Chapter 727: Hunting the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor (1)

Chapter 727: Hunting the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor (1) 

“This.. the Immortal Ming Bird Saint Pet! When did it get here!”

Seeing the stunning body of the Immortal Ming Bird, the dark clouds in the spirit emperors’ hearts disappeared, and an excited smile appeared on their faces!

Even if Hong Fa was stronger, he would still not be its opponent!

“So Chu Chen was prepared for this!” Xiang Yiyun patted her tall breasts, and her beautiful face was all smiles.

“Chu Mu intentionally stayed here…”

Right now, everyone abruptly realized that Chu Mu was hunting magnate rank creatures!

Although noone knew how Chu Mu had lured the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor here, they realized he had the Immortal Ming Bird hide in the clouds and sneak attack Hong Fa! 

The Immortal Ming Bird and Binding Wind Spirit saint beasts are extremely fast soul pets. The Probing Blood Wolf Emperor doesn’t have an escape technique like the Calamity Spider Emperor. If the two saint beasts join hands, they will definitely be able to defeat this magnate!

“This brat’s guts are too big! However, there’s really a chance they can kill a magnate. If so, this will have gotten rid of a huge enemy!” 

All of the spirit emperors had been focused on summoning the other ancient saint pets to ensure a greater chance of victory. They didn’t really consider hunting the other magnate level creatures, because the current saint pets were at a disadvantaged state. If a large fight were to break out, these two saint pets would be killed by the magnate creatures. 

However, Chu Mu had done the unexpected and flipped this logic around, hunting a magnate level creature!! 

If he was really able to succeed, killing a magnate was equivalent to summoning a saint beast!


Hong Fa’s two middle class emperors were unable to stop the Immortal Ming Bird’s techniques. Quickly, blood stains and two corpses appeared in the air. 

 The Little Hidden Dragon beat its wings. Its dragon claws had a few blood stains on it, but within the claws were now two inner crystals.

The Little Hidden Dragon maintained a certain altitude as it peered down at the thousand wave-like energy wave on the ground. It looked very happy as it watched the commotion. 

On the Little Hidden Dragon’s back, Chu Mu was stepping on Hong Fa, who was now spitting blood. He was beginning to plunder the treasures on Hong Fa. 

Hong Fa only had two rings on him. One of them was the spatial ring he would always carry on him while the other was a tracking ring. 

Hong Fa carried a lot of spirits in the usual spatial ring.  A total of 50k spirits. 

Aside from the 50k spirits, there were two second rank emperor soul crystals which were worth 50k spirits. 

All together, Hong Fa had a total of 10k spirits on him. This was considered extremely wealthy among spirit emperors!! After all, when most spirit emperors obtained spirits or spirit items, they wouldn’t store them away but rather immediately use them to strengthen their soul pets. 

At the spirit emperor level, each soul pet trainer would have over ten soul pets and each one of them needed to be strengthened. This would require a ton of resources, meaning that there was no soul pet trainer who would ever claim he had too much money. 

As for the tracking ring, Chu Mu gave it a search. He discovered a dense aura from the defector young woman on it. Presumably Hong Fa had obtained it from her, and an even higher ranked mental imprint from the defector young woman should be on it. 

“I’ll represent the Tianxia competition authority to seize your assets. As for you yourself, I don’t think there’s any use in you remaining alive.” righteously said Chu Mu as he looked at Hong Fa, covered in blood. 

Hong Fa’s eyes were filled with an unresigned expression. The person stepping on his head right now was clearly someone who he could easily crush to death. Yet, due to his negligence, he had fallen for his trap!

This was an unprecedented feeling of shame! 

Each spirit emperor’s growth was filled with difficulties. Hong Fa had relied on his own strength to reach this point today. However, since he had chosen to make Tianxia City an enemy, he should have already been prepared to die with the cause! 


Wanxiang City, the flower garden pavilion. 

The beautiful woman lowered her head, and didn’t dare say anything to the female master standing next to her. 

The female master was still wearing a golden mask. Although she remained calm and collected in front of one of the Sixteen Absolutes - Long Jue, right now, one could feel her hand tremble from time to time out of anger!

“Di Ji is a bit unwell today; please return Senior Long Jue. Di Ji will consider what you just said.” The beautiful woman saw that the female master’s mood was not good. She was afraid that the acute Long Jue, who was ranked second in strength among the Sixteen Absolutes, would notice something. Thus, she didn’t want this man to stay here longer. 

“Sure. Then go rest, Di Ji.” the man nodded his head. He gave a simple parting phrase before leaving. 

The female master watched Long Jue leave. Although she wore a golden mask, it was possible to see the gloom on her face! 

“He was indeed trash!” the female master had already reminded Hong Fa not to be negligent because Chu Mu would definitely be accompanied by saint beasts. 

Ultimately, Hong Fa hadn’t listened to her warning and had been easily killed by the opponent!

