Chapter 738: Peak Chaotic Fight, Saint Beast vs Magnate (2)

Chapter 738: Peak Chaotic Fight, Saint Beast vs Magnate (2)

Seeing the three saint beasts and the half devil attack, the Evernight Emperor let out an angry cry!

The Calamity Spider Emperor realized that if it didn’t do anything, their magnate camp would be completely obliterated. Promptly, it braced itself and evaded the Xuan Zhen Beetle that had been suppressing it to head towards the half devil Chu Mu! 

The Evernight Emperor targeted the Xuan Zhen Beetle that was charging like a battle-ax. The Xuan Zhen Beetle’s defense was very strong, but as the highest ruler of darkness, the Evernight Emperor’s ability to weaken an enemy’s defense was extremely terrifying!

Seeing the Xuan Zhen Beetle appear, over a thousand exceptionally malevolent dark poisonous snakes appeared in the Evernight Emperor’s cloak. Each one of these snakes was equivalent to a poison snake monarch. With over a thousand of them, each of their attacks were far from negligible. 

The Xuan Zhen Beetle hardened its defenses, and charged at the thousand dark poisonous snakes without fear. However, these poisonous snakes were extremely tough and merely its charge was unable to kill even half of the thousand snakes. Quickly, its thick armor was twisted around by the poisonous snakes, and countless cyan black bite marks appeared! 

The signs of the cyan black indicated that dark corrosion had penetrated its body. Indeed, it transformed nearly its entire armor into this color. Even if it hadn’t been attacked, its previous wounds showed severe signs of festering! 

Although the Xuan Zhen Beetle had a lot of life force, it was in a very weak state right now. When Chu Mu saw this, flames appeared on his hands!

Hundred Layered Heavenly Flame Rite! 

Chu Mu flung the pale white devil flames into the air. They exploded into a white fiery lotus above the four magnate creatures!

Under Chu Mu’s control, the white flames descended five hundred meters away from the Evernight Emperor, destroying that area!

In the next moment, a surge of torrential devil flames arose from the destroyed area. They transformed into a devil flame dragon that ascended into the air and through the clouds while swinging its dragon tail!

This technique was the seventh rank fire type technique, Heavenly Flame Rite. However, after reaching the peak emperor rank, how could it remain so simple?! 

The flaming dragon Chu Mu’s was wielding had not only increased in size and might by nearly 1000 times, but the number of dragons had also increased to nearly 100!! 

After the first Heavenly Flame Rite dragon surged into the clouds, the second followed shortly after. It was also surrounded by a majestic aura and burned away everything as it shot into the sky. 

Even more heavenly flame dragons followed. Dozens of their pale white and imposing bodies swept up everything. Aside from the Calamity Spider Emperor, the other three magnates were hit by the intense devil flames! 

After the gorgeous devil flames passed, the Binding Wind Spirit’s golden windstorm emerged from the foundations of the torrential devil flames. It made the wild dragons even more ostentatious and wild. The Evernight Emperor, Masked Ghost Emperor and Promontory Devil Vine Emperor couldn’t help but retreat to avoid them! 

“Si si si si~~~~~”

The Calamity Spider Emperor had dug underground, and appeared beside the half devil Chu Mu! 

Chu Mu had already prepared defenses against this flesh-mountain like huge creature. After the Heavenly Flame Rite technique ended, two enormous flaming devil swords appeared in his two hands!

Each devil flame sword reached a shocking length of 100 meters. Added on the majesty of the devil flames, the Calamity Spider Emperor retreated on sight of them!

But since it had appeared, why would Chu Mu let it go?! 

The two hundred meter enormous swords were effortlessly thrown forward Chu Mu. Strangely, the two of them didn’t actually fly along a set path; instead, they disappeared in midair! 

At practically the same time, beside the Calamity Spider Emperor appeared two spatial fluctuations. As space rippled, two swords, as large as the Calamity Spider Emperor, appeared on either side of it, slashing down!!! 

The Calamity Spider Emperor’s reactions were not as fast as the Evernight Emperor. These two devil flame swords pierced its body. Although they only managed to enter 1/3rd of the way, it was enough to make this magnate howl in pain. After all, the devil swords contained devil flames that could burn the soul!

“I’ll get rid of you first!!!” Chu Mu targeted the heavily wounded Calamity Spider Emperor, and he outlandishly flew above the Calamity Spider Emperor. He put his two hands together and created a powerful spatial explosion that smashed into the Calamity Spider Emperor’s thick body!!


The entire area of space exploded and the Calamity Spider Emperor’s body sunk down. Its eight legs trembled as it struggled against Chu Mu’s attack!

Chu Mu demonically moved upwards above the Calamity Spider Emperor, dodging its retaliatory strike and began to rapidly absorb the energy from the devil flame sea above!!! 

“Hu hu hu hu hu!!!!!!”

The devil flame technique that had been compressed several times swept forth. When it reached the Calamity Spider Emperor’s body, it abruptly blew up into a flaming prison. The Calamity Spider Emperor’s two enormous legs were burnt to crisps!!

“You want to escape?” Chu Mu saw it was trying to dig underground so he rapidly condensed a muddy colored object in his right hand and threw it at the surface the Calamity Spider Emperor was trying to dig through!

The object suddenly opened and engulfed the surrounding 1000 meters in all directions, including 1000 meters underground. This was Spatial Quicksand that could bury anything and everything! 

