Chapter 756: Cyan Giant, Empyrean Dragon!

Chapter 756: Cyan Giant, Empyrean Dragon! 

Half devil Chu Mu was floating above the mess. He was heavily breathing, his arms hanging by his side and stumbling around. He didn’t even have the strength to lift his arms… 

Unreconciled, angry, prideful! 

In front of the strongest half devil in history, the feeling of being suppressed by the heavens made Chu Mu extremely angry.

Right now, Chu Mu not only had the ambitious heart of a king from the White Nightmare, and could not stand other stronger species members, but also his own stubborn and resilient heart was being struck!

He had never wanted strength more than now. Being able to become an emperor rank soul pet trainer with emperor rank soul pets was far from enough for him!

He needed even stronger strength. He needed to be strong enough to annihilate the Sixteen Absolutes and Eight Desolations. He needed to be able to step over this half devil proclaimed as history’s strongest. He needed to become the absolute strongest in this world!

Power!! Power!!!

Chu Mu couldn’t stand those stronger than him. This ambitious heart of his was a hundred times stronger than the White Nightmare!! 

Silver devil flames burned along Chu Mu’s wounds, slowly covering his almost completely dimmed body.

His trembling hands, that he could no longer raise, clenched tight. The festering wounds were seeping with angry, unreconciled flame tongues. These wounds were riddled all over his mercury-cast body!!!

Chu Mu’s pained face slowly unfurled into a devilish smile that signaled he would not be defeated. It didn’t matter that this smile accentuated his silver devilish face!

Even if the half devil was injured and hopeless, or even if it was torn to pieces, that wild, demonic smile would never disappear. This was especially the case when it was merely wounded and facing an enemy that was difficult to defeat!


Half devil Bai Yu had other pupils, and could see everything within a hundred kilometers very clearly.

“Resentment Gathering… it’s strength is rising?” half devil Bai Yu muttered to himself. He was rather surprised that this immature half devil was able to gather resentment to raise its strength.

However, no matter how much resentment was gathered, it would not be able to surpass the emperor rank and reach the Dominator Rank. And if it could not reach this rank, it would not be able to take a single attack from Bai Yu!

Half devil Bai Yu slowly lowered its head, and used its hand to sofly comb Bai Jinrou’s messy hair. It then slowly raised its head and stared at half devil Chu Mu, whose fighting spirit had been reinvigorated. 

It raised its hand and folded it. In its palm slowly condensed a spatial energy...

Half devil Bai Yu didn’t want to waste time. This time, he would directly burn Chu Mu to death!

“Ao hou hou hou hou!!!!!!!”

From the distant horizon suddenly rang out a dragon roar that violently shook the sky for thousands of meters!!!

“Ao hou hou hou hou hou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The second roar entered the half devil’s mind, unexpectedly dispersing the energy condensing on its palm!

Half devil Bai Yu creased its brows, and stared several hundred kilometers away at the sky. He saw an enormous cyan figure above the heavens with imperious energy!

“That’s… that’s…” 

Roars ringing in his ears, Senior Elder Liu was shocked, as he stared at the direction of the sound.

In this world, there was still an existence that could interrupt half devil Bai Yu’s technique?

What was it?! 

From Senior Elder Liu’s knowledge, aside from the aging Nightmare Ancestor and Thousand Wave Sacred Region’s dormant Thousand Wave Beast King, what other creature in this world had reached this realm?! 

Could it be Soul Alliance’s Alliance Master’s soul pet? 

That was impossible and he quickly dismissed this guess. If it was Soul Alliance’s Alliance Master’s soul pet, it definitely would not have roared at half devil Bai Yu… 


Half devil Bai Yu stood in place, and stared at the creature with the extremely powerful aura!

This was the first time Bai Yu had felt threatened since transforming into a half devil!!

He was certain that the enormous cyan figure flying thousands of meters through the sky towards him was an existence at the same rank as him! 

Half devil Bai Yu had a few of Bai Yu’s memories, and he also couldn’t think of what other creature in this world had reached this level! 


Far away, half devil Chu Mu also heard the powerful and wild roar!

But Chu Mu wasn’t filled with astonishment and curiosity like Bai Yu and Senior Elder Liu, but instead with excitement that was hard to suppress!!!

It had nearly been eight years, but Chu Mu still hadn’t forgotten the imposing cyan figure that would rise above the heavens. That was the first time Chu Mu understood the meaning of powerful, and it became the goal in the depths of his heart that he needed to surpass!! 

So many years later, and so many things had changed. Chu Mu had never lowered his head in the face of difficulty or forsaken the bumpy path of a soul pet trainer… 

This was because in his heart there was hidden a creature like this!!

This creature was in such dire straits that it had to hide beside his younger self while it was shackled to the lowest rank of the food chain. It even had to avoid being hunted by Cyan Birds, these servant rank creatures. But when it grew strong, it soared thousands of meters and defeated the creature unknown and termed as “Prison Island’s God”!!!

