Chapter 737: Peak Chaotic Fight, Saint Beast vs Magnate (1)

Chapter 737: Peak Chaotic Fight, Saint Beast vs Magnate (1)

Half devil territory was a burning world!

The dark night became the best background for the pale devil flames, causing the half devil to release even more piercing devil flames. The devil flames didn’t have scorching heat waves like fire type, but instead, it only had a coldness that seeped into one’s soul!

The devil flames wantonly swept through everywhere. From a height of five hundred meters, it constantly swallowed the darkness. The devil flame aura immediately took over the suppressing demon monument, causing even the monument to project a lone shadow!

Without the protection of dark night territory, the evernight emperor had no way of hiding from Chu Mu’s other pupils, no matter how powerful it was!

Glancing over, Chu Mu’s other pupils could not only slow down quickly moving objects, but it could also allow it to see unmoving objects at insane detail.

However, what caused Chu Mu to be slightly surprised was that, looking around in the ten kilometer radius, Chu Mu didn’t see the evernight emperor at all.

“Did it escape?” Chu Mu thought to himself.

However, Chu Mu quickly refuted this guess. He believed that his spatial sense wouldn’t have gone wrong. The evernight emperor must be nearby still!

Glancing over again, Chu Mu saw a very light shadow under the suppressing demon monument. The shadow reflected on the water and seemed a little too dark.

Chu Mu’s devil flames covered all around the suppressing demon monument. Under normal situations, having light from all directions removed shadows. Even if there were shadows, they would be extremely dim. Yet, this suppressing demon monument’s shadow was very thick. The evernight emperor must have hid there, and wanted to use this insignificant detail to hide from Chu Mu and secretly gather up a dark night mantle again.

Chu Mu smiled and extended a finger to slowly control the nearby devil flames to gather.

The devil flames gathered more and more. Chu Mu knew how long the evernight emperor needed to create its mantle, so just as it was about to complete it, the devil flame sea seemed to overturn and all the devil flames poured forth towards the suppressing demon monument location!!

Such imposing devil flames caused the evernight emperor’s spirit to burn to ashes. The evernight emperor was scared stiff, and quickly darted out from under the suppressing demon monument, becoming a thick shadow that flew the opposite direction of the flames.

Chu Mu’s burning left hand waved and the devil flames gathered again from another direction, creating a surrounding attack that completely engulfed the evernight emperor in flames!


Evernight Emperor let out painful cries!!

Devil flames burned the dark body into a flickering spasm!

The evernight emperor was right above the spring, so all the spirit emperors saw the evernight emperor was burned by the devil flames, their faces becoming incredibly excited!

The hardest to deal with in immortal city was evernight emperor. Its plague technique was like death; even soul pet trainers fall ill to it.

Not long ago, the thick darkness left a very traumatizing mark in everyone’s hearts. But now, with the half devil Chu Mu burning the evernight emperor, all the darkness in their hearts were lit with hope by Chu Mu’s pale flames, even though the flames were equally demonic and evil!

“Good! Very good!!!” Elder Liu’s finally let out a breath!

Elder Liu also reached top tier emperor rank, but after seeing half devil fight today, even he had to exclaim that the half devil truly is the evilest yet the strongest organism in this world. Even the fickle top tier emperor rank evernight emperor was suppressed by it!

This was ultimately the first time Liu Binglan saw Chu Mu truly half devil. He didn't think that Chu Mu would control such a powerful realm. If Chu Mu truly could stop this danger in immortal city, Liu Binglan will not hesitate to head off to forbidden realm to find the heavenly immortal ice!

Of course, the half devil’s energy is shocking and could let Chu Mu reach the peak of power in a short time, but Liu Binglan was more worried about the constant high heat Chu Mu had to withstand. If it could be completely removed, she didn’t hope Chu Mu had to tread the border between reason and devil every time!


Devil flames caused very serious damage to its soul, but it couldn't completely kill it.

At this moment, the darkness dominator was completely angry. At the same time, the dark night commander was even more afraid of this half devil!

Under complete state, the evernight emperor couldn't take down the half devil Chu Mu. Now that the spirit was wounded and its territory was taken over, it was in a complete disadvantage!!

The evernight mantle was already done conjuring, yet the evernight mantle still didn’t dare to go against half devil Chu Mu, instead screaming loudly!!

When the sound happened, Chu Mu quickly found that the calamity spider emperor, mask ghost emperor, and promontory devil vine emperor all tried their hardest to leave the battlefield and started to gather around the emperor!

