Chapter 741: Throne Candidate, Chu Mu

Chapter 741: Throne Candidate, Chu Mu

Chu Mu’s half devil slowly ended. What Chu Mu didn’t expect was that after this half devil, Chu Mu’s soul remembrance grew to second remembrance.

Raising his own strength could effectively increase his tolerance. This was a good thing for Chu Mu.

Yet, even with the spirit remembrance increase, heavy side effects appeared!

After Chu Mu’s evil devil flames disappeared, an unblockable high heat welled up into his soul, causing his mind to be dizzy and not even able to think.

When Chu Mu lost half devil, the immortal ming bird perfectly came and caught the spent Chu Mu.

Chu Mu felt his body start to burn up, and his consciousness weakening.

Finally, Chu Mu heard Old Li say a string of words in his ear before he completely fell over onto the immortal ming bird’s back.

“Top tier emperor rank backlash was too strong. Even with second remembrance and having a body that experienced jade spring sacred blood, its hard for him to withstand it. Let’s hope it doesn't worsen, or else young master’s side effects will be much worse than all the previous half devil attempts.”

“No matter what, young master has to stay strong throughout this, or else you may never wake up!”

……Old Li’s warning was the last thing Chu Mu heard…...

Gaining immense power had to come with a price!

In history, the half devils that appeared all became demons and lost their soul to the heat. The ability to extract his soul away from White Nightmare afterwards was already a god-given gift. Sustaining some backlash was necessary.



Sacred pet immortal ming bird knew Chu Mu had a devil in his body. The departed world gates needed some time before opening, so the immortal ming bird signaled to the other sacred pets to use their sacred powers and open a portal through the springs towards soul palace to send out Chu Mu first.

The reason this chaos could be suppressed was mainly due to Chu Mu’s efforts. The sacred pets couldn't just watch as he became a devil after!

Thousand Wave Beast was the strongest, so it directly contacted the spring to use its mental voice to tell soul palace people they were about to send Chu Mu forcefully out of Immortal City.

Elder Liu and Liu Binglan of course cared for Chu Mu’s safety. They immediately went towards the Thousand Wave Palace sacred spring, and decided to cast power on their end as well to let Chu Mu leave Immortal City first.

Above the Thousand Wave Beast suppressing demon monument, other than the nearly dead Xuanzhen Beetle, the other three sacred pets took up three points of a star formation. They resonated with the spatial structure of the sacred spring, and forcefully opened a very narrow spatial tunnel.

In reality, every suppressing demon monument spring had a special spatial connection with soul palace springs. The immortal city departed world gates weren’t the only entrance. Yet, this entrance could only be opened up with three sacred pets combined. The organisms with immortal aura didn't have a chance in opening it.

Thousand Wave Beast’s reflection in the spring showed the blossoming sacred light on heh three sacred pets. Above the spring on the opposite side, an identical three point sacred totem appeared!!

Above the real spring, the fake reflected world, two identical totems matched each other and caused the entire Thousand Wave palace to emit dazzling lights, as if a miracle just appeared!

At the center of this sacred light totem laid the unconscious Chu Mu, floating in the middle!!

The lights and shadows mixed and spaces matched. Chu Mu’s body slowly became ephemeral on top of the suppressing monument spring.

At the same time, the Thousand Wave Palace’s spring’s totem slowly recreated Chu Mu, with a little evil still remaining!

Chu Mu’s black hair was already completely silver. The evil aura hadn’t completely been shed yet. Floating in the air and facing upwards, Chu Mu caused a visual shock to many spirit emperors!

Because, even when unconscious, everyone could feel the young man was like a sleeping devil, his mouth corner showing a sliver of a cruel smile, as if he could open his eyes at any time! 

Through the reflection, no one could feel half devil’s aura. Now that half devil Chu Mu was right in front of everyone, the evilness that felt like the Devil himself arrived truly showed everyone how powerful the half devil was!

“Chu Mu…...he’s turning into a devil!” Elder Liu said in a deep voice!

Elder Liu had seen the true process of a half devil becoming a devil. Chu Mu’s hair turning silver was a precursor to it!

Liu Binglan saw that Chu Mu was sustaining devil flames, and her heart was nearly shattered. She immediately flew over to the totem and hugged Chu Mu.

“So hot!!” When Liu Binglan hugged Chu Mu, she immediately felt a spout of devil flames invade her body, causing burn damage to her soul.

Liu Binglan’s spirit remembrance was extremely high, and she had a very powerful soul, so she didn’t really get wounded. If anyone else hugged Chu Mu, they may be instantly burned to death by the slivers of devil flame!!

“Where’s the ice type soul items I told you to gather? Quick, send it all to holy stem palace!” Liu Bignlan’s eyes were red. If Chu Mu had any problems, she would never forgive herself for the rest of her life.

Liu Binglan had clear foresight, already prepping a large amount of ice type soul items for Chu Mu.

