Chapter 72: Exterminating the Yang Family (1)

Chapter 72: Exterminating the Yang Family (1)

“We’re leaving…” the nameless old servant’s expression was clearly rather contorted, yet he chanted his incantation and summoned an abnormally large eighth phase Storm Eagle!

Once the eighth phase Storm Eagle appeared, it immediately caused an uproar around the arena...

The nameless old servant grabbed the extremely weak Yang Luosen, and he jumped onto the eighth phase Storm Eagle’s back. He issued an order, and the Storm Eagle promptly lifted its enormous wings....

“Bring me… older brother, bring me…” Yang Luobin had already learned of Xia Guanghan, this ferocious fellow, from Yang Luosen at an earlier time. There was a high chance his clan would suffer a calamity and, seeing that the nameless old servant was bringing Yang Luosen away, he immediately began begging in a lowly manner.

“Bring him.” Yang Luosen ground his teeth and spoke to the nameless old servant.

The nameless old servant had the Storm Eagle slightly descend, but very quickly he heard Chu Mu’s ice cold voice.

“I only said that you could take your master and scram. I never gave you permission to take away people that I must kill.”

Chu Mu’s gaze coldly stared at the old man. The white colored devil flames on his body were unexpectedly burning on his exterior!

The nameless old servant’s eyes immediately let out a rather cold and ferocious expression. Evidently, he was rather angry at Chu Mu. However, knowing that Chu Mu still had numerous Nightmare Palace assassins near him, he had no choice but to swallow his words and harrumph. He ignored Yang Luobin, and he proceeded to bring Yang Luosen high into the air above the plaza as they slowly disappeared among the clouds.

“Big brother… big brother…” Yang Luobin’s expression instantly paled, and he loudly yelled towards Yang Luosen!

Yang Luosen currently had no more face left. Moreover, he had also sensed the numerous nearby Nightmare Palace assassins, which Chu Mu had brought with him. At once, he no longer dared to stay any longer and flew away with the nameless old servant.

Seeing Yang Luosen leave, Yang Luobin’s face promptly paled. He hastily left the plaza battlefield and ran towards Yang Mancan.

The person Chu Mu wanted to kill the most was Yang Luobin. How could he let this fellow flee?!

Without needing Chu Mu’s order, Mo Xie instantly flew out, and she used Death Assault on Yang Luobin!

No matter whether Yang Luobin ran or not, his speed was not faster than Mo Xie’s. In the blink of an eye, Mo Xie appeared in front of Yang Luobin!!

Yang Luobin’s face drastically changed, and he immediately chanted an incantation, wanting to summon a soul pet to protect him!

“Evil Stare!”

Chu Mu immediately issued an order to Mo Xie!

Mo Xie’s demonic pupils released a silver radiance. This eye beam transformed into two, long silver swords that ferociously stabbed into Yang Luobin’s mental world!

Yang Luobin was only a fourth remembrance spirit teacher; how could he defend against the sixth phase Mo Xie’s mental attack? Moreover, Mo Xie’s mental attack technique further received the influence of Chu Mu, this seventh remembrance spirit teacher!

As Yang Luobin began to chant an incantation, his two eyes were instantly flooded by fear and halfway through his incantation, it was promptly cut off. He was somewhat absent minded as he watched the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox extend her claws!!

“Chu Mu!! If you dare harm my son, I will definitely annihilate your Chu Family!!” In the audience, Yang Mancan, who wasn’t able to save him in time, was flushed red as he used soul remembrance to yell at Chu Mu!!

Chu Mu turned his head and indifferently swept his eyes over Yang Mancan. Yet, he still let out a sneer, completely disregarding Yang Mancan’s threat; he immediately gave Mo Xie an order!

Evil Flame Claw!!

Long claw blades shockingly ripped open Yang Luobin’s neck!!!


Yang Luobin was stuck in his terrified expression, but his head had already begun flying and unceasingly tumbled in the air...

