Chapter 732: Sacred pet, giant, The Ignition of a Large Fight!

Chapter 732: Sacred pet, giant, The Ignition of a Large Fight!

Three sacred pets’ sacred lights gathered together. The surrounding was completely dark, unable to see further. Only the suppressing demon monument’s surroundings had light remaining!

On the other side, everyone stared at the spring that was lit up by the sacred light.

The light caused their vision to be extremely clear. They clearly saw the demonic and even reckless smile on the young man’s face!

Everyone’s attention was on the three sacred pets and Chu Mu. They didn’t notice that a man with grey hair slowly walked over and stood by Liu Binglan.

“Elder Liu…...Elder Liu!!!” Suddenly, Elder Ting cried out, watching shocked at the middle-aged man, his eyes twinkling with joy!

Liu Binglan was too focused on her child to care about her surroundings. Only after Elder Ting yelled out did she suddenly notice the elder that already stood by her. He slowly grew older over the years, but he still stood straight like a lone tree standing on the edge of the cliff.

Liu Binglan took after Elder Liu’s surname. In her heart, this elder was like her father. The immense pressure she withstood before had instantly halved when this father appeared.

Edler Liu extended a hand and gently pressed Liu Binglan’s shoulder, saying, “These few days, you did very well……”

Elder Liu knew clearly that the entire Tianxia City’s experts all had their own factions and wants to worry about. Able to summon them together and put their efforts in, it needed not only authority but also the approach of an iron fist. Liu Binglan was a noble woman, but she was, in the end, a woman. Her ability to bring all the spirit emperors together when calamity struck, making all the experts of different factions want to try their best to defend the city, was in itself much harder than just fighting a battle, especially when the spirit emperors all had their own agendas!

Without organizing Tianxia City well, they would be like the chaotic sealed organisms and defending organisms. They wouldn’t be able to break through departed world gates. Without a expert able to withstand the pressure and gather everyone, everyone in Tianxia city would be scattered and run away themselves. There would be no seven brave warriors as well as 80 spirit emperors gathered together.

The command to gather everyone was mandatory, but if Tianxia City was going to fall, what binding power did this gathering command have?

Thus, elder Liu knew clearly that Liu Binglan truly did well these twenty days. Other than letting everyone see her cry when Chu Mu summoned Immortal Ming Bird successfully, no one ever saw this Tianxia Leader reveal any disappointment, loss, or despair.

Elder Liu’s appearance let a lot of the spirit emperors feel safer. After all with Elder Liu’s power, he could go against the giants. With another elder level expert, they had a better chance in this fight.

“What’s the situation like?” Elder Liu walked by the spring and asked.

Immediately, Liu Binglan gave a brief description of how Chu Mu was bringing the three sacred pets forth in preparation to fight the lead of the giants, Evernight Emperor.

From the spring, Elder Liu was surprised to look at Chu Mu’s determined back image.

Elder Liu had already heard from others that this grandkid of his has awakened two sacred pets already. To be able to complete such a game-changing task, Chu Mu had already gained elder Liu's satisfaction.

Yet, he never would have thought that Chu Mu would appear in this battle between sacred pets and giants. That was something only a soul pet trainer with at least top tier emperor rank soul pets could handle.


Chu Mu still stood quietly on the sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird’s back. He didn't know that this following battle will be completely revealed to all of Tianxia realm’s spirit emperors!

However, even if he knew his identity would be revealed, Chu Mu had no other choice, because Evernight Emperor’s territory completely covered everything. He had no chance to escape otherwise now.

Through the thick darkness, with the effects of the sacred light, Chu Mu slowly saw the arrival of the Calamity Spider Emperor with the mountain like body.

This gruesome organism stepped forward in large strides. It was two thousand meters away, yet al its blood red eyes locked onto Immortal Ming Bird and Chu Mu.

Though Calamity Spider Emperor can’t see, it could already sense the existence of Immortal Ming Bird and Chu Mu, who  had cut off one of its legs!


Calamity Spider emperor let out an unpleasant scream. This sound became a shattering force that went along the ground. The rocks hundred times stronger than normal rocks instantly shattered just because of this roar!

Beside the Calamity Spider Emperor, there was an organism with a fake smile and ghostly face!

