Chapter 745: Strongest Half Devil in History

Chapter 745: Strongest Half Devil in History


Liu Binglan continued, “That year, Ten year Realm Throne Li Hong was an expert, but he was far from a supreme level expert…… when everyone was tactless, he thought of a great plan of sealing devil emperor Bai Yu into the eighth suppressing demon monument!”

“It was likely the only way left, so your uncle was in charge of leading the devil emperor to eighth suppressing demon monument in Immortal City.”

“The suppressing demon monuments are the earliest relics of soul palace. They had the most ancient binding power, and perfectly countered the white nightmare! That year, Li Hong combined all the expert's strengths to open up eighth suppressing demon monument and forcefully sealed the devil emperor away, forcing him into a thousand-year slumber……”

“It was then that the half devil’s world-destroying finally ended!”

“And from then on, soul palace, nightmare palace, and soul pet palace three factions completely died, unable to be matched against soul alliance……...

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