Even the rocks on the ground were sucked into the Spatial Quicksand, making the Calamity Spider Emperor’s digging of no avail. Its remaining 6 legs were sucked into the quicksand and before long, its entire body would be sucked up!

In order to ensure that the Calamity Spider Emperor, rendered seriously wounded by the Xuan Zhen Beetle, would die for sure, Chu Mu ignited an even more intense soul devil flame inside the Spatial Quicksand! 

The soul devil flames didn’t necessarily lose their effectiveness if the opponent’s defenses were high. There were many instances when the soul devil flames could pass through the enemy’s thick defenses and directly burn their soulsl! 

After a continuous series of attacks, the Calamity Spider Emperor which was slowly sucked into the quicksand weakened in life force. Even if the other three magnates managed to save it at this point, the Calamity Spider Emperor would have lost the strength to fight!

The magnates sealed in the first 50 seals undoubtedly had extremely evil hearts. They were exceptionally selfish. Now that the Calamity Spider Emperor had no more value in this fight, they wouldn’t try and save it from the extremely powerful half devil if the cost was potential injuries! 

The Calamity Spider Emperor’s enormous body continued to struggle. As it faced death, it didn’t angrily shout at the half devil Chu Mu; instead, it shouted at the other three magnates, especially the Evernight Emperor! 

The Evernight Emperor had had the Calamity Spider Emperor act as the vanguard. However, after it entered the enemy’s ranks, it was unable to break free. Moreover, the Evernight Emperor clearly didn’t plan on it making it out alive!! 

The Evernight Emperor was indifferent towards the Calamity Spider Emperor’s shouts. Its dark technique rapidly corroded and dropped the defenses of the Xuan Zhen Beetle. As long as it could either kill or heavily wound the Xuan Zhen Beetle before the Calamity Spider Emperor, the magnate’s side would not lose out in this chaotic fight!

However, the Calamity Spider Emperor had already been wounded by the Xuan Zhen Beetle, and its life force was much weaker than the Xuan Zhen Beetle’s. Added on the fact that the half devil’s other type techniques and devil flame’s destructive abilities were exceptionally terrifying, especially the soul devil flames, the half devil was able to almost virtually ignore the Calamity Spider Emperor’s defenses. Although the Xuan Zhen Beetle was not in a good situation, it was still far from death!! 

“Hou hou hou!!!!!!!”

The Xuan Zhen Beetle was far stronger than the Calamity Spider Emperor, and was the strongest among the three saint pets. In fact, while suffering the attacks of the Evernight Emperor and Masked Ghost Emperor at the same time, the Xuan Zhen Beetle was still able to retaliate. It left a deep claw mark in the Evernight Emperor’s cloak! 

In the air, the Immortal Ming Bird continuously harassed the Masked Ghost Emperor, not giving it an opportunity to truly launch a technique at the Xuan Zhen Beetle. As for the Binding Wind Spirit’s wind type techniques, they swept across the three magnates. Originally, the Promontory Devil Vine Emperor used its vine forest to block the golden windstorm, but it was extremely difficult to also protect the Masked Ghost Emperor and Evernight Emperor as well!

The Xuan Zhen Beetle’s braveness and ferocity far surpassed Chu Mu’s expectations, giving him enough time to kill the Calamity Spider Emperor! 

Finally, the Calamity Spider Emperor’s body fully submerged into the Spatial Quicksand. In this terrifying and unknown world of a spatial storm, the Calamity Spider Emperor would not be able to live more than 10 seconds before being ripped to shreds!

The Calamity Spider Emperor’s death was determined. But Chu Mu could not let the Xuan Zhen Beetle die like this. 

Chu Mu was planning on killing his way into the magnate camp when the Xuan Zhen Beetle suddenly let out a roar!

This roar caused his heart to tremble, and couldn’t help but make him even more respectful towards this steady saint beast! 

The Xuan Zhen Beetle didn’t want Chu Mu participating in this chaotic fight. Instead, it would use its life to buy Chu Mu time to use his most powerful technique! 

The Xuan Zhen Beetle was clear that if these magnates wanted to flee, even if they combined their strength, they would still not necessarily be able to stop them. Only by launching a fatal attack at the three magnates was there hope of completely obliterating them! 

Chu Mu didn’t hesitate. His right hand slowly rose up towards Immortal City’s dusky and dark sky!

Right now Chu Mu was fermenting the half devil’s strongest technique - Shattering Heaven Imprint! 

His right devil palm was facing the sky as if he was going to control the boundless heavens in his hand. The entire horizon was pressed downwards as Chu Mu wantonly released his evil devilish aura. Even the Binding Wind Spirit felt the atmosphere rapidly sink, making its control over the wind even more chaotic!  

However, after the Binding Wind Spirit realized that Chu Mu was manifesting an extremely powerful energy, it realized that the winners and losers of the fight were probably going to be determined very soon. Promptly, it stopped conserving energy, and began to wantonly control the golden wind to attack the three magnates!

The Immortal Ming Bird knew that the fight had reached the most crucial moment, and its attacks grew extremely fierce. Several wounds appeared on the Masked Ghost Emperor’s body!!

The Masked Ghost Emperor was a magnate that they had to kill. If it managed to escape and it was able to devour the corpses of ghost type soul pets, it would be able to recover its fighting strength in an extremely short period of time! 

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