Chapter 74: Exterminating the Yang Family (3)

Chapter 74: Exterminating the Yang Family (3)

Yang Mancan was already fuming with anger. He never would’ve thought that the Yang Family would be in such a position because of a trash that should’ve died four years ago.

Yang Mancan’s eyes were fiercely fixed upon Chu Mu. Suddenly, he let out an angry roar, “ Even if I die, I’ll kill you!!!!”

Yang Mancan’s eighth phase sixth stage servant rank was originally fighting with Chu Tianheng’s seventh phase first stage Light Rhinoceros. After suddenly struggling free, it actually ran straight towards Chu Mu, who was currently killing Yang Kuo’s fourth son, Yang Fu.

“Chu Mu, careful!!” Chu Tianheng communicated with Chu Mu through remembrance immediately!

Chu Mu quickly started an incantation, and added a layer of Ice Armor to himself!

The Ice Armor’s effects could allow Chu Mu’s defense to reach near eighth rank. Unless Yang Mancan’s eighth phase sixth stage servant rank Bloodthirsty Beast’s claws were above the eighth rank, it was impossible for it to breach Chu Mu’s defense.

Servant ranks might easily make it to the eighth phase, but Yang Mancan’s Bloodthirsty Beast’s claws were clearly only at the seventh rank. Adding on the effects of Blood Ripping Claw, it could just barely break Chu Mu’s defense.


A scratch went past, and it left a bloody line on Chu Mu’s chest. This wound wasn’t deep, though, as it just barely ripped through Chu Mu’s skin.


Seeing Chu Mu hurt, Mo Xie immediately let out an angry roar!

Mo Xie immediately broke away from her opponent and cast Death Assault, becoming a silver blur that went towards the Bloodthirsty Beast, knocking a few soul pets in front of her away on the way!

“Six Tail Lock!”

Chu Mu calmly stared at the Bloodthirsty Beast who continued to attack, and he commanded Mo Xie!

Under the effects of Violent Blood Pupil, Mo Xie’s power was already at the sixth phase eighth stage. Her silver body passed right in front of the three meter long Bloodthirsty Beast. Her long and chain-like six tails flipped upwards, and they actually lifted up the three meter long Bloodthirsty Beast!!


Mo Xie let out an angry roar at the cold moonlight. Immediately, a pale glow fell upon Mo Xie, and her massive demonic aura was released at the same moment!!!

Feeling such a powerful aura, everyone nearby immediately let out expressions of shock, eyeing the devilish Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox that contributed to everyone’s shock!!

The gentle yet gorgeous Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox’s silver fur danced in the air. Compared to the Bloodthirsty Beast’s three meter body, she seemed relatively fragile, but this Bloodthirsty Beast was directly picked up by the tail lock of hers and raised high up!!


The six tails started constricting, causing a hair raising sound to rise. The Six Tail Lock’s follow up technique, Bone Lock, caused a soul pet’s muscles and bones to be rawly snapped by the six long tails!!!

Under the effects of Violent Blood Pupil, Mo Xie’s power was already at the sixth phase eighth stage. With the species ability kept through Mo Xie’s mutations, under the effects of Moonlight, her power spiked up even further. Six Tailed Lock’s power was even more terrifying than Mo Xie’s claws. Even an eighth phase sixth stage Bloodthirsty beast couldn’t block an attack from Mo Xie at her peak!

Bones twisted. The powerful and hard to defeat eighth phase sixth stage Bloodthirsty Beast was crippled under this scary atmosphere…...

However, Mo Xie’s Six Tail Lock followup abilities hadn’t finished. The splendid silver fox tails suddenly burst into demon fire evil flames, burning the eighth phase sixth stage Bloodthirsty Beast’s body!

After seeing this scene, Yang Mancan’s face paled. The following evil flames that invaded also instantly burnt his soul!

Seeing Yang Mancan’s soul damaged, how could Chu Tianheng let go of this opportunity? Immediately, he commanded his seventh phase Light Rhinoceros to attack Yang Mancan!

Horn Kill!

The Light Rhinoceros morphed into a massive diamond shaped light horn, and its long horn drove straight through Yang Mancan’s fifth rank soul armor defense, piercing his body!

“Ao!!!!” The Light Rhinoceros whipped its head upwards, and Yang Mancan’s body was thrown straight up!!

The Light Rhinoceros then leapt upwards, its two claws ripping two dazzling and intersecting light blades into the air!!!

“Shuashua!!!!!” As the two claws ripped open the dark night, it also shredded Yang Mancan’s body to pieces!!

Blood and meat fell from the skies and onto the ground, disgustingly pasting onto the floor…...

Seeing Yang Mancan’s dead body, all of the Yang Family members were dazed. Once Yang Mancan was dead, who else could stop Chu Tianheng’s soul pets?!

After killing Yang Mancan, Chu Tianheng swiftly commanded his soul pets to defeat the remaining soul pets of Yang Mancan.

“Chu Mu, are you alright?” Chu Tianheng looked at the mark on Chu Mu’s chest and asked.

