Chapter 743: Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu’s Daughter, Bai Jinrou

Chapter 743: Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu’s Daughter, Bai Jinrou 

Chu Mu opened his eyes, and saw the flustered Xiang Yiyun. He felt confused.

He attempted to move, but discovered his body had been frozen solid. If he tried to forcibly move his body, perhaps a bone would break.

“You… you shouldn’t recklessly move.” Xiang Yiyun recovered, but her face was completely red. Even she didn’t know why she was flustered.

Xiang Yiyun was actually in a normal state of mind. If it was another spirit emperor standing in front of Chu Mu, even he or she would have been flustered for a while. After all, this young man was a half devil!

Chu Mu blinked as a response. 

Not long after, Liu Binglan entered the ice palace, and looked happily at Chu Mu.

As she got older, age didn’t leave any vestiges on Liu Binglan’s body. However, her motherly love grew even deeper. When she saw Chu Mu finally awaken, her eyes became red, and she didn’t stop asking Chu Mu if he felt uncomfortable somewhere.

Ever since being thrown onto Prison Island, Chu Mu had spent most of his time alone. Now he was a mature person and didn’t really need the care of others. However, having someone else care for him like this did in fact make his heart warm, especially since it was his own mother. 

This made Chu Mu, who had never really interacted with his mother from a young age, have a slight change in heart.

Liu Binglan lightly wiped her tears. For many years now she had stubbornly refused to shed a tear, but in this short period of time, she couldn’t stop crying. 

Chu Mu was barely able to stretch out his frozen hand from the ice coffin-like bed. He robotically helped Liu Binglan wipe her eyes.

This inadvertent action startled Liu Binglan, and a tear-filled smile appeared on her face.

Chu Mu had only done this subconsciously, but Liu Binglan could see that Chu Mu truly recognized her as a mother. 

Liu Binglan had always been aware that although Chu Mu hadn’t rejected her as a mother, he had always been apathetic and unfamiliar towards her.

It was only now that she could see emotions in his eyes; but even this minute change was huge to her, who always blamed herself for being a poor mother. 

To the side, Xian Yiyun looked at Liu Binglan and was stunned. This cold beauty was so beautiful she could stifle one’s breath. Yet, when she actually wore a warm smile, she would display another type of magnificent beauty that made it difficult for even Xiang Yiyun as a woman to move her eyes.

“What’s the matter?” Liu BInglan grasped Chu Mu’s frozen hand, and saw that his expression had suddenly changed.

It was a lot of effort for Chu Mu to open his mouth so he used soul remembrance to tell Liu Binglan, “Nothing. There are certain things that give off a strange light when they cry.” 

Liu Binglan didn’t pay much heed to his words and said, “You must be hungry. I will get something for you to eat.” 

“I’m not hungry. Too many ice type spirit items have been used. My soul is already immune to them. Help me undo the freezing…” Chu Mu said with soul remembrance. 

As Liu Binglan helped him heat up, Chu Mu’s mind grew clearer. But he did as Old Li said and slept here for a few more days.

Afterwards, Chu Mu discovered that his soul had barely lowered in temperature. Xiang Yiyun had helped him guide ice type spirit items into his soul, but they were barely of any effect. This was essentially wasting these emperor rank ice type spirit items on him; therefore, when Chu Mu awoke, he stopped her. 

“Ok, mother will help you undo the freezing.” Liu Binglan nodded her head. 

Old Li had already said that they needed Heavenly Immortal Ice, this pure spirit item, in order to truly have an effect on Chu Mu’s soul temperature. Liu Binglan thus planned on bringing Chu Mu immediately to Wu Forbidden Region once his soul power recovered. 

“Sister Lan, I’ll undo the freezing. Your soul power still hasn’t recovered.” Xiang Yiyun didn’t want Liu Binglan to exhaust herself, so she took it upon herself to guide the ice type energy out of Chu Mu’s body.   

“Who put me in this ice coffin…” Chu Mu muttered. When he had glanced before, he felt that it wasn’t very pleasing to look at. Not that he had actually gotten up and could have a look, this really was an ice coffin! 

Chu Mu was subconsciously about to climb out of the bed, when he suddenly discovered that Xiang Yiyun’s face was red. 

“Eh… my clothes were all burned…” Chu Mu was embarrassed because he hadn’t realized he was naked. He hastily grabbed a robe from his spatial ring and wrapped himself.

He never expected that he would completely reveal himself in front of two women. Liu Binglan was his mom so Chu Mu didn’t care about that. But Xiang Yiyun… there were a few first times that Chu Mu had to leave for Ye Qingzi! 

Of course, if Chu Mu knew that when he was washing off the Little Hidden Dragon’s stomach acid, he had faintly revealed himself to most of the male and female spirit emperors watching in Soul Palace, how strange would his expression be? 


Chu Mu knew that Liu Binglan had spent a large amount of soul power to help him lower his soul temperature. So he wanted her to rest while he went to move around. 

But Liu Binglan couldn’t stop worrying about Chu Mu and followed him.

While he walked around Soul Palace, Chu Mu discovered that many people were looking at him strangely. Even the older people were looking at him with a bit of respect. 

Chu Mu had spent a while in Tianxia City’s Soul Palace and was familiar with a few people. But their expressions were the same as the other’s. This made Chu Mu feel strange. 

“The reflection spring is able to see what’s going on nearby the Demon Suppressing Monuments. So everyone knows about you transforming into a half devil.” explained Liu Binglan.

“What, they know?!” Chu Mu went pale!

