Chapter 725: A Large Fish Took the Bait

Chapter 725: A Large Fish Took the Bait

Sacred Palace’s spring lifted with a ripple. This ripple was caused by a power able to affect things through space!

Able to cause the sacred spring to ripple uneasily meant the giant organism finally appeared!!

“What is Chu Chen doing?” For two whole hours after Chu Mu summoned the binding wind spirit, he didn't leave, instead of waiting at the suppressing demon monument.

The priority at hand was to rely on binding wind spirit to summon the other sacred pets. What caused everyone to be confused was why Chu Mu stayed in place. Is he waiting intentionally for the giant organism to appear?

Chu Mu’s actions caused everyone to be confused. Now that the spring moved, it meant that the giant organism appeared!!

“One sacred pet can’t kill a giant organism. Chu Chen is wasting time!” Female kingdom master was very dissatisfied at Chu Mu wasting two hours in place.

Time was limited. Dodging the giant organisms and summoning sacred pet was the way to go. With these two hours,...

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