Chapter 726: Closing the Net, Slaughtering Hong Fa

Chapter 726: Closing the Net, Slaughtering Hong Fa

As Hong Fa ascended into the skies on his Cruel Hawk Emperor, the people on the other side of the reflection spring were able to see a soul pet through the gold color wind belt.

“Cruel Hawk Emperor. Isn’t that spirit emperor Hong Fa’s main pet?!” Hai Qiu immediately recognized this soul pet!

Spirit emperor Hong Fa. No one knew what his real name was. He wasn’t a spirit emperor from Tianxia Realm, but often frequented this realm, and his reputation was huge!

In terms of strength, he was in the middle class or middle-upper class among the spirit emperor camp. An expert like this would have the position of a Great Palace Lord in any major faction or even the position of an elder!

“So many spirit emperors have appeared in Immortal City. When exactly was this organization created? How could it have pulled in so many experts to do its bidding!” Holy Guard Leader Zhuo Nong said in a low voice.

“If it’s Hong Fa, Chu Chen is in big trouble. The Binding Wind Spirit Saint Pet needs to deal with the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor, and is unable to protect him!” Xiang Yiyun worriedly said.

“Chu Chen was too reckless this time. I hope he’ll be able to use his specter type dragon to escape.”

Chu Mu could not deal with Hong Fa. Thus, this battle was a miscalculation.

Liu BInglan stood beside the spring. Even if she had Xing He use its space-transcending attack again, it would be of no avail, because the opponent had a Cruel Hawk Emperor that was between a middle class and high class emperor. A pseudo emperor technique wouldn’t have any effect.

Chu Mu continued to rise up into the air, gradually transforming into a small black dot in the reflection spring. He seemed to completely meld into the clouds in the sky.

Although Chu Mu was continuously ascending, he was still continuously protected by the Binding Wind Spirit Saint Beast’s wind crystallization. Thus, it was difficult for Hong Fa’s Cruel Hawk Emperor to attack Chu Mu.

“Do you think I won’t be able to do anything if you hide in the binding world?!” Hong Fa had a face of contempt, as he stood on the Cruel Hawk Emperor’s back.

As he spoke, Hong Fa chanted an incantation!

A black turbid wind coiled around his body, transforming into a turbid wind pattern. From within the pattern appeared a Turbid Wind Fairy Emperor! 

The Turbid Wind Fairy Emperor was another middle class emperor rank soul pet!!

“Open the binding world!” Hong Fa gave an order.

The Turbid Wind Fairy Emperor’s body began to spin, transforming into black moon wind blades that slashed the golden wind binding world. 

At this altitude, the Binding Wind Spirit’s wind binding world was extremely weak and could not stop a middle class emperor’s continuous attacks.

“Haha, even if you know to be scared now, it’s too late!” Hong Fa discovered that Chu Mu was no longer happy and he cracked a smile.

Of all the spirit emperors in Immortal City, none of them could deal with Hong Fa’s strength. Hong Fa guessed that this brat had classified him among the low class emperor trash. So when he summoned multiple middle class emperors, how could this brat not be flustered? 

“A specter type dragon is very special. But you still can’t escape!” after opening the binding world, Hong Fa discovered that Chu Mu wanted to flee and he quickly chased after Chu Mu and the Little Hidden Dragon! 

Chu Mu was 300 meters away from Hong Fa. When he saw Hong Fa chase after him without any caution, Chu Mu knew it was time to close the net! 

“You’re truly pitiful!” Chu Mu looked down at Hong Fa. The shock on his face disappeared, and a cold light flickered in his eyes!

An expert nearly at the high class emperor rank would undoubtedly have a lot of power and status in any region. Unfortunately, this spirit emperor had fallen into Chu Mu’s trap of provoking the defector young woman!

Seeing Chu Mu’s expression instantly change, although Hong Fa didn’t pay much heed to it because of his arrogance, for some reason his heart began to violently beat! 

“Immortal Ming Bird, kill him!” Chu Mu raised his head, and spoke to a patch of dark clouds! 

A sacred light suddenly appeared from the dark clouds. It created a gorgeous curtain of light that shined down like a sacred sun!!


The Immortal Ming Bird had already locked onto Hong Fa. Its noble body was wrapped up by immortal light. It extended its wings and created fierce wing blades in the curtain of light!!

“Immortal… Immortal Ming Bird!!” Hong Fa went pale with shock. His expression was completely the opposite of Chu Mu’s. The disdain on his face was now completely non-existent!

Hong Fa flusteredly ordered his Cruel Hawk Emperor to dodge!

However, this was all futile. The full strength attack of a peak emperor rank soul pet could instakill a high class emperor. Thus, the Cruel Hawk Emperor, which wasn’t even a high class emperor couldn’t even dodge this terrifying spatial attack! 


The Immortal Ming Bird’s wings were like golden sacred swords that split the sky for ten thousand meters and slashed down - beautifully, at the Cruel Hawk Emperor! 


