Chapter 749: Bai Jinrou, Two Resurrections

Chapter 749: Bai Jinrou, Two Resurrections

A year of prison has caused princess Jin Rou’s expression to look very miserable. Her emotions were complex; she seemed dejected and dispirited, yet also had a hint of excitement.

Her face had teary streaks, clearly having sobbed just now. She sobbed about the thought of seeing her father again, but also for the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox that died for her.

However, no matter how pathetic the princess looked, how pitiful, Chu Mu couldn’t tolerate her actions!

Chu Mu stepped up and grabbed princess Jin Rou’s skinny shoulders and dragged her up from her kneeling position!

Princess Jin Rou didn’t resist. Her eyes darted around, not daring to meet Chu Mu’s eyes.

Chu Mu was staring at her furiously right now. When she entered the prison at first, Chu Mu was empathetic for her, and even wanted to save her from the prison.

Yet, what he never predicted was Princess Jin Rou, as a nightmare palace princess, would go to soul alliance and become the tooth and claw of defector young woman, wanting to destroy Tianxia City!

Chu Mu didn’t want to believe this anymore, that the woman in front of him was the one originally standing on the boat dock, pure yet melancholic, the girl that once caused Chu Mu’s heart to palpitate.

“Do you not know what you have done?” Chu Mu questioned!

Facing Chu Mu’s furious questioning, Princess Jin Rou kept her head down and hesitated for a long while before very quietly saying, “If your father were trapped here, what would you do?”

“I……” Chu Mu immediately froze.

If Chu Tianmang were sealed here, would he really be able to walk down the soul pet trainer path and completely forget about his father?

“Your father is already a half devil. You aren’t waking your father up. You’re waking up the white nightmare who destroys for pleasure. If you have any scrap of conscience left, immediately try to stop his awakening!” Chu Mu said sternly.

“The summoning is complete. This Heavenly Pointing Ice Stone will melt, and he will awaken. Even without me, the female master would not be able to awaken him.” princess Jin Rou said.

The mention of female master immediately caused Chu Mu’s rage to flare up even further.

Chu Mu right hand suddenly went from pressing down on her shoulder to choking her neck!

How could princess Jin Rou block it? She immediately couldn’t breathe and started struggling against Chu Mu weakly with her two hands.

She couldn't say a single thing, only able to look at the furious Chu Mu with her complicated and pained eyes.

Chu Mu’s chest was heaving. He truly wanted to bring out a sprout of devil flames from within him and burn this woman to the ground.

Yet, what was the use of killing her now?

The Heavenly Pointing Ice Stone had a large amount of water around it, meaning it was melting. When it completely melted was the moment the half devil Bai Yu was awakened!

Finally, Chu Mu released his hands.

Princess Jin Rou fell bonelessly to the ground, using one hand to prop her frail body up and dry heaved.

Though Chu Mu didn’t cast devil flames, his jade spring sacred blood infused body had much larger strength than most soul pet trainers. If Chu Mu gripped any tighter, the princess’s fragile throat would have been snapped.

Princess Jin Rou fell to the ground and coughed heavily. She looked up at Chu Mu and said, “Chu Mu, sorry……”

“Saying sorry to me? I, Chu Mu, don't consider myself a good person, but I would never do such a wicked deed. There are millions of people in Tianxia City. If they all died due to this catastrophe, using all of your future generations’ lives wouldn’t be able to repay this!!” Chu Mu had never been as angry as today.

Chu Mu was not only angry at why he never noticed defector young woman’s ploy, but he was more angry at just how ignorant Princess Jin Rou was!!

Chu Mu’s chiding caused Bai Jinrou’s whole body to feel as if it were struck by lightning!

Maybe, all this time she was fixated on saving her father, she truly forgot the consequences of what success would potentially bring!

“I…...I just wanted to save my father, I woke…..woke up only my father’s soul.” Bai Jinrou said dazedly.

Chu Mu didn’t want to hear her say anything more. He turned around resolutely and stared intently at the half devil Bai Yu within the heavenly pointing ice stone!

If this most powerful half devil awakens, Chu Mu could only use his last resort!

Using devil to fight devil!!

Chu Mu knew that his half devil wasn’t half devil Bai Yu’s match, but half devil Bai Yu had been sealed for so many years. In the moments that he awakened, he definitely would still be in a weak stage. Maybe he could kill the half devil while it was still leaving its sleep!!

“Chu Mu, I…...I’m not like what you think……” Princess Jin Rou slowly stood up and stared at Chu Mu’s back image. “I only woke up my father’s soul. If my father’s soul can overpower the white nightmare's soul, he would become a man again and not a devil.”

