Chapter 754: Devil Mask, Human Heart

Chapter 754: Devil Mask, Human Heart

“It’s over, it’s over!” Old Li standing aside quickly yelled out in panic.

The last half devil was already Chu Mu’s extreme. This half devil meant that even if soul palace could create another ice palace for Chu Mu to rest in, it wouldn’t work; Chu Mu was going to become a devil!

Chu Mu, of course, knew the pros and cons of the situation. Except, as his soul and white devil’s fighting intent combined, Chu Mu’s heart also raged with a killing intent like never before, which lit up his body with a cruelty and need to kill!

More surprising to Chu Mu was when he glanced at half devil Bai Yu, the urge to defeat him became incredibly powerful. It was as if that half devil in front of him wasn't a being beyond emperor rank, but instead an enemy that he had a deep grudge against for countless years, and one he needed to kill or be killed by!

There couldn’t be two half devils in this world!

Chu Mus’ body burned with the brightest devil flames. He still had his thinking ability right now and had his own soul, but he couldn’t control himself not to fight.


In the air, a silver devil flame comet streaked down from the skies and brought with it countless air currents that flew straight towards Chu Mu’s head!

After becoming half devil, Chu Mu had absolute control over his surroundings. Just as this devil flame meteor was about to hit Chu Mu, half devil Chu Mu slowly lifted a hand and squeezed it lightly!


Before the devil flame comet could even touch Chu Mu, it suddenly erupted, sending brilliant flames above Chu Mu. The flamelight brought Chu Mu’s evil face to focus, as a dark and devilish smile flashed onto his face!

Half devils had nothing to fear. Even against foes it could not possibly defeat, its arrogance would never diminish!


In the sky, there was the sacred pet immortal ming bird, elder Liu's Xuanzhen Beetle and Immortal Ming Bird, Liu Binglan’s Palm Dawn Concubine and Star River- these five top tier emperor ranks were attacking half devil Bai Yu.

The battle didn’t last long. These five top tier emperor ranks were already full of injuries!

Elder Liu and Liu Binglan specially brought the fight towards the skies to avoid harming the residents of Tianxia City again through fighting.

Even so, half devil Bai Yu’s destruction still broke down the city area underneath, causing another tens of thousands of people to disintegrate under the devil flames.

Every technique caused Elder Liu and Liu Binglan’s heart to tighten, yet half devil Bai Yu was truly too strong. Five top tier emperor ranks couldn’t even impede it at all!

“Everyone should die!!!!!!!!!!!”

Half Devil Bai Yu’s cold eyes glanced by, its sharp eyes glinting, immediately causing the air to light up and burn with raging devil flames!!

These devil flames were completely under half devil Bai Yu’s control, becoming a myriad of beasts that charged towards the five top tier emperor rank soul pets!!


The five top tier emperor ranks were all hit by the flame giant’s attack. They were originally in a surrounding formation, yet they were now all heavily wounded and sent ten kilometers away!

The sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird had fought endlessly for a couple of days already. After getting hit by the flame beasts, it could no longer withstand the damage. The flame beast slammed it into the ground, creating a kilometer long gouge in the groud that destroyed the street area!!

Elder Li was already standing a ways away from the battle. After both of his top tier emperor ranks were attacked by the flame beasts, the soul devil flames passed through his mental connection with his soul pets and burned elder li’s soul. Elder Li had already created a soul remembrance protection, yet he was still burnt.

Elder Li knew that if half devil Bai Yu wasn’t still holding his daughter, causing him to be unable to cast certain spells, even if they didn’t all die, they definitely wouldn’t be let off so easily.

“Binglan, you leave. Having me here is enough.” Elder Liu saw the similarly wounded Liu Binglan.

Liu Binglan was a supreme. She also didn’t have a successor yet, so if she died within this fight, then soul palace will permanently lose another supreme. This related to the entire soul palace’s future. Elder Liu could die, but Liu Binglan definitely couldn’t.

Liu Binglan didn’t respond, simply casting an incantation to make Palm Dawn Concubine use its light type healing on Elder Liu and herself, cleansing the burning effects of devil flame!

Light type was something the dark type half devil hated. When the Palm Dawn Concubine cast its light type healing, half devil bai Yu’s eyes snapped towards Liu Binglan!