This organism seemed to have a creepy smile growing out of its entire body. Its body was like a standing deviled goat, but its four arms all held dark red scythes. These scythes didn’t have handles. If one looked closely, one would find that the scythes grew right out of the organism’s arms. If these bone scythes hook onto one’s body and are pulled, it would create immense torture!

Chu Mu finally saw the appearance of this ghost emperor. Its cruel appearance definitely meant it had committed countless crimes and killings!

By strength alone, any sacred pet could win a one on one against the calamity spider emperor and ghost emperor.

The one that truly causes the sacred pet to fear was the dark night dominator that still hadn't appeared!

Behind the calamity spider emperor and the ghost emperor, Chu Mu could clearly see a fuzzy dark image. This dark image didn't show its true appearance, but one could clearly tell that the evernight came from this soul-creeping dark image.

“Only three?” Chu mu stared at the three giants.

If there were truly only three gaints, then the winner would be the sacred pets for sure.

Yet, Chu Mu always felt that the giants’ side wasn’t this simple, or else they couldn't make the entire immortal city be so united.

Indeed, when the calamity spider emperor slightly moved its body, Chu Mu noticed that behind the calamity spider emperor, there was a terrifying devil vine. If Chu Mu didn’t have other pupil, he would never have noticed this devil vine!

Vine type top tier emperor rank!

Without a counter, plant world organisms were hard to deal with. Maybe the half devil Chu Mu could kill this vine type top tier emperor, but the Evernight Emperor would not let Chu Mu freely kill it!

“Promontory Devil Vine Emperor! Another fellow that kills without a second thought. I heard of it getting sealed. I heard that it once used its vines to pierce through an entire human city, causing the city to become a forest of vines. It laid there for a very long time, and killed countless people. It was finally defeated by a combination of nightmare palace experts and sealed in immortal city!” Old Li immediately told Chu Mu everything he knew of it.

Those sealed in the top fifty of immortal city all gave humans devastating blows, with millions of people dying at their hands.

Of course, the most terrifying was still the evernight emperor. Its crime was not measurable by cities anymore. It spread the most devastating dark plague in history, killing countless people and soul pets. It was truly a dark age!

“Binding wind spriit, the Promontory Devil Vine Emperor I’ll leave to you. Rip its vines to shreds with your wind type techniques!” Chu Mu said to binding wind spirit.

Wing type and bug types naturally were disadvantaged against vine type soul pets, even with the help of sacred light. Tus, the nimble and wielder of golden hurricanes Binding Wind Spirit should deal with it.

“Immortal Ming bird, the ghost emperor will be yours. Bring it into the skies and don’t give it a chance to ambush anyone.” Chu Mu said to Immortal Ming Bird.

In the battle, as a soul pet trainer, Chu mu had an absolute leadership over everyone, because only a soul pet trainer could completely understand the interconnections between all the types and the different effects that could be generated!

As for the Calamity Spider Emperor, the Xuanzhen Beetle already had its eyes on it!

In this sacred pet battle, the Xuanzhen Beetle’s chance of victory was highest. After all, the Xuan Zhen beetle had an extremely sturdy defense and poison tolerance. Adding on the equally powerful combative ability, the Calamity Spider Emperor’s offense, poison, and escape powers were all heavily countered. Without outer influence, this battle Xuanzhen Beetle could definitely win. 

The most important was naturally the fight between Chu Mu and Evernight Emperor!

In reality, Chu Mu only had a vague estimate of his power in half devil. He only knew that he was definitely more powerful than in his fight with Tian Ting, but he didn't know by how much. Only after fighting the Evernight Emperor would he have a clear recognition of how powerful he would become!!!

“Then, let’s fight!!!”

Chu Mu yelled out. He didn't wait passively for the giants to strike, instead of telling the three sacred pets to seek out the foes they selected and start the battle of top tiers that influenced the fate of humanity!!

Immortal Ming Bird was the fastest. After Chu Mu jumped off it, it immediately attacked the ghost emperor!

The ghost emperor swung its four death bone scythes, floating forth and colliding into the immortal ming bird halfway!


The immortal light and ghost aura collided, and the battle between sacred pet and giants finally erupted with this as a spark!

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