Chapter 751: Anger and Violence of the Same Species, White Nightmare

Chapter 751: Anger and Violence of the Same Species, White Nightmare 

“Liu Xinji, have a good chat with an old friend. I’ll leave first. If I have time, I’ll come here to offer a sacrifice for your death. Hahaha!!” Eight Desolation’s Ju Que loudly laughed.

As he spoke, he stopped fighting, and urged his giant ice demon and other soul pets to break past the two great saint pets, flying away from the dormant space. 

Senior Elder Liu was already losing this fight, so he was simply unable to stop Ju Que from leaving. However, he was afraid that Ju Que would immediately attack Liu Binglan after leaving the dormant space and closely followed behind.

As for half devil Bai Yu, when it let out its devil cry, Senior Elder Liu knew that even among Tianxia City’s experts, there weren’t many that would be able to survive. Right now, all they could do was struggle for their lives. 

The moment Senior Elder Liu left the dormant world, he discovered that Ju Que and the Shadow Absolute had left together. Neither of them intended on fighting anymore.

Since half devil Bai Yu had already awakened, there was no need for the two of themto be here now. They only needed to get far away and not be discovered by half devil Bai Yu, and they would be able to watch Tianxia City’s destruction! 

“Father, what about Chu Mu?” Liu Binglan saw that Senior Elder Liu had emerged.

Liu Binglan knew that she couldn’t stop it anymore. Half devil Bai Yu was unstoppable. Right now, her only hope was that Chu Mu would be able to leave safely and soundly.

“I was afraid that Ju Que would attack you so I followed him. I’ll go back in. You leave first.” said Senior Elder Liu.

Senior Elder Liu had just finished speaking when he turned around and froze. He stared in terror, and shock at the Eighth Demon Suppressing Monument’s crack!

Liu Binglan also saw the devil figure there. It was the Nightmare that appeared in her nightmare before, and it was standing in front of her right now!

Half devil Bai Yu floated out of the spatial crack. The torrential resentment aura on its body greeted the frozen Liu Binglan and Senior Elder Liu! 

“That’s…” suddenly, Liu Binglan discovered that this extremely terrifying Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu was carrying a thin woman whose eyes were closed. Her long hair hung down and her beautiful face was somewhat at peace...

This was a devastatingly beautiful woman. When others looked at her, they would be completely intoxicated. However, Liu Binglan sensed that there was no more life left in her...

The shock of half devil Bai Yu holding his daughter somewhat lessened the fear in Liu Binglan’s heart, because she knew that the half devil should have already become the cruelest and more merciless creature from its struggle between humanity and the devil. Even if its own daughter was standing in front of it, it should have burnt her to a crisp.

However, right now, this universally shocking and strongest half devil in history was tightly holding his daughter. His body, which radiated devilish, evil and grievance auras that was enough to fill the entirety of Immortal City, also contained heavy sorrow and restrained emotions!!

Senior Elder Liu also saw this. It was very hard to believe that half devil Bai Yu would do something like this!

“You, must all die!” half devil Bai Yu apathetically swept his eyes over Liu Binglan and Senior Elder Liu. Within his words was immense killing intent!!

“Hou hou hou hou!!!!!!”

Feeling half devil Bai Yu’s enormous killing intent, the Thousand Wave Beast let out an angry roar, and stared at half devil Bai Yu! 

Saint beasts and the half devil were innately opposed. Last time Chu Mu was able to communicate with the saint beasts and the Thousand Wave Beast was able to suppress its outburst against him.

However, the half devil in front of it was much more evil than the half devil Chu Mu. Even if it was an unprecedented expert, the Thousand Wave Beast was still going to bravely charge at it!!!

Half devil Bai Yu’s body was completely silver, and he was also burning in a silver devil flame. He stared apathetically at the Thousand Wave Beast.

The Thousand Wave Beast had a majesty that could swallow the mountains and rivers. When it burst out with strength, it could cave in the earth!! 

Thus, when the Thousand Wave Beast attacked it, half devil Bai Yu’s sorrowful evil eyes suddenly turned fierce. Instantly, an enormous killing intent swept towards the Thousand Wave Beast!

The killing intent howled like wolves and wailed like ghosts. The majesty of the intent was like a charging legion. The Thousand Wave Beast hadn’t even managed to follow through with its claws before being stunned by the killing intent!!

The devil flames on half devil Bai Yu’s body ignited. A thousand meter curved devil flame ocean domain that was ten times larger than Chu Mu’s lit up in Immortal City. The half devil was at the center of all this. The flames razed everything to the ground. It was uncertain how much ground the flames covered or whether the entire Immortal City was covered! 

The Thousand Wave Beast hadn’t succeeded in its attack before its body was enveloped completely by the devil flames. It was knocked several thousand meters flying by the killing intent!!

“Hou hou hou hou!!!!!!!” but the Thousand Wave Beast wasn’t so easily killed.

Although there were devil flames burning its body, it still crawled up from the ground and ferociously charged at half devil Bai Yu.

Half devil Bai Yu slowly turned around, and released two other lights from its demonic pupils. The other lights intersected in front of the charging Thousand Wave Beast, causing space to slowly meld apart. Almost immediately, the space in front turned into a bottomless spatial abyss!

The Thousand Wave Beast was unable to stop this strange other type technique. While charging, it fell into the spatial abyss, its hundred meter body disappearing in the space! 