Half Devil Bai Yu’s body suddenly dotted with devil flames, completely shrouding himself and Bai Jinrou into the silver devil flames.

At the same time their bodies burned, just ten meters behind Liu Binglan, a ghostly devil flame burned brightly that created half devil Bai Yu’s body!

Half Devil bai Yu single-handedly grabbed the daughter that couldn’t be revived, while his other hand extended as a devil claw, casting obliterating heart a mere ten meters away from Liu Binglan!

Half devil Bai Yu didn’t need much time for Obliterating Heart. His hand slowly entered the mirror-like space in front of him, and suddenly his forearm disappeared into it!

Not far away, Elder Liu saw this technique and his face went pale. The half devil bai Yu’s hand wasn’t going into empty space, it was going straight towards Liu Binglan’s heart!

Once the technique completed, Liu Binglan’s heart would instantly burst!

“Attack!!! Quickly attack it!!” Elder Liu frantically commanded his soul pets.

Yet, half devil’s other type techniques are too hard to predict. Elder Liu had no confidence that his attacks could cause half devil Bai Yu’s casting to lose effect.

Liu Binglan already noticed that half devil Bai Yu was a mere ten meters behind her. In fact, her heart somewhat felt like it was shrinking, and almost stopped beating!

Half devil Bai Yu smiled cruelly because in the next moment, if he pulled his palm back, this woman’s heart would have been removed and with a slight squeeze, destroyed. This bloody killing reduced the pain he was experiencing in his soul!!

Death was near. With the threat of life, it forced Liu Binglan’s blood to turn around critically.

Just as Liu Binglan was about to cast the last protecting technique, a devil flame body suddenly appeared before her body.


With Liu Binglan completely unprepared and suddenly enveloped in devil flames, she soon saw the silver body and her own body burn away instantly within the flames, becoming ashes!!

The devil flames appeared very suddenly. When Liu Binglan’s body disappeared, Elder Liu saw a burning devil flame hand frozen in space, trying cruelly to pull Liu Binglan’s heart out!

If not for Liu Binglan’s body disappearing with her heart, her heart would be gone already!!


A thousand meters away, devil flames slowly burned and, amidst the dancing flames, one could make out Chu Mu’s silver body.

Liu Binglan was very close to Chu Mu. She couldn’t see beforehand, because it was dark around. Now that she got her sight back, she found a very familiar yet cold and evilly handsome face

“Mu’er………” Liu Binglan said utterly paled.

She knew Chu Mu’s body situation the best, Chu Mu could not possibly go half devil again,, or else it would completely destroy Chu Mu into a mindless devil!!

But, standing by her was the half devil Chu Mu!

Seeing Chu Mu become half devil made Liu Binglan’s heart hurt ten times more.

Seeing Liu Binglan’s heart break, Chu Mu similarly didn’t feel any better…...

This time it truly wasn’t him trying to half devil. White Nightmare just didn’t listen to him anymore.

When devil flames burned on his body, Chu Mu very clearly that after this battle, even if half devil Bai Yu didn’t kill him, he would become a mindless devil.

Thus, Chu Mu’s lifespan was just the time he had left as a half devil. Thinking that he would never again see this mother who was still learning to love him, thinking that he will never again meet up with his father whos fighting somewhere unknown to regather his strength, thinking that Ye Qingzi was still waiting for him in some city, Chu Mu’s emotions became incredibly somber…...

“You and uncle’s soul pets were all heavily wounded. There aren’t many people left to save here. Don’t make meaningless sacrifices, and just leave.”

No matter how heavy his emotions were, Chu Mu’s silver face was permanently holding a devilish smile…...

Just like half devil Bai Yu, who was crying nonstop yet his face held its devil smile.

This was half devil, a struggle between human and devil. In other words, they wore the devil masks, yet burned with a pain-stricken human heart!


Chu Mu didn’t say much to Liu Binglan anymore, and slowly floated towards half devil Bai Yu!

Two half devils strong enough to shake the world were merely ten meters apart…….

The same silver body, the same devil flames, and the same painful struggle between human and devil…….

The same magnificent yet incredibly short life!

Still having some logic, Chu Mu very likely would permanently become a full devil after this half devil.

Still holding anger and resentment, after Bai Yu vented it all, he could very well become human.

Opposite endings, yet they had to have a fight!

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