Chapter 746: The First Ten Seals, A Dormant World (1)

Chapter 746: The First Ten Seals, A Dormant World (1)

The eighth Demon Suppressing Monument was not located in the depths of Immortal City. As they got nearer, Chu Mu astonishingly discovered that the eighth Demon Suppressing Monument was close to the ancient castle from the tenth realm’s ultimate honor.

Back then, Chu Mu was only on the slope under the ancient castle, and hadn’t seen what was behind the ancient castle. Unexpectedly, there was another reflection spring like the other seven Demon Suppressing Monuments. 

From far away, Chu Mu discovered that behind the ancient castle was an evil light and evil cloud that was more intense than the anger formed by the resentment aura of all the sealed creatures. It hovered above the ancient castle! 

The resentment aura was rather reserved and if one got close, he wouldn’t be able to tell that such a huge amount of resentment aura had been condensed here!!

Flying in the front, Senior Elder Liu and Liu Binglan had unsightly expressions. En route, they had hoped countless times that this was a mere conjecture. But when they saw the resentment aura form an evil cloud, essentially, their nightmares had become a reality!


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