Chapter 737: Peak Chaotic Fight, Saint Beast vs Magnate (1)

Chapter 737: Peak Chaotic Fight, Saint Beast vs Magnate (1)

Half devil territory was a burning world!

The dark night became the best background for the pale devil flames, causing the half devil to release even more piercing devil flames. The devil flames didn’t have scorching heat waves like fire type, but instead, it only had a coldness that seeped into one’s soul!

The devil flames wantonly swept through everywhere. From a height of five hundred meters, it constantly swallowed the darkness. The devil flame aura immediately took over the suppressing demon monument, causing even the monument to project a lone shadow!

Without the protection of dark night territory, the evernight emperor had no way of hiding from Chu Mu’s other pupils, no matter how powerful it was!

Glancing over, Chu Mu’s other pupils could not only slow down quickly moving objects, but it could also allow it to see unmoving objects at insane detail.

However, what caused Chu Mu to be slightly surprised was that, looking around in the ten kilometer...

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