Chapter 731: The Young Man Facing the Ruler of Darkness

Chapter 731: The Young Man Facing the Ruler of Darkness

The Immortal Ming Bird lifted off into the air towards the holy light.

In terms of speed, the Immortal Ming Bird was definitely faster than those magnates.

However, while approaching the Xuan Zhen Beetle’s Demon Suppressing Monument, Chu Mu discovered that the Evernight Emperor’s territory was not far away, and was slowly covering the Xuan Zhen Beetle’s Demon Suppressing Pagoda from the northern side.     

Since the fight was imminent, Chu Mu naturally wouldn’t cower. He had the Immortal Ming Bird fly faster to ensure that when they met up with the Xuan Zhen Beetle, they would still have adequate time to prepare. 


The Immortal Ming Bird was hovering above the Demon Suppressing Monument, staring down at the blood red colored spring. 

Right now, the Xuan Zhen Beetle was standing in the center of the spring covered in insect type armor. In the location of its horns were sharp gold weapons!

When Chu Mu looked down, he saw a corpse floating in the spring, and he was barely able to see the face.

Chu Mu remembered this spirit emperor. He was attempting to become one of the Holy Palace Lords! 

The spring water was slowly decomposing this Palace Lord’s corpse, and the water was gradually being cleaned. From the Xuan Zhen Beetle’s expression, it was possible to tell that this Palace Lord had probably sacrificed himself to summon it. The Xuan Zhen Beetle was silently standing there, watching the Palace Lord decompose in the spring. 

Han Jinling had been sacrificed as well as this Palace Lord. As for the other five heroes, it was unknown how many of them would be able to survive. Chu Mu thus had the utmost respect for these experts that dared stand up in the face of danger.

Gradually, the spring cleared up. The Xuan Zhen Beetle lifted its armored head, and stared at the Immortal Ming Bird and Binding Wind Spirit in the sky.

The Immortal Ming Bird’s eyes were beautiful and holy, while the Binding Wind Spirit’s were spirited and pure. Yet, the Xuan Zhen Beetle’s were calm and cold. Perhaps it could be said that it looked like a sturdy boulder that gave others a very steady feeling! 

This naturally came from its sturdy defense and heart that was hard to move. Normal attacks would rarely affect it! 

“Tell it that it will deal with the Calamity Spider Emperor.” Chu Mu said to the Immortal Ming Bird.

The Immortal Ming BIrd let out a cry, communicating to the Xuan Zhen Beetle about the enemy’s camp.

The Xuan Zhen Beetle merely nodded its head. It didn’t even open its mouth. It slowly stood up, and stared apathetically at the darkness gradually devouring everything in their direction. It seemed indifferent about the fight and remained cold and callous! 

This type of temperament was similar to Zhan Ye’s. Perhaps when it fought, it would be just as wild and savage as Zhan Ye!

“Three great saint pets of gathered!” through the clear spring, people were able to see the three ancient saint pets as well as Chu Mu, who was on the Immortal Ming Bird’s back. 

However, simultaneously, the spirit emperors could feel the spring violently trembling! 

Normally, when magnates appeared, the Holy Palace’s spring would merely ripple. But right now there were waves surging across it and from the spring, they were able to detect the Evernight Emperor’s terrifying aura!  

“The saint pets, and the magnate creatures are about to fight?” seeing the three saint pets in their preparatory nature, they realized they were in a fighting state! 

This meant that the fight that decided Tianxia City’s fate was about to erupt!!

The spirit emperors all understood that they would only be able to summon these many saint pets and the fight would break out in the next few days.

However, they still weren’t ready in their hearts because regardless if they won this fight, Immortal City would descend into huge chaos. 

Winning was still better. They would be able to rely on the Ancient Saint Beasts’ intimidation to suppress the chaos in Immortal City then have the spirit emperors enter the city to reseal the rioting creatures. Although it was inevitable that a fight would break out when resealing occured, the chaos would eventually be suppressed as the human faction grew in strength.

However, if they lost the fight, the magnate rank creatures would lead the rioting army to break the Departed World Gates. The nearby Tianxia City would be destroyed. This would be a true calamity that would also bring ruin to the surrounding kingdoms. 

Perhaps humanity would ultimately emerge victorious, but Tianxia City would no longer be Tianxia City, and the vitality of Tianxia Realm would be greatly damaged. 

Or even worse, the Heavenly Devil Insect Empire could launch a large scale invasion, causing the destruction of Tianxia Realm! 

The destruction of a realm was a terrifying calamity! There were over 10 billion people in this realm. Even if everyone fled for their lives, how many would be able to successfully flee? 

All of this was predicated on the fight between the saint beasts and the magnate rank creatures. Everyone understood what implications this fight had. 

