Chapter 729: The upcoming top tier emperor battle

Chapter 729: The upcoming top tier emperor battle

Night Control, mysterious and unknown, yet full of the feeling of death!

This Evernight Emperor seemed to want to take in the entire immortal city into its reign, including the boundless skies!

Chu Mu gazed into the distance, yet all he saw was eternal darkness!

The Evernight Emperor’s terrifying power showed Chu Mu for the first time just how scary a truly powerful dark type organism was. Just its power to make the world pitch black could cause countless emperor rank soul pets to fear and bow down.

“Young master, if we don't leave now, we’re going to die here!” Old Li screamed. 

Chu Mu didn’t dare to hesitate anymore. Retracting his little hidden dragon, he fell from the skies, and told Immortal Ming Bird to catch him.

After landing on the sacred pet’s back, Chu Mu quickly pulled out healing medicine from the red hair’s spatial ring and leaped onto the immortal ming bird’s claw to heal the ripped wound on its stomach.

The Probing Blood Wolf Emperor’s attack nearly opened up a third of the immortal ming bird’s stomach. It was thin and had a strong bleeding effect. Blood was constantly flowing out of the wound. If not treated with medicine immediately, the blood would definitely affect the immortal ming bird’s speed.

This medicine was all stolen. Though the rank wasn’t that high, Chu Mu didn’t bother to save it at all, putting it all onto the wound. The immortal ming bird’s rank was too high. Only a large quantity of these middle rank emperor rank medicine could be of use.

After a large swathe of medicine, slowly, the immortal ming bird’s wounds finally stopped bleeding.

Chu Mu let out a small breath, and instinctively looked back.

Yet, the endless darkness that came into sight caused Chu Mu to go numb. This Evernight Emperor’s darkness swallowed up the sky faster than he expected. It was almost at hand, causing Chu Mu to have nothing else to see!


Sacred pet binding wind spirit, at this time, flew onto the immortal ming bird and immediately lifted up a golden wind to imbue the immortal ming bird’s sacred wings!

With this wind type technique’s boost, the immortal ming bird’s speed distinctly quickened, causing it to become a beam of light that quickly flew far away!

“Do NOT fall into the darkness, your speed will fall greatly!” Old Li at this time didn’t forget to give a reminder.

Chu Mu’s night thunder dream beast had the eighth rank Night Control, but this terrifying Night Control was thousands of times stronger, even having a slowing effect!

“Binding wind spirit, use wind type techniques to swipe at them!” Chu Mu couldn't see anything anymore. Facing the imminent darkness, he had an unavoidable fear. Chu Mu had finally seen the true extent of Night control!

Sacred pet binding wind spirit read out a wind type incantation that threw out hundreds of golden wind scythes!!

Sacred pet’s wind scythes were each near hundred meters long, imposingly floating a few kilometers around the binding wind spirit’s region!

“Qin~~~~” Binding wind spirit let out a long call and pointed forwards, letting out the hundreds of golden wind scythes into the consuming darkness!

The hundred meter golden scythes ripped through the darkness. Chu Mu saw the calamity spider emperor and the ghost type giant’s figure. These two giants were ugly and full of evil tendencies, eager to just swallow the two sacred pets and render them into food.

Yet, no matter how much the golden scythes ripped through the thick darkness, Chu Mu with other pupil, still couldn’t see the Evernight Emperor’s true figure.

Slowly, hundreds of wind scythes disappeared into the thick darkness. A second later, the darkness slowly filled in the region again, as if a harmless wound healing up.

For some reason, although sacred pet immortal ming bird’s flying speed was already very fast. Chu Mu always felt like the darkness dominator was still nearing. Whether it was an illusion brought by the encroaching darkness or whether the Evernight Emperor was indeed gaining on them!

The binding wind spirit didn’t stop its wind type technique casting. As it constantly spent mental strength throwing massive wind hurricanes into the darkness, the nightmare like darkness finally slowed down a little.

Slowly, the distance got pulled apart. When Chu Mu looked back, he no longer felt that everything was darkness.

However, even as they slowly escaped, Chu Mu’s body was drenched in cold sweat!

Seeing the Night Control almost cover half of the entire complex immortal city, Chu Mu again felt the insignificance of his power. In such a battle, if Chu Mu didn’t go half devil, he wouldn't even know if he could live longer than a few seconds in it.


