Chapter 753: Becoming Half Devil, Body Uncontrollable

Chapter 753: Becoming Half Devil, Body Uncontrollable

Chu Mu and the other two didn’t dare get near half devil Bai Yu, even though elder Liu guessed the rotten aura could revive princess Jin Rou.

This was just elder Liu’s guess. From past to present, no one had ever forcefully taken all the rotten aura to try to revive someone. 

“From my years of experience, the rotten aura in the end still has a bit of decaying component to it. Though it can prevent organisms who have been sealed for decades to die of hunger, it couldn’t let someone revive.” Old Li said at this point.

Elder Liu looked at Old Li. He was just guessing as well, and indeed wasn’t sure whether or not the immortal aura could wake princess Jin Rou up.

“This world has soul items with massive life force. If such an item is given to a person who had just died, it could revive them. However, immortal spring doesn’t have this power. It could at most cause little princess’s body to not rot for a thousand years, and retain her soul for a certain amount of time.” Old Li continued.

The realm throne palace was torched, devil flames burning down the palace that took countless years to build.

Half devil Bai Yu entered the realm throne palace and, after a moment, slowly flew back into the sky from his silver devil flame sea, slowly floating into the sky.

At this time, princess Jin Rou in his lap was soaked. She clearly was drenched in immortal spring and probably absorbed all the immortal spring water in the realm throne palace.

Yet, Princess Jin Rou still didn’t wake up.

“Indeed, she can’t be awoken…….” Old Li shook his head and sighed. “If little princess can be awoken, she should be able to push down the resentment in half devil Bai Yu. If not, Tianxia City probably can’t be saved!”

Half devil Bai YYu floated above the realm throne palace, his eyes staring painfully at the pale-faced Bai Jin Rou!

“You all, die for my daughter!!!!!!”

Suddenly, half devil Bai Yu lifted his head and roared towards the dark skies!!!

Tell everyone to die with her!

The previous moment, half devil bai Yu still had some humanity and logic.

Yet. when he found out his daughter couldn’t be revived, half devil Bai Yu went completely crazy!

The resentment on his body instantly reached a new high. Chu Mu and the other two were standing dozens of kilometers away yet they could feel the very air burning!!!

Half devil Bai Yu lifted his head, his pupils reflecting the entire dark sky. From deep within his throat came a heaven piercing silver pillar that poured into the low hanging skies!!

The silver light beam slammed into the sky and one could see the sky ripple outwards with the beam as the center, going tens of thousands of meters outwards, each ripple clearly visible!!

The spatial ripples slowly got larger and larger, as if a giant hand was twisting up the skies in Tianxia city. The spiraling spatial ripples slowly started moving in a certain pattern!


Suddenly, the skies looked like they blew up!!

Within the spiraling space, massive silver devil flame asteroids fell from another world into the human dimension!!

Every silver asteroid had a thousand-meter long flame tails. When it collided with the air, it sent a whistling outwards!!


The first silver devil flame asteroid fell from the clouds, heavily landing in the most populated street area!!

People’s screams filled the space, yet after that huge roar, all the structures were flattened and all the people escaping were vaporized under the blow!!

This entire bustling street area had at least thousands of people within it, yet all of them instantly lost their lives!


A second silver asteroid fell from the lightning, bringing with it thousands of layers of devil flames that blasted the residential area!

This residential area wasn’t far from Chu Mu. When Chu Mu glanced over, he saw a soul pet trainer summon his soul pet to try to destroy the asteroid!

Yet, the half devil’s power was too large. Even spirit masters were useless under this technique.

Since the soul pet trainer didn’t have the power to destroy the meteor, all the residents of that area were shattered and burnt clean by the devil  !

Chu Mu suddenly lifted his head. The entire Tianxia city was covered by the spiraling spatial ripples. More meteors were falling from the skies and into different regions of Tianxia city!!

The entire Tianxia city had countless streets. Even thousands of meters in the sky can’t allow one to see the entire extent of the city. 

At this moment, above the massive city, there were countless silver meteors falling into different parts of the city.

Some meteors were falling quite far away. In his vision, the net like city area blew up with tiny fire lotuses.

These tiny fire blossoms constantly happened in all regions visible, uncountable. One glance and one can see tens of thousands of people losing their lives to these silver asteroids!

The whistling silver meteors was a judgment day full of evil!

Seeing the countless silver meteors blast the thousand year old city, seeing countless lives lost under this technique, Liu Binglan held her face as her emotions reached a new peak!

