Chapter 752: Difficult to Extinguish Grievance Aura, Burning Down Tianxia’s Royal Palace

 Chapter 752: Difficult to Extinguish Grievance Aura, Burning Down Tianxia’s Royal Palace

“Why is this related again to the Nightmare Ancestor?” Chu Mu was confused. Could the origins of his White Nightmare really be that great?! 

The problem of his White Nightmare had constantly bothered him. It seemed that nobody else’s White Nightmare was as extreme as his, and this was exemplified this time when his White Nightmare conjured great resentment aura and killing intent when it saw its own father. It made Chu Mu feel like it had an urge to kill its own father.

Senior Elder Liu didn’t waste time and told Chu Mu about the tendencies of anger and violence towards its own species while they rode on the Immortal Ming Bird out of the Departed World Gates.

“The White Nightmare is the same as the other Seven Diagram Saint Beasts and possess an ancient king’s inheritance. Soul pets that possess a royal bloodline will always have a powerful resentment aura and desire to defeat towards species members, because they feel that it is themselves that is the king of their species. They feel irreplaceable and unrivaled!” 

“Although Bai Yu’s White Nightmare hasn’t reached the strength of the Nightmare Ancestor, due to its half devil ability, it has already become considered, without a doubt, the White Nightmare King in this world. Your White Nightmare also has the blood of a king, so in order for it to become king, it has extreme desire to defeat its own father. This, in fact, is a special survival doctrine that exists in numerous soul pet species - that is, the honor of defeating one’s own father! Most importantly, if they are able to do so, royal bloodline White Nightmares will experience a huge growth in strength. In the future, if they are to encounter another member of the same species, their royal majesty will make the opponent weaker.” 

Chu Mu was extremely shocked by this. It seemed that the White Nightmare’s background was not small. Not only was it the offspring of half devil Bai Yu’s devil side, but it even contained the royal bloodline from Nightmare Palace’s Nightmare Ancestor. This was a huge gift given to him by Xia Guanghan...

“In other words, if my White Nightmare is able to defeat the Nightmare Ancestor, its strength will greatly increase, and it will become the King of Nightmares!” said Chu Mu

“Yes, but your White Nightmare seems to be lacking by a lot.” said Senior Elder Liu.

The White Nightmare following Chu Mu instantly flew into a humiliated rage once it heard this. It let out continuous shouts, and began burning the devil flames on its body!!

“White Nightmare, behave. Now is not the time to mess around.” Chu Mu immediately glared at the threatening White Nightmare. 

Being glared at by Chu Mu, the White Nightmare obediently lowered its head and slowly extinguished the flames.

Seeing the White Nightmare’s unaccepting and sullen manner, Chu Mu knew that this fellow still had an extremely strong desire to fight in its heart. If it wasn’t because he needed this fellow to stop half devil Bai Yu from attacking Liu Binglan and Senior Elder Liu, Chu Mun would have rather not have summoned this troublesome White Nightmare. 


In a war, even a spirit emperor would have very limited power! 

However, in this world, there truly existed creatures that could sweep through a battlefield!

This creature was the half devil which was currently staring down, indifferently at the battlefield. Due to its existence, the miserable fight between the humans and Immortal City’s creatures came to a halting stop. 

Due to half devil Bai Yu’s eyes, all of Immortal City’s creatures silently lay on the ground. None of them dared make any movements. 

Simultaneously, the human camp’s soul pet trainers and their soul pets were frozen in place. They stared up at the evil monarch high above. They didn’t have any thoughts of resisting!!

“Third… third younger brother…” Elder Xie Tao’s expression was filled with shock, and he felt like he was in a dream!

Nightmare Emperor who had been sealed in the dormant space had been awakened!! Moreover, he was holding his daughter, Bai Jinrou, in his arms!

Elder Xie Tao was Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu’s older brother. Upon seeing his young half devil brother that had been sealed and his niece who had lost her life appear in this place, he was so shocked he couldn’t say anything!!!

On the outskirts of Immortal City, several thousands of creatures were occupying the territory. They guarded the vast meandering area. Moreover, all of these creatures were at least at the monarch rank, causing their Majesties to form an engulfing storm.  

However, right now, regardless if it was an emperor or monarch, the battlefield was silent. Only Elder Xie Tao looked like he was in disbelief!!

Under half devil Bai Yu’s gaze, no matter how many enemies there were on the battlefield, they were no more than a group of strong ants. 

It flew down from the air and into the human defenses. 

Instantly, all of the soul pet trainers were frozen and weren’t even able to think. 

It ignored the humans and passed through the line of defense towards the Departed World Gates!

This happened extremely fast, no more than a few seconds.

However, to the thousands of soul pet trainers, time passed extremely slowly because it was like a death god that just walked past them!!

Nobody expected that this enormous human army, which could be regarded as Tianxia City’s strongest army, would become so insignificant in front of a paramount creature!


