Chapter 753: Becoming Half Devil, Body Uncontrollable

Chapter 753: Becoming Half Devil, Body Uncontrollable

Chu Mu and the other two didn’t dare get near half devil Bai Yu, even though elder Liu guessed the rotten aura could revive princess Jin Rou.

This was just elder Liu’s guess. From past to present, no one had ever forcefully taken all the rotten aura to try to revive someone. 

“From my years of experience, the rotten aura in the end still has a bit of decaying component to it. Though it can prevent organisms who have been sealed for decades to die of hunger, it couldn’t let someone revive.” Old Li said at this point.

Elder Liu looked at Old Li. He was just guessing as well, and indeed wasn’t sure whether or not the immortal aura could wake princess Jin Rou up.

“This world has soul items with massive life force. If such an item is given to a person who had just died, it could revive them. However, immortal spring doesn’t have this power. It could at most cause little princess’s body to not rot for a thousand years, and retain her...

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