It had lost its memories and lived in nowhere. It had undergone the most painful mental ruin and fights involving blood, sweat and tears. However, it had still firmly insisted on surviving! 

It had done so only to break through its cocoon to transform into a dragon. With one leap it had reached the skies and commanded the heavens! 

In Chu Mu’s heart, this creature was worth all of his respect and highest honor!

It was the Undying Hidden Dragon - the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon!!!

In Chu Mu’s heart, he most respected his father, and then it was this enormous cyan figure!!!

Chu Mu finally understood why the Little Hidden Dragon had let out an impatient and excited cry earlier!

The Little Hidden Dragon had sensed that its mother was currently flying to this dangerous city. It had appeared in the time Chu Mu most needed it!!

Seeing the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s enormous figure fly to him, and its pure cyan bug-like eyes stare at him, Chu Mu’s heart was filled with emotions. 

Even though he was a half devil, and his heart was filled with violence and slaughter, Chu Mu remembered when he was young and weak. Chu Mu couldn’t help but extend his wounded hand, and rub its cyan forehead. 

“Little guy, how are you?” 

Chu Mu was now an adult, and the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon seemed to have aged. Its originally cyan colored dragon scales were slightly dimmer and its forehead was no longer as glossy as the Little Hidden Dragon. This was the vestiges of time… 

“Sha sha sha sha” the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon let out a soft cry. It would make this noise only to those close to it.

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon had intelligence, and was extremely surprised by Chu Mu’s current state. 

The young man from back then on Prison Island that needed to hide and sought survival had completely changed. He had become a devilish young man who was only a step behind from it now. Although this one step was actually a huge gap between the two, and although Chu Mu was only a step behind due to his half devil strength, this was still extremely hard to come by. 

Even servant rank creatures could strengthen themselves to reach the peak of the food chain. And even an emperor rank creature could be too arrogant and be killed while at the peak of strength...

The strength of a life form didn’t come from its species or rank. Nor did it come from the techniques it wielded. Instead, strength lay in its heart!!

Chu Mu admired the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s resilience, and the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon admired Chu Mu’s unyielding conviction to climb up from the lowest point of life to this high point!!

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon believed that as long as the human in front of it didn’t die, it would absolutely reach the highest point of humanity! 


In the sky above Tianxia City, three elders had left the Departed World Gates and appeared beside Senior Elder Liu and Liu Binglan.

Immortal City’s situation was rather stable, and these three elders were unable to relax about half devil Bai Yu invading Tianxia City. 

Perhaps their strength wouldn’t be much, but five high class emperors could fight against a peak emperor rank. These three elders summoned all of their high class emperors and added on Senior Elder Liu and Liu Binglan’s six high class emperors, they would be of some use. 

However, the moment they reached Tianxia City, they saw the shocking appearance of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon!!

“That’s… that’s half devil Chu Chen and an Undying Hidden Dragon - the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon??” Elder Hai Qiu was in disbelief as she stared at the silver and cyan figures above Tianxia City!

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s might could still be felt over a hundred meters away. It was hard to believe that just as Tianxia City was going to be destroyed by half devil Bai Yu, the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, which was ranked among the strongest creatures, would appear and stand together with this young man! 

This was the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon that caused a huge uproar in Soul Alliance. It was a dominator rank that made Soul Alliance helpless in front of it!!!

“The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon is the same rank as the Nightmare Ancestor. Why… why did it appear in Tianxia City?!!” 

“Could the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon have come to help us??” Elder Hai Qiu was still in disbelief. 

“It’s not here to help us. It’s here to help Chu Mu!” said Senior Elder Liu!

Senior Elder Liu understood very well that the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon could not appear without reason in Tianxia City. It appearing above Tianxia City at its most helpless and weakest point could only be explained by Chu Mu. This was because that young man was currently rubbing the forehead of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon!!

“Chu Mu?? Chu Mu was the one that summoned this strongest Hidden Dragon? How did he obtain the trust and help of a creature of this rank? Doesn’t the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon extremely dislike humans??” 

At this point, these elders forgot that Chu Chen was Chu Mu. Although they found it very hard to believe that this young man was able to summon the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon that was comparable to the Nightmare Ancestor and the Thousand Wave Beast King, they were currently witnessing the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon docilely standing next to Chu Mu! 

This was extremely hard to believe, but aside from Chu Mu summoning the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, what else could explain the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, which loathed humans, coming here? 

“It doesn’t matter- if it’s here to help Tianxia City or Chu Mu. We’re saved! Tianxia City is saved!!” Elder Ting was extremely moved. 

Elder Ting’s words unloaded the heavy burden off of everyone’s back. Indeed, Tianxia City was saved. What else was more worthy of their tears than saving this ancient city that had fostered their growth?! 

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