Chapter 741: Throne Candidate, Chu Mu

Chapter 741: Throne Candidate, Chu Mu

Chu Mu’s half devil slowly ended. What Chu Mu didn’t expect was that after this half devil, Chu Mu’s soul remembrance grew to second remembrance.

Raising his own strength could effectively increase his tolerance. This was a good thing for Chu Mu.

Yet, even with the spirit remembrance increase, heavy side effects appeared!

After Chu Mu’s evil devil flames disappeared, an unblockable high heat welled up into his soul, causing his mind to be dizzy and not even able to think.

When Chu Mu lost half devil, the immortal ming bird perfectly came and caught the spent Chu Mu.

Chu Mu felt his body start to burn up, and his consciousness weakening.

Finally, Chu Mu heard Old Li say a string of words in his ear before he completely fell over onto the immortal ming bird’s back.

“Top tier emperor rank backlash was too strong. Even with second remembrance and having a body that experienced jade spring sacred blood, its hard for him to withstand it. Let’s hope it doesn't worsen, or else young master’s side effects will be much worse than...

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