Chapter 725: A Large Fish Took the Bait

Chapter 725: A Large Fish Took the Bait

Sacred Palace’s spring lifted with a ripple. This ripple was caused by a power able to affect things through space!

Able to cause the sacred spring to ripple uneasily meant the giant organism finally appeared!!

“What is Chu Chen doing?” For two whole hours after Chu Mu summoned the binding wind spirit, he didn't leave, instead of waiting at the suppressing demon monument.

The priority at hand was to rely on binding wind spirit to summon the other sacred pets. What caused everyone to be confused was why Chu Mu stayed in place. Is he waiting intentionally for the giant organism to appear?

Chu Mu’s actions caused everyone to be confused. Now that the spring moved, it meant that the giant organism appeared!!

“One sacred pet can’t kill a giant organism. Chu Chen is wasting time!” Female kingdom master was very dissatisfied at Chu Mu wasting two hours in place.

Time was limited. Dodging the giant organisms and summoning sacred pet was the way to go. With these two hours, if he brought the binding wind spirit with him, he may have gotten to the next suppressing demon monument and summoned a third ancient sacred pet!

“He wants to fight, truly don’t know what he is thinking!” Elemental sect Xue Qing said.

Everyone knew that it wasn’t time to fight right now.

Yet, no matter how people complained, they couldn’t influence Chu Mu’s decision through space.

Chu Mu believed that he had successfully taunted the defector young woman. The defector young woman will definitely send someone to kill him, and he had to give her a sweet blow of revenge back!

The violent scent that came through the wind caused Chu Mu to have difficulty breathing. This was a top tier emperor rank’s aura!!

After seeing Immortal Ming Bird and Calamity Spider Emperor fight, Chu Mu knew clearly just how powerful the top tier emperor rank is, and at the same time solidified Chu Mu’s yearning to become more powerful!!

his plot in immortal city made Chu Mu clearly realize that the defector young woman, in both strength and wisdom, far surpassed what Chu Mu imagined!


A long roar came from far at the horizon. The giant organism didn’t disguise itself at all, recklessly releasing its powerful and overwhelming emperor aura. Its wildness and courage wasn’t something the Calamity Spider Emperor could have!

Chu Mu looked on. In the dark horizon, the color of blood approached like a tidal wave, swiftly covering the ground towards them!

Wild, Violent, Bloody!

The giant organism’s aura caused all the organisms in a ten kilometer radius to scatter. The wing type defending organisms were all scared and sent flying further into immortal city!

“Young master, this fellow is extremely bloody!” Old Li said.

Chu Mu nodded and glanced at the golden sacred pet binding wind spirit and said, “First give it a taste of your power!”

Binding wind spirit gazed at the blood rolling down the horizon and slowly closed its eyes to start an incantation!

Full of chaotic golden squalls, the wind belt suddenly stirred. As the sacred binding wind spirit’s spirited chanting sounded, the powerful wind belt that covered the nearby kilometers started shifting as a whole, slowly gathering together!

The golden wind swirled and transformed into a storm that reached a few kilometers!!

Chu Mu’s Qin could create a hurricane at most one kilometer in width, and this sacred pet binding wind spirit controlled a wind type power crystal that was ten times more powerful than Qin’s!


His ears filled with golden winds as Chu Mu’s vision was instantly filled by this magnificent golden storm!!

Finally, the technique finished gathering. The binding wind spirit let out a long call. Instantly, the massive golden hurricane that swallowed the nearby region became a massive snarling beast that stormed forth, bringing rumbling as it swept towards the horizon!!!

Though the golden hurricane was massive, it was extremely quick. In a short moment, it already left far away from Chu Mu’s vision, going towards the arrogant emperor rank organism!

Sacred pet binding wind spirit’s technique and wind control showed Chu Mu a whole new world. The technique’s power alone caused Chu Mu’s heart to shake.

Through the rumbling, Chu Mu could hear the howl the giant organism let out as it got hit by the golden hurricane!

A few kilometers out, the golden hurricane slammed into the rolling blood tide. Immediately, the collision of beast type and wind type gathered together into another force that went even further away!

What was shocking was, a moment after, the entire city area became ruins!!

“Qin~~~~~~” Seeing this destructive scene, Qin on Chu Mu’s shoulders let out a small mumble.

“You’ll reach that stage sometime too.” Chu Mu knew what binding wind spirit was thinking and comforted.

In the following battle, the top tier emperor rank and top tier emperor ranks collided. For safety’s sake, Chu Mu retracted Qin and little Mo Xie, leaving only the ghost type little hidden dragon.