“Pu Chi~~~~”

A geyser of blood abruptly spurted out of Yang Luobin’s neck. It was an obtrusive yet captivating red that caused those that saw this scene to involuntarily suck in a deep, deep breath of air!!

Yang Luobin’s body slowly fell to the ground and, as it lay there, the blood still continued to flow out from his neck...

“Beng~~” The head that flew high into the air created a bloody blossom as it splashed when it finally fell into the pool of blood...

“I’m… I’m going to kill you!!!!”

A mad roar suddenly rang out from the audience. Seeing his son being killed, Yang Mancan was like a wild beast filled with anger. He charged onto the battlefield, and his two eyes were astonishingly filled with bloody slivers!

When Chu Tianheng saw that Yang Mancan had charged onto the plaza battlefield, why would he hesitate? He immediately used Wind Ride on himself, and quickly appeared in front of Chu Mu; practically without any hesitation, he chanted an incantation!

“Eldest uncle, may I create a bloody spectacle?” seeing Chu Tianheng fly in front of him, a demonic and ruthless smile rose upon Chu Mu’s face.

Chu Tianheng was stunned and, as he looked at Chu Mu, a rather questioning look appeared on his face.Chu Mu didn’t wait for Chu Tianheng’s response. He glanced at Chu Tianheng’s seventh phase seventh stage warbeast Mo Ye and slowly raised his left arm...

Chu Mu’s killing of Yang Luobin seemed to have instantly ignited the sparks of war between the Chu and Yang Family. As Chu Tianheng and Yang Mancan faced off, all of the other Yang Family members successively poured onto the plaza battlefield.

The Chu Family people also realized that the clash between the two families had already reached its peak. Chu Ming took the initiative to use a flying type technique and flew over the plaza battlefield...

The old family head was already in a position to attack, so how could the Chu Family members still remain spellbound. In an instant, everyone used their own soul techniques to assemble around Chu Mu’s location.

The two large families of people seemed to all have been gathered in the plaza battlefield; both sides had 56 people each. If they were to summon their soul pets, there would definitely be over 100 soul pets on this plaza battlefield!

It had always been a rare occurrence for a large scale massacre to appear in Gangluo City, because the Yang Family had always overseen the city. However, this time, sparks were flying between all of the people from both the Chu and Yang Family. As long as these sparks were ignited, there definitely would be a large war with a few hundred soul pets on the plaza battlefield!

“Chu Tianheng, I’ll give you ten seconds to hand over Chu Mu so I can personally slaughter this half-breed. Otherwise, today I will definitely massacre your entire Chu Family!!” Yang Mancan had already entered a state of near eruption. His entire being adopted the malevolent and terrifying manner of the seventh phase eighth stage Blood Wing Trioptic Beast that he had summoned.

How could Chu Tianheng hand over Chu Mu? He stood next to his seventh phase seventh stage warbeast Mo Ye without any fear of Yang Mancan’s threat!

“Father, our overall strength is weak, we aren’t the Yang Family’s opponents.” Chu Tianjue glanced at the grave face of Chu Ming and whispered to him.

Matter Having just arrived here, Chu Ming also knew that a great battle was unavoidable. His gaze was keen as he stared at the old Yang Kuo, who continued to sit in the audience with a strange expression!

The over one hundred people from the Yang and Chu Families both had their members use their soul remembrance and were in the process of chanting an incantation. The moment the family head from either side gave the order, there would definitely be a chaotic fight between hundreds of soul pets on the battlefield!

“Sto… Stop, everyone retreat!!”

Suddenly, a loud voice rang through the air of the plaza battlefield!

Everyone was stunned, and their eyes all fell on the old city lord Yang Kuo who sat in his seat with a very puzzling expression.

In reality, many people had noticed that the old city lord Yang Kuo had been abnormal today. During the fight, Chu Mu had killed five young experts of the Yang Family and, moreover, killed Yang Kuo’s eldest son’s eldest son. In any moment, a great fight was about to erupt. However, Yang Kuo had decided to reach a compromise at this exact moment.

