Chapter 748: Heavenly Pointing Ice Stone, Frozen Nightmare Emperor

Chapter 748: Heavenly Pointing Ice Stone, Frozen Nightmare Emperor

Tianxia City's three factions had thousands of years of history, even though almost all the true faction elders and senior elders were now in Wanxiang City.

However, soul alliance wanting to destroy Tianxia city with immortal city was synonymous to declaring war with the three factions. The three factions had nowhere to back off to; they would either bow down in subordination or die!

The three factions had passed their traditions on for thousands of years. Even if they died, soul alliance wouldn’t be able to wipe them out completely in a short time.

Yet, if that happened, Elder Liu couldn’t guarantee Chu Mu and his half devil ability a complete growing environment. Even if the soul alliance master had to come himself, they would definitely get rid of a sentient half devil threat like Chu Mu.

So, Elder Liu had to tell Chu Mu to leave, leave the fight that was about to come between the three factions and soul alliance and slowly grow up. Once he was more powerful, he could come back. Elder Liu trusted Chu Mu’s potential and had faith he would step beyond even supremes!

“Chu Mu, leave now, tell the sacred pets to move you further away!” Elder Liu couldn’t rally the three factions to give Chu Mu protection and so he had to make him leave!

Chu Mu stood there but didn’t nudge.

He knew Elder Liu wasn’t match for the Eight Desolations’ Ju Que. If he brought the two sacred pets away, Elder Liu will definitely die here.

“Immortal ming bird, Thousand Wave Beast, you two fight this old fellow!” Chu Mu said to immortal ming bird and Thousand Wave Beast!

Half devil Bai Yu hadn’t awakened yet. This old man should be the last barrier. If he could be restricted, Chu Mu could fly to the top of the mysterious ice peak and possibly stop princess Jin Rou from summoning half devil Bai Yu!

This way, the Tianxia City’s foundations could be protected. If the three factions’ other experts all came back from Wanxiang City to Tianxia City, soul alliance may not be able to topple the three factions. After all, Chu Mu believed that the three factions must have some stronger beings, or else how could they stand as thousand year old factions!

Nightmare Palace’s Nightmare Elder, Soul palace’s Seven Diagram Ancestor, Soul Pet Palace’s Palace Suppressing Sacred Pet, these were all organisms that could cause soul alliance eight desolations to fear!

So, no matter what, Tianxia City must be saved or else no matter how powerful Chu Mu was, it would be very difficult to destroy soul alliance who would then be controlling everything!


Sacred Pet immortal ming bird felt the arrival of danger. It flew beside Liu Binglan’s immortal ming bird, wanting to fight alongside its ally.

Thousand Wave Beast’s body continued to expand, quickly becoming a few hundred meters large and swept its menacing aura forwards towards the eight desolation Ju Que!!

“Chu Mu, you are…..” Elder Liu stared confused at Chu Mu!

“Uncle, don’t give up until the last moment!” Chu Mu said seriously!

Half devil Bai Yu wasn’t awake yet. The reason they put an eight desolation Ju Que there was to make them lose the will to fight. If Soul Alliance wants to destroy the three factions, then let them fight to the end!

Elder Liu looked at Chu Mu and saw his resolute black eyes. Facing an immeasurably powerful opponent, if a young man could be this determined, why would he, a top tier spirit emperor, be afraid? Why did he have to imagine everything to be hopeless. And, even if it were hopeless, did it mean he wouldn’t fight?!

Chu Mu’s words caused Elder Liu to rise up in spirit. The three factions have faced countless threats in the past thousand years, yet they’re still around!

They coudlnt’ just give up now. Even if they burned up their lives, they had to protect Tianxia city!!

Elder Liu took a deep breath and laughed out loud again. This time, the laughter didn’t have any despair, instead it was full of heroism!!

“Chu Mu, the sacred pets and I will restrain this old fellow. Climb to the top of the mysetrious ice mountain!” Elder Liu got pumped up and was full of fighting intent again and said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu nodded and immediately summoned Mo Xie. Telling the two sacred pets to guard him, he wrapped around to the other side of the mountain.

The eight desolation person didn’t mind Chu Mu’s actions. It was as if everythig was certain already, and even if elder Liu flew up, nothing would matter.

This elder’s gaze fell on the sacred pet immortal ming bird and thousand wave beast, and a flash of belittlement flitted across his eyes, “Immortal Ming Bird, Thousand Wave Beast, how long have you accepted the suppressing demon monument’s inheritance? Compared to the sacred pet ancestors I know, you guys are truly weak!”

To this elder that had lived for centuries, it was even older than the two sacred pets. In his eyes, these two sacred pets were probably the younger generation!

The suppressing demon monument sacred pets were all inherited. In every generation of soul palace, the sacred pets had different strengths. The longer the sacred pet slept within the suppressing demon monument, the stronger it was!

