Chapter 735: Half Devil, Night Emperor? Who is the Ruler?! (3)

Chapter 735: Half Devil, Night Emperor? Who is the Ruler?! (3)

The half devil Chu Mu took advantage of the ruler of darkness talking to ignite fire in its right hand. It threw an exploding ball of flame at the Evernight Emperor invincible under the heavens!


Other types had unique control over space. Chu Mu’s technique was extremely sudden, and he didn’t even make any motions of preparation. Instead, the white ball streaked across the curtain of darkness in a beautiful arc and exploded after the resplendent beauty! 

The Evernight Emperor was defenseless, and it let out an angry cry. The darkness shroud was smashed up by Chu Mu’s technique! 

The half devil’s technique was mixed with killing intent. The devil flame looked like a normal fire type technique fireball, but the moment it exploded, it completely destroyed the several kilometer large space. The omnipresent darkness became a huge empty space! 

The Evernight Emperor’s dodging abilities were astonishing, otherwise, this technique would have dealt large damage to it. The provocative sneak attack caused heavy anger to well up inside the Evernight Emperor. and it released its boundless aura towards Chu Mu! 

The half devil also possessed the darkness attribute, and when the darkness came to envelop it, Chu Mu didn’t feel uncomfortable at all! 

However, the Evernight Emperor was rather crafty, and it mixed in the Thousand Phantom Strikes inside, attempting to slash Chu Mu into fine pieces! 

Thousand Phantom Strikes seemed to contain even more dense darkness than normal and Chu Mu could feel the hidden killing intent within. Even the Calamity Spider Emperor and Xuan Zhen Beetle over ten kilometers away could feel the AoE from this terrifying technique; dark ulcers even began to fester on their bodies! 

The half devil Chu Mu slid backwards, leaving afterimages amidst the darkness roar. Yet, the Thousand Phantom Strikes was much faster. and flew towards Chu Mu, like a thousand arrows of death, leaving no room to dodge! 

While Chu Mu was sliding backwards, his devil flame hands completely opened and one could see a spatial hole that seemed to connect with some other space slowly form in his palm! 

Thousand Phantom Attacks rained down from the sky, but under the Evernight Emperor’s control, they suddenly changed directions and flew at the location Chu Mu was in. Yet, at this moment, Chu Mu fully opened the spatial hole in his hand, sucking in the thousand attacks completely like a wind hole! 

This was a thousand attacks packed so closely together that it was capable of destroying everything. However, a mere extension of one hand by the half devil was enough to dissolve this omnipresent attack. 

“An an an an~~~~~~”

Suddenly, the Evernight Emperor let out a mocking laugh, as if it was laughing at how stupid Chu Mu was. 

The Evernight Emperor wasn’t surprised that the half devil was able to take its technique with one hand because the true effect from this attack wasn’t the flying force that could destroy everything, but rather the dark corrosion ability. Since the opponent had absorbed it into its palm, this was practically allowing the darkness to wantonly corrode its body! 

The palm spatial hole could absorb the enemy’s attack, but could also launch the attack back at the opponent.

Chu Mu felt his heart palpitate when his palm began to rapidly fester. Even if he had the darkness attribute too, the dark corrosion ability could render his entire arm useless! 

In the past when Chu Mu had transformed into a half devil, he had been able to completely oppress his opponents. However, the Evernight Emperor wasn’t a normal emperor. If he didn’t use his full strength, even the half devil body would be defeated!

Realizing the terror of the dark corrosion, Chu Mu didn’t dare leave the Thousand Phantom Strikes in his palm space! 


Chu Mu’s palm suddenly opened. There were clear ulcers on his palm, but fortunately, from the beginning Chu Mu never planned on absorbing the dark attack into his body to transform into his own strength. Instead, he planned on returning it to the Evernight Emperor! 

Once the reversal space opened, the Thousand Phantom Strikes completely changed directions. Carrying dark rage, they flew towards the laughing Evernight Emperor! 

The Evernight Emperor had lived for a long period of time, but it clearly had not had many encounters with powerful other type creatures. This sudden reversal technique caught it unprepared, and the shroud of darkness it just condensed was pierced to tatters! 

The Evernight Emperor’s defense was far from as high as an insect type peak emperor. Its only form of defense was the shroud of darkness that was covering its true body. Although it could condense the shroud of darkness many times, when this layer of defense was destroyed for the second time, the ruler of darkness felt unprecedented anger and humiliation! 

A dense darkness energy enveloped the area. From the aura, it seemed that the Evernight Emperor was about to use a true sure-kill technique!  

