Chapter 730: Igniting One’s Life Force to Summon!

Chapter 730: Igniting One’s Life Force to Summon! 

Due to the Evernight Emperor’s appearance, the optimistic state of battle was instantly covered by the darkness emperor’s darkness. This made it hard for the spirit emperors to rest easy.

On the 24th day of Immortal City’s chaos, the number of spirit emperors in Tianxia City grew to 80, and there were now 3000 spirit master experts from various regions here. 

However, Liu Binglan understood that this amount of strength was far from enough to deal with Immortal City’s sealed and guardian creatures.

On the 25th day, Liu Binglan had no choice but to summon all the spirit emperors to the Tianxia Great Hall to discuss the Labyrinth Prison matters.

There were a lot of prisoners in this prison, and most of their soul pets were sealed in Immortal City. In other words, among the soul pets in the chaos, some of them were prisoner soul pets.

The war between Tianxia City and Immortal City was inevitable. In this situation where not all of Tianxia City’s strength could be mustered, the only thing they could do was use the prisoners to weaken the riot in Immortal C...

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