Chapter 728: Hunting the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor

Chapter 728: Hunting the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor

The dirt waves lifted in thousand layers, causing the region to become muddied, sending dust into the air!

The Calamity Spider Emperor’s speed was much slower than the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor, but its offense and poison were extremely scary.

“This fellow’s leg grew back out!” Chu Mu noticed from far away. Originally, the Calamity Spider Emperor had a leg cut off by the sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird, but it had an eight full legs now.

In this resource-barren immortal city, the calamity spider emperor could only recover its leg through its own regeneration. Bug type organisms were indeed like this; if you don’t kill it in one go, it would quickly regenerate after a while and have its original fighting strength!

Through the rolling smoke, Chu Mu continued to stare in a direction, trying to see further, because he believed that there had to be more than just the calamity spider emperor approaching!

Indeed, within the large dirt wave and demon cloud, Chu Mu found that a dark ghost shadow followed behind the calamity spider emperor, barely visible!

The ghost shadow didn’t try to intentionally hide its stature and aura, or else a ghost type top tier emperor rank soul pet wasn’t something that Chu Mu could see even with Other Pupil!

“What’s that ghost shadow?” Chu Mu asked Old Li.

Old Li shook his head and said, “I only recognize top tier emperor ranks that were sealed away last century. This ghost shadow is probably a recently sealed organism. It seems very hard to deal with, since even the calamity spider emperor is willing to lead the way for it.”

“If it’s ghost type, then escaping will become much tougher!” Chu Mu said.

“Indeed, let the two sacred pets quickly kill the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor. Or else, once the ghost type top tier emperor rank came, escaping will be incredibly tough for us!” Old Li said.

Chu Mu nodded. He was just about to tell the two sacred pets the distance the giants were, yet the heavens suddenly started shaking!!

Chu Mu paused and strained his eyes to look into the dark skyline!

The entire sky was covered by the massive storm clouds, and the calamity spider emperor’s demon cloud, yet after the spatial shaking, the sky seemed to collapse, going from its stormy colors to pure black. It was like a growing black hole, causing people to suffocate at merely the sight of it!!

Chu Mu was speechless with shock. This scene was as shocking, as if the entire world just disappeared in front of him, eaten by a large black hole that encompassed the heavens and earth. Even far away, Chu Mu shivered! Just how powerful did the organism have to be to create such a world-destroying scene!

Old Li stared dumbfounded at the region and only after a while did he say, “this is dark type energy. The only one to do it to this degree in Tianxia realm is the Evernight Emperor,  the commander of the night!”

“Evernight Emperor, what is that!” Chu Mu’s inner shock didn’t calm down the slightest!

“We’re in big trouble, we’re in big trouble!” Old LI’s voice became shrill. It seems Old Li had a very deep wariness for this Evernight Emperor!

“What’s wrong, say it!”

“This is the dark type emperor that swept through the entire soul pet territory around 150 years ago. Not only Tianxia realm, even in Wanxiang realm, this dark type emperor has rarely had a match. Its movement is fickle, its techniques countless. In similar rank battles, it often won with great advantage. At the time, my owner once fought with its owner. It was this Evernight Emperor that almost caused my master to fail. One has to know that the soul pet my master pitted against it was a duo sub type top tier emperor!” Old Li said in one breath.

Duo type top tier emperor rank! Those were a full two ranks stronger than normal top tier emperor ranks!!

Sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird, Binding Wind Spirit, the calamity spider emperor, and the Probing blood Wolf Emperor are all single type. Putting aside the fact that the two sacred pets have some special sacred light power, they were all normal top tier emperor ranks!

From Old LI’s description, the Everngiht Emperor could barely win against a duo sub type top tier emperor rank, meaning even if this dark type giant couldn’t fight one vs three, it could at least fight one versus two!!

This dark night emperor alone could take down the two sacred pets Immortal Ming Bird and Binding Wind Spirit, nevertheless the fact that Evernight Emperor had the Calamity Spider Emperor and ghost Emperor to back it up!

“This fellow is the true leader of the giants in Immortal City!” Chu Mu was shocked. With this Evernight Emperor this tyrannical, the giants’ strength was far beyond Chu Mu’s expectations!

“Absolutely! That woman truly is too ruthless. She dared to release even this kind of organism. I don’t even know how she broke open those seals!” old Li said.

“Let’s not worry about how it escaped. Is this fellow’s speed quick? Can the immortal Ming bind and the binding wind spirit dodge it?” Chu Mu opened his mouth and asked.