The Cruel Hawk Emperor’s body was split into two pieces!!

Fresh blood spilled out from the two pieces, all splashing onto Hong Fa’s body!!!

Right now, not only was this spirit emperor’s hair red, but so was his entire body from the blood of his dead soul pet!


After instakilling the Cruel Hawk Emperor, the Immortal Ming Bird extended its wings and came to a stop in the sky. Its sharp eyes stared at the Turbid Wind Fairy Emperor! 

Under this peak emperor’s gaze, the Turbid Wind Fairy Emperor was only able to use a wind type protection technique on Hong Fa before being unable to chant anything more. Its body was frozen in place!

The Immortal Ming Bird’s gaze turned increasingly cold like sharp swords that pierced the Turbid Wind Fairy Emperor’s mind and through its brain!


Suddenly, an incomparably miserable cry rang out!!

The body full of turbid air suddenly began to collapse from the inside!!

The miserable cry only lasted a very short period of time, until it disappeared along with the middle class emperor rank Turbid Wind Fairy Emperor itself. The only thing left was its inner crystal which dropped from the sky!

Despite the pain from his soul being ruptured, Hong Fa reacted rather quickly. He wasn’t killed along with the Cruel Hawk Emperor. In his panic, he was able to use a wind type soul technique to instantly flee a thousand meters away.

If this was a high class emperor rank soul pet launching a hidden attack on him, Hong Fa would have abandoned the Cruel Hawk Emperor in the situation of life or death, while having the Turbid Wind Fairy Emperor use a wind type defense, and he himself used a fleeing soul technique. This way, he would be able to cleverly escape from the killing. 

Unfortunately, Hong Fa had encountered a peak emperor!!

Even if he had fled a thousand meters, the Immortal Ming Bird would be able to catch up to him within a few seconds after killing the Turbid Wind Fairy Emperor! 

In these few seconds, Hong Fa had completed a dual summon, clearly attempting to abandon another two middle class emperor rank soul pets so he could escape. 

“Capture him!” Chu Mu immediately said to the Immortal Ming Bird. 

The Immortal Mind Bird swooped down from the sky. It ignored Hong Fa’s two middle class emperor rank soul pets. It folded its wings and dodged their attacks, appearing in front of the rapidly descending Hong Fa.

Chu Mu had lured Hong Fa to an altitude of 7000-8000 meters. During the time it would take for Hong Fa to fall to the ground, the Immortal Ming Bird would be able to take its time, and wait for Hong Fa to summon all of his soul pets and then kill them all before capturing him.

However, in case Hong Fa had other special means, Chu Mu had the Immortal Ming Bird deal with Hong Fa first just in case something went wrong. 

Indeed, Hong Fa really did have a last resort methods! 

The necklace on his neck rapidly transformed into an Ocean Shield as the Immortal Ming Bird approached. Unexpectedly, it was able to block one of its attacks!

The Immortal Ming Bird was extremely surprised. It never expected this weak human had the ability to block its attack.

However, this didn’t affect its ability to capture Hong Fa!

The Immortal Ming Bird continued to swoop down. The feathers on its body transformed into light swords that rapidly attacked the Ocean Shield!


Under these attacks, the Ocean Shield was shattered! 

When the shield shattered, Hong Fa’s face instantly went deathly pale, because he no longer had any means to stop this peak emperor creature from approaching! 


The Immortal Ming Bird beautifully descended and its white claws sunk into Hong Fa’s stomach. It grabbed onto Hong Fa’s sternum and lifted him up in midair!! 


Hong Fa let out a painful howl as his body violently writhed! 

He couldn’t do anything about the Immortal Ming Bird’s claws. The more he struggled, the more it hurt!!

The Immortal Ming Bird lowered its head and a sharp light flickered in its eyes again, transforming into two mental streams that pierced Hong Fa’s mind and dealt a heavy blow to his soul! 

Hong Fa’s five orifices were congealed together and as he painfully howled, blood began to spurt from his neck.

In the eyes of the peak emperor rank Immortal Ming Bird was like a baby - unable to stop it at all! 

After Hong Fa’s soul was destroyed, the Immortal Ming Bird loosened its claws. It softly beat its wings and broke Hong Fa’s bones all over his body. It then casually tossed Hong Fa to Chu Mu.

The Immortal Ming Bird naturally wouldn’t forget the two mosquito-like middle class emperors behind it. Its cold eyes locked onto them! 

It probably wouldn’t be long before the skies would spill with their blood. 

“Sha sha sha~~~”

The Little Hidden Dragon beat its wings, taking delight in their slaughter. After they died, it did as Chu Mu ordered and collected their inner crystals. 

A middle class emperor’s inner crystal was worth 10k spirits. Quickly, there were four of these corpses, meaning there were 4k spirits. This was quite a big profit! 

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