The Yang Family’s power was clearly above the Chu Family’s. If they were to truly begin fighting, their Yang Family would pay a bit of a price, but would definitely be able to eliminate the Chu Family. Nobody could understand why Yang Kuo would suddenly interfere with this fight!

“Father, what are you…” Yang Mancan had a face of astonishment, as he stared at his own father. The bulging veins on his face were still twitching!

“I said to stop. Could it be you didn’t hear me?!!!” angrily roared Yang Kuo!!

Yang Mancan’s face was already both black and blue. His entire body trembled, and he clearly could not control the burning anger in his mind. Yet, Yang Kuo had issued this order to compromise!

Chu Mu looked at Yang Kuo, and a smile appeared on his face as the corners of his mouth drew back. He slowly put down the hand he had raised in the air...

Such a simple gesture, yet it had a completely different meaning. This was because as long as Chu Mu closed his left fist, then it would mean that the thousands of members in the Yang Family residence would be buried in a sea of fire!

“Father, could it be that you want me to swallow…” Yang Mancan’s face was twitching. He was about to release his anger towards his father, but halfway through his words, numerous black figures jumped out from the crowd. Each one of them stood coldly like ice around the confrontation of the two factions. They emitted a killing intent that caused others to tremble all over!

The black figures continued to increase and before long, there unexpectedly were over fifty extremely ice-cold soul pet trainers. All of these soul pet trainers let off an ice cold feeling, and there wasn’t any trace of emotion emitting from their eyes.Instead, their gazes were extremely penetrating!

“This is…” the faces of the Yang Family members that covered nearly seventy meters immediately changed. They stared at the extremely cold Nightmare Palace assassins!

50 Nightmare Palace assassins. Every one of them had the strength of a spirit teacher. Moreover, each one of these assassins had a terrifying Nightmare that could directly destroy a soul pet’s soul with fire. The moment these fifty Nightmares were summoned and their soul devil fires were simultaneously released, a majority of the Yang Family would be injured!!

An ice cold frosty aura engulfed the plaza battlefield, and the temperature suddenly dropped. Everyone was able to feel the strange atmosphere, and the spectators on the surrounding outside were very clearly conscious about the possibility of a large chaotic fight breaking out. Those that were afraid of suffering from collateral damage began to flusteredly leave this place!

The Chu Family had about fifty people in total, and among them were many who hadn’t reached the spirit teacher level. The Yang Family’s strength easily surpassed the Chu Family’s.

Nonetheless, as these fifty Nightmare Palace members stood still like statues here, the Yang Family members didn’t dare to move at all. The flames of anger that burned through Yang Mancan’s body presently had no choice but to be suppressed!

Seeing the fifty Nightmare Palace assassins, the old city lord, Yang Kuo’s face was extremely unsightly. Presently, he had no choice but to watch from the high seat onto the plaza battlefield. If he couldn’t resolve the grievances this time, their Yang Family would definitely be thoroughly eradicated today.

“Chu Ming, the grievances between our two families has lasted a long time, but in reality, there was never a profound bloody sea debt. Currently, the conflicts between our two families has arrived here. If we were to start a large fight, it wouldn’t be of any benefit to either of our two families. Therefore, wouldn’t it be better if we sat down and slowly talked it out?” the attitude of the old city lord, Yang Kuo, had completely changed.

Listening to Yang Kuo’s words, everyone was extremely shocked. When had the perpetually arrogant and despotic Yang Kuo become so lowly? As for the Chu Family, which had suffered from the Yang Family’s resentments, none of them were convinced, as they looked at this old city lord which would do anything to eradicate the Chu Family.

Nevertheless, Yang Kuo had no choice but to quietly quell his anger. There were fifty Nightmare Palace assassins standing there. Additionally, there was still a portion of them hiding outside their old Yang Family residence. At any moment, they could thoroughly burn down their ancestral residence.

In front of him, there were at least fifty Chu Family spirit teachers. Adding on the Nightmare Palace assassins, this amount of strength was enough to sweep through all of Gangluo City’s factions. If Yang Kuo’s attitude were to even be a bit more unyielding, blood would definitely spill on this battlefield!

