Chapter 756: Cyan Giant, Empyrean Dragon!

Chapter 756: Cyan Giant, Empyrean Dragon! 

Half devil Chu Mu was floating above the mess. He was heavily breathing, his arms hanging by his side and stumbling around. He didn’t even have the strength to lift his arms… 

Unreconciled, angry, prideful! 

In front of the strongest half devil in history, the feeling of being suppressed by the heavens made Chu Mu extremely angry.

Right now, Chu Mu not only had the ambitious heart of a king from the White Nightmare, and could not stand other stronger species members, but also his own stubborn and resilient heart was being struck!

He had never wanted strength more than now. Being able to become an emperor rank soul pet trainer with emperor rank soul pets was far from enough for him!

He needed even stronger strength. He needed to be strong enough to annihilate the Sixteen Absolutes and Eight Desolations. He needed to be able to step over this half devil proclaimed as history’s strongest. He needed to become the absolute strongest in this world!

Power!! Power!!!

Chu Mu couldn’t stand those stronger than him. This ambitious heart of his was a hundred times stronger than the White Nightmare!! 


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