Chapter 735: Half Devil, Night Emperor? Who is the Ruler?! (3)

Chapter 735: Half Devil, Night Emperor? Who is the Ruler?! (3)

The half devil Chu Mu took advantage of the ruler of darkness talking to ignite fire in its right hand. It threw an exploding ball of flame at the Evernight Emperor invincible under the heavens!


Other types had unique control over space. Chu Mu’s technique was extremely sudden, and he didn’t even make any motions of preparation. Instead, the white ball streaked across the curtain of darkness in a beautiful arc and exploded after the resplendent beauty! 

The Evernight Emperor was defenseless, and it let out an angry cry. The darkness shroud was smashed up by Chu Mu’s technique! 

The half devil’s technique was mixed with killing intent. The devil flame looked like a normal fire type technique fireball, but the moment it exploded, it completely destroyed the several kilometer large space. The omnipresent darkness became a huge empty space! 

The Evernight Emperor’s dodging abilities were astonishing, otherwise, this technique would have dealt large damage to it. The provocative...

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