Chapter 742: Torrential Resentment, Immortal City’s Fight Erupts!

Chapter 742: Torrential Resentment, Immortal City’s Fight Erupts! 

Senior Elder Liu forbid the spirit emperors from leaking that Chu Mu was a half devil. 

However, he also knew that not all of the spirit emperors would listen. This news would ultimately reach the ears of Soul Alliance. 

In order to protect Chu Mu, Senior Elder Liu sent Holy Guard Captain Zhuo Nong and a group of Holy Guards to protect him.

The fight between the saint beasts and magnates had greatly suppressed the riot in Immortal City. Three days after Chu Mu left Immortal City, all of the spirit emperors and spirit monarch legions in Tianxia City began to station themselves at the Departed World Gates, waiting for it to open.

The moment it opened, the sealed creatures and guardian creatures would rush out like a tide. Senior Elder Liu made mental contact with the saint beasts in hope that they would be able to head to the Departed World Gates to help the human camp block the charging sealed and guardian creatures. 

When the Departed World Gates opened, the spirit emperor legion and spirit master legion immediately went to the outskirts of Immortal City through the Departed World Gates. Once they entered, the first...

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