“Its speed isn’t very quick. As long as we prepare to run away and not get caught by any dark type restriction techniques, he shouldn't be able to catch up to sacred pet immortal ming bird and binding wind spirit. But, if we can’t summon sacred pet Palm Dawn Concubine, of all the sacred pets, other than Wanmo Beast and Holy Stem Flower, the other soul pets may not even be able to win against this Evernight Emperor two against one!” Old Li said.

Not being able to beat it with two soul pets combined, this Evernight Emperor truly is terrifying!!

Looking down, Chu Mu told the news of the Evernight Emperor, and the other two giants to the Immortal Ming Bird and Bindign Wind Spirit.

Two sacred pets naturally knew the terrifying nature of Evernight Emperor. As long as one of them got controlled, they would definitely get killed by the three giants!

Yet, the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor were already wounded, so it was the perfect time to kill it. The two sacred pets didn’t want to give up this rare opportunity.

Sacred Pet Binding Wind Spirit’s wind barrier became a golden funnel. This large funnel connected upwards to the clouds and down to the ground. The ripping power threw the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor into the air forcefully!

Even after the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor’s bloody shadow was flung into the air, it constantly ran on the clouds as the winds ripped wounds into its body!!

The Immortal Ming Bird no longer cared whether the massive wind type technique would hurt her as well. As long as the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor left the ground, it would have to brace for the Immortal Ming Bird’s most vicious attacks!

Beams of immortal light became the burning rays of a thousand suns, scorching all the wounds opened up by the wind type techniques!

The Probing Blood Wolf Emperor’s eyes were blood red. While it was dizzied by the wind funnel, it actually still managed to fight back against the Immortal Ming Bird!

Immortal Ming Bird knew the situation was urgent and didn’t want to put it off any longer. Just as the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor ripped a blood red mark towards it, it didn’t dodge and continued to surround Probing Blood Wolf Emperor!

Wing Type restriction!!

The sacred hoop appeared once again. Except this time, there was a smear of blood in it. This was the immortal ming bird’s blood. To kill the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor, it didn’t care about the wounds it sustained anymore!

Wing shadows appeared in the sacred hoop, quickly tightening. As the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor was dizzied by the wind funnel, it was finally restricted properly!

Once this slimy beast was restricted, the two sacred pets had full time to cast a true killing technique!

The sacred pet binding wind spirit started chanting a more powerful wind type incantation immediately after the wing type restriction completed.

The Immortal Ming Bird also couldn’t care for its ripped wound. Immortal light again appeared on its body, dazzling eyes and forming a sharp sacred blade that hovered in the skies!!

The sacred blade flew past, stunning, ripping through the skies it passed by!

When the sacred blade flew through the skies, it created flames from air friction. It hit the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor head on and ripped open its defense, leaving a bloody gouge on its body!!


The Probing Blood Wolf Emperor’s body wasn’t able to move. This attack caused great damage to it, yet it could only let out a pained howl!!


At this moment, the powerful wind type technique the sacred pet binding wind spirit was casting finally completed!

The incantation was chanted for a long time. The sacred pet binding wind spirit lifted up its two hands. Immediately, an immense pressure came from the skies. With the binding wind spirit in the center, the pressure started swirling and quickly spread towards all directions. The dirt on the ground reached thousands of meters into the skies!!

At the same time the pressure fell, a wind cave compressed to merely ten meters appeared by the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor’s side!!!!

The previous moment, the air pressure pushed everything tens of thousands of meters away, but the moment the wind cave formed, the air flows within ten thousand meters all reversed, being dragged into this merely ten meter wide wind cave!!

It was like a plug was drawn in the deep sea. The air flows were turbulent waves, crashing towards the hole. Even six seven thousand meters up, Chu Mu and little hidden dragon were pulled in by the powerful force. No matter how hard the little hidden dragon flapped, it was useless!!

With such powerful suction six seven thousand meters away, then how terrifying was the center of the wind cave?

The Probing Blood Wolf Emperor already broke through the wing type restriction forcefully, but it was truly too close to the wind cave. Even if it was running at top speed away, its body was still slowly dragged into the ten meter wind cave!

Within the wind cave was endless death. Even an invincible emperor rank would die for sure once it fell in!

“Aowu!!!!!!!!! Aowu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The Probing Blood Wolf Emperor continued to let out calls for help. Its lower half was already submerged into the wind cave and sustained the torment of the storms, already bloodied.

Yet, the giant that climbed to the peak of soul pet pyramid didn’t want to die like this. Its upper body was still struggling outside the wind cave!

Yet, no matter how angry, resentful this wolf emperor was, it couldn’t escape its fate this time!

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