Chapter 730: Igniting One’s Life Force to Summon!

Chapter 730: Igniting One’s Life Force to Summon! 

Due to the Evernight Emperor’s appearance, the optimistic state of battle was instantly covered by the darkness emperor’s darkness. This made it hard for the spirit emperors to rest easy.

On the 24th day of Immortal City’s chaos, the number of spirit emperors in Tianxia City grew to 80, and there were now 3000 spirit master experts from various regions here. 

However, Liu Binglan understood that this amount of strength was far from enough to deal with Immortal City’s sealed and guardian creatures.

On the 25th day, Liu Binglan had no choice but to summon all the spirit emperors to the Tianxia Great Hall to discuss the Labyrinth Prison matters.

There were a lot of prisoners in this prison, and most of their soul pets were sealed in Immortal City. In other words, among the soul pets in the chaos, some of them were prisoner soul pets.

The war between Tianxia City and Immortal City was inevitable. In this situation where not all of Tianxia City’s strength could be mustered, the only thing they could do was use the prisoners to weaken the riot in Immortal City. 

“Granting amnesty to the prisoners… this method is too dangerous. After all, these prisoners and their soul pets have deep grievances and want nothing more than to destroy Tianxia City so that way they can escape.” the conservative Elder Hai Qiu felt that this was too impulsive.

“It’s not releasing all of them. We can release those that violated certain orders, accidentally harmed others, thieves, disobeyed authority and committed malpractice. We can promise them that when the fight breaks out and they recall their soul pets, they will have done a great deed and we will pardon their sins.” said Liu Binglan. 

After discussing, the representatives of the large factions agreed with this suggestion and began to compile a list of prisoner names.

Each prisoner had to be approved by the three authoritative spirit emperors from each faction. 

Of course, this measure wouldn’t be implemented before the Departed World Gates were destroyed. This was only preparation, and they would try to delay releasing them as long as possible. 


Immortal City, Thousand Wave Beast Demon Suppressing Monument.

Young Lady Shan was following Duan Yi towards the Thousand Wave Beast Demon Suppressing Monument which was located the deepest in Immortal City.

Before Duan Yi had entered Immortal City, he had paid attention to others. He knew that among the seven heroes, the hardest mission was undertaken by Holy Guard Captain Zheng Jie to summon the Thousand Wave Beast Saint Beast. 

En route, Duan Yi discovered that summoning the Linyin Beast was hopeless, so he went in this direction instead. 

Duan Yi knew the approximate district, while Young Lady Shan knew the precise route and location. This made it much easier for Duan Yi to traverse Immortal City. 

“It’s in front.” Young Lady Shan pointed to a district filled with countless towering black towers and softly spoke.

Duan Yi swept his gaze across. He added soul remembrance and discovered that there was some special energy attached to the black towers that made him unable to see into them.

“Stay here. I’ll enter. If I don’t return within 20 minutes, leave this place.” Duan Yi glanced at Young Lady Shan.

Young Lady Shan nodded her head. She currently had rotten aura on herself right now, and she just had to find a safe place to hide and she wouldn’t be in any danger. 

After speaking, Duan Yi rode on his soul pet into the black tower district covered with a special energy. Young Lady Shan was too restless to wait in place and would occasionally climb out of her spot to look at the black tower before returning to hide. 


20 minutes passed very quickly and Young Lady Shan gradually grew uneasy. 

“He still hasn’t emerged. Could he have been ambushed?” muttered Young Lady Shan.

She didn’t immediately leave. Instead, she waited for another ten minutes. But Duan Yi still hadn’t returned, making her panic even more.

Young Lady Shan chanted an incantation, summoning the Cloud Snake Ape Monarch, planning to immediately leave this dangerous place.  

However, she had only walked a few steps away before having the Cloud Snake Ape Monarch come to a stop. She turned around and glanced at the district of countless black towering towers. 

She bit her lips, and hesitated before finally coming to a decision. She unexpectedly had the Cloud Snake Ape Monarch walk towards the Thousand Wave Beast Demon Suppressing Monument, and into the black tower district! 

No one knew what Young Lady Shan, who wasn’t even a spirit emperor, was thinking right now. 


Soul Palace’s Xuan Zhen Beetle spring. 

On the 26th day of chaos, a hero finally appeared at the Xuan Zhen Beetle Spring. 

The hero in charge of summoning the Xuan Zhen Beetle was Xuan Zhen Beetle Palace’s Palace Lord - Lin Zhe. 

When the spirit emperors saw Lin Zhe appear, they found this Palace Lord was covered in blood, and had several near-fatal wounds that exposed his bones. This caused the spirit emperors to tremble! 

The wounds this Palace Lord received were enough to take his life, but through the reflection, they saw him stumbling towards the Demon Suppressing Monument’s spring...

In his current state, if even a monarch rank soul pet appeared, it was enough to easily kill him.

