Chapter 733: Half Devil, Night Emperor? Who is the Ruler?! (1)

Chapter 733: Half Devil, Night Emperor? Who is the Ruler?! (1)

Top tier emperor rank’s any technique reached over five kilometers. An all out attack could even reach ten kilometers in distance!

According to Chu Mu’s previous command, the Immortal Ming bird first angered the Masked Ghost Emperor, and lifted the battle slowly into the skies!

The sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird’s feathers became radiant stars, each falling like comets towards the intersection between light and dark. They covered five kilometers. In the five kilometer radius, almost every ten meters had a hundred meter wide explosion of energy feathers!

The masked ghost emperor’s figure floated around through the feathers. Every time a large group of comet feathers flew towards its location, its body would suddenly disperse into a cloud of smoke-like substance. The powerful penetrating comets all fell down and flew right through it, unable to harm it at all!

Most ghost type organisms could fly, but it definitely wouldn’t have an advantage against a wing type soul pet.

However, the Evernight Emperor’s powerful dark night territory gave the Masked Ghost Emperor the most comfortable movement space. With such a powerful night sky effect, the masked ghost emperor wouldn’t fear to fight against the Immrotal Ming Bird in the air. In fact, the Mask Ghost Emperor’s fighting intent was sky high. Its cruel, violent tendencies may not be as wild and reckless as the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor, but it had a bit more treachery and cruelty!!


The Calamity Spider Emperor’s leg blades were unusually sharp, and it was its main attack move. Every sweep would either cut through several kilometers of dark space, or create ten kilometer long gouges in the ground. Because it had eight legs, its attack frequency was incredibly high. The battle had just started, and the region near the suppressing demon monument was already full of cracks, crisscrossed with gouges!

When the Xuanzhen Beetle took a defensive posture, its body would sink down and all its armor would be covered in a metallic sheen. With this absolute defensive stance, it could simply stay as all these attacks flew past.

The Calamity Spider Emperor’s all out attacks could often only leave a thin scratch of the Xuanzhen Beetle’s armor. And once the attacks were over, the Xuanzhen Beetle’s thick armor would transform into sharp weapons. It didn’t have any grand and shocking attacks; it only had stern and fierce piercing and ripping techniques!

Just as Chu Mu predicted, the Xuanzhen beetle was like a rock when stationary, just letting enemies run around it as it stood motionlessly. Yet, when it actually attacked, its wildness wasn’t weaker than any beast type top tier emperor. In a few rounds, it already sent the calamity spider emperor tumbling backward!

This was a battle-hungry creature. Its single target attacks were even stronger than the Immortal Ming Bird. Clearly, this Xuanzhen Beetle was the strongest of the three sacred pets present!

Facing this Xuanzhen Beetle’s unmoving defense and striking offense, Chu Mu was in astonishment, wishing his Zhan Ye could also someday reach this stage!!


The Promontory Devil Vine Emperor realized that the sacred pets had already noticed its presence. The crafty plant that was readying a sneak attack abandoned the thought.

The only ones the Promontory Devil Vine Emperor could truly sneak attack were Immortal Ming Bird and Binding Wind Spirit. It could at most restrict the Xuanzhen Beetle, but couldn’t do anything about the ridiculous bug type defense.

Immortal Ming Bird was already wary of the Promontory Devil Vine Emperor, so in battle, it flew into the high skies, making it hard for Promontory Devil Vine Emperor to reach.

As for the swift elemental world soul pet Binding Wind Spirit, it already had its eyes on Promontory Devil Vine Emperor. It constantly had hundreds of golden scythes around its fingertips. The moment the Promontory Devil Vine Emperor shows even a hint of surfacing, the Binding Wind Spirit wouldn’t hesitate to throw all these golden scythes towards it!

The Promontory Devil Vine Emperor was like an underground dragon hidden amongst the rocks. The rocks and dirt of Immortal City became like water to it. The hundreds of meters of its body showing were just the tip of the iceberg. Any vine type technique would cause the ground to roil like the sea, sending waves of dirt crashing forth!

The Sacred pet Binding Wind Spirit remained halfway in the sky. It couldn’t go too high, or else its attacks would easily be dodged by the Promontory Devil Vine Emperor, and it wouldn’t be able to look for the main body of the Promontory Devil Vine Emperor either.