“Where’s half devil Bai Yu?” Senior Elder Liu hastily made his way to the human line of defenses and asked Elder Xie Tao.

Elder Xie Tao still hadn’t recovered. When he saw Senior Elder Liu, his face was full of fright as he said: “Senior Elder Liu, is this true? My brother, he…” 

Senior Elder Liu gravely nodded his head: “The situation has already arrived to this point… him not attacking you guys is a fortune among misfortune.” 

“Then… then what should we do now?” asked Elder Xie Tao.

“Continue to guard this place. Don’t let the Immortal City sealed creatures enter Tianxia City. As for half devil Bai Yu, we will try our hardest to think of a way to have it leave Tianxia City.” said Senior Elder Liu. 

“This… will it work? It has extreme resentment towards Nightmare Palace, Soul Palace, and Soul Pet Palace. I’m afraid that it will immediately destroy our palaces!” said Elder Xie Tao.

Senior Elder Liu obviously knew that half devil Bai Yu didn’t attack the human legion not because it had emotions, but because it very could well be focusing instead on the three Palaces. He wanted revenge for the slaughtered family members!

“Nonetheless, we need to defend this place first. Your niece, Jinrou, could have awakened a few memories within Bai Yu. If that is capable of eliminating the animosity and resentment in his heart, perhaps we have a chance of keeping Tianxia City!” said Senior Elder Liu.

“Jinrou? What happened to Jinrou?” Elder Xie Tao had seen Princess Jin Rou in Bai Yu’s arms, but he didn’t realize that she no longer had any life left. 

Senior Elder Liu didn’t have the time to explain. He needed to focus on eliminating half devil Bai Yu’s resentment that manifested from the deaths of his family. The moment the resentment disappeared, the human side would probably be able to take control...

Senior Elder Liu had Xie Tao continue to manage the situation in Immortal City while he charged out of the Departed World Gates in hot pursuit of the half devil. 

Chu Mu and Liu Binglan didn’t remain either. Right now they had to understand what half devil Bai Yu was going to do. 


“Heavens. What’s in the sky!!!”

Humans were crowding the streets. Even non soul pet trainers were in the chaos!

Half devil Bai Yu’s resentment aura was overwhelming. When it appeared in Tianxia City, resentment clouds had already covered the blue sky! 

A moment ago, the sky was clear and boundless with sunlight shining down. But now, the sky was dark and lightning was streaking through the sky. The sudden changes in weather caused the millions of residents to descend into chaos!

In the half devil’s eyes, the lives of normal humans were even lower. While it flew across Tianxia City, it couldn’t even be bothered to attack these puny normal people!

“Puny humans. You dare call yourself King?!!” 

Suddenly, the devilish voice descended, engulfing the city, as if it lightning was surging. The humans with weak resistances had their eardrums ruptured as blood spilled out!!

Half devil Bai Yu appeared at some point in the golden dazzling Tianxia Palace. It coldly roared from the sky and aloofly floated above Li Hong’s golden enormous statue!!!

Half devil Bai Yu’s eyes gradually turned sharp, creating several other lights!

The other lights swept across, causing countless cracks to appear in Li Hong’s supreme golden statue. As half devil Bai Yu concentrated its gaze, Tianxia’s King’s statue, Li Hong, was shattered to pieces!!!

“Beng!! Beng!! Beng!!!!!!!!”

Fragments flew everywhere, smashing into several streets. Large houses were instantly raised to the ground!!

After destroying Li Hong’s golden statue, half devil Bai Yu floated towards the golden Tianxia Palace!

This mighty and majestic palace also did not survive under its wrath. Half devil Bai Yu casually performed a hand signal and torrential silver devil flames appeared in the golden palace, engulfing it in an ocean of fire!!!

Not only was Tianxia Palace engulfed, but also the surrounding streets and districts. Countless people instantly died!!

As the devil flames burned, half devil Bai Yu flew into Tianxia King’s Palace. 

At this point, Senior Elder Liu, Liu Binglan, and Chu Mu arrived. When they saw so many districts ablaze and countless civilians unable to even scream before disappearing from this world, Senior Elder Liu and Liu Binglan felt pained! 

“Grandfather, what is he entering Tianxia King’s Palace for?” Chu Mu was watching from afar. 

“He should be trying to save his daughter.” said Liu Binglan instead.

“Save her? Could there be a way to save her?” hastily asked Chu Mu.

“Inside Tianxia King’s Palace is hidden an Immortal Fountain which supplies Immortal City with rotten aura. What we call Immortal Spring Water is the idea of life never rotting away. The reason why the sealed creatures in Immortal City won’t perish from hunger or a lack of energy is because of the rotten aura inside Immortal City. This rotten aura feeds them.” 

“Bai Yu probably wants to put that girl in Tianxia King’s Immortal Fountain to recondense her life force… but that girl no longer has any life in her. Bai Yu will need to pull out over half of Immortal City’s rotten aura in order to revive this girl.” said Senior Elder Liu.

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