Chapter 736: Half Devil, Night Emperor? Who is the Ruler?! (4)

Chapter 736: Half Devil, Night Emperor? Who is the Ruler?! (4)

Only with similarly matched opponents would the battle be interesting!

Chu Mu’s silver face slowly smiled. His devil flames became violent, causing the nearby darkness to become a pale white.

With the devil flames burning brightly, his own shadow no longer appeared behind him, and the Evernight Emperor wouldn’t be able to use the same technique to ambush him again!

But, Chu Mu could see that the Evernight Emperor’s shadow technique wasn’t that easily countered!

Indeed, after the Evernight Emperor attacked. Half devil Chu Mu noticed that the black figure of the Evernight Emperor again became the half devil shape, and cast displacement specter to appear in front of him!

This Evernight Emperor ate the half devil’s shadow and even mimicked half devil Chu Mu’s techniques!

There was a reason Evernight Emperor was almost undefeated in emperor rank. With such a strange technique, even if it met a powerful organism it couldn't defeat, it could steal the organism’s shadow, and use its own techniques to deal with it!

Chu Mu didn’t dare to underestimate it at all. His body became a phantom, suddenly becoming countless images that confused the Evernight Emperor’s vision!

Evernight Emperor became half devil and mimicked Chu Mu’s techniques, as if a true shadow that followed!

“Can you mimic Other Type techniques?” Chu Mu laughed coldly and suddenly tightened his palm!

Half devil Chu Mu’s fingers started leaking spatial distortions. With Chu Mu’s twisting, the space where the evernight emperor was at had even stronger twist. Through the movement in darkness, one could tell that the space had a huge devil claw’s silhouette and was tightening at the same pace as Chu Mu’s hand!

Evernight Emperor cast half devil technique devil phantom, wanting to escape from the space Chu Mu was grasping, but no matter how unpredictable devil phantom was, how many illusions it created, the space Chu Mu created wasn’t that easily escaped from with simple dark type techniques!

Evernight Emperor remained half devil’s shadow state. Finding out that it couldn’t use devil phantom to escape, the shadow started burning with shadow devil flames to cast displacement specter!

Seeing Evernight Emperor cast displacement specter, Chu Mu’s face smiled with a gloomy and demonic expression.

He closed his eyes. Using his control over other type, he could sense the location the opponent was about to appear!

In the dark night, Chu Mu’s senses definitely weren’t as sensitive as Evernight Emperor. However, displacement specter was an other type technique. This technnique didn’t instantly burn you when it was casted. Instead, before burning, it confirmed a movement location, or else the displacement specter cast easily get targeted by an opponent’s attack!

It was this knowledge of other type techniques that allowed Chu Mu to predict that evernight emperor would use this technique, and that it would appear in a certain location!

“Half devil has no weakness. Wanting to use a shadow to surpass me, laughable!” Chu Mu slowly extended his right arm slowly, palm facing the black skies, while an undisguised smile was plastered on his face!

Chu Mu’s hand lifted high up suddenly became a first. Immediately, a turbid object slowly appeared in the dark space.

Almost the next second, the shadow devil flames burned where the turbid object appeared. It was the Evernight Emperor that appeared with the half devil technique. Its appearance location was already found by Chu Mu through spatial detection!

Chu Mu’s palm instantly opened up!

At that moment, the black space’s turbidness quickly widened, bringing along a strange swirl that spiraled out of control!

Spatial Quicksand!

Half devil had an extreme control over other type techniques. Top tier techniques like spatial quicksand could get instantly casted without any channeling!

Yet spatial quicksand’s restriction power was extremely strong. Even with the surrounding locked in evernight, Evernight Emperor couldn’t stop the slow of spatial quicksand!

At the bottom of the spatial quicksand was the spatial storm that could rip even the Evernight Emperor into pieces easily! So, no matter what evernight emperor, it couldn’t let itself fall into the spatial quicksand!

At this time, the Evernight Emperor had to give up the half devil shadow it stole. Even if the shadow could mimic all the techniques of half devil, its strength definitely was discounted especially after it had already been seen through. If it wanted to use half devil’s other type techniques to get out, Chu Mu’s next spatial quicksand would be again waiting where it appears!

Immediately, Evernight Emperor threw away its fake shadow and revealed its dark mantle. The mantle constantly expanded and absorbed the spatial quicksand.

Seeing the Evernight Emperor sacrifice his dark mantle to dissolve the energy, the half devil Chu Mu again smiled.

After the dark mantle was slowly devoured by spatial quicksand, it quickly lost its suction. Evernight Emperor extracted itself from it!