Yet at this height, the Promontory Devil Vine Emperor could create a midair vine forest, wrapping the binding wind spirit in.

Luckily, the binding wind spirit’s dodging capabilities were very strong, and it could always weave through the intertwining vines and use its powerful wind type techniques to cut through the grass like a scythe cutting through weeds, shredding all the vines in the skies!

In reality, sacred pet binding wind spirit and the Promontory Devil Vine Emperor’s battle was completely a war of attrition. Each side couldn’t deal much damage to the other in a short time. Either the binding wind spirit runs out of mental energy and can no longer clean out the endless vines, or the Promontory Devil Vine Emperor runs out of vines to send and gets killed by wind type techniques!


The three sacred pets fought with the three giants in the sky, on the ground, and underground. There were countless shockwaves that sent throughout immortal city, causing the sealed organisms and defending organisms some unease!!

The energy that leaked from the suppressing demon monument still caused terrifying effects outside of ten kilometers. One could only imagine how destructive they were at the center of the battle!

Yet, no matter how the battles were happening between the sacred pets and the three giants, no matter how the energy shook Immortal City, Chu Mu still stood at the center of the spring. His other pupils pierced through the chaotic space and stared at the mysterious dark shadow - Evernight Emperor!

Evernight Emperor also gazed at Chu Mu. This powerful organism seemed to already sense that this human’s body held a very powerful energy, one that even it had to be wary of!

Evernight Emperor wasn’t an invincible emperor but was very close to it. The number of organisms in this world that could make the Evernight Emperor wary were definitely limited!

This dark night dominator was very confused as to why a human soul pet trainer could release this aura!!

“Even spirit emperors, when faced with the Evernight Emperor’s direct gaze, could be subject to a darkness explosion in their minds!”

Chu Mu stood at the spring, so everyone could clearly see Chu Mu’s other type pupils. They could even tell from the chaotic battle that the Evernight Emperor hadn’t fought yet, and was most likely making eye contact with the young man!

In this world, who had a soul remembrance high enough to stare eye to eye with the Evernight Emperor?

Why could this young mand do it without fear and even some burning desire to battle!


Finally, the dark night dominator coudn’t wait longer!

No matter if this human truly had the power to go against it, Evernight Emperor would ruthlessly kill it, because the Evernight Emperor couldn’t stand any dark type organism to be more powerful than it!

It, Evernight Emperor, was the dominator of all darkness, unique and undefeated!

With such pride, it could not stand an organism to exist that could threaten its status!!

Dark shadows covered the skies like a cloak. As the Evernight Emperor moved, its body completely disappeared in the darkness without a trace!

Throughout the spring, the spirit emperors constantly walked around to try to see the true appearance of the Evernight Emperor!

“It…’s…’s right above Chu Chen’s head!!!!”

Suddenly, a spirit emperor pointed out the center of the spring and stared shocked, as an emperor shadow appeared inside the reflection!

A pair of eyes stared down in the night sky. The ruler of the night sky stared down at the seemingly insignificant human, a sky covering darkness slowly falling down!!

The reflection should have been just an image, yet when the Evernight Emperor came down from above Chu Mu, everyone felt as if the Evernight Emperor was about to break through the spatial restrictions in the spring and pop out. The coldness of the darkness affected everyone!

“This child……” Elder Liu saw this, and his heart couldn’t stop pounding!

Evernight Emperor was a top tier emperor rank that even Elder Liu felt somewhat fearful of. What could this young man do to escape the falling of the death cloak?

Everyone was already feeling sorry for the young but accomplished Chu Chen!

Only Liu Binglan looked at Chu Mu calmly with her brows slightly furrowed…...


In the shadow, Chu Mu’s gaze remained calm, as if not even feeling imminent death approaching him from above.

His eyes slowly started burning with a unique silver through the demonic white!

The soul flames slowly started burning around Chu Mu, causing Chu Mu’s body to be doused in what seemed like mercury. Even his handsome face seemed to be covered in a mysterious silver mask!

This demonic mask was, in reality, Chu Mu’s face, but it seemed like two different entities than the real Chu Mu!

In fact, all the spirit emperors noticed that Chu Mu’s devil flame covered face suddenly smiled devilishly!

This devilish smile was belittling the Evernight Emperor’s seemingly clever attempt at ambushing him!!!

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