TCOSP: Book 2 Chapter 73 - Exterminating the Yang Family (2)

Exterminating the Yang Family (2)


A bewildered night. A slightly cold and ghostly moonlight slowly fell onto Gangluo City in the dead of night. On Gangluo City’s empty streets, in the intricately laced alleyways, a few black figures could be faintly seen flitting by one second, disappearing the next…...

Black clouds rolled gently, and starlight leaked through. Within the leaked glow, black wing typed organisms flew past silently, lifting a wave of cold air as they lightly breezed past the somewhat empty city.

Between the uneven architecture, the night invader Dream Beast maneuvered its elegant and evilly handsome body magnificently through the city skies as it ran straight for the Yang Family mansion.

The night was a Dream Beast’s heaven because they could make dreamlands however they pleased.

Furthermore, the dark type Night Thunder Dream Beast was even more the darling of the night. It was full of intelligence and demonic nature, and it also had an arrogance and wildness about it that caused it to look down upon all other trivial and ugly creatures. The dreamlands that he brought were definitely not fake, but of the most real terror!

At this time, it was indeed Chu Mu that was riding his sixth phase first stage Night Thunder Dream Beast through the night skies of Gangluo City. After reaching the sixth phase, the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body shape hadn’t changed much. However, its arced dream horns and feathers that smoothly extended until its tail had undergone a clear change. Possessing a Dark Type caused the Night Thunder Dream Beast to be full of the characteristics of darkness and evil. The lightning reserved within its black and flowing feathers added even more to his wildness.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast also had the ability to leap into the night. Once Chu Mu slowly neared the Yang Family mansion, the night’s darling ran into the night sky and finally merged completely into it. Even the many soul pets outside of the Yang Family’s mansion with strong detective abilities wouldn’t be able to capture Night Thunder Dream Beast’s Night Dance.

“Night, let these guys feel the power of an invader of the night!” Chu Mu looked down at the Yang Family mansion and said to Night Thunder Dream Beast.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast slowly descended from a high place with vaguely visible dark energy ripples between its two curved dream horns…...

“Dream Underworld!!!”

Dream Underworld- the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s advanced technique. It was a demon type mirage technique castable only at night!

Dreams noiselessly floated into the thoughts of all the Yang Family members. The Yang Family guards patrolling unknowingly felt an irresistible sleepiness attack them, causing even the soul pets that accompanied them to yawn endlessly.

The dream beast’s techniques were one of the most bizarre among the demon type. In Gangluo City, there was almost no one who owned a Dream Beast, so the people of the Yang Family would never have thought that a sixth phase Dream Beast had unknowingly trapped twenty family patrols in a dream land already.

“Chong Mei - Dream Underworld!

Chu Mu’s pupils slowly let out a dark, star-like glow. This glow gradually morphed into a dreamy dark pulse that slowly spread nearby. Quickly, another round of guards that were replacing the first round also fell onto the ground along with their soul pets…...


Wisps of deep blue soul flames slowly rose. It’s cold radiance calmly started burning, causing those guards who fell into a dream to turn into ashes without feeling any pain.“Chu Nightmare Prince, twenty killers and thirty Devil Attendants are ready for action.” The Killer leader He Lang said.

As he spoke, the killer leader specially glanced at the slowly disintegrating bodies, and he was secretly surprised. Though this Night Thunder Dream Beast hadn’t been summoned at the Recommendation, its power to control dreams was very scary. Additionally, Chu Mu was himself a Seventh Remembrance spirit teacher. Together, they easily dealt with a large batch of Yang Family patrols…...

“En, release your demons.” Chu Mu nodded and told He Lang.

“Yes!” He Lang saluted, and he immediately passed on a command to all the Nightmare Palace members.

Most of the demons had special restrictive abilities that could secretly control demons and kill them effortlessly.

As a killer, what they needed wasn’t only a destructive evil soul pet like the Nightmare, but also a demon type soul pet that could stealthily dismantle their enemies. This way, they could kill people before the enemy even had time to summon their soul pet.

Dark night, silence. Only within Yang Family could the occasional clamor be heard. However, these people even now didn’t know that the entire Yang Family’s outer defenses had already been dismantled by Nightmare Palace’s demons…...


All of the Chu Family and Nightmare Palace experts had already shown themselves. A sharp sound of a flare blew up in the air and, immediately, over hundreds of soul pet trainers summoned all their long ranged soul pets…...

A long stream of incantations started around the entire Yang Family mansion. Colorful lights immediately appeared, creating a magnificent ring of light around the center of Gangluo City.

