Chapter 751: Anger and Violence of the Same Species, White Nightmare

Chapter 751: Anger and Violence of the Same Species, White Nightmare 

“Liu Xinji, have a good chat with an old friend. I’ll leave first. If I have time, I’ll come here to offer a sacrifice for your death. Hahaha!!” Eight Desolation’s Ju Que loudly laughed.

As he spoke, he stopped fighting, and urged his giant ice demon and other soul pets to break past the two great saint pets, flying away from the dormant space. 

Senior Elder Liu was already losing this fight, so he was simply unable to stop Ju Que from leaving. However, he was afraid that Ju Que would immediately attack Liu Binglan after leaving the dormant space and closely followed behind.

As for half devil Bai Yu, when it let out its devil cry, Senior Elder Liu knew that even among Tianxia City’s experts, there weren’t many that would be able to survive. Right now, all they could do was struggle for their lives. 

The moment Senior Elder Liu left the dormant world, he discovered that Ju Que and the Shadow Absolute had left together. Neither of them intended on fighting anymore.

Since half devil Bai Yu had already awakened, there was no need for the two of themto be here now. They only needed to get far...

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