Hearing Princess Jin Rou’s words, Chu Mu scoffed, laughing at Princess Jin Rou’s naivety.

“Half devil isn’t as simple as you think. You’ve been lied to by that woman.”

“I read through countless nightmare palace archives and reached the conclusion myself, and…..and…..the female master that has some feud with you is also half human half soul pet, yet she has her own thoughts……” Bai Jinrou was firm.

Chu Mu looked back at the extremely stubborn Princess Jin Rou and said, “Half devil is far from being as simple as you think. With your father having suffered more than a decade’s worth of mental torture, his mental state is constantly at the edge of collapse. Even if there is a chance your father’s soul can beat the white nightmare’s, it will be a process in which he would remain the emotionless yet unstoppable half devil!”

Chu Mu himself was a half devil, so how could he not understand the half devil’s nature!

Half devil meant the fight between human and white nightmare soul, which created the most powerful devil. Becoming a devil or becoming a human wasn’t scary; the scariest thing was being both.

Chu Mu didn’t know if Princess Jin Rou could make her father beat the white nightmare, but a decade ago, the demon emperor Bai Yu’s half devil didn’t end. In this time, the half devil would still release its cruel nature. Putting aside the lives of Tianxia City, it may even torch this daughter of his, one who endured more than a decade to save him.


Suddenly, under the ice came a huge shaking, causing even Chu Mu standing ten thousand meters above ground to feel it.

Chu Mu didn’t say anything else to Bai Jinrou. He quickly ran to the edge of the mountain and looked down at the situation between Elder Liu and Ju Que.

Through the faint icy air, Chu Mu found that elder Liu on immortal ming bird was hovering pale-faced at the height of five thousand meters!

Under Elder Liu was a massive mountain range like ice demon. This ice demon was what shook the entire sleeping world!!

“Young master, this Ju Que’s powers are outstanding, elder Liu may not be able to withstand it for any longer.” Old LI said.

Chu Mu was utterly anxious now, yet he couldn’t do anything. Even if he became half devil again, he had to save it for the weakened half devil Bai Yu instead.

“Young master, the little princess may have been forced. Defector young woman’s influence is too broad, and little princess didn’t have any real power within nightmare palace. If the defector young woman wanted to control her, it wouldn't be too hard. There is a large puddle of water around the Heavenly Pointing Ice Stone, meaning it is melting. The defector young girl probably got a power that could melt the ice within the sleeping world. The little princess was probably just forced over as a backup plan. However, the princess seemed to have failed to awaken her father and the towering ice curse demon fox died for it.” Old Li started speaking for princess Jin Rou.

“I know, that’s why I didn’t kill her.” Chu Mu nodded.

If Bai Jinrou awoke the half devil, then the frozen half devil definitely would shatter the ice with other type power instead of wait for it to slowly melt.

Bai Jinrou didn’t lie; even without her, defector young woman had ways to awaken half devil Bai Yu.

This was also the reason Chu Mu didn’t instantly kill Bai Jinrou. She may have just wanted to leverage the woman’s plans to let her father go.

“En, why is there the smell of blood?” Suddenly, Chu Mu’s brows furrowed.

Chu Mu turned around and suddenly noticed princess Jin Rou had unknowingly fallen down by the heavenly pointing ice stone!

Her hair was splayed apart and she was on her side. Her right wrist had blood pouring out of it, almost dying her entire fragile body red!!!

“She…...she committed suicide……” Old Li screamed.

Chu Mu quickly ran to Bai Jinrou and brought out medicine from his spatial ring to stick into her mouth as well as rub on her arm.

Yet, the medicine that Chu Mu gave the princess did nothing to stop the flow of blood. For some reason, some blood marks were on her wound to stop it from closing up.

These blood marks constantly drew on princess Jin Rou’s life and blood and slowly flowed towards the heavenly pointing ice stone!

“Princess, what…...what are you doing!” chu Mu didn’t think she would give up her life again after her towering ice curse demon fox died for her. Looking at her pale and beautiful face, Chu Mu’s heart was a mess.

“Use…...use my second…….second chance at life, maybe…….maybe I can ……. Help my father defeat the white nightmare……” Bai Jinrou said.

“Is it worth it, when you know very well you’ve failed already…..”

Bai Jinrou’s life was quickly fading. She half laid against Chu Mu’s body but closed her eyes…...

If Bai Jinrou succeeded, her father would have his own thoughts and not become a devil full of killing.

Yet, no matter success or failure, seeing Bai Jinrou give up her life a second time to wake up her father's own soul caused Chu Mu to choke up a little, unable to speak anymore.

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