Chapter 745: Strongest Half Devil in History

Chapter 745: Strongest Half Devil in History


Liu Binglan continued, “That year, Ten year Realm Throne Li Hong was an expert, but he was far from a supreme level expert…… when everyone was tactless, he thought of a great plan of sealing devil emperor Bai Yu into the eighth suppressing demon monument!”

“It was likely the only way left, so your uncle was in charge of leading the devil emperor to eighth suppressing demon monument in Immortal City.”

“The suppressing demon monuments are the earliest relics of soul palace. They had the most ancient binding power, and perfectly countered the white nightmare! That year, Li Hong combined all the expert's strengths to open up eighth suppressing demon monument and forcefully sealed the devil emperor away, forcing him into a thousand-year slumber……”

“It was then that the half devil’s world-destroying finally ended!”

“And from then on, soul palace, nightmare palace, and soul pet palace three factions completely died, unable to be matched against soul alliance……”

After hearing Liu Binglan’s words, Chu Mu felt his heart nearly jump out of his mouth!

Combining all the supreme experts in the three factions still didn’t kill devil emperor Bai Yu and only forced him into slumber. This strongest half devil truly was truly unprecedentedly powerful!!

“Half devils are usually short-lived, but if the half devil Bai Yu was forced into sleep before, when he wakes up now, Bai Yu would still have another collision with the white nightmare’s soul. Half devil Bai Yu would still appear!!” Chu Mu was a half devil himself. He knew exactly how half devils existed!

Thus, the half devil phenomenon at the time never ended, simply because half devil was only sleeping!!

Now that a couple of years had passed, the calamity may very likely continue in Immortal City!!

At least, Chu Mu finally knew the defector young woman’s true intentions!

This was a truly despicable and shudder-inducing woman!


Star River’s flying speed was always very quick, but for the worried Liu BInglan, it was still too slow.

Finally, she was at the departed world gates. Seeing the gates, Liu Binglan’s heart shook; these departed world gates might as well be just flimsy disguises to the devil emperor Bai Yu!


Right before entering departed world gates, Chu Mu’s little hidden dragon suddenly let out a yell, wanting urgently to leave the space.

“Little hidden dragon, stop fussing. No one is allowed to come out right now!” Chu Mu knew that none of his soul pets could show themselves this fight. Chu Mu truly understood how important power was at this point!

Little Hidden Dragon didn’t stop babbling its hidden dragon’s nonsense. Feeling that little hidden dragon wasn’t reporting anything dangerous, he just stopped the excited shouting and Chu Mu directly shut it up.

This truly wasn't a good time for little hidden dragon to be throwing a fuss because Devil Emperor Bai Yu could already be reviving!

Liu Binglan didn’t even have time to speak to the spirit emperors at the gate, immediately riding Star River into Immortal City.

The fight between Immortal City and human city started because of fights like these. When Liu Binglan and Chu Mu entered, they immediately heard the deafening noise!

Glancing across, the beasts were proliferating, densely packing up the ten kilometers of city wall around Immortal City!

And on the dozens of meters of city wall, there was rolling dust, as countless organisms welled towards the departed world gates’ position!

The humans only had a ten kilometer defense line, but they were defiant that all sealed organisms would remain more than 10 kilometers from the gates!

Even in the desolation hibernation battle in western kingdom, Chu Mu had never seen a large gathering of soul pets fighting together!

On such a battlefield, even spirit emperors became extremely small!

The bloody fight caused Immortal City’s outer city regions to become like human hell!!

The overflowing resentment had materialized already, buffetting their faces like a storm. Seeing this, Liu Binglan again was shocked.

Immortal City’s chaos was far from easily quelled. Holding countless resentments, Immortal City had become a true hell, one that could topple thousands of years of human civilization!!


Liu Binglan found elder Liu within the army.

Yet, when Liu Binglan and Chu Mu finished saying their guesses, the always calm Elder Liu’s body shook violently, nearly unable to stand anymore!

Elder Liu was already spent in energy. The only senior elder in Immortal City was him. In this state, after Liu Binglan stated her guess on the conspiracy, the old man who experienced the half devil’s might personally instantly aged!

“Hai…...hai Qiu…...I’ll leave this hear up to you!” Elder Liu didn’t dare say another word. After a very long time, elder Liu finally said to Elder Hai Qiu.

“Senior elder, this is?” Hai Yu saw Elder Liu’s suddenly aged face and was shocked. Just what could cause this unwavering elder level expert to be like so?

Elder Liu didn’t respond, immediately summoning top tier emperor rank Immortal Ming Bird and jumped on its back flying far away straight towards the eighth suppressing demon monument!

