Chapter 755: Half Devil Battle, Bai Yu, Chu Mu!

Chapter 755: Half Devil Battle, Bai Yu, Chu Mu!

Half Devil Bai Yu wasn’t very willing to attack Chu Mu, because Chu Mu’s white nightmare was the devil Bai Yu’s sole descendant.

Yet, now that Chu Mu was half devil, it was a separate concept. Before, White Nightmare was very weak, so no matter how angry it was or how hard it tried to provoke him, devil Bai Yu simply viewed it as an obstinate child that wanted to overcome him. Now that white nightmare was a half devil and had gotten much more powerful, it reached invincible emperor rank.

Half devil itself had immense resentment. With it becoming somewhat of an actual threat and still coming to provoke him, Bai Yu naturally gained the resentment, and released his emotionlessly cruel aura.

The rules of survival didn’t allow for two half devils. Half devil Chu Mu couldn’t stand half devil Bai Yu, yet Bai Yu similarly couldn't tolerate Chu Mu!

“You aren’t my match. If you stop me any further, I’ll kill you too!” Half devil Bai Yu said coldly to Chu Mu.

This last sentence was the last shred of reason within Half devil Bai Yu speaking. The devil bai yu’s descendants were all killed, and he didn't want to personally destroy the last of its descendants.

Yet, if this descendant wanted to rebel and stop him from using killing to alleviate his pain, he definitely didn’t mind pulling half devil Chu Mu’s heart out and crushing it!

Of course Chu Mu knew he wasn't’ match for half devil bai Yu. Beyond emperor rank was a large gap above invincible emperor rank, but he will become devil whether he fights or not, so Chu Mu would rather himself go out in an explosive fashion!

At the same time, they released their evil tendencies and stood a mere ten meters away from each other arrogantly. Two tidal auras collided in the air-like storms, creating a spatial gust that continuously destroyed Tianxai City!

The ruins that were created by the silver meteors were swept into the sky and made into a huge turbidness, the greyness shrouding the skies of Tianxia City!

Tianxia City had millions of people that were frantically escaping towards the outside of the city, wanting to leave this sketchy area.

But, many older soul pet trainers knew that with battles of this level, with their speeds, no matter how hard they tried to escape it was meaningless, because any one of the half devils’ strides were many kilometers long, while the techniques covered another dozen kilometers. Maybe they could run a couple of kilometers away, but instead have the half devils appear right above them anyway.


Devil flames rolled as Chu Mu’s body slowly ascended into the sky.

The fight had to go to higher skies or else Tianxia City will become ruins under their battle. Though it may not destroy the entire city, recovery would be made impossible.

Half devil bai Yu didn’t care about the height of their battle, so it followed Chu Mu’s body slowly up, holding a smirk on its face!

Wasting time? Half devil Bai Yu laughed coldly. Half devil indeed didn’t hav much time left, but to destroy the half devil and then the city that angered it was still easily doable!!

Half devil Bai Yu lifted his right arm, devil flames swiftly burning and creating a silver devil sword!

This was the start of Evil Behead! Chu Mu’s other pupil could clearly see half devil bai yu’s actions!

Since he knew what skill the opposition was casting, Chu Mu’s body immediately became phantom-like, half ethereal and flickering…...


Half devil’s right hand swept outwards. Immediately from all angles, an Evil Beheading ripped through space. There were eighteen total blades!!

Every Evil Beheading was a kilometer long. The sharp blades blocked off almost all avenues of escape for Chu Mu!

Chu Mu was greatly shocked. He could at most instantly cast two Evil Beheadings and had to follow the rules of space. This half devil directly broke through the restrictions of space and threw eighteen Evil Beheadings from all directions. If it were any normal top tier emperor rank, this attack alone could split them into several pieces!!

“Shua!!!! Shua!!!!!!!!!”

Chu Mu’s devil phantom couldn’t dodge it all, and his chest and back immediately were ripped apart by the two evil slashes, creating two long gashes that put out the devil flames on him and revealed the hollow body underneath!

If all the devil flames on a half devil disappeared, it meant death!

White Nightmare’s power has raised and brought Chu Mu into invincible emperor rank, yet in the very first exchange, he was already wounded!

Most importantly, half devil Bai Yu’s left hand was still holding his daughter. If he used both hands, there would be 36 Evil Beheadings!!

Before fighting him head-on, Chu Mu couldn’t truly feel the half devil bai Yu’s extent of strength!

If not for half devil, Chu Mu questioned whether he would ever be able to reach such an extreme realm of power!

