Chapter 755: Half Devil Battle, Bai Yu, Chu Mu!

Chapter 755: Half Devil Battle, Bai Yu, Chu Mu!

Half Devil Bai Yu wasn’t very willing to attack Chu Mu, because Chu Mu’s white nightmare was the devil Bai Yu’s sole descendant.

Yet, now that Chu Mu was half devil, it was a separate concept. Before, White Nightmare was very weak, so no matter how angry it was or how hard it tried to provoke him, devil Bai Yu simply viewed it as an obstinate child that wanted to overcome him. Now that white nightmare was a half devil and had gotten much more powerful, it reached invincible emperor rank.

Half devil itself had immense resentment. With it becoming somewhat of an actual threat and still coming to provoke him, Bai Yu naturally gained the resentment, and released his emotionlessly cruel aura.

The rules of survival didn’t allow for two half devils. Half devil Chu Mu couldn’t stand half devil Bai Yu, yet Bai Yu similarly couldn't tolerate Chu Mu!

“You aren’t my match. If you stop me any further, I’ll kill you too!” Half devil Bai Yu said coldly to Chu Mu.


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