Chapter 739: Tearing Apart the Ghost Emperor, Chasing the Night Emperor

Chapter 739: Tearing Apart the Ghost Emperor, Chasing the Night Emperor

The horizon sank lower and lower. Even the devil flame sea was being suppressed, gradually dimming with the advent of the more powerful energy...

“An an!!!!!”

The Evernight Emperor focused on killing the Xuan Zhen Beetle let out a terrified shout!

It realized that the half devil Chu Mu was fermenting its strongest technique. It felt the intimidating and pressuring heavens, and its black eyes revealed a frightened expression!

Subsequently, the Masked Ghost Emperor and Promontory Devil Vine Emperor felt that the surrounding space was uneasily moving as if a lightning storm was about to hit!

“Shattering Heaven Imprint!!”

Finally, Chu Mu finished the incantation, and coldly spat out the name of the technique!

The moment he spoke, the dusky heavens of Immortal City abruptly sank down and an enormous atmospheric pressure appeared 100 kilometers around him!! Countless sealed and guardian creatures found it abnormally difficult to breathe! 

“Si la!!!!!!!!!!”

As if a bolt of lightning streaked through the night sky, breaking the darkness, the Shattering Heaven Imprint appeared in this sinking horizon. The shattering imprint fissured the sky like a snake while also splitting into countless forks and branches that rushed at the Evernight Emperor first!

The Evernight Emperor lifted its night cloak and retreated a kilometer away. With a palpitating heart, it stared at the Shattering Heaven Imprint which was several times more powerful than Evil Behead! 

However, the half devil’s strongest technique was far from this simple. The first Shattering Heaven Imprint was only the first two or three raindrops before the storm. The true terror had yet to arrive!!

“Si la!!!!!! Si la!!!!!!!”

The second and third Shattering Heaven Imprints appeared at the same time. The second imprint was in the form of enormous horizon nightmare claws. One on the right and one on the left that ripped at the Masked Ghost Emperor!! 

The Masked Ghost Emperor’s reaction abilities were not as strong as the Evernight Emperor’s. Especially since the Shattering Heaven Imprint had ripped apart space. The Masked Ghost Emperor didn’t even have the space to dodge!!

The two shattering heaven devil claws streaked across its left and right arms. The Masked Ghost Emperor let out a painful howl as its two arms were ripped apart!!

Quickly, even more shattering heaven devil claws full of the death god’s aura appeared. Watching the low hanging sky split apart from these imprints, the people watching the reflection spring felt that Nightmares that could destroy the heaven and earth had seemingly gathered in Immortal City. They were launching malevolent attacks at the three magnates, slowly tearing them apart from limb to limb!! 

The Promontory Devil Vine Emperor realized that there was danger, and attempted to bury itself deep into the ground. These magnates were all selfish and when morale fell, they would protect themselves. They didn’t care for the survival or deaths of others.

Hiding underground indeed lessened the impact of the Shattering Heaving Imprints. However, this meant that the Masked Ghost King took more of the Shattering Heaven Imprints! 

Even the Evernight Emperor would not necessarily be able to survive from the Shattering Heaven Imprints, much less so the Masked Ghost King.

Space continued to shatter. The Masked Ghost King’s half mutilated body was completely surrounded by heavenly nightmare claws. Under the enormous claws, the Masked Ghost King was just a piece of prey that was being watched by insatiable nightmare claws. In a short while, it was ripped to pieces; even its head had been split into hundreds of slices! 

The Masked Ghost Emperor’s corpse was composed of flesh, a ghost heart and ghost blood. Although a ghost type creature would be able to recover as long as 1/5th of its body was still intact, the current Masked Ghost Emperor was split into tens of thousands of pieces, making it impossible to recover! 

Of course, while it was being ripped apart, Chu Mu wouldn’t let its inner crystal go to waste. 

With a slight thought of its mind, the half devil Chu Mu was able to utilize spatial fluctuation with its other type energy to easily collect the Masked Ghost Emperor’s and Calamity Spider Emperor’s inner crystal into his spatial ring. 

“Ga ga ga ga!!!!!!”

The Evernight Emperor was exceptionally crafty and the moment it sensed danger, it fled far away.

But when it saw that the Masked Ghost Emperor had borne the brunt of the attack, this strange night emperor very bravely decided to approach Chu Mu. It took advantage of Chu Mu having just completed the Shattering Heaven Imprint technique to launch a sneak attack on him! 

The Evernight Emperor was extremely clear that if the half devil remained, even if it was able to escape, it would still be tracked down by the half devil. It would be difficult to escape its fate of death. Therefore, no matter what, it had to get rid of the half devil Chu Mu! 

However, Chu Mu was prepared for this. When he saw the Evernight Emperor attack him instead of flee, an evil smile arose on his face! 

“You think that Shattering Heaven Imprint is this simple?” Chu Mu suddenly turned around and faced the Evernight Emperor! 

The Evernight Emperor was tall and from far away, he looked like a black towering fortress. Added on its black cloak, it seemed to be shrouded in even more mystery, darkness and time! 

However, when this creature, famous in the past century for its tyranny, faced the half devil Chu Mu, it couldn’t help but tremble. It seemed that everything it was doing had been grasped by the opponent. Even its sneak attack had been predicted! 

 “Si la!!!!!!!”

Suddenly, a Shattering Heaven Imprint appeared between the Evernight Emperor and the half devil Chu Mu. This Shattering Heaven Imprint destroyed the dark wave the Evernight Emperor attacked Chu Mu with, breaking open its sneak attack! 

If the Evernight Emperor had used its strongest dark technique to attack Chu Mu, perhaps he would have been able to dodge it.

