Chapter 720: Underground Palace Female Killer, Leng Lian

Chapter 720: Underground Palace Female Killer, Leng Lian

Immortal City, Binding Wind Spirit Suppressing Demon Monument

Female killer Leng Lian’s face looked full of shock at her own Bloodsucking Dream Demon and stared in disbelief at Xing Hen that appeared through the spring!“Why did this happen!!” Female killer stared lifelessly!

An attack through space!!

Leng Liang would never have thought that just as she was about to do the final blow to take down Duan Yi, a super expert broke through space and attacked her demon!

This Xing Hen was weakened through space, and was no longer top tier emperor rank, but to the low class emperor rank Bloodsucking Dream Demon, it was lethal!

Bloodsucking Dream Demon’s mental restriction abilities were amongst the top in demons, yet it had a crippling weakness- its defense was pitiful. A highly offensive pseudo emperor could instantly kill the Bloodsucking Dream Demon!

The Xin Heng that came from the other space was only pseudo emperor rank in power, but it hit the Bloodsucking Dream Demon directly, dealing heavy damage to it!

Duan Yi fighting with Leng Lian blanked too. He didn't know what had happened. However, this was a rare opportunity, so how would Duan Yi let it go? He immediately commanded his two main soul pets to attack the wounded Bloodsucking Dream Demon!


The Bloodsucking Dream Demon couldn't dodge, immediately ripped into shreds by the two low class emperor ranks, sending blood everywhere!

It was a monopoly effect. After this technique came out of nowhere, Duan Yi took this opportunity perfectly, and immediately struck back. After killing Leng Lian’s Bloodsucking Dream Demon, he also killed Leng Lian’s elemental pseudo emperor, wounding Leng Lian twice heavily...

Leng Lian lost her footing and didn’t dare to stay any longer, resentfully glancing at the spring!

Bringing her three other main soul pets, Leng Lian escaped with grief and indignation. This female killer’s reaction was indeed quick. If she stayed for another moment, Duan Yi definitely could take her down.

Duan Yi didn’t chase after. The opponent was a killer, who excelled in hiding, escaping, and assassinating. If he chased after, he could get killed again.

Two of Leng Lian’s main soul pets have already been killead, while Duan Yi still had four emperor ranks, so he wasn't’ afraid of getting assaulted when he was chanting the incantation.

“Not sure which expert assisted, but Duan Yi will never forget this  as long as I am still alive.” After making Leng Lian back off, Duan Yi immediately bowed towards the spring and said with true gratitude.

On the other side of the spring, the spirit emperors saw that the battle situation was instantly flipped and couldn’t recover from the shock instantly. Their eyes all fell on Liu Binglan.

“Your majesty, can it be that your soul pet already surpasses emperor? How else can it influence across spaces and turn the battle around?” Elder Ting was the first to question.

Elder Ting’s words were something all the spirit emperors wanted to ask. Only soul pets beyond emperor rank could rip through space!

“Star River is an other type soul pet. The reflection spring has some spatial correspondence, so other type techniques could pass through it to a certain extent.” Liu Binglan explained cooly.

Liou Binglan’s technique instantly flipped the fight around, yet her explanation was so simple and cold. The other spirit emperors wanted to praise her for it, but couldn’t bring themselves to say it. The cold beauty’s name truly isn’t false. The spirit emperors clearly felt that, in front of this cold beauty, any words of praise were useless

In reality, when Chu Mu and Yang Qi fought, Liu Binglan could have done it as well.

Yet, she didn’t for three reasons. The first, Chu Mu and Yang Qi weren’t fighting on the spring. Everyone had to stand at the edge of the spring and glanced diagonally to see the fight. Liu Binglan couldn’t directly hit the enemy. Second, such technique wasted a lot of stamina. After Liu Binglan’s soul pet did it, it would need to recover for a long time before being able to do it again. The third being after it went through space, its power will fall greatly, at most adding up to an all out attack of a pseudo emperor rank. If not for Leng Lian’s Bloodsucking Dream Demon truly having low defense, it won’t have any real effect.

Of course, no matter what, being able to flip a battle around through space caused all the spirit emperors to have an even greater respect for this noble woman!

“Strange, what is Duan Yi waiting for?” Elder Ting said.

“He seems to be looking for something…..”


Immortal City

Chu Mu rode a little hidden dragon and was about to ride towards sacred pet Xuanzhen Beetle. However, Lady Shan said she only knew the location of the remaining six suppressing demon monuments but didn't know which held which sacred pet.

So, Chu Mu could only tell lady Shan to lead the way to the nearest suppressing demon monument.


Little Mo Xie laid on Chu Mu’s shoulder. Suddenly, her furry ears perked up and her eyes glared into a direction.

“What’s up?” Chu Mu asked.

Little Mo Xie didn’t reply, jumping straight onto the ground and ran in front of the little hidden dragon.

