Chapter 727: Hunting the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor (1)

Chapter 727: Hunting the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor (1) 

“This.. the Immortal Ming Bird Saint Pet! When did it get here!”

Seeing the stunning body of the Immortal Ming Bird, the dark clouds in the spirit emperors’ hearts disappeared, and an excited smile appeared on their faces!

Even if Hong Fa was stronger, he would still not be its opponent!

“So Chu Chen was prepared for this!” Xiang Yiyun patted her tall breasts, and her beautiful face was all smiles.

“Chu Mu intentionally stayed here…”

Right now, everyone abruptly realized that Chu Mu was hunting magnate rank creatures!

Although noone knew how Chu Mu had lured the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor here, they realized he had the Immortal Ming Bird hide in the clouds and sneak attack Hong Fa! 

The Immortal Ming Bird and Binding Wind Spirit saint beasts are extremely fast soul pets. The Probing Blood Wolf Emperor doesn’t have an escape technique like the Calamity Spider Emperor. If the two saint beasts join hands, they will definitely be able to defeat this magnate!

“This brat’s guts are too big! However, there’s really a chance they can kill a magnate. If so, this will have gotten rid of...

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