Half devil Bai Yu hadn’t appeared, yet so there was still a chance. Elder Liu had to go towards the eighth suppressing demon monument once no matter what!

Liu Binglan couldn’t care about her low soul power anymore. After telling Chu Mu to leave tianxia City as soon as possible, she rode her Star River and followed Elder Liu into the forest.

There were many high class emperor ranks in the chaotic army of Immortal City that wanted to stop the top tier emperor ranks from entering deep into the city, but they couldn’t, only able to watch frighteningly at the skies.

None of the other elders knew what happened, so they could only follow Elder Liu’s guidelines, continuing to command this massive battle!

Seeing Liu Binglan and Elder Liu fly away, Chu Mu didn’t feel great. If they told him to stay behind right now, Chu Mu couldn’t do it.

Since he could communicate with the seven sacred soul pets, he may be able to stop the eighth remembrance suppressing demon monument from being broken. Chu Mu didn’t want Liu Binglan and Elder Liu to lose their lives, so he immediately called out with his remembrance, “Immortal Ming Bird!”

Chu Mu knew that without half devil, he was way too weak and couldn’t go recklessly. He immediately called sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird from the chaotic army.


Sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird heard Chu Mu’s calling, and immediately left the battlefield, bringing glorious light towards Chu Mu’s location.

Chu Mu leaped up and jumped onto the Immortal Ming Bird’s back. The sacred pet flapped its wings up, giving off an ephemeral feeling that shocked the nearby spirit emperors!

Sacred pets were almost worshiped, yet someone was riding it like a soul pet, and even rode it towards deeper into Immortal City…...

“What’s up, Elder Liu and noble woman both flew far into Immortal City. I also saw someone call over the Immortal Ming Bird and called it away.” Zhao Qinghe walked in front of Elder Hai Qiu and started asking.

Elder Liu and noble woman’s departure was something Hai Qiu saw. Yet, because his attention was all put somewhere else, he didn't notice Chu Mu. Now that Zhao Qinghe brought it up, he immediately glanced at the far skies and indeed saw that the sacred light enshrouded sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird had unknowingly flown through the broad battlefield and flew towards Immortal City.

“Why would the sacred pet leave without reason? You said the sacred pet immortal ming bird was called away, who has the power to command the sacred pet?” Hai Qiu asked questioningly.

“I think it was a young man……” A spirit emperor by Hai Qiu said.

“Young man?” Hai Qiu paused before suddenly blurting out, “It’s Chu Chen!”

Through the reflection spring, all the spirit emperors saw that Chu Mu could communicate with the sacred pets and to a certain degree command them. This was something even elder Liu and noble woman couldn’t do.

So, if anyone were riding the sacred pets, it would probably be Chu Mu, who awakened them!

Yet, wasn’t Chu Mu still healing, why was he back in Immortal City and hurriedly going deeper into the city?

“Maybe he’s going to summon the other sacred pets!” Zhao Qinghe said.

Elder Hai Qiu nodded and felt like that was a good probability!

“En? Why is the Thousand Wave Beast leaving too!!”

But, not long after, the king of beasts seven diagrams sacred pet’s leader also left the battlefield, completely unblockable as it stepped through countless organisms deeper into Immortal City.

The Thousand Wave Beast was the general of this battle. Its departure was basically boosting the morale of the sealed army while weakening their own morale!

“Maybe it’s something extremely important. The sacred pet binding wind spirit stayed, though.” Zhao Qinghe said.

In such a fight, sacred pet binding wind spirit’s destructive capabilities were even stronger than the Thousand Wave Beast. With sacred pet binding wind spirit, the human side wouldn’t be too pressed for help.


“Thousand Wave Beast came as well? Does he feel something as well?” Flying above Immortal City, Chu Mu turned around to find the thousand wave beast slamming its way through countless sealed organisms’ territories, causing even the armies to make way for it!

Sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird fought continuously and was tired already, so its speed wasn’t as fast as Elder Liu and Liu Binglan’s top tier emperor ranks.

The Thousand Wave Beast ran incredibly dominatingly, yet its speed was barely at pace with the flying Immortal Ming Bird, so Liu Binglan and Elder Liu both didn’t notice Chu Mu bringing two sacred pets along with him.

“If the half devil Bai Yu truly awakens, even all seven sacred pets together would be useless.” Chu Mu sighed and shook his head.

“Young master, just pray that the princess doesn’t really do anything that stupid, because there indeed is a way for her to awaken her father devil emperor Bai Yu, one that I mentioned to you before……” Old Li’s voice slowly came over.

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