“It’s of no importance.” Chu Mu glanced at the Yang Family mansion which was in ruins, and he opened his mouth to say, “Uncle, we’re more or less done.”

Once Yang Mancan died, the Yang Family had no power left to defend. Very quickly, the battle became a one-sided slaughter.

Blood soaked the floors, reddening a large area, and even soaking into the streets. Soul pet corpses and human corpses were strewn everywhere…...

Before dawn, there was always the darkest part of the night. Yet, as this moment came, the entirety of Yang Family only had the defenseless, the old, the pregnant, or the weak.

Nightmare Palace killers had no feelings of pity. As long as they were on the enemy’s side, they would kill them all ruthlessly, definitively leaving none alive.

The Chu Family was different. They only got rid of Yang Family’s soul pet trainers and, as long as the rest weren’t in the way, they wouldn’t kill them.

“What do we do about the rest of these people?” Chu Xing glanced at the remaining hundred members of Yang Family……

Chu Tianheng looked immediately to Chu Mu, wanting to know Chu Mu’s solution. From what Chu Tianheng understood, with Chu Mu’s current status in Nightmare Palace, he wouldn’t have any mercy for these people. After all, there were a few young generation trainers of the Yang Family still alive.

“Uncle, bring our Family members and leave, this Luo Region isn’t fit for us anymore.” Chu Mu didn’t look at the remaining Yang Family members and said to Chu Tianheng.

“And those people?” Chu Tianheng said surprised.

“Let them perish by themselves.” Chu Mu said lightly, yet not providing any explanation for his actions.

Chu Tianheng blanked, and his eyes observed Chu Mu, yet he couldn’t read even a little hint of mercy in Chu Mu’s cold and apathetic eyes.

“Okay, let’s leave here.” Chu Tianheng nodded and didn’t ask Chu Mu for a reason, as he started to gather all the members of direct descent of Chu Family.

In reality, before they even started to exterminate all of the Yang Family, the Chu Family had already quietly sold all of their wealth, and they were ready to start a Family migration with everything they had.

The suggestion of migrating the Family was raised by Chu Mu. In the entire Luo Region, other than the Luo Region Sect with experts everywhere, it was almost the land of Yang Family’s everywhere. Dealing such a destructive blow to Gangluo City’s Yang Family meant they would definitely suffer revenge from the Luo Region Yang Family, so the Chu Family definitely couldn’t stay in the Luo Region for any longer.

In reality, from the very beginning, Chu Mu had already made plans to migrate the Family, so when the Yang Family suggested a peaceful solution, Chu Mu only wanted the Yang Family to pay enough money. As for territory and industries, he didn’t ask for them because of the Family migration this time.

This time, the Chu Family’s migration only included all the direct descendants of Chu Ming as well as important Family servants. Before Chu Mu returned to Gangluo City, the Chu Family was weakening by the day, and non-direct descendant members were fewer and fewer. Because of that, after making the decision of moving the Family, Chu Ming and Chu Tianheng also bluntly dismissed all those who weren’t core members, and they started a migration.

The location of migration had been discussed a few days ago, and they planned to move to South Region, which was even more south than the Wo Gu Region.

Now, the Chu Family had pillaged near 30 million gold’s worth of assets. Adding on the selling of all Chu Family property, they had almost 60 million gold. Once these assets were brought to the South Region, they could buy any piece of land and make it the base of the Family for future development.

30 million was enough to buy a seventh level territory. With a seventh level territory, the Chu Family could barely return back to its original state. Rather than trying to develop under the suppression of the Yang Family in the Luo Region, they might as well just exterminate the Yang Family of Gangluo City and migrate to the more remote yet less restricted South Region in order to create a land of Chu Family.

Of course, Chu Mu had another very important reason for telling the Family to migrate.

Having the Hidden Dragon Egg that was split off from the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, Chu Mu knew that many people wanted it. If Chu Mu stayed as Xia Guanghan’s subordinate and Xia Guanghan found out, with Xia Guanghan’s character, he would definitely kill him with no mercy and steal the Hidden Dragon Egg.

However, the Hidden Dragon Egg wasn’t Chu Mu’s greatest worry. His real worry was still the continuously mutating Mo Xie. Xia Guanghan had already seen Chu Mu’s Moonlight Fox on Cyan Nightmare Main Island.

Three years later, Chu Mu owned a Evil Flamed Six Tail Demon Fox, and after a while, if Mo Xie continued to mutate, Xia Guanghan would definitely realize that Chu Mu wasn’t just switching soul pets and that it was his Moonlight Fox mutating instead.

A continuously mutating soul pet was truly a priceless treasure that would make anyone’s eyes red. Continuing as Xia Guanghan’s subordinate was definitely very dangerous, so Chu Mu wanted to leave Xia Guanghan’s control in the near future.

Freeing himself of Xia Guanghan’s control wasn’t too hard, yet his Family in Gangluo City could easily be affected because of him. If they moved to somewhere far away, Xia Guanghan would be hard pressed to take revenge on the Chu Family, and Chu Mu would then be no longer be bound by anything, becoming truly free.

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