Chapter 726: Closing the Net, Slaughtering Hong Fa

Chapter 726: Closing the Net, Slaughtering Hong Fa

As Hong Fa ascended into the skies on his Cruel Hawk Emperor, the people on the other side of the reflection spring were able to see a soul pet through the gold color wind belt.

“Cruel Hawk Emperor. Isn’t that spirit emperor Hong Fa’s main pet?!” Hai Qiu immediately recognized this soul pet!

Spirit emperor Hong Fa. No one knew what his real name was. He wasn’t a spirit emperor from Tianxia Realm, but often frequented this realm, and his reputation was huge!

In terms of strength, he was in the middle class or middle-upper class among the spirit emperor camp. An expert like this would have the position of a Great Palace Lord in any major faction or even the position of an elder!

“So many spirit emperors have appeared in Immortal City. When exactly was this organization created? How could it have pulled in so many experts to do its bidding!” Holy Guard Leader Zhuo Nong said in a low voice.

“If it’s Hong Fa, Chu Chen is in big trouble. The Binding Wind Spirit Saint Pet...

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