Chapter 750: Human or Devil, The Plaintive Cry of a Father!

Chapter 750: Human or Devil, The Plaintive Cry of a Father! 

“Old Li, can this sacrificial awakening truly only awaken Bai Yu’s soul. Will it stop the White Nightmare’s soul from awakening?” Chu Mu looked at the traces of blood slowly seep into the Heavenly Pointing Ice Stone. 

“Young master, I’m not sure either. Just now, I wanted to tell you that you could have misunderstood the young princess.” Old Li stood to the side and looked at the fallen jade-like woman in Chu Mu’s embrace. He shook his head repeatedly and sighed.

Old Li pointed at the Heavenly Pointing Ice Stone and said: “The defector young woman probably found a method that allowed one to melt the Heavenly Pointing Ice Stone a few years ago. This method probably wouldn’t even need the young princess’ blood sacrifice, and would be able to release the half devil. The young princess’ original aspiration should have been just to protect her own father, and to allow him to return to human form from the half devil. Therefore, she intentionally cooperated with the defector young...

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