Elder Liu’s face was convulsing as he drew blood from his lips from tensing!

“We can’t let him destroy our Tianxia city!!” Elder Liu roared and rode his immortal ming bird towards the half devil bai yu!

Chu Mu saw the old man had no regard for his life and wanted to stop him but elder Liu’s immortal ming bird was extremely quick, instantly flying ten kilometers away!

Liu Binglan’s eyes were also red. Half Devil bai Yu’s technique instantly caused at least tens of thousands of people to instantly die. As the soul palace noblewoman, how could she watch as her people were killed so ruthlessly…...

“Mom, don’t do anything stupid, you aren’t his match.” Chu Mu saw that Liu Binglan wanted to fight half devil Bai Yu and quickly pulled her back.

“Her majesty, you should bring young master away from here as soon as possible. You can’t stop him,” Old Li quickly tried to advise.

“Mom and uncle aren’t hoping to defeat this half devil, but if we don't’ fight, more people will die…..” when Liu Binglan said that, she rode her Star River towards half devil Bai Yu as well.

Chu Mu was stunned by Liu Binglan’s last words. Seeing Liu Binglan’s figure slowly go away, Chu Mu’s heart was extremely conflicted.

“This mindset of having the world as your personal responsibility, is it truly worth it?” Chu Mu muttered.

“Young master, it's like how your goal is to step onto the top of all soul pet trainers. You can give this goal your all. Their goal is to protect soul palace, protect Tianxia city and its countless lives. For this dream, they would give up their lives. Every person has something they would give their lives for…..” Old Li has lived for two hundred years and has seen countless human beings. His words rung true with the values of humans.

“Young master, leave here. Dying for soul palace and Tianxia city is their highest honor. You still have something you would give your life for, so you can’t stay in this irreversible calamity. Maybe one day, you can topple soul alliance and rebuild soul alliance. This way, Elder Liu and noblewoman would be proud of you.” Old Li spoke to Chu Mu to convince him to leave.

Yet, seeing his mother and uncle leave determinedly, Chu Mu couldn't just leave right now.

“Nie!!!!!!!! Nie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

White Nightmare’s shrill voice sounded in Chu Mu’s ears!

Not only humans, soul pets also had things they would burn their lives for. White Nightmare’s dream was to defeat its father and become the true king of white nightmares!

Devil flames burned brightly on White Nightmare’s body. At this moment, a fighting intent that shocked even Chu Mu charged into Chu Mu’s mental world. Chu Mu could feel white nightmare’s soul becoming stronger!!

“This…..” Chu Mu was dazed as he watched white nightmare's devil flames grow, his heart in shambles!!

Soul elevation!!

White nightmare completed a strengthening of a rank and entered low class emperor rank!!

Strengthening without any soul item was definitely an extremely rare scene in the soul pet realm!!!

When White Nightmare was pseudo emperor, Chu Mu could already barely suppress the raging fighting intent in the devils’ heart. Now that its swelling fighting intent raised it by a rank, Chu Mu found it even more difficult to suppress White Nightmare!!!


White Nightmare frenziedly started screaming to push Chu Mu’s mind. Chu Mu knew that White Nightmare’s instinct to fight its same species was even stronger than its instinct to devour souls. Now that White Nightmare was completely a devil, it wanted to swallow Chu Mu’s soul!!!

White Nightmare wanted to become half devil as well!!!

When Chu Mu fought the magnates, his devil had already been instigated and become hard to control.

Now that White Nightmare was a rank higher, Chu Mu coudlnt really stop White Nightmare’s soul devour!

“Young master!! Young master!!!” Old Li started panicking.

He wanted to bring Chu Mu quickly out of this disaster zone, yet how could he predict White Nightmare would go crazy now!

The painful burning in the soul caused Chu Mu to roar in pain as devil flames darted out of his body uncontrollably!

“Nie!!!!!!! Nie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Devil sounds collided against Chu Mu’s mental world, causing Chu Mu to go crazy!!

“If you want to fight, don't’ control my soul!!!!!” The pained Chu Mu yelled out!

The burning Chu Mu forcefully cast soul devour and tried to devour White Nightmare's soul!

“Young master…...young master… can’t go half devil anymore. Your high temperature will burn away all your memories and make you into a mindless demon!” Old Li shouted in worry!

Chu Mu didn’t want to half devil, but it wasn’t his choice anymore!

Without using half devil, he would get devoured by the crazy White Nightmare, and his body would be the White Nightmare’s to control!!!

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