However, just after he resolved that technique, the Evernight Emperor suddenly found that the other type half devil appeared ferociously in front of him, its burning devil flame palms creating two large devil imprints that burned with powerful spirit devil flames!


The devil flames burned. Without the mantle as protection, the Evernight Emperor was almost naked in front of the flames. The flames immediately caused great damage to it, causing it to have to hide into the thick darkness.

Chu Mu immediately started another wave of attacks, causing the Evernight Emperor to constantly dodge. Presumably, before the mantle regenerated, it won’t dare to show itself again!

Without the dark night mantle, the Evernight Emperor was extremely weak, and didn’t dare to fight head on with the powerful half devil!

The Evernight Emperor went and hid, but Chu Mu’s evil silver face remained smiling. Its other pupils turned to look at the Promontory Devil Vine Emperor that had created an almost complete forest in the skies!

“Devil Flame Sea!”

The half devil Chu Mu’s body was instantly lit up. With Chu Mu’s silver devil body as the center, the rising devil flames created a shocking scene that spread towards everywhere, creating a floating devil flame sea five hundred meters off the ground, burning coldly the entire ten kilometer radius!!

With such a powerful devil flame, it lit up almost the entire immortal city, as if countless lightning bolts stayed in the world!!!

The devil flame sea quickly filled up the entire region the Promontory Devil Vine Emperor was in. The vine forest covered only five kilometers. However, the vine forest that caused binding wind spirit to despair was instantly swallowed up by the devil flame sea!

The devil flames did incredible damage to plant world soul pets, especially the kind that burned the soul!

One could say that this technique gave the Promontory Devil Vine Emperor a powerful hit, causing the devil vine emperor to have to shrink back to the ground, and not dare to do anything to the binding wind spirit anymore, only able to stare at the powerful half devil from far away, scared!

Promontory Devil Vine Emperor had the same wisdom. It could sense that the devil flame sea wasn’t just a territory the half devil let outwards. It was also a blow it sent specially to deal with it!

Yet, what the Promontory Devil VIne Emperor didn't understand was where did the Evernight Emperor that was dealing with this half devil go? Did their leader just watch as the opponent's techniques reached its battlefield?

This was a team battle, so with the Promontory Devil Vine Emperor understanding of the Evernight Emperor, it was this absolute darkness dominator that should appear behind sacred pet binding wind spirit to attack it. How did half devil attack them instead? Could it be that even the extremely powerful evernight emperor lost?

After the Promontory Devil Vine Emperor shrunk down, it specially glanced at the battlefield of the half devil and Evernight Emperor, yet it was shocked to find that the Evernight Emperor had hid into its own territory and didn't dare to go against the half devil anymore!

No wonder the half devil could attack it so recklessly. Even the darkness dominator that caused countless organisms to bow down had to stay away from it!


As the Promontory Devil Vine Emperor was shocked, a golden storm went through the devil flames sea and picked it all up, creating a devil flame storm that went towards it!

Wind type techniques didn’t do much harm to Promontory Devil Vine Emperor, but with devil flames, it was a whole new concept!

The Promontory Devil Vine Emperor panicked, and quickly used all its devil vines to protect its body!


Far away, Chu Mu glanced at binding wind spirit that knew how to utilize its power and smiled even broader. It seems the devil flame storm definitely wounded it. Without any accidents, the binding wind spirit will be able to deal with this vine type top tier emperor.

Devil flame sea was burning wildly, sending the darkness backward. Chu Mu’s other pupils slowly turned, trying to find where the Evernight Emperor was hiding through the light of the devil flames.

Chu Mu was sure the fellow didn’t hide far away. If it hid far away, Chu Mu would be able to feel the spatial distortions!

“Not only you have a territory!” Since the opponent didn’t want to show itself, Chu Mu could only up his game!!

With almost infinite power and a good environment to cast in, Chu Mu didn't have to worry about stamina. This was the effect of the jade spring sacred blood, allowing half devil Chu Mu’s energy to be unceasing!!

“Burn!!” Half devil Chu Mu raised his hands up high, as if welcoming the appearance of a devil flame hell!!


An incantation sounded, Chu Mu’s mercurial body’s flames waved in the wind, making Chu Mu seem like a true devil flame dominator unique to this world. Through the spring, everyone was even more shocked to see this!

Half devil’s evil was something no other organism in this world could match!

Especially when it released the soul burning devil flames, it revealed a true arrogance of a monarch, giving off a powerful visual impact!

It, half devil evil emperor was the true dominator. It didn’t dominate only darkness, but it dominated everything!!

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