Chapter 722: Provoking the Defector Young Woman

Chapter 722: Provoking the Defector Young Woman

The nine tailed demon fox was being suppressed by Mo Xie. It was only able to let out “wu wu wu” cries. It couldn’t even use a technique.

Although the small Mo Xie was a low class emperor, as she had continuously mutated, the number of species techniques she accumulated grew in number. When the difference in strength wasn’t too large, the small Mo Xie wouldn’t lose. Even if the nine tailed demon fox were to have a proper fight with Mo Xie, it would definitely be beaten down!

The Little Hidden Dragon burst with pure explosive force. Leng Lian’s other two pseudo emperors weren’t able to release a technique before being knocked into the robble by a single claw and wing of the Little Hidden Dragon. Even if they could climb out, they weren’t of any threat to Chu Mu.

“You… recall your soul pets, or I will immediately kill her!” Leng Lian was able to keep her thoughts, and was able to realize that she could use Young Lady Shan as a hostage.

Young Lady Shan couldn’t move. Her throat was being gripped by Leng Lian whose long fingernails had penetrated her white neck, causing blood to seep out.

“Recall my soul pet? Are you naive? I had her go to you in order to exhaust your soul power. Do you really think I care if she dies?” apathetically said Chu Mu.

As he spoke, Chu Mu gave Mo Xie an order to attack, to use sin imprint strength to crush the nine tailed demon fox’s body until nothing remained. 

The nine tailed demon fox’s body was rapidly destroyed. Blood spilled out from its eyes, nose, mouth and ears, as its life force quickly dissipated!! 

The nine tailed demon fox’s defense was very weak and was instantaneously killed by Mo Xie. The sudden soul rupture caused Leng Lian to suck in a breath of cold air. Her body could ostensibly no longer bear it. 

Young Lady Shan seized the opportunity and chanted a soul technique to abruptly run towards Chu Mu.

Leng Lian’s fingernails were unable to deal any real damage to Young Lady Shan. When Chu Mu firmly gave the order to kill, she realized that she had truly miscalculated! 

“You bastard. You already knew she was one of the plotters, yet you still had me stand beside her. Chu Chen, I hope you don’t die a good death!” after Young Lady Shan escaped, her chest heaved as she began yelling at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu glanced at Young Lady Shan. It was just as Old Li had said, this woman had big boobs, but no brain. It wasn’t that Chu Mu had the choice to warn her because with her intelligence, if he did warn her, Lady Yan would have been able to see through it. This would have made it extremely difficult for Chu Mu to force Lady Yan to expose herself. 

Leng Lian saw that Chu Mu and Young Lady Shan were together, and subconsciously believed the two of them were very close to each other. Because Young Lady Shan had believed in her so naively, Leng Lian naturally thought that Chu Mu had also lowered his guard around her. The only blameable part was that she had underestimated Chu Mu. He was a cold-blooded killer that would kill both men and women. Unimportant people were unimportant; it didn’t matter if you were a boy or girl. 

“If you want to survive next time, don’t easily trust others. Especially strangers.” Chu Mu had basically given a lesson to Young Lady Shan. Chu Mu was not referring to only Leng Lian when he mentioned strangers, but also himself. 

“You…” Young Lady Shan was so angry she couldn’t say anything. 

Chu Mu couldn’t be bothered with her anymore. He had the Little Hidden Dragon get rid of Leng Lian’s other two soul pets before walking up to the heavily soul wounded Leng Lian. With a single hand, he lifted her up.

“Let… let me live… live…. I will do anything for you.” Leng Lian’s face was pale. Her eyes glistened with pitiful tears as she looked at Chu Mu.

“How many people did your master hide this time in Immortal City?” sternly asked Chu Mu. He wasn’t going to fall for Leng Lian’s ploy.

“I… I don’t know…” Leng Lian weakly shook her head. 

“Listen up. If you say anything false, not only will I kill you, but I will also make you wish you were dead. I believe that you should know what this is!” Chu Mu’s tone was cold. In his left hand slowly burned resentment flames that illuminated Leng Lian’s face in a pale white color.

“This… this is…” Leng Lian’s face was full of fear because the flames in Chu Mu’s hands were White Nightmare soul devil flames. 

What was more painful or would make her more wish for death than slowly dying over a few days from a White Nightmare’s devil flames? 

“Speak!” coldly said Chu Mu!

“I… I really… I really don’t know. All of us are located in different seals, and we don’t know each other. Only through the soul imprints the female master placed on our bodies are we able to communicate. Therefore, the mission orders are all told to us by a red haired leader which we then implement!” flusteredly said Leng Lian. 

“Imprint, what imprint?” asked Chu Mu.

“It’s a mental imprint branded on our souls. Master gives us benefits, and we do things for her. We cannot betray her because the imprints on our souls are always in his hand.” continued Leng Lian.