“Nightmare Prince Chu, my grandson Yang Luobin has committed may offenses in the past. It is because I, Yang Kuo, did not teach him strictly enough. Now that you’ve already killed him, then regard it as resolving the grievances in the past. In my opinion, if we were to start fighting, your Chu Family will probably suffer injuries and deaths. This is a bit of a hindrance to your Chu Family. Why don’t we gently resolve things instead… I, Yang Kuo, can promise that the territories and industries that used to belong to your Chu Family will all be returned to you. Moreover, our Yang Family will also confer one fourth of our territory to your Chu Family, and one third of our industry profits into your Chu Family’s account books. Why don’t you treat this as payment for the grievances in the past and also as our Yang Family’s sincerity to coexist with your Chu Family in Gangluo City. As for the other details, we can still sit down and slowly talk it out. There’s no need to gather here…”

Yang Kuo’s face full of wrinkles would become as petty and low as he needed it to be.  Those who knew Yang Kuo were a bit unbelieving, as this now deferential fellow was really that hegemonic and capriciously mule headed Gangluo City city lord.

Chu Ming and Chu Tianheng, these two people in charge of the Chu Family, had their eyes on Chu Mu. Chu Mu’s current identity wasn’t ordinary. Moreover, he had fifty Nightmare Palace assassins that were comparable to a clan’s power. Whatever Chu Mu, who had complete control over the situation, said went.

“I don’t want territory or industry. I only want a small amount of circulating capital.” Chu Mu barely hesitated before indifferently speaking at Yang Kuo.

CHu Mu’s words caused everyone to feel a bit surprised, because the current situation was extremely clear cut. As long as Chu Mu gave an order, with a small price to pay, the group of Yang Family people would definitely be all eliminated. If he was even a bit more unyielding, then perhaps the entire Gangluo City would belong to the Chu Family.

Of course, there were others that faintly let out a sigh of relief. After all, the casualties of a large fight between clans was extremely disastrous. A small careless mistake, and it could deal a fatal blow to the entire clan.

“This… this is easy, this is easy. As long as the Nightmare Prince Chu is willing to give me such face, we will will do our utmost best to confer the capital to Nightmare Prince Chu.” Yang Kuo instantly put on a smile.

“Then I invite the old city lord to be a guest of our Chu Family for a few days to discuss the agreement, conditions, payments, the contract and others?” Chu Tianheng seemed to understand what Chu Mu wanted to do, and he immediately spoke to Yang Kuo.

Chu Tianheng’s words clearly indicated that they wanted a hostage in order to prevent the shameless acts of the Yang Family.

“Father, you can’t…” Yang Mancan’s blood had already risen to his throat. A little bit more, and it would be spat out in anger. Only, he could see that in the current predicament, if he were to truly make an attack, the one who would die would definitely be him. Moreover, just now, Yang Kuo had used soul remembrance to tell Yang Mancan that there were Nightmare Palace assassins hiding in the family residence.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. Such a matter has to be slowly talked over.” Yang Kuo’s face was all black, but he was still able to feign a smile as he accepted the conditions in an extremely sullen manner.

After agreeing to be their hostage, the old city lord strode forward in solitude and, with incomparable difficulty, walked towards the Chu Family’s side.

Yang Kuo, this old fellow, naturally needed Chu Ming to be looked after. Chu Ming immediately stood next to Yang Kuo, and silently chanted an incantation, sealing Yang Kuo’s soul remembrance. For a short period of time, Yang Kuo would not be able to use soul techniques or summon soul pets.

After his abilities were sealed, Yang Kuo glanced over at Chu Mu and said: “This old fellow is already so sincere…”

Yang Kuo knew now that everything Chu Mu said went. If Chu Mu didn’t nod his head, a massacre was unavoidable.

Chu Mu nodded his head, but didn’t give any more conditions.

“Then… then I would invite Nightmare Prince Chu to withdraw your people from my Yang Family residence…” humbly said Yang Kuo.

