Chapter 728: Hunting the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor

Chapter 728: Hunting the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor

The dirt waves lifted in thousand layers, causing the region to become muddied, sending dust into the air!

The Calamity Spider Emperor’s speed was much slower than the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor, but its offense and poison were extremely scary.

“This fellow’s leg grew back out!” Chu Mu noticed from far away. Originally, the Calamity Spider Emperor had a leg cut off by the sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird, but it had an eight full legs now.

In this resource-barren immortal city, the calamity spider emperor could only recover its leg through its own regeneration. Bug type organisms were indeed like this; if you don’t kill it in one go, it would quickly regenerate after a while and have its original fighting strength!

Through the rolling smoke, Chu Mu continued to stare in a direction, trying to see further, because he believed that there had to be more than just the calamity spider emperor approaching!

Indeed, within the large dirt wave and demon cloud, Chu Mu found that a dark ghost shadow followed...

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