Chapter 743: Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu’s Daughter, Bai Jinrou

Chapter 743: Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu’s Daughter, Bai Jinrou 

Chu Mu opened his eyes, and saw the flustered Xiang Yiyun. He felt confused.

He attempted to move, but discovered his body had been frozen solid. If he tried to forcibly move his body, perhaps a bone would break.

“You… you shouldn’t recklessly move.” Xiang Yiyun recovered, but her face was completely red. Even she didn’t know why she was flustered.

Xiang Yiyun was actually in a normal state of mind. If it was another spirit emperor standing in front of Chu Mu, even he or she would have been flustered for a while. After all, this young man was a half devil!

Chu Mu blinked as a response. 

Not long after, Liu Binglan entered the ice palace, and looked happily at Chu Mu.

As she got older, age didn’t leave any vestiges on Liu Binglan’s body. However, her motherly love grew even deeper. When she saw Chu Mu finally awaken, her eyes became red, and she didn’t stop asking Chu Mu if he felt uncomfortable somewhere.

Ever since being thrown onto Prison Island, Chu Mu had spent most of his time alone. Now he was a mature person and didn’t really need the care of others. However, having someone else care for him like this did in fact make his...

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