The half devil was one of Chu Mu’s secrets among secrets. He absolutely could not let others know, otherwise it would be virtually impossible for him to move about in the soul pet trainer realm. Moreover, he would be suppressed by his great enemy, Soul Alliance!

Most importantly, the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, the Little Hidden Dragon, and Mo Xie could all be inferred from this! 

“Don’t worry, your grandfather has already commanded that because you protected our Tianxia City this time, our Soul Palace, Nightmare Palace, Soul Pet Palace, Elemental Sect, Merchant Alliance and Hunting Association will recommend you to be a master in this ten year Realm Throne. After Immortal City is pacified, you will be Tianxia City’s King. Even if Soul Alliance is enormous and tyrannical, they won’t dare do anything to you, at least in these ten years.” calmly said Liu Binglan.

“Tianxia’s Realm Thrones? Recommending me as the King?” Chu Mu’s expressions weren’t particularly diverse most of the time. Using Ye Qingzi’s words to describe it, he would always have a grim expression from morning until night. But right now his expression was exactly the same as a commoner who suddenly obtained a heavenly benefit! 

It wasn’t that Chu Mu wasn’t calm enough, but rather that the crown that had been plopped onto his head suddenly was too big!

The first time he had stepped into Tianxia City and saw those magnificent thrones, Chu Mu’s heart had been filled with emotion and placed the Realm Thrones as his highest goal. Now, a few years later, he was going to be seated on the King’s throne. This was like a dream!!!

Liu Binglan saw that Chu Mu was shocked, and informed him of the requirements for the ten year Realm Thrones. Chu Mu finally understood that what the Realm Thrones required were contributions to Tianxia City relying on one’s own strength. Of course, without absolute strength, one would not be able to contribute in the way of saving a several thousand year old civilized city. 

Since he was going to become Tianxia’s King, it was impossible for him not to be excited. Especially to a young person like Chu Mu. He was probably the youngest person in the past thousands of years to ascend the throne!

Most importantly, with the support of the three large factions, he ostensibly didn’t have to worry about Soul Alliance seeking trouble for him. It didn’t matter if others knew about the half devil and perhaps in the future, the three great factions would provide for all of the spirit items needed to raise his soul pets’ strength. As long as he focused on training, the water would flow where the canal was formed! 


Next, Chu Mu inquired about Immortal City’s riot. 

Liu Binglan responded that the situation was not good, and they needed a long time before it would be suppressed. 

“The situation has already suppressed to its lowest limit. What comes next is a matter of time. I believe that it will be slowly pacified.” Liu Binglan thought that Chu Mu was worried about Tianxia and let out a slight smile. 

But why would Chu Mu be worried about Tianxia? He only felt that if they weren’t even able to get this disaster under control despite his utmost efforts, then it wouldn’t be worth it. Moreover, how would he be able to give the scheming defector young woman a slap on the face? 

“Mom, just now you said you planned on pardoning prisoners and having them recall their Immortal City soul pets?” Chu Mu thought of this and immediately inquired about it.

“Yes, what’s the matter?” Liu Binglan didn’t know why he was interested in this. 

“Then… then can the Princess be pardoned?” Chu Mu unexpectedly was thinking of Princess Jin Rou. He was not willing to see this girl, in the prime of her youth, be imprisoned for an entire 20 years. 

Liu Binglan saw that he cared about this woman and she seemed to realize something. She knowingly laughed and softly said: “Wait until you become King. When that time comes, who won’t you be able to pardon?” 

Chu Mu knew that Liu Binglan had misunderstood and helplessly shook his head. 

“I have a list of prisoners to pardon. On there is her name, Bai Jinrou.” Liu Binglan knew that Chu Mu had a woman already, but why would she care about how many women he had? Moreover, she had seen Princess Jin Rou before, and felt that she suited Chu Mu quite well. 

“So she’s surnamed Bai…” this was the first time Chu Mu had heard Princess Jin Rou’s full name. 

“Yes, didn’t I tell you that she was the daughter of last generation’s Nightmare Emperor?” said Liu Binglan.

“Wait… her full name is Bai Jinrou?” Chu Mu was suddenly stunned, rooted on the spot.

Liu Binglan looked, confused, at her son.

“Was the previous Nightmare Emperor called Bai Yu, the person who transformed into the strongest half devil?” hastily asked Chu Mu.

Liu Binglan didn’t understand why Chu Mu’s expression had turned so grave and nodded her head: “Yes, it’s him!” 

“Bai Yu was the strongest half devil in history. In that year, it’s unknown how many peak emperor rank experts fell just to get him under control. Therefore, the older generation is scared at the mere mention of a half devil; the losses that year were too much. The reason why Tianxia City has declined so much now is directly because of half devil Bai Yu.”

Liu Binglan’s words made Chu Mu tremble!!

A freezing feeling surged up in his heart, moving to his various body parts. It was so cold he shivered!! 

“Half devil… half devil Bai Yu didn’t die, right?” Chu Mu said in a very cold voice. 

“How did you know?” Liu Binglan revealed an astonished expression.

The secret of half devil Bai Yu not dying was only known by those of the Senior Elder rank or higher. Only Chu Mu knew of himself and Senior Elder Liu knowing about this secret. Even Old Li didn’t know about this! 

“Then.. then half devil Bai Yu… is…. Is he sealed in Immortal City?!” when Chu Mu asked this, he felt his breathing become abnormal. 

Because he sensed that this plot still hadn’t been stopped yet...

It was very likely that this plot had only now truly reached its peak!! 

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