Chapter 747: The First Ten Seals, A Dormant World (2)

Chapter 747: The First Ten Seals, A Dormant World (2)

From Senior Elder Liu’s description, Chu Mu realized that within the space of Immortal City was another special spatial world. This world sealed the top ten ultra destructive gods over the past thousands of years. 

Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu had annihilated the experts from the three great factions, causing him to rank within the top ten. Moreover, because he had been forced to sleep for under 20 years, the chances of him reawakening were extremely high.

The dormant world was a completely sealed space and a long time ago, an extremely powerful White Nightmare guarded this place. It prevented all creatures from entering the dormant world, and any creatures that awakened in the dormant world from exiting. 

However, after Nightmare Palace and Soul Palace split, the eighth Demon Suppressing Monument lost its guardian creature. To prevent mishaps from happening, Soul Palace sealed off the entire dormant world. Even the eighth Demon Suppressing Monument’s passageway was sealed. After all, if even one of the destruction...

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