Chapter 754: Devil Mask, Human Heart

Chapter 754: Devil Mask, Human Heart

“It’s over, it’s over!” Old Li standing aside quickly yelled out in panic.

The last half devil was already Chu Mu’s extreme. This half devil meant that even if soul palace could create another ice palace for Chu Mu to rest in, it wouldn’t work; Chu Mu was going to become a devil!

Chu Mu, of course, knew the pros and cons of the situation. Except, as his soul and white devil’s fighting intent combined, Chu Mu’s heart also raged with a killing intent like never before, which lit up his body with a cruelty and need to kill!

More surprising to Chu Mu was when he glanced at half devil Bai Yu, the urge to defeat him became incredibly powerful. It was as if that half devil in front of him wasn't a being beyond emperor rank, but instead an enemy that he had a deep grudge against for countless years, and one he needed to kill or be killed by!

There couldn’t be two half devils in this world!

Chu Mus’ body burned...

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