Chapter 747: The First Ten Seals, A Dormant World (2)

Chapter 747: The First Ten Seals, A Dormant World (2)

From Senior Elder Liu’s description, Chu Mu realized that within the space of Immortal City was another special spatial world. This world sealed the top ten ultra destructive gods over the past thousands of years. 

Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu had annihilated the experts from the three great factions, causing him to rank within the top ten. Moreover, because he had been forced to sleep for under 20 years, the chances of him reawakening were extremely high.

The dormant world was a completely sealed space and a long time ago, an extremely powerful White Nightmare guarded this place. It prevented all creatures from entering the dormant world, and any creatures that awakened in the dormant world from exiting. 

However, after Nightmare Palace and Soul Palace split, the eighth Demon Suppressing Monument lost its guardian creature. To prevent mishaps from happening, Soul Palace sealed off the entire dormant world. Even the eighth Demon Suppressing Monument’s passageway was sealed. After all, if even one of the destruction gods left the dormant world, it would destroy the Tianxia Realm! 

Since Soul Palace had a method of sealing the eighth Demon Suppressing monument’s passageway to the dormant world, it also had a method of opening it. The only time it had opened was when Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu had appeared to lure him inside. 

Half devils possessed the other attribute, and they were ultra emperor rank creatures. Thus, Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu was able to freely enter Immortal City and with its power, it wasn’t afraid of entering the dormant world. 

However, the dormant world wasn’t a normal space. It was an absolute danger zone that had been established for thousands of years to seal those with strength. Therefore, Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu’s carelessness had lead to him being sealed in the dormant world! 

In the future, to prevent special methods from opening the seals, the three great factions simply locked up the dormant world!

The dormant world was extremely secure, and even the ultra emperor rank other type half devil was unable to escape. 

Nonetheless, nothing in this world was absolute. There were innumerable creatures, various species, different techniques and all kinds of mutation talents within species. It was impossible to say that you could not find a creature that would be able to open a spatial path to the completely sealed dormant world. 

Thus, Senior Elder Liu was in a complete daze, because someone had precisely found this method of entering the dormant world!!

Senior Elder Liu’s only hope was that the dormant world was extremely secure. Right now, it was unknown when the dormant world was broken into, which made Senior Elder Liu feel like he had been plunged into an ice bath. 

“Could it be the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox?” Chu Mu used his soul remembrance to scan and discovered that there was a crack in the Demon Suppressing Monument. 

“Young master, the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox probably doesn’t have the ability to. This was probably done by the defector woman.” said Old Li.

“Grandfather, no matter what, we need to go in and take a look; otherwise, we’ll be too late.” said Chu Mu.

While Senior Elder Liu was talking about what happened in the past, he had ordered his soul pets to disperse the evil aura in the spatial crack; otherwise, they would not be able to enter. 

“Chu Mu, it’s better if you don’t enter.” after Senior Elder Liu had the Immortal Ming Bird disperse the evil aura, he planned on entering.

But Chu Mu was already here, so he naturally wouldn’t leave. The moment Senior Elder Liu rode on his Immortal Ming Bird into the dormant world’s spatial crack, Chu Mu had the Immortal Ming Bird Saint Pet follow. The large Thousand Wave Beast also lit up in holy light and shrunk into a small mythical dog-like being that jumped onto the Immortal Ming Bird Saint Pet. 

When they flew into the spatial crack, Chu Mu was surrounded by chaos. 

This so-called chaos was nothingness. It was the exact opposite of the space creatures relied on to survive. Only absolute strength of special energy could disperse the nothingness and chaos, linking two nearby chaotic spaces together. 

Moreover, even if the chaos was ripped open, the chaos could reforge itself. Only special entrances like the Departed World Gates or Sacred Region Gates would be able to forge a permanent spatial bridge between two spaces. 

When Chu Mu passed through the ripped open chaos, he gradually felt the existence of space. However, the ice-cold aura that greeted him made him shiver from head to toe! 

Finally, an ice white light emerged in the chaos. It was as if he had passed through a crack in a mountain and was greeted by the sudden emergence of another world!

Completely white!!!!

Everywhere he could see was a shocking snow-white world!!!

Everything here was still and frozen. Regardless if it was the enormous and imposing mysterious ice peak, or the endless horizon of frozen ground, all of this made Chu Mu’s soul cold and gave him an unprecedented shock!

This world was completely different than a normal arctic. Even breathing would disturb the silence of this place!

Moreover, Chu Mu had a misperception that in this space, even time had stopped!!

The dormant world didn’t mean that all of the creatures that entered this place were dormant. Instead, it meant that the space itself was dormant. As for how long it had been dormant, no one knew. 