Half devil Bai Yu’s gaze revolved and the spatial abyss instantly closed. The Thousand Wave Beast, a near paragon emperor rank, had disappeared from this world!! 

Seeing the Thousand Wave Beast disappear like this, unknown to be dead or alive, both Liu Binglan and Senior Elder Liu were horrified. Even their soul pets were potentially weaker than the Thousand Wave Beast, but the Thousand Wave Beast had been so easily defeated. So how insignificant was their strength in comparison?! 

However, they could feel that half devil Bai Yu’s killing intent had already enveloped them. It would be difficult for them to escape their deaths!


Just as Liu Binglan and Senior Elder Liu felt half devil Bai Yu about to destroy them, a White Nightmare's cry suddenly rang out from the spatial crack! 

This cry unexpectedly weakened half devil Bai Yu’s ruthless killing intent significantly. Its cruel eyes gradually began to change...

“If you hinder me, I’ll kill you!” half devil Bai Yu swept his eyes over Senior Elder Liu and the silver devil flames on its body slowly retracted. 

Without waiting for Senior Elder Liu and Liu Binglan to react, half devil Bai Yu suddenly began to float upwards. He was enveloped in torrential resentment aura, and he flew towards the Departed World Gates!!

After half devil Bai Yu left, the pressure instantly disappeared. Senior Elder Liu, who had been put onto the must-kill list by half devil Bai Yu was covered in a cold sweat!! 

Liu Binglan’s situation was a bit better than Senior Elder Liu’s because when half devil Bai Yu released its killing intent, it hadn’t completely focused on her. Yet, despite this, when half devil Bai Yu left, her heart was still palpitating. 

Liu Binglan didn’t know why half devil Bai Yu would let them go, but she was worried about Chu Mu right now, because he was the first one to come into contact with half devil Bai Yu.

Liu Binglan was flying towards the dormant space when Chu Mu, riding on Mo Xie and accompanied by the White Nightmare, flew out of the spatial crack. 

Seeing Chu Mu appear, safe and sound, Liu Binglan gave Chu Mu a tearful hug. It was as if she was reunited with someone after a life or death encounter

“Mom, I’m fine.” Chu Mu saw that Liu Binglan was so emotionful and hastily consoled her. 

“Chu Mu… just now… just now it was your White Nightmare that had half devil Bai Yu…” Senior Elder Liu glanced at Chu Mu’s White Nightmare and his expression was filled with shock. 

“Yes, my White Nightmare is Bai Yu’s White Nightmare’s direct offspring.” Chu Mu nodded his head.

“But, don’t half devils not have emotions…” asked Senior Elder Liu.

“If the White Nightmare swallows the human’s soul out of its own accord, the half devil indeed will not have emotions. However, Bai Yu’s daughter, Bai Jinrou, used a dual resurrection to awaken some of her father’s memories. Thus, he should have emotions now.’ said Chu Mu.

Thinking of Princess Jin Rou passing away like that, Chu Mu felt forlorn. 

“So you’re saying that the half devil is currently being controlled by the human side, Bai Yu? Is he controlling himself like you can control yourself?” hastily asked Senior Elder Liu.

Senior Elder Liu had experience and somewhat understood half devils, creatures which possessed two souls. He understood that there were many times that the body could be controlled by a different soul! 

Chu Mu shook his head and said: “Not completely. Half devil Bai Yu is unable to completely control himself. Princess Jin Rou’s resurrection method should have only half-succeeded. Right now half devil Bai Yu’s killing intent and resentment aura is extremely heavy!” 

“He flew towards the Departed World Gates. Is it going to Tianxia City?” Liu Binglan was in a panic.

“Let’s go there first. However, we can’t rashly attack it. Let’s see what it wants to do, before we do anything.” said Chu Mu.

“Can your White Nightmare think of a way to have it leave Tianxia City?” immediately asked Senior Elder Liu.

Chu Mu shook his head and said “Although my White Nightmare is the devil side’s offspring, the kinship between White Nightmare seems to exist only in conflict. If it wasn’t for me forcibly suppressing my White Nightmare, my White Nightmare probably would have forcibly made me undergo a half devil transformation to fight against the half devil Bai Yu!” 

“This… then let’s follow first. Maintain a distance away from it.” Senior Elder Liu’s face was unsightly. 

Originally, Senior Elder Liu thought that the half devil possessed emotions, and would not be able to slaughter Tianxia City’s populace. However, it seemed that it would be hard to avoid this calamity. The only thing worth rejoicing was that the half devil would not attack Chu Mu.

“Mu Er, is your White Nightmare no longer under your control?” Liu Binglan was shocked by Chu Mu’s words. 

“I’m not sure either. Its resentment aura is extremely strong. There’s a chance I’m unable to control it.” Chu Mu turned around and looked at the White Nightmare, suppressing itself, behind him.

Anger and Violence from the same species!

From the moment it was born, Chu Mu’s White Nightmare had an intense desire to defeat its species members! 

But Chu Mu never expected that when the White Nightmare saw its own father, its desire to win became extremely intense. It unexpectedly even tried to forcibly control Chu Mu’s half devil transformation to fight against the half devil Bai Yu! 

If Chu Mu hadn’t discovered this in time, he probably would have involuntarily transformed into a half devil!

“This… Chu Mu, could your White Nightmare also be the Nightmare Ancestor’s descendant? Otherwise why would it have such a will to fight!!” Senior Elder Liu said in shock! 

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