Chapter 746: The First Ten Seals, A Dormant World (1)

Chapter 746: The First Ten Seals, A Dormant World (1)

The eighth Demon Suppressing Monument was not located in the depths of Immortal City. As they got nearer, Chu Mu astonishingly discovered that the eighth Demon Suppressing Monument was close to the ancient castle from the tenth realm’s ultimate honor.

Back then, Chu Mu was only on the slope under the ancient castle, and hadn’t seen what was behind the ancient castle. Unexpectedly, there was another reflection spring like the other seven Demon Suppressing Monuments. 

From far away, Chu Mu discovered that behind the ancient castle was an evil light and evil cloud that was more intense than the anger formed by the resentment aura of all the sealed creatures. It hovered above the ancient castle! 

The resentment aura was rather reserved and if one got close, he wouldn’t be able to tell that such a huge amount of resentment aura had been condensed here!!

Flying in the front, Senior Elder Liu and Liu Binglan had unsightly expressions. En route, they had hoped countless times that this was a mere conjecture. But when they saw the resentment aura form an evil cloud, essentially, their nightmares had become a reality!

“Father…” Liu Binglan felt as if she had dropped into an ice cave. If Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu had truly awakened, nobody in Tianxia City could stop him!

“We need to be calm. He still hasn’t awakened!” although Senior Elder Liu wanted Liu Binglan to remain calm, it was possible to see that this old man found it hard to remain calm! 

He stared at the reflection spring. Suddenly, he discovered a long haired man standing at the top of the ancient castle who wore an evil smile as he looked at Senior Elder Liu and Liu Binglan.

Senior Elder Liu was stunned. He immediately turned around to look at Liu Binglan who was equally shocked by the long haired man’s appearance. After a moment, she said in a low voice: “It’s the Shadow Absolute - Zhou Shan!” 

Previously, Xiang Yiyun had told Liu Binglan that the Shadow Absolute had appeared in Nightmare Palace. Liu Binglan didn’t think that this fellow was here to save Tianxia City. Moreover, she didn’t have any good-will towards him. Instead, she was a bit nervous of him.

However, he never expected that one of the grand Sixteen Absolutes of Soul Alliance, a paramount expert, was one of the plotters for destroying Tianxia City!!

“You guys finally appeared. I, Zhou Shan, waited for you guys for such a long time!” the Shadow Absolute Zhou Shan wore an arrogant smile! 

“Zhou Shan, why are you doing something so egregious? Aren’t you afraid of suffering heaven’s wrath?!” Senior Elder Liu was seemingly going to spit flames out of his eyes from his anger!!

“Heaven’s wrath? Old man, it seems you still don’t understand. Strength is the heavens, and it decides everything in this world!” the long haired Zhou Shan was full of indifference as he spoke. 

Liu Binglan was also trembling, and she tried to control her emotions.

“Father, I’ll deal with him. Think of a way to break through the evil cloud domain and the external seal to enter the Demon Suppressing Monument!” Liu Binglan said to Senior Elder Liu.

As one of the Sixteen Absolutes as well, Liu Binglan wasn’t weaker than the Shadow Absolute. Since half devil Bai Yu still hadn’t appeared from the Demon Suppressing Monument, this meant that they still had time!

At this point in time, Senior Elder Liu couldn’t hesitate out of worry. He told Liu Binglan to be careful while he rode on the peak emperor rank Immortal Ming Bird towards the reflection spring behind the ancient castle!

Shadow Absolute Long Shan didn’t care about Senior Elder Liu’s departure. He maintained his sneer while his gaze fell on Liu BInglan. With a trace of phoniness in his voice, he said; “I’ve heard that the cold beauty, Star Absolute, has shocking talent with exceptional strength. Today I’ll get a chance to experience it for myself!” 

Liu Binglan wasn’t going to speak rubbish with a person like this. She immediately ordered Xing He to attack. She wanted to kill this bastard as fast as possible!

Liu Binglan had two peak emperor rank soul pets. One was Xing He, who she was riding on, while the other was a peak emperor rank Palm Dawn Concubine. Her strength was ranked 10th among the Sixteen Absolutes, while the Shadow Absolute who was also a supreme expert with two peak emperor ranks was ranked 11th in strength.

Although her strength was ranked slightly higher than the bastard in front of her, Liu Binglan didn’t dare underestimate him at all, because this fellow’s methods were vicious and ruthless. None of the other Absolutes were willing to end up on this fellow’s bad side!


Peak emperor ranks had shocking destructive force. When Chu Mu was a few ten kilometers away from the ancient castle, he discovered a beautiful rain of meteors, hidden with killing intent, rain down from the sky. They smashed into the ancient castle’s surroundings!

There were originally a few low rank creatures that weren’t aware of the danger wandering nearby the ancient castle. But after the beautiful rain of meteors, these sealed creatures were all instakilled! 

“There’s someone who can fight against mom?” in the energy-filled battlefield, Chu Mu discovered that a long haired man was standing at the very top of the ancient castle which wasn’t being attacked while controlling two peak emperor ranks. He was fighting against Liu Binglan’s Xing He. This made Chu Mu shocked! 

Liu Binglan’s strength was probably the strongest of anyone Chu Mu had ever seen. Even if he transformed into a half devil, he couldn’t be sure that he would be able to defeat the two peak emperor rank Liu Binglan. If it wasn’t because the Departed World Gates had to remain closed, with her strength, it would be no problem to get rid of the two magnates. 