“Hong Fa was a genius. It’s just a pity he was impatient, conceited, and not shrewd enough. A person like this can only be used as cannon fodder. If he dies, he dies. There’s no need to feel regret over him, master.” said the beautiful woman. 

“Regret? The tracking ring on him was taken by Chu Mu. This ring can increase mental interaction and if his soul remembrance is slightly stronger, he’ll be able to sense my location!” the female master’s voice was extremely cold! 

“Sense your location? You still have a special mental connection with him?” asked the beautiful woman, confused. 

The female master waved her hand, indicating that she didn’t want to answer. She didn’t want anyone to know that she had signed a soul pact with this man she had called a mouse, that she was his soul pet!! 

Of course, the female master now had to reevaluate the contempt she felt for Chu Mu because he was now gnawing through not only a wall, but was also gradually beginning to take control of the whole situation! 

“This Chu Chen isn’t simple. Master has to carefully deal with him.” the beautiful woman had also changed her attitude of contempt towards Chu Mu.

The female master obviously knew that she had been defeated by Chu Mu in this round. She, who had thought of this plan extremely meticulously and bided her time, had been delivered a resounding slap to her face. This was an exceptionally uncomfortable feeling! 


Immortal City.

There was a chance the violent, savage and bloodthirsty Probing Blood Wolf was going to perish due to the arrogant Hong Fa!

Compared to a peak emperor rank soul pet, the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor’s life was much more important than Hong Fa and his soul pets. Therefore, when the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor saw the Immortal Ming Bird appear, it didn’t dare continue the fight, and began to flee into the depths of Immortal City. 

Unfortunately, the Binding Wind Spirit had intentionally lured the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor into its wind binding world. By the time it realized that there were two saint pets here, its body was being continuously bound by binding wind! 

“Aowu Aowu!!!!!!!!!”

The Probing Blood Wolf Emperor let out a mad howl. Its howl pierced through the wind binding world, reverberating far into Immortal City!

Clearly, the solitary-minded Probing Blood Wolf Emperor was seeking help from other magnates!

The magnates were all extremely intelligent. Right now they all had a common goal - to destroy the Departed World Gates. At the same time, they had a common enemy of the Seven Diagram Saint Pets. 

Therefore, when the other magnates heard its howl, they would immediately rush over to assist. Otherwise, their side would be weakened! 

“Ming~~~~~~~” the Immortal Ming BIrd circled in the air, giving a cry to Chu Mu!

“You’re saying that before you came here to hide, you were being watched by a few magnates?” asked Chu Mu. 

“Ming~~~~” the Immortal Ming Bird was at a disadvantage, and had been chased by the other magnate creatures. If it wasn’t because there were no wing types among the magnate ranks, the Immortal Ming Bird wouldn’t have been able to lose them and come here to help Chu Mu ambush the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor. 

“Tell me earlier next time…” Chu Mu bitterly laughed. 

The ambush this time had succeeded. However, there were other magnate rank creatures chasing the Immortal Ming Bird. The Probing Blood Wolf Emperor’s howl was equivalent to informing the other magnate ranks of the saint pets’ location. It probably wouldn’t be long before other magnates arrived! 

“Are you certain you can kill the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor before they arrive?” Chu Mu immediately asked the two saint pets. 

“Ming~~~” the Immortal Ming Bird indicated there was a chance they could do so, but this chance wasn’t very big. 

“Qin~~~~~~” the Binding Wind Spirit indicated that it could kill the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor. 

The two saint pets gave different answers, making Chu Mu speechless. 

“Even if you can’t kill it, you must heavily injure it, so that it won’t pose a threat to you at least for a while.” said Chu Mu.

The Binding Wind Spirit’s golden vortex descended from the heavens. It practically swept up pall of the shattered earth into the sky, gradually turning a turbid color! 

The Probing Blood Wolf Emperor was extremely fast. Chu Mu had to use Other Pupil in order to barely see its movements!

This peak emperor rank wolf was extremely crafty. While fleeing, it wouldn’t continuously change paths. There were many times it would take light wounds just to dodge the two saint beasts’ techniques! 

The two saint beasts truly did have the strength to kill the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor. However, this required a bit of time and right now it came down to when the other magnates arrived. 

As for Chu Mu who was still in the air, he could only watch from afar. 

Immortal City was divided into several sealed districts. From 5000 meters in the air, although much of his vision was covered by rotten aura, he was able to see the situation in several other districts.

The southern sealed districts were filled with thousands if not ten thousands of guardian and sealed creatures. These creatures were wandering very orderly in their territories, covering the large and small ancient streets...

Suddenly, Chu Mu discovered that an army of sealed creatures that looked like black dots in that district seemed to have obtained some signal and began to quickly disperse! 

Immediately after, Chu Mu saw a surging hundred meter high earth wave that swept through the streets in this district. It destroyed a huge number of sealed stone houses and began to approach the Demon Suppressing Monument! 

“It’s the Calamity Spider Emperor!!!” Chu MU creased his brows. He never expected that the first to arrive was this ugly magnate! 

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