Chapter 749: Bai Jinrou, Two Resurrections

Chapter 749: Bai Jinrou, Two Resurrections

A year of prison has caused princess Jin Rou’s expression to look very miserable. Her emotions were complex; she seemed dejected and dispirited, yet also had a hint of excitement.

Her face had teary streaks, clearly having sobbed just now. She sobbed about the thought of seeing her father again, but also for the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox that died for her.

However, no matter how pathetic the princess looked, how pitiful, Chu Mu couldn’t tolerate her actions!

Chu Mu stepped up and grabbed princess Jin Rou’s skinny shoulders and dragged her up from her kneeling position!

Princess Jin Rou didn’t resist. Her eyes darted around, not daring to meet Chu Mu’s eyes.

Chu Mu was staring at her furiously right now. When she entered the prison at first, Chu Mu was empathetic for her, and even wanted to save her from the prison.

Yet, what he never predicted was Princess Jin Rou, as a nightmare palace princess, would go to soul alliance and become the tooth...

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