However, Chu Mu never expected that someone would appear in Immortal City who could fight against her!

“Young Master, this fellow is 100% one of Soul Alliance’s Sixteen Absolutes - Shadow Absolute Zhou Shan!” Old Li immediately recognized this long haired man! 

“Soul Alliance? Could this plot have been formed by Soul Alliance in the dark?” said Chu Mu in shock.

“Whether Soul Alliance is the mastermind behind this is hard to tell right now. At the very least, Zhou Shan’s reputation has always been bad. If it wasn’t because he was very strong, he would have already been imprisoned. However, young master needn’t worry. Her Majesty’s strength is ranked higher than the Shadow Absolute’s. Even if she can’t beat him, she won’t lose.” said Old Li.

“That’s good. Why do I feel as though the eighth Demon Suppressing Monument is different from the other Demon Suppressing Monument?” Chu Mu’s attention quickly fell on the reflection spring behind the ancient castle. 

The reflection spring was still the reflection spring, but Chu Mu felt something weird about this place. When he had summoned the Immortal Ming Bird, Chu Mu had experienced a special connection with the Demon Suppressing Monument’s ancient words. However, with this eighth Demon Suppressing Monument, Chu Mu didn’t feel any special connection with the ancient words!

“This eighth Demon Suppressing Monument is a bit particular, and probably isn’t easily summoned. Young Master should go to Senior Elder Liu first. He’s near the spring, and has probably encountered some serious problem.” said Old Li.

Since Liu Binglan could deal with Shadow Absolute Zhou Shan, Chu Mu didn’t linger on the battlefield. He immediately urged the Immortal Ming Bird to fly through the battlefield.

Liu Binglan saw Chu Mu urging the Immortal Ming Bird to fly across. She wanted Chu Mu to leave, but Chu Mu was already flying towards the Demon Suppressing Monument’s spring. Since she was in the middle of a fight, she could not stop him.

“Don’t worry, I have two saint beasts protecting me. Nothing is going to happen!” Chu Mu knew that Liu Binglan was worried, and promptly used soul remembrance to tell her this. 

Liu Binglan quickly discovered the Thousand Wave Beast traversing behind Chu Mu, shaking the ground with each step. Thus, she eased her worry. 

Liu Binglan didn’t have the two saint beasts help her fight because she understood that since Zhou Shan was willing so casually to let Senior Elder Liu head to the Demon Suppressing Monument, there were even stronger opponents there. Having the two saint beasts follow Chu Mu to the Demon Suppressing Monument lessened the chance of their nightmare from occurring.

“Even the saint beasts came… it’s a pity… they’re all going to die!” Shadow Absolute Zhou Shan also didn’t stop Chu Mu or the two saint beasts.

Zhou Shan understood that he was only able to deal with Star Absolute Liu Binglan. If the Senior Elder and two saint beasts were to team up together against him, he could only flee.


“Grandfather, what’s the matter?” when Chu Mu flew near the spring, he discovered that Senior Elder Liu was pacing back and forth next to the spring with a pale face!

The eighth Demon Suppressing Monument’s spring was larger than the other Demon Suppressing Monuments’ springs. Aside from the ceaseless resentment aura surging up from the spring, forming evil clouds, Chu Mu didn’t see any sign of Princess Jin Rou. Nor did he see any other subordinates of the defector young woman. 

“Chu Mu, why are you here? Hurry up and go back. Have the Immortal Ming Bird immediately take you away!” Senior Elder Liu thought exactly the same as Liu Binglan, and he didn’t want Chu Mu to interfere with this matter!

The half devil had indeed brought enormous destruction to Tianxia City. However, Senior Elder Liu believed that a half devil that could control its own thoughts would be able to lead Soul Palace, Nightmare Palace, and Soul Pet Palace back to retrieving the honor they once lost. Therefore, even if the half devil was a dark spot in everyone’s minds, Senior Elder Liu still saw Chu Mu as more important than everything else!

“I’m already here though. Why don’t you just tell me what’s going on. Aside from Shadow Absolute Zhou Shan, there’s nobody else here. The Nightmare Emperor probably hasn’t awakened yet.” seriously said Chu Mu.

Senior Elder Liu sighed and said: “Just now when you entered this place, did you not feel a powerful exclusion force? That’s the evil cloud domain. A powerful resentment barrier formed by half devil Bai Yu’s resentment aura. It’s used to prevent us from entering this place and stopping him from reawakening. I had my Immortal Ming Bird use up all of its physical strength just to use its strongest attack and destroy the resentment aura barrier. Otherwise, we would not have been able to step within a thousand meters of the spring!”

Chu Mu was stunned and stared at the surrounding strange evil clouds. When he entered this place, he indeed had sensed that the evil clouds contained extremely enormous resentment aura energy preventing him and the Immortal Ming Bird from entering. He never expected that the evil cloud domain was broken through!!

“So you’re saying that half devil Bai Yu really is reawakening. But there’s nothing here?” hastily asked Chu Mu.

“The eighth Demon Suppressing Monument is different from the other seven. In reality, it’s a pathway to the first ten seals!” 

“The first ten seals are not located within the Immortal City pocket of space. Instead, they exist in another small world underneath Immortal City known as the Dormant World!” 

“When Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu was lured by us into the Dormant World, we closed off the Dormant World and forcibly sealed him inside. No matter how strong the creature is, as long as it stays enough time in the Dormant World, it will be forced to eternal rest!” 

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