It was possible to feel that the area in which the saint pets’ light enveloped had dimmed. Even the half devil Chu Mu with a darkness attribute felt that everything in front of him had gone darker! 

“An an~~~~~~~”

The Evernight Emperor let out a shout, terrifyingly piercing one’s soul! Even the spirit emperors on the other side of the spring could hear its shout! 

Black ulcers began to fester on the holy spring. This attack was capable of leaking from one space to another, thus illustrating how terrifying this technique was! 

“Once this Evernight Emperor is able to unite Immortal City, breaking open the Departed World Gates is only a matter of time!” exclaimed Senior Elder Liu. 

The Evernight Emperor’s strength was too tyrannical. A mere technique’s aura was capable of passing through space. Once it united the other magnates and legions in Immortal City, relying on its strange dark energy to corrode space, it would be able to combine energy to destroy the Departed World Gates! 

“The half devil’s strength back then was only near a peak emperor. Can it truly defeat the Evernight Emperor?” although the spirit emperors were extremely shocked by the young man Chu Chen who could shake the heavens with the half devil, they were also very concerned if this young man could use the half devil strength to defeat Immortal City’s strongest, the Evernight Emperor! 

Not too long ago the half devil was the most evil thing in this world, and unless one was part of Nightmare Palace which had the insane devotion towards it, the other spirit emperors would pale the moment they heard its name. However, now, the half devil had become a peak creature part of the same faction as all these spirit emperors. All of them hoped that its strength would be able to increase!! 

The half devil Chu Mu’s expression turned serious. He sensed that the Evernight Emperor was very probably using a fatal attack against him. He didn’t dare be negligent at all!!

True darkness wasn’t instilling one with fear from being enveloped in a shadow. Instead, true darkness was omnipresent and originated from one’s very own shadow that would always follow that person!  

Shadows didn’t always require light. They only needed the darkness to be dark enough in order to appear! 

The Evernight Emperor used a heavenly ability that forcibly created an extremely dense space of darkness around Chu Mu, causing his shadow to imprint behind him!!

The half devil Chu Mu remained calm, and stared at the Evernight Emperor. It put up defenses to block the Evernight Emperor’s powerful darkness technique. 

However, the half devil Chu Mu was not able to discover that the Evernight Emperor had already disappeared and had emerged behind his body from his shadow with a false smile!!

“Jie jie~~~~~~”

The half devil shadow let out a devilish laugh, and slowly broke free of its spatial carrier. As if it was a real creature, it demonically appeared behind Chu Mu’s back, and its devilish claws that could crush hearts reached towards the back of Chu Mu’s heart!

Obliterating Heart!!!!

The half devil shadow possessed the same fatal technique as the half devil. It used an instakill technique on the half devil Chu Mu, and attempted to mysteriously steal his heart!

Chu Mu was completely oblivious towards this. Even if he was a powerful creature and had perceptive sensories, he was unable to realize that his own shadow was attacking him!


Just as the shadow’s devil claw was about to reach into Chu Mu’s heart, the Immortal Ming Bird in the sky suddenly let out a cry, warning Chu Mu of the shadow behind him!!

The half devil Chu Mu trembled, and its body suddenly burned with an intense devil flame. It used Displacement Specter, which allowed it to teleport several kilometers away and disappeared from its location! 

However, the half devil Chu Mu was still a bit slow. Obliterating Heart hadn’t managed to reach its heart, but ripped open a large part of its body, causing a large portion of the devil flames on its body to dim!! 

The half devil Chu Mu didn’t feel any pain on its body, only the scorching heat of its soul. However, the strangeness of this technique made Chu Mu’s heart tremble!

Chu Mu instantaneously traveled several kilometers away, and stared at the shadow that looked exactly like him! 

“Jie jie…. An an an…” the half devil shadow let out two different laughs. The first was the half devil’s demonic laughter, while the latter was the Evernight Emperor’s hair-raising laughter. 

At the same time, the shadow gradually transformed from a half devil shadow into the Evernight Emperor’s shrouded body!! 

This transformation left the half devil Chu Mu in great shock! 

This terrifying Evernight Emperor had not only stolen his shadow, but even replicated his own techniques. If it wasn’t for the Immortal Ming Bird’s warning, even if the half devil Chu Mu hadn’t been instakilled, he would have been heavily wounded! 

Chu Mu had transformed into a half devil many times. However, it was only when he encountered the ninth phase Heavenly Devil Insect while still in the embryonic phase that he had suffered a serious wound. In the future when he transformed into a half devil in Li City and Tianxia City, Chu Mu was able to use his advantageous position to defeat his enemies! 

However, this time, the half devil Chu Mu, a world-shocking evil devil, had met a match - the emperor of the night! 

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