Chapter 750: Human or Devil, The Plaintive Cry of a Father!

Chapter 750: Human or Devil, The Plaintive Cry of a Father! 

“Old Li, can this sacrificial awakening truly only awaken Bai Yu’s soul. Will it stop the White Nightmare’s soul from awakening?” Chu Mu looked at the traces of blood slowly seep into the Heavenly Pointing Ice Stone. 

“Young master, I’m not sure either. Just now, I wanted to tell you that you could have misunderstood the young princess.” Old Li stood to the side and looked at the fallen jade-like woman in Chu Mu’s embrace. He shook his head repeatedly and sighed.

Old Li pointed at the Heavenly Pointing Ice Stone and said: “The defector young woman probably found a method that allowed one to melt the Heavenly Pointing Ice Stone a few years ago. This method probably wouldn’t even need the young princess’ blood sacrifice, and would be able to release the half devil. The young princess’ original aspiration should have been just to protect her own father, and to allow him to return to human form from the half devil. Therefore, she intentionally cooperated with the defector young woman, and when the defector young woman went to thaw the Heavenly Pointing Ice Stone, she attempted to awaken the human side of the half devil.” 

“Although I’m not sure if this method would succeed, this woman probably isn’t as you said - it’s not that she doesn’t care about the millions of lives at stake. Instead, she’s using this method to save Tianxia City and save her father…” 

Chu Mu had just nearly killed Bai Jinrou, but now watching her life fade away, he felt extreme sorrow. 

“Ge zhi~~~ Ge zhi~~~~~~”

Behind Chu Mu, the ice had thawed nearly a meter, and he could hear the sound of the ice fracturing. 

At some point, a dense grievance aura cloud had condensed above the mountain peak, and was filling the blue sky with torrential rage!

Suddenly, an unprecedentedly strong aura shot out from the Heavenly Pointing Ice Stone behind Chu Mu’s back.

Chu Mu didn’t even have the courage to turn around!!

Originally, Chu Mu thought that if the half devil was just awakening, its body would be extremely weak, and perhaps he would be able to deal with it.

However, Chu Mu shockingly discovered that the grievance aura from the ice stone was so large that it could directly attack a spirit emperor’s soul. The aura was so large that Chu Mu couldn’t even imagine transforming into a half devil, because he knew that even if he did, in front of the pair of disdainful eyes behind him, he was simply like a child!!

Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu!!

Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu had awakened!!! 

The dormant space should have been completely silent like a picture. However, the moment Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu awakened, the entire dormant space was filled with unprecedented movement. The glaciers seemed like they would collapse at any moment!!

Chu Mu had witnessed the Evernight Emperor’s domain - a darkness that covered the heaven and earth and could control everything within. But right now, even if half devil Bai Yu hadn’t covered the dormant space with his devil flame ocean, Chu Mu was still able to feel its tyrannical aura!!

There was no place in the space that could escape its demonic pupils. It was as if the entire dormant world was in the palm of his hands. He only had to lightly pinch his hands and the space would collapse!!

This was the first time Chu Mu truly felt the boundless pressure from a creature that surpassed the emperor rank!

Perhaps White Nightmare Bai Yu was even slightly stronger than the previous strongest creature Chu Mu had seen - the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon! 

At the beginning, the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon didn’t add any pressure to Chu Mu. When it fought with the ocean’s heavenly sword in Prisoner Island’s ocean, the weak Chu Mu had been unable to witness the fight.

Right now, Chu Mu was standing in front of a creature that was very likely stronger than the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon and that was looking down on him, not even 2 meters away. If its gaze was even more slightly sharp, it was enough to kill him!! 

However, the half devil Bai Yu had already awakened, and it never actually attacked Chu Mu! 


“Young… young master… ten years ago… in order to prevent people from using this kin-sacrifice method to awaken Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu, all of Bai Yu’s White Nightmare’s direct descendants were killed. That is… except for your White Nightmare…” Old Li was stunned, and spoke in a trembling voice to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu was completely frozen. He found it hard to even move a finger. 

Old Li’s trembling words allowed him to understand why half devil Bai Yu, only a few meters away from him, didn’t release his tyrannical instincts and kill him!

This was because Chu Mu’s White Nightmare was Bai Yu’s White Nightmare’s descendant!

The half devil was formed by the merging of Bai Yu and his White Nightmare’s souls. There were two sides to it - the human side and the devil side.

Chu Mu had not only signed a soul pact with the devil side’s descendant but was also holding the daughter of Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu, Bai Jinrou, in his arms. He happened to have both the human and devil side’s only descendants with him right now!