The golden storm started dispersing. Within the chaos, Chu Mu saw a blood red silhouette advance towards Chu Mu at a speed he couldn’t even comprehend. The sacred pet binding wind spirit’s golden hurricane seemed to pose no obstruction to it!

“Such a terrifying speed!” Chu Mu was greatly astonished!

If the organism had such speed, Chu Mu may not even see its true form after a whole battle!

“Young master, you should just stand by and watch. At this level, you have no chance in commanding, you’re truly too far behind.” Old Li said.

“That may not be true!” chu Mu was just surprised, but he definitely wasn’t useless.

Immediately, Chu Mu started his own incantation!

After it completed, Chu Mu’s eyes became a strange swirl and glowed with a strange color, becoming special pupils!

Other Pupil. Through this technique, Chu Mu could definitely see the actions of the top tier emperor rank soul pet

Indeed, after casting Other Pupil, Chu Mu could finally discern the figure in blood red. What caused Chu Mu to get frightened was the giant organism that was running over was a wolf species emperor!

And, on the wolf species emperor there stood a man with a head of red hair. This man’s eyes were staring at Chu mu, showing arrogance and distaste, clearly not thinking much of Chu Mu.

“He’s probably the man the woman sent to kill me!” chu Mu smiled.

From this red-haired man’s aura, one could tell he was definitely powerful. No one knows how long he had to stay in the immortal city to get enough rotten aura to avoid getting targetted.

Chu Mu and little hidden dragon slowly started rising into the sky as he told the binding wind spirit to continue to cast wind type techniques to attack the wolf!

The Probing Blood Wolf Emperor’s claws were very scary, powerful enough to rip apart the golden wind forces that the sacred pet binding wind spirit sent at it. However, the sacred pet binding wind spirit had already set up a wind territory around the area. The Probing Blood Wolf Emperor couldn’t easily break through this barrier to attack the binding wind spirit directly.

The Probing Blood Wolf Emperor remained in running as it dodged sacred pet binding wind spirit’s attacks and also looked for an entrance into this golden wind barrier, its violent eyes constantly staring at the sacred pet binding wind spirit!

“Though I don’t know how a character like you got the attention of master, you have to know that, even if you do something that makes master crinkle her nose a little, you only have one path left for you: death!” The red-haired man used mental voice to say to Chu Mu.

WEith his tone, he didn’t view Chu Mu as a foe at all. From what the red-haired man could see, chu mu was only lucky in releasing the sacred pet binding wind spirit. The red-haired man had the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor, so the binding wind spirit couldn’t really do much to him. Killing Chu Mu was easy to him.

“Your master is my slave.” Chu Mu replied lightly.

“Outlandish!! Master is the noblest person in the world!!” Red-haired man immediately creased his brows and scolded.

“She once stood utterly naked in front of me, begging to be my slave.” Chu Mu said calmly.

Chu Mu spoke only the truth, while his tone left no room for dissent!

“You’re full of gibberish, I will rip your mouth apart!!” Red-haired man said furiously.

His love for the female master was already fervent. Chu Mu’s words defiled the most sacred and perfect goddess in his heart!

Seeing the red-haired man angry this quickly, Chu mu laughed. The woman truly had charming down to an extreme, causing even such a level of spirit emperor to fall prey!

“Probing Blood Wolf Emperor, I’ll leave the binding wind spirit to you, I’ll go slay that kid!” Red-haired man suddenly leaped off of the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor’s back and started chanting a new incantation!

The Probing Blood Wolf Emperor was much more bloodthirsty than the Calamity Spider Emperor. Its cruel eyes stared constantly at the sacred pet binding wind spirit, unable to wait to drink its blood!

Sacred pet binding wind spirit was unusually calm in this situation. It chanted its incantation rhythmically, constantly whittling down the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor while the wind barrier was still in place.

Chu Mu knew that once the sacred pet binding wind spirit and Probing Blood Wolf Emperor fought head-on, it couldn’t guarantee his safety, so Chu Mu rode his little hidden dragon up under the protection of the wind barrier and slowly left the two top tier emperors’ battle.

At this time, the red-haired man was already riding a massive eagle with two wings icy blue, flying into the air to fight Chu Mu!

“An ice sub type Cruel hawk Emperor, this is a wing type soul pet very close to high class emperor rank!!” Old Li saw the organism that red hair summoned and let out a small cry of surprise!

Near high class emperor!!

Able to have such a powerful soul pet, this was very near elder level power. Such a human expert being loyal to defector young woman was truly surprising.

“The more powerful the better!” Chu Mu smiled.

This red hair was a large fish! If he trapped him and killed him, even the defector young woman would go crazy!

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