hundreds of thousands of meters in the air, they had never before felt that their lives were as insignificant as they were now. This was energy that could easily end their lives!!!

If he had chosen to give up on the soul pet trainer path back then, perhaps today Chu Mu would have become one of these insignificant people and his life would have been decided by the AoE of these powerful techniques that could easily destroy him!

He would be completely different from now, fighting at the summit of the heavens with dominator ranks!

The wind in the aerial region was biting cold like a knife. Chu Mu’s hands gripped nothingness, while his other pupils created an evil light that slowly searched for half devil Bai Yu in this devil ocean that reached the horizon!

In terms of strength, the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon was far above half devil Bai Yu. Even if half devil Bai Yu was crazy, he still wouldn’t dare fight head on against the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon with strong defense!

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

In the devil ocean, a suddenly boiling devil flame ocean suddenly arose around the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. The devil flame wave transformed into devil flame snakes that propped up their ostentatious bodies!

The devil snakes soared and rampaged, imposingly hissing as they launched themselves at the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. The devil flames caused the raging flames to slightly dim in color!!

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon beat its wings, and its enormous body nimbly flew through the devil snakes. Occasionally, it would strike with its claws to instantly extinguish tens of devil snakes at once!

“Below you!” half devil Bai Yu using a technique allowed Chu Mu to grasp its location!

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s cyan pupils locked onto the devil ocean below it. It retracted its wings and transformed into a cyan meteor that terrifyingly created a raging cyan flame as it rubbed against the air and fell into the silver ocean!!

“Hong hong hong hong!!!!!!!!!!”

Cyan energy broke through the sky, and struck half devil Bai Yu’s body. An energy ocean rippled outwards in the aerial region as half devil Bai Yu’s silver devil ocean was instantly extinguished by half!!

Half devil Bai Yu was knocked down by the heavy impact. It fell all the way to five thousand meters when it suddenly regained its balance...


Its silver feet abruptly stepped in the air!!

This single step unexpectedly caused fissures to appear in the sky!!

From the ground, it seemed as if the dazzling blue sky was being split apart!

Half devil Bai Yu’s silver face silently grew angry. It raised its head and its other pupils stared at the enormous cyan dragon looking down from above. It slowly raised its right arm, its palm faced upwards and fingers gripping the sky!

A powerful pressure began to astonishingly sink down from the sky. The remaining devil flame ocean flipped on its head and burned upside down. Even the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon felt that beating its wings was now strenuous!

Seeing half devil Bai Yu’s movements, Chu Mu’s heart tightened. Chu Mu was extremely familiar with this technique. It was Shattering Heaven Imprint that was capable of instakilling those of the same rank!!

The Shattering Heaven Imprint half devil Bai Yu used didn’t have to be fermented as long as Chu Mu’s. As the sky sank, Chu Mu felt countless Nightmares, shrieking and laughing, appear above him. A single order from half devil Bai Yu and they would rip this boundless heaven and earth to pieces!!

"Si la!!!!!!!!!!”

Half devil Bai Yu finished Shattering Heaven Imprint much faster than Chu Mu’s imagined. The first fissure struck the Empreayn Cyan Hidden Dragon’s upper limb!

The main fissure from the Shattering Heaven Imprint astonishingly reached several thousand meters in length while the others all reached a thousand meters. This attack was without warning and almost instantaneously struck. There was no time to dodge!

An astonishing crack instantly appeared on the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s dragon scales. This caused it to angrily roar!!

“There are still many more Shattering Heaven Imprints. You can’t face it head on!’ Chu Mu said to the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon.

Shattering Heaven Imprint was a spatial fissure, and to a certain, extent it ignored defenses. The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s unequaled dragon scales that covered its whole body would not necessarily be able to stop it!

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