Evernight emperor was summoning all the magnates to him!

Very clearly, evernight emperor wanted to group battle with Chu Mu!

Evernight emperor already realized that in a one on one situation, they weren't a match for half devil Chu Mu. In a group battle, with evernight emperor’s unpredictable ability, it could cause a sacred pet damage or even kill it. This way, the magnates would have a greater chance of winning!

Promontory Devil Vine emperor was the closest to evernight emperor. Once getting the command, the vine type emperor darted into the ground at first notice, and hid near evernight emperor.

However, the Promontory Devil Vein Emperor didn’t dare pop up because half devil Chu Mu’s techniques could do double damage against it. If it accidentally reveals its main body, it could even get instantly killed!

After it, the massive calamity spider emperor ran aside the evernight emperor. The calamity spider emperor was already wounded. If it continued to fight against the Xuanzhen Beetle, it would die there.

So, with the evernight emperor’s command, it didn’t even hesitate to run to its side.

The calamity spider emperor’s battle was a few kilometers away from Chu Mu’s battleground. The calamity spider emperor thought the evernight emperor had the advantage, and just wanted to gather all the magnates to deliver the final blow.

It ran over happily, hoping the evernight emperor could help it get rid of the sacred pet Xuanzhen Beetle that it couldn't handle. Yet, it noticed that the evernight emperor’s body was flickering and its imposing dark aura was nearly halved, its body still smoldering from burn marks!

This caused the calamity spider emperor to be surprised. Even though the calamity spider emperor knew the human world well, it was very unlikely that the evernight emperor had a match. Why was the dark night dominator hurt so much?

The masked ghost emperor was the last to arrive. Its battle with the immortal ming bird was nearly twenty thousand meters into the skies.

Using the darkness of the evernight emperor, the masked ghost emperor not only didn’t get suppressed, it even vaguely had an advantage in the fight. However, a spout of devil flames ruined that all!

Without the darkness, the mask ghost emperor could only get destroyed by the immortal ming bird, so mask ghost emperor didn’t dare to stay around for long, dashing downwards to escape the battle.

While the evernight emperor called all the magnates to its side, Chu Mu also told the three sacred pets to gather around him to go against the magnates.

The following battle was truly a top tier emperor rank struggle!

In such a skirmish, the unpredictable evernight emperor indeed had a great advantage. It didn't dare to deal with half devil Chu Mu, but it could definitely attack the three sacred pets. As long as it could get rid of one sacred pet, the magnates could still win.

However, this was the evernight emperor’s thoughts, yet how would half devil Chu Mu be afraid of such a skirmish? It was a perfect time for the other three magnates to feel the wrath of his flames, especially the calamity spider emperor who gave it a hard time before!

“Yan!! Yan!!!!!!!”

The evernight emperor let out a call to signal the calamity spider emperor to attack half devil Chu Mu!

The calamity spider emperor’s skin was thick, and could withstand devil flames better than evernight emperor. It was with some thought that evernight emperor made this choice.


The calamity spider emperor indeed had high defense, but it didn’t mean the calamity spider emperor was willing to fight against the silver evil devil. If even the evernight emperor couldn’t deal with it, it was just looking to get its hide beaten. Though evernight emperor knew strategy, the calamity spider emperor wasn’t stupid either!

Seeing the four giants unable to fight back, Chu Mu’s burning face started laughing with belittlement!

Strategy? Did they think they can beat Chu Mu, a soul pet trainer?

A soul pet trainer’s main mission was to command battles, analyze situations, and use strategies!


They had the advantage now and didn’t need to worry much. It was perfect instead to completely cripple their morale by attacking while they were still hesitant!!

The high defense Xuanzhen Beetle lead the charge for Chu Mu, targetting the calamity spider emperor that it had been fighting for a while!

Sacred pet immortal ming bird quickly took over the skies, its sharp eyes glaring at the four large magnates looking for an opportunity to fight

The sacred pet binding wind spirit stayed in place. In such a situation, its wind type group attacks were even more effective. Any technique could easily affect all four magnates!!

Sacred pet binding wind spirit loved group battles. The feeling of throwing everyone into the air was much better than fighting a vine that kept hiding underground!

Half devil Chu Mu was tightly following behind the Xuanzhen Beetle. With such a solid defense ahead, Chu Mu could cast his strongest flames without worry, causing all four magnates to feel the wrath of devil flames!!

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