Chapter 738: Peak Chaotic Fight, Saint Beast vs Magnate (2)

Chapter 738: Peak Chaotic Fight, Saint Beast vs Magnate (2)

Seeing the three saint beasts and the half devil attack, the Evernight Emperor let out an angry cry!

The Calamity Spider Emperor realized that if it didn’t do anything, their magnate camp would be completely obliterated. Promptly, it braced itself and evaded the Xuan Zhen Beetle that had been suppressing it to head towards the half devil Chu Mu! 

The Evernight Emperor targeted the Xuan Zhen Beetle that was charging like a battle-ax. The Xuan Zhen Beetle’s defense was very strong, but as the highest ruler of darkness, the Evernight Emperor’s ability to weaken an enemy’s defense was extremely terrifying!

Seeing the Xuan Zhen Beetle appear, over a thousand exceptionally malevolent dark poisonous snakes appeared in the Evernight Emperor’s cloak. Each one of these snakes was equivalent to a poison snake monarch. With over a thousand of them, each of their attacks were far from negligible. 

The Xuan Zhen Beetle hardened its defenses, and charged at the thousand dark poisonous snakes without fear. However, these poisonous snakes were extremely tough and merely its charge was unable to kill even half...

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