Chu Mu didn’t tell little hidden dragon to catch up immediately, instead of letting Mo Xie roam herself. Chu Mu didn’t worry too much about Mo Xie. On one hand, little Mo Xie in pitiful appearance will almost never get targeted by organisms higher rank than it. On the other hand, little Mo Xie’s speed, dodging skills, and danger instinct were all top notch. She’ll be fine.

After a short while, little Mo Xie ran back, and didn’t seem to discover anything, laying back down on Chu Mu’s shoulder.


In the half-destroyed palace, a black-clothed woman kneeled on the ground pale-faced, breathing heavily.

“Damnit, just a tiny bit off. Who cast such amazing techniques, hitting here from another space!”

This woman was Leng Lian who had fought Duan Yi not long ago. Having two souls hurt, her vitality was greatly affected. She was hiding here to adjust herself. Thinking back to the Xin Heng ability, Leng Lian felt scared. The person that attacked her through space truly had a terrifying strength!!

“However, it's okay, I still this still. Without it, let’s see how you can summon the ancient sacred pets.” Leng Lian smiled and held a spatial ring.

This spatial ring was what Leng Lian stole from Duan Yi while in battle. Not only did it have some of Duan Yi’s fortunes, it had the most important component to summoning a sacred pet - Heavenly Dew

Without heavenly dew, even if the incantation was complete, it wouldn’t do anything. So, this mission Leng Lian technically still succeeded.

She extended her hadn’t and gently apt the nine furry tails beside her, a nine tail fox full of demonic aura and said, “Well done.”

Leng Lian’s nine tail demon fox was a thieving expert. The reason she could stand firmly amongst many female spirit emperors was this nine tail demon fox and its stealing ability. The Bloodsucking Dream demon’s death caused Leng Lian to be very sad, but if she had to pick, Leng Lian would rather choose for her Bloodsucking Dream Demon to die than have anything happen to her nine tail demon fox.


Suddenly, nine tail demon fox let out a call.

Leng Lian immediately raised her awareness and told nine tail demon fox to hide outside to look at the situation.

“Chu Chen, why did your little fox go off and run around?” A female voice came to Leng Lian.

“Maybe it discovered something, but it turned out to be a mistake.” A man's’ voice slowly came through.

The man’s words caused Leng Lian’s heart to tighten and start beating faster.

“I’m glad that I kept my aura hidden at all times, or else I would have been discovered just now.” Leng lian said with lingering fears.

“Speaking of which, what did the woman just call the man, Chu Chen?” Leng Lian muttered to herself.

Chu Chen was a name Leng Lian had heard many times. It was the young generation member that destroyed everyone with an emperor rank soul pet. Of course, this wasn’t enough to keep Leng Lian entertained. Most importantly, the master once said that Chu Chen, if caught alive, will definitely bring handsome rewards!

The female master’s generosity was something all underground palace people saw. The handsome rewards were definitely third, fourth rank emperor soul items. This was a great allure to Leng Lian!

Leng Lian’s face fell as her brain spun quickly, clearly thinking of a way to take Chu Chen alive.

“He Ting had a legend that Chu Chen and another female patrol officer was stuck in immortal city. He probably doesn't know about the suppressing demon monument, not knowing who came forth to awaken them…...perfect, I can use my other identity……” Leng Liancang’s pale face suddenly smiled sinisterly, clearly already having a plan.


Chu Mu rode little hidden dragon cowards continuously and came to a suppressing demon monument.

“En, there’ s someone? Chu Mu raised his guard and said to little mo xie.

Little Mo Xie swiftly hopped onto the ground and with a few light taps darted into the broken palace beside them.

Chu Mu told little hidden dragon to hurry up and catch up. When he stepped into the wounded palace, he heard a woman moaning as if hurt.


Little Mo Xie jumped onto the step and met the eyes of three soul pets with animosity.

“I think there’s a woman there.” Lady Shan pointed behind the three soul pets with ill will and said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu nodded and told little hidden dragon to slowly move forth.

“You guys……” The female that seemed extremely weak suddenly said, “Heng, I got chased all the way here. Us Hunter’s Alliance don’t have cowardly folks. Even if I sacrifice my life, I’ll finish it. Just come at me!”

Chu Mu and Lady Shan looked confused. They seemed to be an expert of hunter’s alliance. Was it one of the brave experts recruited to summon the seven sacred stones!?

This was very near the suppressing demon monument, so seeing a warrior here was normal.

“Don’t panic, sister, are you Lady Yan of hunter’s alliance?” Lady Shan asked tentatively.

This hunter’s alliance famous female spirit emperor was lady Yan. Lady Shan has seen her a couple of times and remembered her soft and alluring voice. This Lady Yan is a widow, constantly wearing a black veil so no one remembers her true appearance.

“En, this sister is?” The woman immediately popped her head forward.

“I’m Shan Ying, we’ve met at the dinner party.” Lady Shan affirmed the opponent’s identity and quickly replied.

“So its sister Shan…… I heard you were stuck in Immortal City, meeting you here is truly good.” Lady Yan smiled slightly.


Chu Mu said nothing, simply apathetically watching the truly wounded woman who was mature yet flirtatious.


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