“Devil Space Explosion!”

Chu Mu glided a few kilometers back. His hands burned with two insignificant white flames that burned on either side of half devil Bai Yu!

“Beng!!!!!!!! Beng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The two white flames suddenly sank into the space near it. Two cracks appeared and following it, rolling devil flames exploded forth, its paleness instantly lighting up the entire Tianxia City, causing many to be temporarily blinded!

Half devil bai Yu’s body tilted forwards slightly, passing between the two devil flame eruptions apathetically. Its body’s dancing silver flames merely wavered slightly, while the clothes on bai Jinrou he was holding lifted slightly. It didn’t cause any substantive damage to him at all.

It was the half devil without weaknesses, so its defense definitely couldn’t be broken through by Chu Mu this easily, especially with other type spatial power that half devil bai Yu similarly controlled!

Half devil Bai Yu suddenly sped up, going so fast Chu Mu with Other pupil had some trouble seeing!!


Suddenly, half devil Bai Yu’s body became a massive fire cloud. This cloud of fire brought whistling like rumbling thunders, like a scorching sun approaching from outer space. Its majesty gave Chu Mu huge visual and mental shock!!

The sun was so large that even the vastless skies couldn’t hold it. Chu Mu in the air couldn’t dodge it no matter how he flew!


The sun’s devil flames instantly swallowed Chu Mu. Compared to the sun, Chu Mu’s devil flames were insignificant. Its two hands grabbed this shocking ball of energy as his body was constantly pushed towards the Folding Skies Bewildering World far away!!!

Devil flame sun was a mere kilometer from the ground. If this energy were a tiny bit larger, probably another tens of thousands of people would get disintegrated under this energy!!

The massive energy caused no one to dare look up at this energy that covered the entire sky. When it flew by their heads, it caused everyone to feel the nearness of death. Their hearts nearly stopped in that moment!

The devil flame sun was pushed further and further away. When Half devil Bai Yu’s body was outside the tianxia city walls, he suddenly came free from the massive energy ball while the massive devil flame sun continued to blast Chu Mu further into the mountain ranges!

This energy was too massive. Chu Mu had nowhere to dodge but he knew if the energy blast hit him directly, he would be shattered. He could only alleviate it with his two hands!!

Chu Mu’s silver arms were almost shattered by this energy blast. The entire sun was thousands of times larger than chu mu, causing his tiny self to constantly fly back as nearly half of his devil flames went out…...


Chu Mu let out a painful roar as his devil claws sunk deep into the energy ball thousands of times larger than him. He suddenly started ripping the ball apart towards the sides!!!!

Chu Mu’s roars echoed through all of Tianxia City. Despite him getting pushed further and further away, they still felt their hearts trembling!


The devil claws gathered black and white energy that wildly split to each side, creating astonishing cracks along the devil flame sun!!!


Chu Mu roared crazily, his arms almost broken, yet he still used his raw strength to destroy this devil flame sun!!

Within the roar, the devil flame sun finally blew up. The mountains hundreds of kilometers outside of Tianxia City became countless pieces as the flames fell down like a destructive storm!!

“Honghonghonghong~~~~~~~~~~~~~~” countless mountains were flattened by the residual energy of the shattered sun. The remaining devil flames created waves of flames, causing the mountains to look like judgment day, becoming tattered remains of their original selves!

In fact, most of the energy flew into the folding skies bewildering worlds further away. The bottom of the floating mountains were nearly half destroyed, while even the spiraling force itself stopped for a long while!


At the center of the explosion, half devil Chu Mu stood with a greater half of his flames put out. He was breathing heavily as he glared evilly at half devil Bai Yu a hundred kilometers away!

Half devil Bai Yu stood alone in the world, arrogantly floating ten thousand meters above the tianxia city western city wall.

From above tianxia city’s bustling center region, a devil flame trail covered half of tianxia city’s sky, passing through where half devil Bai Yu stood and then extended to through the hundred kilometers between Chu Mu and Bai Yu before finally stopping right before folding skies. If this energy weren’t ripped apart by Chu Mu forcefully, folding skies bewildering world may no longer exist in this world!

Flying above tianxia city, Elder Liu and Liu Binglan were even more shocked. If this technique were thrown at Tianxia City, the entire city would have a kilometer wide gouge from one end to the other!

Half devil Bai Yu’s eyes were full of arrogance. Looking at the wounded Chu Mu, he smiled an evil smile, his character as an evil emperor completely displayed at this moment!!

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