Chapter 736: Half Devil, Night Emperor? Who is the Ruler?! (4)

Chapter 736: Half Devil, Night Emperor? Who is the Ruler?! (4)

Only with similarly matched opponents would the battle be interesting!

Chu Mu’s silver face slowly smiled. His devil flames became violent, causing the nearby darkness to become a pale white.

With the devil flames burning brightly, his own shadow no longer appeared behind him, and the Evernight Emperor wouldn’t be able to use the same technique to ambush him again!

But, Chu Mu could see that the Evernight Emperor’s shadow technique wasn’t that easily countered!

Indeed, after the Evernight Emperor attacked. Half devil Chu Mu noticed that the black figure of the Evernight Emperor again became the half devil shape, and cast displacement specter to appear in front of him!

This Evernight Emperor ate the half devil’s shadow and even mimicked half devil Chu Mu’s techniques!

There was a reason Evernight Emperor was almost undefeated in emperor rank. With such a strange technique, even if it met a powerful organism it couldn't defeat, it could steal the organism’s shadow, and...

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