Yet, even in this defenseless state, he dropped the Heavenly Dew, mixed with his blood, onto the spring. While his blood flowed, he chanted the incantation.

This scene made his Soul Palace colleagues’ eyes go red.

Soul Palace Lin Zhe had always been an extremely low-key spirit emperor. He had his own method of cultivating and enjoyed solitude. The amount of respect he had in Soul Palace was much less than the spirit emperors that had a lot of connections. 

However, when the others saw the spring slowly fill with blood, and this usually silent and taciturn Palace Lord using his life to summon the Xuan Zhen Beetle, everyone was choked up… 

No one knew what kind of a fight he had been through to reach this place or if the medicine he had brought along had all been used up. However, he had no soul pets next to him protecting him, illustrating how miserable of a fight he had been through! 

The blood practically dyed the entire spring. Through the entire chant, Palace Lord Lin Zhe was dripping with blood. The spirit emperors were afraid that halfway through the chant, he would collapse in the spring. 

Time became abnormally slow. Whether it would be his life that gave way first or the incantation that would be completed first, this made the spirit emperors feel extremely heavy during this nearly two hour long incantation. 

"He… he persevered!” 

Finally, the last portion of the chant was finished! 

The spirit emperors saw a holy light descend from the sky, illuminating the mighty silhouette of the Xuan Zhen Beetle’s Demon Suppressing Monument and Palace Lord Lin Zhe. 

When the Palace Lord that had relied completely on his willpower and ignited his own lifeforce to awaken the Xuan Zhen Beetle Saint Beast saw this moment, he cracked a smile on his pale face. 

This smile wasn’t only because the saint beast had descended, but also because he was Xuan Zhen Beetle Palace’s Palace Lord, and had nearly fanatical adoration for the Xuan Zhen Beetle. 

His Xuan Zhen Beetle had perished in the fight just now. Thus, summoning the strongest Xuan Zhen Beetle right now was like attaining nirvana for his soul pet, and watching the soul pet that had accompanied him for over ten years resurrect! 

However, when his mind finally relaxed, his life force reached its end.

The curtain of light from the Xuan Zhen Beetle became the final curtain for this spirit emperor as his body fell into the spring… 


The awakening of the Xuan Zhen Beetle Saint Beast was deserving of cheers from the spirit emperors. However, this was the second hero that had perished in the spring, causing everyone’s eyes to glisten with tears. They could only silently clench their fists. 

“Well done. Leave the rest to us.” Elder Ting was choked with emotions. 

The reason why Tianxia City had been able to persist for several thousands of years wasn’t because of the prosperity or robustness of the city itself. Instead, it was because when its very existence was threatened, there would always be spirit emperors like this that would stand in a blood-soaked battlefield and use their own lives to ignite everyone’s hearts… 

Those that could stand at the very apex of humanity were not heroes. Without these heroes that sacrificed their lives to ignite the blood in their species, the species would live in fear and fright, ordained to be wiped out… 

One didn’t have to be a hero like Lin Zhe, but these types of heroes deserved the utmost respect from other humans!

He had not only awakened the Xuan Zhen Beetle, but also the species duty of all spirit emperors in Tianxia City as well as their undying devotion to protect Tianxia City!


Ten thousand meters above Immortal City.

The Immortal Ming Bird had already completely recovered.

Just to be safe, it began to fly really high in the sky, and wouldn’t fly any lower unless something happened.

“Ming ming~~~~”

Suddenly, the Immortal Ming Bird let out a bird’s cry. Its sharp eyes penetrated the dense rotten aura and stared at the location the curtain of light was descending upon.

“There’s a saint beast being awakened?” Chu Mu revealed a pleased expression. 

Another saint beast meant a higher chance of success. 

“Ming~~~” the Immortal Ming Bird let out another cry, warning Chu Mu.

“Those magnates are heading there?” Chu Mu asked, astonished. 

“Young master, they definitely want to kill that saint beast. After all, that saint beast is alone and weak right now!” said Old Li. 

Chu Mu creased his brows. If he didn’t assist that saint beast, it would be killed by the three magnates. Especially with the Evernight Emperor, the chances of that soul pet escaping were very small.

But if he went to help, this meant that the saint pet group would directly clash with the magnate group!!!

“Young master, you don’t have a choice. You must fight!” said Old Li.

Chu Mu nodded his head. There was no way right now to summon all Seven Diagram Saint Pets. 

The three saint beasts as well as himself in the half devil transformation were probably a bit stronger than the combined strength of the Evernight Emperor, the Calamity Spider Emperor and the Ghost Emperor because the half devil Chu Mu was a peak emperor with a secondary attribute! 

“It seems that I may need to deal with the Evernight Emperor.” 

The big fight ultimately came, and Chu Mu took in a deep breath. 

He was about to fight against the leader of Immortal City’s magnates, the Evernight Emperor. This made Chu Mu’s hand slightly tremble. Perhaps it was because of nerves, but it was even more so because his blood was boiling! 

This was a true fight at the apex!! 

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