In the next moment, sounds of air whistling could be heard!!

The Fifty Nightmare Palace members each had a Cyan Nightmare or Blue Nightmare. All of their soul flames were used to cast the sixth rank fire type technique Molten Fury, crazily exploding in clumps onto the Yang Family’s mansion. Cyan and blue soul flames instantly shrouded the entirety of the Yang Family’s residence, causing shrill screams to start!


A large wind violently started, causing a banshee-like screeching sound to start. Immediately, a ten meter tall whirlwind that spiraled into the night sky brought with it millions of rapidly dancing wind blades…...

Before the fire type techniques even withered away, the wind type technique rolled in. A large part of the residence collapsed under the fire that had been scattered all over the place. Between the scattered flames and the ruined residence, one could see the Yang Family members covering their heads and sneaking away like rats…...

Devil flames and wind were only the beginning. Large area of effect abilities quickly followed in the ruthless shower of abilities!!

The sky was covered in the roar of ice. It became a world of ice and snow, freezing the Yang Family and causing everything to fall into fragments amidst the chaos!

The ground split, allowing shocking rock spires to poke upwards and destroy all the houses. They even penetrated some soul pet trainers who didn’t summon their soul pets in time!

The dazzling golden light burned with a combination of Light Type and Fire Type. No matter how wide and open the Yang Family residence was, there still was nowhere to escape to!!

Hundreds of soul pet techniques barraged them. The entire Yang Family, under the continuous attack, was quickly destroyed. Burnt to a crisp, frozen, cauterized. There were even a few members who were buried alive in their sleep…...

“Beast type soul pets, kill!” Killer leader He Lang shouted loudly!!

Immediately, the entirety of Gangluo City was filled with terrifying beast roars. There were over 100 Chu Family and Yang Family experts, and almost every person had two or more close range beast type soul pet. After switching and summoning, the roaring was even more deafening!!!


The tall outer walls were easily toppled, and the beast wave rolled forward, booming and reducing any obstacle to rubble!!

The genocidal war had started, and the entirety of Gangluo City was startled. In every street and alley, scared shouts could be heard. The wealthy merchants who lived near the Yang Family staggered towards the smoke-filled area of massacre!!

With such a commotion within Gangluo City, it naturally alarmed both the Qin Family and Zhou Family. These two families thought that the battle between families had been settled over at the Recommendation, and hadn’t thought that it would be reignited on such a calm night!!

The blood was crimson and eye-shocking. The two families observing from afar didn’t intend to interfere at all. Of course, if one party interfered, then the other would definitely not just remain indifferent!


The flames of war blazed through the city, and it caused smoke to fill the air!

When the full moon reached its apex, the battle had converted towards a large scaled skirmish. Chu Tianheng led the Chu Family Guard into the Yang Family’s inner residence and fought head on with the Yang Family’s soul pet trainers within the ruins!

Chu Tianheng’s seventh phase seventh stage Mo Ye was matched against Yang Mansen’s seventh phase eighth stage Blood Winged Trioptic Beast. These two strongest beast type soul pets had a powerful impact. Often, one could see a patch of fifth phase soul pets knocked away during the battle between these two beast type soul pets.

Yet Chu Ming, who was even stronger than Yang Kuo, was a key member in this slaughter. His eighth phase commander rank Light Rhinoceros was the single most terrifying soul pet in Gangluo City. Even the old Yang Kuo had to fear it somewhat. Today, that eighth phase Light Rhinoceros was almost unstoppable. Even the vice family head Yang Ling was effortlessly trampled on!

Chu Ming was a spirit master, able to summon four soul pets. Yet, of his soul pets, other than a few old timer experts of Yang Family that could somewhat fend him off, there wasn’t a single other soul pet trainer that could. He alone was enough to fight all the experts of his generation within the Yang Family. Yang Kuo’s brother and cousins were almost all killed by the techniques of Chu Ming’s four soul pets!

The Yang Family’s second generation experts were lead by Yang Mansen. The second strongest, Yang Mantian, had long since been killed by Chu Mu. The rest of the people quickly engaged with Chu Tianling and Chu Tianjue. Chu Mu, who should’ve gone for the third generation Yang Family members, directly joined the battle of the second generations!

The Yang Family’s third generation experts had already all been killed by Chu Mu. Chu Xing, Chu Lang, and Chu Ying and the other third generation members were more than enough to deal with the rest and clean it up!

As for all of the Yang Family’s external experts and loyal servants, they had either run away, died, or been dealt with by the Nightmare Palace killers and Devil Attendants!


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