Chapter 723: The Magnate that Loves to Kill, Probing Blood Wolf Emperor

Chapter 723: The Magnate that Loves to Kill, Probing Blood Wolf Emperor

This was the first time Chu Mu had been compared to a mouse in his life. 

Chu Mu’s feeling wasn’t wrong. This woman probably viewed him as a low class creature, just like other people. Even spirit emperors in her eyes were just chess pieces that could be casually tossed aside.

“The entire Immortal City is in your control, yet three of your henchmen were killed by me so easily? Moreover, it seems you haven’t realized that the Binding Wind Spirit Saint Pet is about to be summoned by me?” mocked Chu Mu.

Chu Mu was certain that even if the defector young woman had the ability to connect through the heavens, she could not dispatch ten or twenty spirit emperors to Immortal City. After all, spirit emperors weren’t omnipresent. According to his estimates, there were no more than ten spirit emperors from Underground Palace. Now that three had been killed by him, this was definitely a huge blow to the defector young woman.

Most importantly, the Binding Wind Spirit Saint Beast was about to appear. This ancient creature had incredible intimidation force to Immortal City. If the magnates that were just released were to fight against it one on one, they would definitely not be this saint beast’s opponent.

“Hmph, it’s just three chess pieces.” coldly said the defector young woman. 

Due to the mental resonance with Chu Mu, anything relating to Chu Mu would involuntarily affect her emotions. Although she really didn’t care about their deaths, the summoning of the Binding Wind Spirit Saint Pet made her extremely unhappy! 

“Master?” the beautiful woman softly probed. 

She didn’t wish for each time for the female master to lose her cool because of Chu Mu every time. This was no good even if the beautiful woman didn’t actually know what relation the female master and Chu Mu had. 

“The Binding Wind Spirit Demon Tower mission failed. The Binding Wind Spirit Saint Beast is about to be summoned by him.” coldly said the defector young woman.

“He’s that strong?” the beautiful woman revealed an astonished expression.

“Him being able to kill three of my underlings means that in these two years, his strength has greatly risen again.” the defector young woman knew the more she talked with Chu Mu, the more this would disturb her state of mind. She promptly cut off the mental bridge and stopped wasting her mental strength.

Maintaining a mental bridge at such a long distance was very exhausting, and there was no meaning in wasting mental strength only to be provoked by the other party or to argue. Thus in a short period of time, she managed to rein in her emotions. 

However, Chu Mu’s actions really did surprise the female master. The summoning of the saint beasts was extremely crucial to the Immortal City state of affairs. She didn’t wish for her meticulously planned Immortal City chaos to go wrong! 

“Have Hong Fa take action. There cannot be any hidden miscalculations.” said the beautiful woman. 

“Yes.” the female master closed her eyes, and used the powerful mental technique again, creating a mental bridge over 10 thousand kilometers away. 

On a bloody black slope in Immortal City, a red haired handsome man stood in solitary above a ten meters tombstone. From this black slope, one was able to see a huge portion of Immortal City. Right now, his gaze was focused on the city itself and he wore a smile on his face. This smile originated from his confidence and despise for others! 

“Hong Fa! Pursue Soul Palace’s Chu Chen and get rid of him.” suddenly, a mental voice transmitted into his ear.

The arrogance from the red haired man’s face didn’t disappear. He perked his eyebrows and replied: “Soul Palace Chu Chen? The person who obtained first place in the Battle of the Realm and stole your Immortal Spring Water? You want me to take action against a person like this? Aren’t you valuing that brat who only took slight advantage of you a bit too highly?”

“He’s about to summon the Binding Wind Spirit Saint Beast. After you summon your Probing Blood Wolf Emperor, immediately get rid of the Binding Wind Spirit Saint Beast. If you can capture Chu Chen alive, do that. But if not, kill him!” the female master had already created two mental bridges today, and had consumed a lot of mental energy.

“If you want me to do something, I will give it my all.” a respectful and confident smile arose on Hong Fa’s face.

“I’ve already placed a mental tracker on him. You can use the imprint ring I gave you to find him. Don’t be careless!” said the female master. 

“Don’t worry, I will gracefully deliver the thing you want to you.’ said Hong Fa.

“Ok, after everything is over, I will give you the reward you deserve.” said the female master.

“You know what I want.” a smile rose on Hong Fa’s face again.

After speaking, Hong Fa felt the mental bridge cut off. Although he had said the last sentence very confidently, the female master hadn’t responded. This made Hong Fa a bit disappointed. 

Shaking his head, Hong Fa stared at the large tombstone beneath his feet and said: “What you want, she can give you as long as you’re willing to help us.” 

“Ao wu~~~~~~~”

Suddenly, underneath the ten meter high large tombstone, an incomparably miserable cry rang out!!!

This wolf’s cry caused the surrounding sealed stones to violently tremble as a dense bloody wind enveloped the black slope!!

“Don’t be impatient. I can release you, but you must promise me first to listen to my commands for now. Otherwise, after the ancient saint beasts are summoned, the chance you’ve waited for over a 100 years to escape will be lost!” continued Hong Fa.

"Ao wu!!!!!!!”