However, Chu Mu understood that the half devil should be emotionless. Thus, the fact that he had emotions now made him extremely shocked!

Chu Mu attempted to turn around and slowly, he was greeted by a face burning in evil devil flames. This face as much more evil than his own half devil!!

Chu Mu attempted to look up at his eyes...

But he shockingly discovered that in this ruler’s eyes that should have been filled with contempt for all living beings, was now rarely seen sorrow!!

Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu’s eyes weren’t staring at Chu Mu but rather at Princess Jin Rou in his arms!!

Suddenly, Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu stretched out his hands at Chu Mu and took Bai Jinrou, who practically had no more life in her. He cradled her in his arms!!

Silver tears fell from his eyes, falling on Bai Jinrou’s bloodstained clothes...

“Half devil… half devil tears… young… young master, the young princess likely succeeded.” Old Li was in a bit of disbelief as he watched half devil Bai Yu!

Chu Mu was essentially face to face with half devil Bai Yu whose majesty of a ruler was capable from overturning the head or earth. But aside from this, Chu Mu also felt the same aura that came from Chu Tianman, the aura of a father!!


In the blink of an eye, ten years had passed. Perhaps Bai Yu wouldn’t believe it, but his young daughter from back then had already become a beauty capable of shattering the hearts of others.

However, when he awoke, his now adult daughter had fallen into an eternal slumber and was dithering between life and death...

Half devil Bai Yu slowly lowered his head and kissed her pale forehead. 

This kiss was very short, but his silver tears streamed out!!

Suddenly, half devil Bai Yu lifted his head, and his extremely evil face instantaneously transformed into a malevolent nightmare...

A broken heart and a destructive Nightmare!!!

“How could you treat my child like this…”


“You.. how could you treat my child like this!!!!!!”


A devilish voice pierced the heavens and the earth. The aura on half devil Bai Yu’s body rapidly increased and caused the dormant world to violently shake!!!


The first person to hear the nightmare voice was Eight Desolation’s Ju Que and Senior Elder Liu!

Eight Desolation’s Ju Que understood that the half devil had awakened, and he cracked a smile.

The method of thawing the Heavenly Pointing Ice stone was given to him by Di Ji. If Senior Elder Liu had discovered them five days ago, perhaps they could have stopped him. But now, it was too late!

After 5 days of thawing, the Heavenly Pointing Ice Stone had completely dissolved and the half devil Bai Yu had completely awakened. With his slaughtering aura from hi struggle between a devilish character and human character, nobody in Tianxia City could stop him!!

Moreover, back when the three great factions had sealed half devil Bai Yu, they had done something stupid by killing all of his descendants. 

Right now that the half devil had awakened, he let out a cry because he learned of these things through Bai Jinrou’s memories!

Presently, the half devil was questioning why Tianxia City dared to kill all of his descendants!!!

With such deep grievance, there was no way the half devil would let Tianxia City remain!

Soul Alliance had formally declared war against the three great factions. As long as they could get rid of their roots in Tianxia City, the three great factions would ultimately perish!

Eight Desolation’s Ju Que was over a hundred, and he let out a wild laughter that was full of ambition. He already couldn’t wait to see Soul Alliance control everything under the heavens and hold in his hands the most ancient and plentiful resources!


The devil sound didn’t stop in the dormant world. It passed through the Eighth Demon Suppressing Monument’s passageway and entered Immortal City, whistling into Liu Binglan’s ear!

Liu Binglan was at a disadvantage in her fight because she had spent too much soul power over the past few days rescuing Chu Mu. hearing the devil noise, she froze!

The nightmare became true!!

Liu Binglan clearly remembered hearing this noise in her nightmare!


The devil noise reverberated in the sky above Immortal City. Both the humans and the Immortal City creatures, currently at battle, could hear it!

For a moment, all of the sealed and guardian creatures fell into silence. None of them dared move.

As for the human camp, the spirit emperor and spirit master legions were trembling in fear!!


But the sound continued to pass through Immortal City and even reached Tianxia City!!

There were several tens of millions of residents in Tianxia City, and regardless if that person was a soul pet trainer or an ordinary person, they could all hear the sound!

Immediately, Tianxia City erupted in commotion!!

Evil and devilish!!

This was an existence that could truly cause the entire world to tremble!!

It was warning everyone that it had awakened!!

Its voice was laying a curse upon everyone, that everyone would become dead souls under its claws!!


However, only Chu Mu knew that within the world-shaking devilish cry from the emotionless half devil contained an emotional and sorrowful cry from the fathers of the human and devil!!

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