Perhaps it had been dormant forever… 


“Liu Xinji, I trust you have been well since we’ve last met!” 

Suddenly a sharp cold laughter broke the silence of this world. This caused Chu Mu, who was intoxicated in the silence and stillness, to return to his senses. 

A thousand meters away from Chu Mu, under the mysterious ice peak was a white haired old man! 

This old man wasn’t moving just now, melding in with the dormant world. This was why Chu Mu hadn’t discovered him upon entering this space. If he hadn’t said anything, Chu Mu wouldn’t have realized that another living person would be here!

“Ju Que!!” Senior Elder Liu looked at the white-haired, white-bearded and white-moustached old man, and was even more shocked than when he had entered the dormant world!!

Seeing Senior Elder Liu lose his bearings, Chu Mu was extremely astonished. Rationally speaking, Senior Elder Liu should not be weaker than Liu Binglan, but when he saw this old man, his face was filled with fear and disbelief. Could this plain-looking old man be stronger than Senior Elder Liu?! 

“Young master, this… this… is too terrifying. Even the Eight Desolations’ Ju Que has appeared!!” Old Li said in shock! 

“Eight Desolations? Is that Soul Palace’s Eight Desolations who have strength even above the Sixteen Absolutes?” asked Chu Mu in shock.

“Precisely! This old fellow is the head of the Eight Desolations!!” 

“His title is ‘Eight Desolations’ Ju Que’! He is much stronger than the Shadow Absolute, and aside from the Underworld Senior and the Great Senior Elder in Soul Palace, nobody is his opponent. Don’t be deceived by the fact he only looks sixty or seventy. This old fellow has lived for over a hundred years!!” Old Li’s voice was very urgent and he nearly choked on his words!

Chu Mu was truly stunned! The strength of the Sixteen Absolutes could already contend with senior elders. Thus, the Eight Desolations were probably experts comparable to Seniors. Yet, this fellow in front of him was the head of the Eight Desolations. He probably would only see magnates like the Evernight Emperor as insignificant beings. Seeing Ju Que standing in front of him, Senior Elder Liu let out a haggard laugh; his emotions were at the opposite end of the spectrum out of the extremity of the situation. His laugh made Chu Mu sad in his heart because this was a truly hopeless laugh! 

“In the past, I refused to believe that you guys were going to exterminate us. I never expected, truly never expected… that you… really wanted us old factions to disappear from this world!!!” as Senior Elder Liu’s haggard laugh rang out, Chu Mu saw tears fall from the corners of his eyes, and condense into ice as they fell onto the ground!

It was hard to imagine what level of sorrow it had to be to make this peak emperor standing atop the heaven and earth to shed silent tears.

Even now, Chu Mu had no idea how old and how many older matters this plot involved, nor how many disputing factions this involved… 

“Liu Xinji, times have changed. Regardless if it’s me, you or Soul Palace. It’s time for us to step off the stage…” slowly said the old man, Ju Que. 

“Young master, a hundred years ago he was a Palace Lord of Soul Palace. Afterwards, he left Soul Palace and joined Soul Alliance. Back then, Soul Alliance was not as influential or large as it is now… there have also been great transformations in these hundred years and now Soul Alliance’s strength is probably truly capable of destroying the three great factions!”

Old Li sighed before continuing: 

“Young master, it seems that this time Soul Alliance truly wants to deal with the three great factions. They plan on using Immortal City’s riot and awakening Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu to destroy the foundations of Soul Palace, Soul Pet Palace, and Nightmare Palace. The three great factions won’t even have a path to retreat!” 

“This schemer of this plot indeed is the defector young woman who you signed a soul pact with over ten years ago, but behind her is Soul Alliance!!!” 

Old Li’s words rendered Chu Mu speechless for a long while! 

If the three great factions didn’t exist, where would Chu Mu be able to make a home for himself in this world?! 

Soul Alliance’s ambition!!

Soul Alliance already sat in the most powerful position, but now they wanted to uproot the three great factions and completely overthrow them!!


“Chu Mu, leave. Go to a place that Soul Alliance will never be able to find…” in the silent world, Senior Elder Liu’s haggard voice rang out. 

Chu Mu was stunned in place. He watched the desolate and aged Senior Elder Liu on the icy floor with an extremely complicated expression… 

Senior Elder Liu’s words contained too many hidden meanings. He was not only telling him that in the future, the three great factions including Soul Palace would be destroyed, but he was also conveying the hope he had for Chu Mu! 

Even though he had really known Liu Binglan and Senior Elder Liu for a few years, right now Chu Mu was unable to take that step away.

If he turned around, there was a high chance he would never be able to see Senior Elder Liu or Liu Binglan again… 

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