Chapter 724: Ancient Will, Sacred Pet Inheritance

Chapter 724: Ancient Will, Sacred Pet Inheritance

After getting rid of Leng Lian, Chu Mu immediately went towards the binding wind spirit suppressing demon monument.

Halfway through, Chu Mu bumped into the anxious Duan Yi. After they exchanged identities, Duan Yi let out a big sigh of relief. If he couldn’t summon the sacred pet binding wind spirit because his heavenly dew was stolen, even if he made it out alive, Duan Yi wouldn’t forgive himself for the rest of his life for this mistake.

After reaching the suppressing demon monument, Chu Mu didn’t have Duan Yi and lady Shan stay, instead telling them to go to the next suppressing demon monument.

“Are you not coming with us?” Lady Shan asked questioningly. Though she didn’t say it, Lady Shan had to admit that Chu Mu’s calm and wisdom was rare amongst soul pet trainers. With him, the chances of summoning sacred pets will be much higher.

“I have been locked onto by a conspirator. Not long after, they and giant organisms will find their way here. There isn’t much meaning for you to stay around. You should instead go help the others awaken their sacred pets while I have their attention. This way, we have a greater chance of winning.” Chu Mu said.

Duan Yi didn't say much and nodded, giving the heavenly dew to Chu Mu and said, “Since you can finish the incantation by heart, then ill leave awakening the binding wind spirit up to you. We’ll head on to the next suppressing demon monument.”

Duan Yi had a natural trust in Chu Mu. After all, without him, he wouldn't have gotten the heavenly dew back..

Duan Yi and Lady shan didn’t say much. Chu Mu decided to stay and deal with the giant organism’s and conspirators, so their use here was near zero. Their priority was to summon the rest of the sacred pets.

Before they left, Lady Shan walked up to Chu Mu and said after a long while of hesitating, “You be careful yourself…...also…...thank you for always saving me.”

“En.” Chu Mu nodded and stepped slowly into the spring.

Seeing how indifferent Chu Mu was, Lady Shan was instantly embarrassed and angry, thinking to herself, “I was so serious in saying goodbye! Do I look ugly? Why don’t you even spare me an extra glance?”

After Chu Mu stepped into the spring and summoned the sacred pet immortal ming bird, Chu Mu found that he could very easily form some sort of communication through the ancient incantation. Thus, when summoning the other soul pets, the incantation really was just a formality.

When walking to the center of the spring, Chu Mu closed his eyes and started the incantation.


His clothes lifted as an invisible ancient power surrounded the handsome young man. Through the reflection, the spirit emperors again saw Chu Mu’s figure and saw him about to summon the second ancient sacred pet binding wind spirit!

Xiang Yiyun’s two charming eyes stared at Chu Mu. Both the sacred ancient pets were summoned by Chu Mu. If they could alleviate this crisis, Chu Mu would definitely be the largest contributor. Then, Chu Mu in the spirit emperor ranks would definitely stand out as the star of Tianxia City, of his entire generation!

Initially, after Chu Mu rejected Xiang Yiyun’s seduction, she became very interested in Chu Mu. Now that Chu Mu was doing this many things, this mature woman had even better feelings for him.

Not only Xiang Yiyun; all the other spirit emperors were praising this young man from the bottom of their hearts. This man much younger than them was truly using his calmness, intellect, and strength to turn the situation around!!

“Sacred pet binding wind spirit! It woke up!!!”

In the sacred light, a small wind spirit slowly appeared in the reflection!

Another top tier emperor rank organism. Within, a few soul palace spirit emperors had their own binding wind spirits. Yet, compared to the noble son of wind, they all dimmed in comparison. They also had a deep desire that their binding wind spirit could someday become the same level as this sacred pet!

Sacred pet binding wind spirit slowly floated down from the sky. The spirit wind around it glowed with a special gold, causing the binding wind spirit to seem like it was forged in gold. Though it was small, one could feel the emperor aura it emitted, one that controlled all the winds of the world!

The moment the sacred pet appeared, an invisible wind hoop was released with Chu Mu in the center that continuously expanded, finally wrapping around a ten kilometer radius around the suppressing demon monument!

The wind hoop technique was something Chu Mu’s Qin also had. It was a sensing ability that used air flow. Chu Mu’s Qin could only cover less than a kilometer and needed an incantation for it. Yet, this sacred pet binding wind spirit didn't even need an incantation to feel everything within ten kilometers constantly!