The healing palace in holy stem palace had a large heap of ice type soul items. The entire healing palace was already like a freezer. Liu Binglan didn’t care about the ice’s influence anymore, throwing Chu Mu on top of all the ice type soul items.

Chu Mu’s body quickly froze over. The ice seeped into his soul, and finally slightly pushed down the devil flames.

At this time, Old Li leaped out in time and said to Liu Binglan and Elder Liu, “These ice soul item types aren’t right. Even any higher rank items won’t be of use. Heavenly Immortal Ice is the only way to truly suppress it.”

“I…...I’m going to Forbidden Wu Realm right now!”, Hearing Old Li say, that Liu Binglan immediately stood up and was about to go to forbidden realm!

“Binglan, calm down.” Elder Liu immediately stopped her.

“Let’s not discuss whether the forbidden realm truly has heavenly immortal ice. Even if we go there and back, it would take a year, which won't help the current situation!”

Liu Binglan truly didn’t calm down. Seeing Chu Mu’s hair completely white, his entire body burning with devil flames, her heart felt like it was getting daggers. The entire tianxia city’s fate shouldn’t have depended on a child. Even if she had to use the holy stem flower’s forbidden technique, Liu Binglan would be willing.

“Noble woman, don’t think about the worst case. Your preparation of ice type spirit items are the largest greatest help for young master. Young master’s willpower is powerful. He’s fought the White Nightmare for nearly ten years, and he will definitely get through this.” Old Li said urgently.

Old Li spoke the truth. If half devil Chu Mu completely became devil, even if all the sacred pets died, Old Li wouldn’t let Chu Mu cast half devil. Now that the entire healing palace was covered in ice type soul items, it could help Chu Mu greatly, and at least completely stop Chu Mu from becoming a devil.

“En, Binglan, you stay here and protect Chu Mu for a few days. I will go deal with the immortal city’s issues. Don’t worry, the child did a great service for Tianxia City. Soul palace, Nightmare Palace, and Soul Pet Palace definitely won’t let any harm get to him!” Elder Liu said very sincerely.

Chu Mu’s fight against the giants was truly a world shocking act. In fact, if Elder Liu gave his recommendation, even if Chu Mu’s true strength wasn’t at the peak of humanity, just by his actions, he could definitely get Chu Mu to become the owner of the ten year realm throne!

The realm throne’s true meaning was to award those with great contributions to tianxia city, and not always to award the strongest person. This was why the ten year realm throne wasn’t often taken from the four leaders!

As long as they could calm down the immortal city chaos, Elder Liu definitely would try to bring Chu Mu to the position of ten year realm throne!

On one hand, Chu Mu’s act completely fulfilled the requirement to become the king of tianxia city. On the other hand, pushing Chu Mu to the high seat would also give him protection, causing even the soul alliance master to be somewhat afraid of the consequences.

As for killing Tian Ting, it was an even smaller of an issue!

“Godfather, you go deal with the city.” Liu Binglan slowly calmed down.

She knew that though the chaos was stopped within immortal city, sealing back the tens of thousands of organisms with only the sacred pets wasn’t easy!

Not all soul pets were willing to go back to their seals, so another fight was inevitable. The only lucky thing was that the battle was within immortal city, and if taken gradually, it wouldn’t cause great unrest in society. Of course, this battle could last a very long time.

Elder Liu glanced at Chu Mu, and turned to leave the healing palace.

Liu Binglan sat by Chu Mu, and started to bring the emperor rank ice type soul items into Chu Mu’s high-temperature body.

“Noblewoman, you have to take it slowly, and can’t be too quick or else you’ll harm his body.” Old Li was afraid that she would be too worried, and give all the ice type soul items to Chu Mu at once. This could cause Chu Mu to instantly freeze to death from the massive ice type influx.

However, Liu Binglan had this mental strength at least. With her high remembrance spirit emperor powers, she didn’t have to work hard to guide the emperor rank ice type soul items into Chu Mu’s body…...


Almost the entire day, Liu Binglan repeatedly guided ice energy into Chu Mu’s soul. Though Liu Binglan’s soul power was hefty, it couldn't last an entire day of wastefulness. Slowly, Liu Binglan’s face turned ice cold, and her lips were purple from the temperature.

“Your majesty, you should heal up, your soul power is dwindling.” Old Li saw that Liu Binglan was tired and stopped her from continuing

Liu Binglan couldn’t stand straight anymore. Old Li quickly went out to call some servants to bring Liu Binglan back to rest.

“He should wake up now. This wave of ice type soul items is enough to create a high class emperor rank. It’s good that soul palace is spending this money or else young master would have lost big on this bet. Ice air fairy should receive some benefits through this too. Once it goes to sleep, it will wake up an emperor rank!” Old Li saw Chu Mu frozen into an ice cube and muttered to himself.

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