Chapter 729: The upcoming top tier emperor battle

Chapter 729: The upcoming top tier emperor battle

Night Control, mysterious and unknown, yet full of the feeling of death!

This Evernight Emperor seemed to want to take in the entire immortal city into its reign, including the boundless skies!

Chu Mu gazed into the distance, yet all he saw was eternal darkness!

The Evernight Emperor’s terrifying power showed Chu Mu for the first time just how scary a truly powerful dark type organism was. Just its power to make the world pitch black could cause countless emperor rank soul pets to fear and bow down.

“Young master, if we don't leave now, we’re going to die here!” Old Li screamed. 

Chu Mu didn’t dare to hesitate anymore. Retracting his little hidden dragon, he fell from the skies, and told Immortal Ming Bird to catch him.

After landing on the sacred pet’s back, Chu Mu quickly pulled out healing medicine from the red hair’s spatial ring and leaped onto the immortal ming bird’s claw to heal the ripped wound on...

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