Chu Mu creased his brows. He released his soul remembrance and forcibly searched Leng Lian’s soul.

Leng Lian thought that Chu Mu was going to destroy her soul. She trembled and was so frightened her face contorted! 

After Chu Mu searched Leng Lian’s soul, he indeed discovered a mental imprint. This mental imprint immediately gave Chu Mu a familiar feeling. 

“It’s an imprint from the defector young woman’s original body…” 

The soul pact between Chu Mu and the defector young woman still existed. The mental connection between them was severed due to some ability of the defector young woman. However, since the defector young woman was able to communicate with these henchmen from such a far distance through this imprint, once Chu Mu came into contact with it, he would definitely be able to detect her thoughts. 

The defector young woman was very far away, and Chu Mu could only feel a very weak mental connection. He couldn’t determine her location, but he still tried to use the mental imprint to incite the defector young woman. 


In the distant Wanxiang City.

In the pavilion of a rooftop garden, a woman wearing a noble golden mask stood there and stared at the far east… 

She closed her eyes and was currently using the soul imprints she left in her henchmen to examine the status of the plan.

These henchmen of hers were like her chess pieces. None of them could escape her examination and if someone were to violate her intentions, she could release a mental wave that would make their souls tremble from even tens of thousands of kilometers away. This would let them know that their actions had violated her intentions. 

Suddenly, the gold masked woman creased her brows, because she felt a familiar yet abnormally repulsive thought coming from one of the mental imprints in her chess pieces. 

“Chu Mu!!” her hand suddenly gripped the fence, and her white fingers were pricked by the vines so that blood spilled out. 

Her blood dripped onto the vines. It was as if the vine was injected with a hundredfold of growth fluid as if unexpectedly began to rapidly grow. The vines intersected with one another. It resembled a tentacle monster that began to stretch out. In a short period of time, the entire flower pavilion was wrapped by this enormous vine. This gave the gardeners here extreme shock.

The woman’s large chest began to heave. It could be seen that she was incredibly angry right now!

It was Chu Mu again!

Last time, because of Chu Mu, she had not only lost the Immortal Spring Water, but the Holy Stem Flower clone she had spent much effort into creating had perished. This also caused her to lose her control over all of Tianxia City.

Chu Mu hadn’t actually interrupted her plan. After the matter was over, she calmed herself and felt that there was no need to be so upset over Chu Mu, this small figure. Indeed, to her, this woman who had waded into the enormous plot, Chu Mu was but an insignificant character. 

However, she never expected that Chu Mu would once again appear in the midst of her plan, capture one of her chess pieces and then use the mental imprint on the chess piece’s body to intentionally provoke her!

How would the female master know it was Chu Mu that was provoking her?

The mental connection between her and Chu Mu had already been sealed off through a powerful mental technique of her’s. It was impossible for Chu Mu to transmit any mental messages to her. However, this time, Chu Mu had used her mental connection with a chess piece to forcibly give an order to her!! 

“You want me to kneel?” the female master’s face was full of disdain.

If the female master’s strength was weaker than Chu Mu’s, then Chu Mu’s mental order perhaps would have forced her to do as he said. Unfortunately, the female master’s mental power was much stronger than Chu Mu’s. The mental order was practically like a breeze. There was no effect.

“Master, why did you suddenly use your noble blood to feed a warrior rank Flower Vine Demon?” a beautiful woman slowly walked over and asked a question in confusion. 

“It’s Chu Mu. He’s appeared in my plans again.” said the female master, calmly.

“Eh, this brat truly appears everywhere. I’ll just have Hong Fa kill him.” faintly laughed the beautiful woman. She didn’t take this matter seriously.

However, the beautiful woman discovered that the female master was in the midst of chanting an incantation. She seemed to be using some powerful mental technique.

The beautiful woman was stunned. She had seen the female master use this technique before. Everytime she gave Hong Fa an order, she would chant this incantation. But this time, the beautiful woman discovered that she didn’t seem to be targeting Hong Fa’s mental imprint. Instead, she was giving an order to a chess piece. 


“The person who shall kneel is you!” 

A cold and haughty female mental voice transmitted over through Leng Lian’s mental imprint on her soul!

A smile rose on Chu Mu’s face. His incitement this time truly had effect!

At this moment, Chu Mu was able to clearly feel a trace of mental resonance with his first soul. This was the defector young woman undoing the mental block, using some powerful mental technique to create a mental bridge that transcended distance! 

“I’ve said before that if I, Chu Mu, still exist, there is no way you’ll have an easy time!” Chu Mu’s mental voice transmitted through the mental bridge the defector young woman created.

“You are but a mouse. Even if you nibble through a wall, you won’t be able to destroy an entire city!” the defector young woman’s voice transmitted. 

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