To an extremely old soul palace elder, these two sacred pets didn’t have enough years yet. Getting summoned this soon caused them to be of limited use. Of course, soul alliance when deciding to defeat Tianxia city naturally considered the suppressing demon monument sacred pets, or else they didn’t need to bring an expert like eight desolation. If defector young woman wanted to control everything, she would have made Tianxia City hell already!

“You should have been buried long ago, so I, Liu Xin, will send you the last leg of this journey!!” Elder Liu knew he wasn’t match for the eight desolation Ju Que, but with the two sacred pets, he couldn’t be defeated in a short amount of time!!

Seeing the two sacred pets already heading towards the eight desolation Ju Que, Elder Liu cast an incantation to summon top tier emperor rank Xuanzhen Beetle and joined the fight against the Ju Que in this sleeping space!!!


Everything felt motionless in this Dormant World. When Chu Mu turned around, he was shocked to discover that no matter how world shaking the battle between Ju Que and elder Liu was, it couldn’t break a single ice shard of this Dormant World.

In fact, Chu Mu could feel that the top tier emperor rank techniques that could reach tens of kilometers outside of the world were all weakened within, as if restricted by some ancient law.

Maybe it was this strange restriction that made devil emperor Bai Yu, who controlled Other type,  unable to leave this sleeping space.


Little Mo Xie’s claws couldn’t sink into the ice mountain, so she could only step on air as she ran towards the top of the mountain!!

The mysterious ice mountain was near ten thousand meters tall. When Mo Xie ran to the upper half, a azure sky appeared in Chu Mu’s eyes!

In reality, Chu Mu was already five six tousand meters into the skies. He had to look very far to see the white sealed horizon. It was like he was climbing a lone peak towards the heavens!

Of course, Chu Mu knew the skies were all projected. Once he got to even higher ground, it would become muddled, unable to extend endlessly like the real world.

“What’s that?” When he was at the peak of the mysterious ice mountain, Chu Mu immediately saw a Heavenly Pointing Ice Stone!

Inside this Heavenly pointing ice Stone was a man with hair, brows, and beard all silver white!!

If Chu Mu saw himself after half devil, he would be shocked because this man’s frozen expression was almost identical to his own when he was about to become half devil. Even when sleeping, the face had an evil that seeped into one’s heart. Its shut eyes looked as if they were about to open at any second, and let out a piercing gaze!

Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu!!!

The middle aged man was Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu!!


“Father, you’ll never have to withstand the pain of half devil ever again.” Princess Jin Rou muttered as she kneeled before the stone.

The man frozen inside the ice was Princess Jin Rou’s father. She had almost forgotten what her father looked lke.

But, her childhood memories were too too deep. Princess Jin Rou would never forget that her father was sealed away in such a desolate land!!

“Princess…..” Chu Mu slowly walked by Princess Jin Rou.

Princess Jin Rou didn’t seem to have done anything, simply kneeling there, causing Chu Mu to let out a breath.

Chu mu had once wondered whether princess jin rou and defector young woman was the same person. When this massive plot caem together and brought in princess jin rou, Chu Mu again overlaid the two.

Yet, thinking about it carefully, Chu Mu still felt the princess was the princess and the defector young woman was another person.

The princess’s hair was messily draped over her, covering he rpretty side face. This was the first time Chu Mu saw her withouut her veil.

On princess Jin Rou’s leg was an ice colored little fox. It was princess’s favorite towering ice curse demon fox, yet the demon fox had its eyes closed, in slumber…...

He couldn’t feel any life force coming from the fox anymore. Chu Mu knew it was in eternal slumber.

“When I was very little, father gave Bing Ying to me. At the time, even though my soul remembrance was extremely weak, the commander rank Bing Ying stayed by me…..” Princess Jin Rou stayed kneeling. She didn’t even look at Chu Mu, only muttering.

“Princess Jin Rou, you didn’t use your own life to awaken your fatehr, right?” chu Mu didn’t know whta ht princess was saying.

But, seeing princess Jin Rou unharmed, CHu Mu let out a breath of relief.

Awakening half devil bai Yu wasn’t easy. Even if they entered the sleeping space, because everything was still, any power couldn’t break through the sleeping seal.

Only Old Li’s resurrection method through burning the blood of one’s closest relative could work.

Initially, when Chu mu was locked in immortal city, Liu Binglan told Chu Mu to kill himself and enter fake death so she coudl use her life to save his!

Similarly, in the Dormant World, only using one’s closest relative’s life could awaken half devil Bai Yu.

Chu Mu heard elder liu say that half devil bai yu’s only relative was Bai Jinrou. Since Princess Jin Rou was kneeling in front of her father and muttering, she clearly didn’t give up her life, meaning the hafl devil won’t awaken!

“With the strongest sealing and cursing powers, Bing Ying chose to replace my life with hers……” Princess Jin Rou said in a voice so quiet Chu Mu almost couldn’t hear.

Chu Mu was stunned!

That meant Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu was still going to awaken!!!

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