Chapter 724: Ancient Will, Sacred Pet Inheritance

Chapter 724: Ancient Will, Sacred Pet Inheritance

After getting rid of Leng Lian, Chu Mu immediately went towards the binding wind spirit suppressing demon monument.

Halfway through, Chu Mu bumped into the anxious Duan Yi. After they exchanged identities, Duan Yi let out a big sigh of relief. If he couldn’t summon the sacred pet binding wind spirit because his heavenly dew was stolen, even if he made it out alive, Duan Yi wouldn’t forgive himself for the rest of his life for this mistake.

After reaching the suppressing demon monument, Chu Mu didn’t have Duan Yi and lady Shan stay, instead telling them to go to the next suppressing demon monument.

“Are you not coming with us?” Lady Shan asked questioningly. Though she didn’t say it, Lady Shan had to admit that Chu Mu’s calm and wisdom was rare amongst soul pet trainers. With him, the chances of summoning sacred pets will be much higher.

“I have been locked onto by a conspirator. Not long after, they and giant organisms will find their way...

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