This sensing ability, though it couldn’t be as precise as the Calamity Spider Emperor’s ability to sense airflow, spatial distortions, and ground vibrations, it was much larger in coverage!

The sacred pet binding wind spirit stood on Chu Mu’s shoulder. Because Chu Mu had Qin, he would have an easier time communicating with this one.


Binding wind spirit used its mental voice to tell Chu Mu to summon its kin.

Chu Mu followed its wishes and started an incantation to summon Qin in front of this ancient sacred pet.

Qin was already emperor rank, yet in front of this ancient sacred pet, it was still like a child. The difference in power, mannerisms, and age, were all too large, causing Chu Mu’s binding wind spirit to feel anxious.

“Qin~~~~” Qin murmured, not knowing what its great ancestor wanted, asking tentatively.

Sacred pet binding wind spirit slowly floated in front of Qin and extended a long finger onto Qin’s forehead.

A sacred glow gathered on sacred pet binding wind spirit’s fingertip. Immediately, a golden energy flowed forth, becoming a surprising wind belt that covered a large space around!

“This…...Ancient Will…… sacred pet is passing down its Ancient Will to Chu Chen’s binding wind spirit!

Elder Ting was the first to shout out. Being extremely familiar with all the sacred pet information, Elder Ting dreamed that one day he would have such an opportunity, to let his binding wind spirit have the strongest species ability of binding wind spirit species!

What caused Elder Ting to be shocked was this ancient sacred pet binding wind spirit was passing this ancient will down to a young man, to a young man’s pseudo emperor rank binding wind spirit!!

“Ancient Will. Isn’t that the species ability that allows a binding wind spirit’s wind type controlling   to double and to be able to channel uninterrupted even if it is heavily injured?” Palace Master Yu said amazed!

There were many wind type soul pets that reach monarch rank in binding wind sacred region. Yet, only the binding wind spirit was named a seven diagram sacred pet of soul palace. The main reason was because of this ancient will of the binding wind spirits. This ancient will was definitely an ability that all elemental world organisms dreamed to have!

Doubling elemental control meant doubling all its techniques powers. As for channeling, the use of it was apparent to anyone that has ever owned an elemental world soul pet!

Soul pet ranks can be strengthened through soul items, but species techniques can’t be gained, especially the extremely powerful ones like ancient will!

At this time, everyone who knew what ancient will was astonished. Their eyes were widened with shock and envy!!

“Qin~~~” Accepting the passing down of a species ability calmly, Qin very confusedly flew around Chu Mu’s body, not sure what its ancestor just passed onto it.

“How is it?” chu Mu didn’t know what the sacred pet did and asked casually.

“Qin~~~” Qin answered very innocently.

“Increased your control of wind by a little? Eh, it’s alright, better than nothing.” Chu Mu said with slight disappointment.

When what Chu Mu said was repeated by the people who knew lip reading, all the spirit emperors who were caught up in envy felt an urge to spit blood!

This kid truly knows no contentment! The amount of elemental organisms with ancient will in this world were countable on two hands! As long as it had this technique, no matter how low talent this elemental soul pet had, or how expensive the soul items are, these spirit emperors would feed it everything without hesitation!

“I wish I could choke this kid to death, what does he mean ‘better than nothing’?” Elemental sect sub sect master Xue Qing gnashed his teeth and said.

As Xue Qin said this, a few spirit emperors with elemental soul pets nodded heavily. Using those words to describe Ancient Will was an insult. Does he think a technique that all these old spirit emperors dreamed of having was about as useful as the insignificant technique “Wind Riding”?

However, just as Xue Qing spoke, the sub sect master caught a cold glare from Liu Binglan.

Xue Qin quickly shut up!

The person who is happy for Chu Mu is naturally Liu Binglan. The Ancient Will was extremely hard to get. Chu Mu’s binding wind spirit was now limitless in its future. Once it is strengthened more, its use in battle will be unforeseeable!


Sacred pet binding wind spirit after finishing its passing down of inheritance, started putting down a very wide range wind belt. This wind belt was basically the sacred pet binding wind spirit’s territory.

Since it was readying to fight a giant level organism, some preparation work was necessary!


After finishing the wind territory, Binding Wind Spirit floated in front of Chu Mu to notify him that it feels a very thick and violent scent floating over!

After a while, the violent scent that the binding wind spirit described wafted into Chu Mu’s nose as well.

“Only one, good, this giant organism will fall prey to our trap!” Chu Mu smiled. He looked into the sky.

Ten thousand meters high in the sky, the sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird was silently spiraling and watching down at everything with its wise eyes!

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