This was the pressure of potential destruction of Tianxia City that had been established for thousands of years. It weighed on these spirit emperors, making it difficult for them to breathe. 

But the only thing they could do was watch the three ancient saints beasts and a young man...

The terror of magnate rank creatures was enough to pass through space.

It was hard to believe that a young man would be so brave as to dare stand there, calmly, with the saint pets against the torrential aura from the magnate rank creatures! 

 "Chu Chen, he doesn’t seem to be leaving.” 

In a fight like this, unless it was an elder rank spirit emperor who had five or more high class emperors, one would be unable to participate and could only hide far away. 

It didn’t matter how much merit Chu Mu had obtained from awakening these saint beasts. Ultimately, he was only a soul pet trainer with low class emperors. The smartest thing to do right now was to get as far away from this district as possible. 

Thus, the spirit emperors didn’t understand why Chu Mu was so firmly and calmly standing among the saint beasts.

Liu Binglan could see the resoluteness on Chu Mu’s face through the reflection spring. 

She was extremely torn in her heart. If she could tear open space, she would rather it be her standing there. She didn’t want her young child to bear such a heavy burden. This shouldn’t have been his fight!

Suddenly, Liu Binglan’s thoughts began to wander, and she remembered the emotions not long after Chu Mu was born 20 years ago.

In those first years after his birth, Chu Mu had stayed with Liu Binglan. Due to her special status, Chu Mu had always been attended by her servants, and she sometimes wouldn’t see him for dozens of days on end. 

To a child, the care of a mother was the most important. It wasn’t until he was 3 that Liu Binglan discovered that he wasn’t like others his age. He was reclusive, didn’t speak much, didn’t throw tantrums, didn’t play around, and didn’t ask questions… 

Liu Binglan herself had been very young back then. She understood that her child treated her with much unfamiliarity as if the two of them weren’t blood related at all.

Later, due to the violation by his father, Chu Tianman, who was subsequently forced to stay in the tiny Luo Region, had requested for Chu Mu to accompany him.

After that, every once in a while, Liu Binglan would head to Gangluo City to see Chu Mu. She discovered that the Chu Mu beside Chu Tianmang was much more lively, and had his own childhood. However, the unfamiliarity towards his mother grew even more… 

Even now, when Chu Mu had become an adult and become the youngest spirit emperor in Tianxia Realm, Liu Binglan still didn’t truly understand him. 

His character had already been shaped and matured his inner being. It wasn’t something she, as someone who wasn’t fit to be a mother, could understand. 

For example, right now, she didn’t understand why Chu Mu wanted to fight. It would be perfectly fine for him to find a safe space to wait and hide. He had rotten aura on him and wouldn’t be targeted by the magnate creatures… 

However, he was standing now on the Immortal Ming Bird’s back, fighting together against the terrifying magnate creatures! This required more than just courage… 


Indeed, Chu Mu didn’t have to participate in this fight because it didn’t matter which side had the advantage, the Departed World Gates would inevitably be broken. And when that happened, he would be able to leave. He wouldn’t have to use the half devil transformation which had a huge backlash against him.

However, Chu Mu understood, just like when Liu Binglan had given him a message back then that she was willing to sacrifice her own life to revive him, she would have been willing to stake her own life to fight against the chaos, akin to Han Jinling and Palace Lord Lin Zhe. 

Chu Mu’s own values had never been warped. Chu Tianman had portrayed for the infant Chu Mu a beautiful and resplendent world for soul pet trainers; he hadn’t illustrated it as there being trouble everywhere and that every region was a living hell full of slaughter. Especially when he saw his family nearly fall into disaster, Chu Mu understood his own place! 

Chu Mu wouldn’t go play hero because a hero would be sacrificed. Nonetheless, since he had the paramount power of the half devil transformation, why would he just cower back and not fight?!! 

What created a hero was not the hero’s own grand and majestic mindset, but rather the circumstances of the situation! 

The current circumstances of the situation dictated that Chu Mu had to fight! 

Immortal City’s strongest! 

Chu Mu strived for these heights. Even if this was only a short fight, if he could have a taste of a true pinnacle fight, this would subconsciously ignite Chu Mu’s blood!! 

Therefore, Chu Mu’s decision stemmed from his utmost conviction to grow stronger and burning wild fighting intent! 


Darkness, it devoured the heaven and earth! 

The terror the Evernight Emperor gave to all creatures unceasingly proliferated, eventually covering everything around the Demon Suppressing Monument. 

Within ten kilometers, there were no longer any creatures under the high class emperor rank. Unless the other creatures formed a legion, at this level of a fight, they would be of no use. 

Facing against this invincible ruler of darkness was a young man who had lost a soul just after stepping onto the soul pet trainer path, had his talent stripped and had relied on his own hardwork and opportunities to reach today’s heights! 

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