An impatient howl rang out again from under the sealed tomb. This second cry seemed to have been detected by the surrounding sealed creatures and guardian creatures who realized that something terrifying was going to happen. Unexpectedly, they began to flee in all directions, not daring to wander nearby!

Only a magnate level creature could create such a terrifyingly shocking effect! 

Obviously, another magnate was about to be unsealed!!!

“Your reply was truly resplendent. Very good. I hope that our cooperation will be delightful.” a smile hung on Hong Fa’s face once again.


An hour later

Hong Fa stood on top of a savage wolf which was dripping with fresh blood. He stared at the huge pile of guardian creature corpses around him.

This pile of guardian creatures numbered in the thousands and the lowest rank was a middle class monarch. Among them were few emperor rank creatures. Moreover, these guardian creatures had been completely slaughtered within a few minutes!!

Their blood had become the delicious food of this terrifying magnate level wolf emperor after it broke free from its seal!

It was no wonder that after its howl, so many creatures had fled as if their lives had depended on it. This bloodthirsty magnate creature would dye Immortal City in a bloody storm, leaving bloody death in its wake!

“Don’t worry. You just have to listen to me and perhaps you’ll even be able to enjoy the blood of ancient saint beasts. Their blood is a fine delicacy. Of course, before this, we need to kill someone. Although this is making a big fuss over a minor issue, this is the order of my master. You need to come with me. Oh, he should be accompanied by a saint beast Binding Wind Spirit and you should really enjoy its blood.” 

“Ao Wu!!!!!!!” the Probing Blood Wolf Emperor’s bloody fur began to flutter!

There was nothing more than the corpse mountain on the ground that could catalyze this magnate level creature’s savagery and bloodthirstiness! 

This was a true slaughtering emperor! 


In the old location of the Binding Wind Demon Suppressing Tower’s outer palace.

Chu Mu was merciless towards Leng Lian. After speaking, he had the Little Hidden Dragon end her life.

“You… you truly are merciless.” Young Lady Shan looked at Leng Lian’s corpse on the ground and spoke as her heart palpitated.

Young Lady Shan had seen Chu Mu’s cold-bloodedness before. Even if Leng Lian, a woman, was crying and begging, Chu Mu still didn’t blink and ended her life. If it wasn’t because she had heard that Chu Mu already had a girlfriend, Young Lady Shan would have wondered if he was not interested in women at all.

Chu Mu ignored this woman’s nonsense and took Leng Lian’s two spatial rings.

Leng Lian was much more generous than Hao Ting and Yang Qi. She kept her spatial ring with her at all times and left much property to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu gave it a look. There were treasures worth approximately 50k spirits. This was extremely rare to come by and enough to create a low class emperor! 

Of course, he had also taken all of Hao Ting and Yang Qi’s emperor rank soul pet inner cores from their fight earlier. This was a total of 6k spirits from them. Added on the inner crystals from Leng Lian’s soul pet, this number went up to 9k spirits, nearly 10k. Thus the total earnings this time was 60k spirits, which was quite a bit.

After all, Chu Mu had been worried about the 250k the Little Hidden Dragon needed to reach the tenth phase. 

In the other spatial ring was naturally the vital spirit item to summon the Binding Wind Spirit Saint Pet, Heavenly Dew.

This spatial ring probably belonged to Qing Kingdom Kingdom Lord, Duan Yi. Aside from a few medicines, there weren’t other items inside. Chu Mu naturally would return them to him.

“Young master, that woman probably will not just waste the huge amount of mental energy needed to construct a mental bridge with you. She probably left a mental imprint on your soul and has now sent experts to kill you.” Old Li was a veteran and gave Chu Mu a warning.

“I know.” Chu Mu nodded his head and said, “That’s why I only mentioned summoning the Binding Wind Spirit Saint Beast.” 

Hao Ting and Yang Qi only reached the Immortal Ming Bird Demon Suppressing Monument through chasing Chu Mu. Therefore, the defector young woman probably wouldn’t link their deaths to the Immortal Ming Bird. 

“So young master is planning on setting a trap for the defector woman’s underlings?” Old Li’s eyes lit up.

“Yes, I’ve already told the Immortal Ming Bird to come over here. I’ll kill as many underlings as she sends!” a smile rose on Chu Mu’s face. 

“This woman isn’t simple. Since she knows you’re about to summon the Binding Wind Spirit Saint Beast, there’s a high chance she’s attracted a magnate rank creature to head your way.” Old Li warned Chu Mu.

“Don’t worry, if there are more than two magnates, I’ll immediately flee. I don’t think that there are creatures in Immortal City that are faster than the Immortal Ming Bird and Binding Wind Spirit, right?” Chu Mu had already thought of a strategy.

“Haha, young master’s thoughts are very complete. The Immortal Ming Bird is a pure wing type soul pet and there shouldn’t be creatures in this world that can catch up to it. Added on the Binding Wind Spirit’s ability to increase speed and slow down pursuing opponents, unless four magnates appear, there’s no way they can be stopped.” laughed Old Li.

Old Li discovered that Chu Mu’s methods were becoming more and more proficient as well as experienced! 

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