Unfortunately, the Evernight Emperor was afraid of the half devil Chu Mu after clashing with him numerous times. Even in a sneak attack, it didn’t want to be rash, so it sent out the dark wave in an attempt to contain the half devil Chu Mu first. 

The dark wave had indeed succeeded in containing the half devil Chu Mu. Nonetheless, Chu Mu was already prepared for this, and had shattered it with the Shattering Heaven Imprint! 

The Shattering Heaven Imprint hadn’t disappeared because of the Promontory Devil Vine Emperor’s death. When Chu Mu’s two abnormal pupils released a demonic light, another group of terrifying heavenly nightmares appeared on top of the Evernight Emperor! They strived to be the first ones to reach out with their claws that could rip apart space!!

If the Evernight Emperor’s hidden attack didn’t succeed, they would completely lose this fight!

The Evernight Emperor’s eyes were filled with panic, anger, and fear! Having lived for so long and finally being released today, it shouldn’t have been a problem for it to dominate Immortal City. Yet, it didn’t expect that in this era, a half devil, a creature even more terrifying than the Evernight Emperor, would appear! 

Countless Shattering Heaven Imprints streaked past. The Evernight Emperor’s waved his evernight cloak in an attempt to dodge the Shattering Heaven Imprints! 

The Evernight Emperor’s dodging abilities were extremely powerful, and it managed to dodge a majority of the sudden Shattering Heaven Imprints. However, its defenses were nothing much especially when it had lost its evernight cloak. A few attacks from the Shattering Heaven Seals would deal heavy damage to it!

After the nightmare claws that were seemingly trying to snatch prey struck it, the Evernight Emperor’s figure became dimmer. Clearly, this attack had dealt considerable damage!

If it couldn’t defeat the opponent, the only option was to flee!

The Evernight Emperor didn’t hesitate. After dodging all the Shattering Heaven Imprints, it immediately began to flee into the depths of Immortal City!

“You guys kill the Promontory Devil Vine Emperor. I’ll chase after it!” Chu Mu said to the Immortal Ming Bird and Binding Wind Spirit. 

The Xuan Zhen Beetle was right now collapsed on the ground from its serious wounds. Its body had been corroded by the Evernight Emperor’s dark energy. Whether it would be able to survive depended on the tenacity of its life force. In order to give Chu Mu enough time to release this technique, the Xuan Zhen Beetle had indeed paid a heavy sacrifice! 

Chu Mu understood that now wasn’t the time to attend to the Xuan Zhen Beetle. He had to kill the Evernight Emperor otherwise, when it made a comeback, Chu Mu would not be able to fight it again because he could only transform into a half devil once! 

The Evernight Emperor’s figure would go dark before going light. It flew across the sky above Immortal City, leaving in its trail a dense darkness aura that covered several districts. 

This made Chu Mu very suspicious. This fellow was fleeing, yet still was consciously laying down its darkness domain. 

“Young master, this is Dark Plague. The Everngiht Emperor is able to create an intense darkness and death aura using this plague. The more creatures killed by its plague, the quicker its recovery is. You absolutely cannot let it release its plague on the entire Immortal City. Otherwise, this fellow will have an abnormal recovery rate. Even if you launch many Shattering Heaven Imprints at it, you won’t be able to kill it!” Old Li used a mental voice to warn Chu Mu.

Chu Mu was shocked that the Evernight Emperor also possessed this ability. It was no wonder it was sealed in the first 20 seals. The moment it was released, the plague damage it could release could be counted in terms of species! 

The Evernight Emperor fled very quickly. Even after using Devil Phantom and Displacement Specter, Chu Mu could at most guarantee that he wouldn’t be thrown off its tail.

Nonetheless, the Evernight Emperor was heavily wounded and could not maintain its fastest fleeing speed. The moment it slowed down, it was undoubtedly dead! 

“An an an an!!!!!!!!”

The Evernight Emperor discovered that the half devil Chu Mu wasn’t giving up its chase, and it let out an angry cry!   

It conveyed that it had no enmity with the half devil Chu Mu, so why did he have to chase him to the very end? If worst came to worst, the Evernight Emperor would just avoid Chu Mu in the future.  

Chu Mu ignored its words. Regardless of the fact that this was his last half devil transformation, even if he could transform into the half devil anytime he wanted, Chu Mu would still not let this walking disaster go. The Evernight Emperor would definitely be able to kill him with sneak attacks. Now that there was an enmity between the two, Chu Mu absolutely had to chase him to the very end! 

The Evernight Emperor and the half devil Chu Mu were extremely fast. This pursuit lasted half of Immortal City! 

Immortal City had several large sealed areas. The Immortal Bird, which was the fastest, needed only a little bit of time to fly across. But Chu Mu was surprised because even while heavily wounded, the Evernight Emperor was still able to maintain its speed for so long!

At the moment, Chu Mu didn’t even know which districts of Immortal City he had flown over. But he indistinctly felt that the atmosphere form these districts was a bit fishy. However, he was only focused on the Evernight Emperor which still wasn’t slowing down, and didn’t pay too much heed to this.

“Hou hou hou hou hou!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Hou hou hou hou hou!!!!!!!!!!!”

Suddenly, a loud roar rang out from the sealed district under him!!!

This roar caused both the half devil Chu Mu and the Evernight Emperor, these two peak emperors to tremble!

From the majestic aura of the roar that was capable of making peak emperors fearful, this creature that suddenly roared was definitely no weaker than Chu Mu and the Night Emperor! 

This was a creature that was nearly a paragon emperor!!! 

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