After escaping from the pursuit of the Evernight Emperor, the sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird didn’t immediately stop, instead of flying into higher skies. Only more than ten thousand meters in the sky did the immortal ming bird truly feel safe.

To a certain height, the entire immortal city should be visible in sight.

Yet, Chu Mu noticed the entire immortal city was covered in a rotten aura, as if a cloud was veiling it.

When deep in immortal city, one could only feel a slight haziness in vision. At this height, one would find that immortal city’s rotten aura was incredibly thick, almost completely wrapped in it.


The immortal ming bird lightly flapped its wings and spat out a cloud that slowly spread out…...

Once the cloud formed, Immortal Ming Bird landed on it and stood tiredly.

Binding wind spirit didn’t stop throwing wind type techniques throughout the entire escape, looking like it wasted a lot of energy as well. It floated to the side and started adjusting itself.

As for Chu Mu, he also jumped onto Immortal Ming Bird’s cloud and let out a breath.

No matter what, they had gotten rid of a giant organism. That was worthy of satisfaction. What gave him a headache was the Evernight Emperor was truly too powerful. If they didn’t wake Palm Dawn Concubine up, only Holy Stem Flower and Wanmo Beast could deal with it.

Yet, presumably, the defector young girl definitely put a lot of experts around the Wanmo Beast and the Holy Stem Flower’s suppressing demon monuments, so awakening them would be especially hard.

“Young master, the longer we wait, the more giant organisms there will be. Looking at immortal city’s situation, with the Evernight Emperor as lead and the calamity spider emperor and ghost emperor at its side, there are a total of three giants that appeared. My guess is that those are the only three; even if there are more, there won’t be more than four total.

“En.” Chu Mu nodded. If the immortal city still had other giants, it definitely would follow Evernight Emperor out to kill the three giants. Of course, conservatively, we can estimate that they have four because the giants are growing in strength daily!

“We can’t afford to waste time. Following this, after summoning one or two more sacred pets, young master will have to risk it all.” Old Li said.

Old Li’s words were something that Chu Mu already knew. Awakening all ancient seven diagram sacred pets wasn’t likely. After all, not every warrior could finish their mission.

Yet, Chu Mu was alone, so his strength was limited, and he could hardly help all the suppressing demon monuments scattered in different places. The following will truly rely on the other brave warriors.

After a few more days, all the warriors will have arrived at their suppressing demon monuments. Just how many would awaken will be revealed in the following days.

So, Chu Mu and the two sacred pets could only wait and watch. On one hand, they had to recover, but on the other hand they had to wait for the new sacred pet to appear to bring about a true battle between top tier emperor ranks!

The sacred pet side had to fight with the giants. At this moment, Chu Mu couldn't keep up his strength anymore, needing to join the sacred pet division and giant division struggle.

It would be best if he could join and gain a clear advantage. If Chu Mu’s advent would only offset any disadvantage, then the victor of this battle will truly be hard to determine.


Sacred palace spring water.

The entire spring seemed to be drenched in ink, and it was too dark to see anything.

The young spirit emperors didn’t know what happened. They only saw the probing blood wolf emperor die to binding wind spirit’s ten meter wind cave before the spring was covered in darkness.

Almost everyone could feel a terrifying dark aura seep through the spring, spreading coldness to through bodies.

The young spirit emperors were still confused with what happened. They didn't know much about the powerful soul pets of immortal city.

Yet, the older and experienced spirit emperors’ faces all turned pale!

That was because they knew exactly what organism just escaped from its seal!

“Evernight…...evernight emperor, sealed in the top twenty!!” Only after a while did the spirit emperor named Li spit out these syllables.

The immortal city stood for thousands of years. The top ten organisms were true calamities of humankind in the past couple thousand years. Their seals were reinforced to the max. Almost no power could open it up. Thus, the sealed organisms mostly had died, or greatly weakened over the years.

This meant that top twenty seals were already the strongest organisms of all of immortal city, reaching an undefeated level!

It was truly hard to imagine just how powerful the conspirators must be to release even top twenty sealed organisms!

Just how much hatred did this conspirator have for Tianxia City, wanting to ruin this thousand year culmination of human culture!?

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