Yang Kuo’s words immediately caused a wave of shock to run through the Chu and Yang Family people. All of their eyes fell on Chu Mu.

The battle strength of fifty Nightmare Palace assassins was already extremely terrifying. Yet, this still wasn’t all of Chu Mu’s subordinates. Some of them were unexpectedly still hiding outside the Yang Family residence...In this moment, everyone came to a sudden understanding. They also understood why the old Yang Kuo would beg for reconciliation at this moment like an old dog. Simultaneously, everyone felt a shudder; Chu Mu had unexpectedly already predicted all of this would happen. Before the Recommendation had even arrived, he had sent a group of assassins to hide in the Yang Family's empty residence. Such a method was truly fierce enough!

However, just as everyone felt endlessly shocked by the faction strength of Chu Mu, Chu Mu’s next words nearly caused Yang Kuo and Yang Mancan to spurt out a mouthful of blood!

“All my people are here.”


Yang Kuo had been captured as a hostage. Without this old city lord, who in the entire city of Gangluo City would be able to suppress the Chu Family’s Chu Ming, this spirit master? Therefore, the Yang Family presently didn’t dare to make any rash moves. After the matters between the two families during the plaza battlefield had died down, Yang Mancan, who now held power, could only obediently transfer a large amount of the family capital to ransom back the old city lord.

After this matter had passed, Chu Mu’s name was known by everyone in Gangluo City. Many days later, the entire Gangluo City was still in a restless state ,because there were many people who had predicted that Chu Mu, this Nightmare Palace Nightmare Prince’s intervention would cause the entire structure of Gangluo City to completely change. It was very likely that the Chu Family could come to control everything in Gangluo City.

As for those in the Chu Family, Chu Mu’s position naturally rose to the top. Everyone looked up at Chu Mu with deferential and respectful gazes; many of those who had offended Chu Mu in the past had offered a humble apology in hopes that Chu Mu, who possessed a force that could rival a clan, would be magnanimous.

For things in the past, Chu Mu was simply disinclined to be bothered about it. He further didn’t have the inclination to dig up those in the family who had used to look down on him. In Chu Mu’s eyes, these people were already a group of lowly people who didn’t have any significance. No matter how much they praised, Chu Mu wouldn’t be moved at all.

“Chu Mu, eldest uncle said that the Yang Family has sold several of their territories and has already sent 10 million gold coins…” Chu Ying intentionally ran to Chu Mu’s room to speak to him.

After the Recommendation, Chu Ying’s attitude towards Chu Mu had done a 180 degree turn. A smile was always worn on her face, and she no longer dared to have a grumbling appearance.

Chu Mu wasn’t interested in Chu Ying’s appearance and, in reality, Chu Ying would only slander and mock Chu Mu in her words. Perhaps it could be said that those who she didn’t look well upon with would be unrestrainedly cursed at. Chu Mu, who understood this eldest young lady’s temperament, naturally wouldn’t bicker about the matters of the past.

“Mhm, almost there.” Chu Mu nodded his head. After speaking, Chu Mu left his courtyard and went towards Chu Tianheng’s residence.

Chu Ying still wanted to say something else, but when she saw that Chu Mu wasn’t paying any attention to her, she felt a wave of disappointment. Despite wanting to follow him, she didn’t dare.

“Young master, you’re planning on letting the Yang Family go just like that? But the Yang Family has done such excessive things to you.” asked Ting Yu who was following beside to Chu Mu.

Ting Yu essentially understood Chu Mu a bit now. What made her feel a bit outrageous was that Chu Mu’s attitude towards the Yang Family seemed to be a bit lenient. Unexpectedly, he only wanted a bit of capital to resolve the grievances between the two families.

Chu Mu looked at Ting Yu and cracked open a smile, saying: “Did I say that I would let them go just like this?”

“Then young master’s intention is…”


When he walked into Chu Tianheng’s courtyard, Chu Tianheng was seated on a stone chair with a letter in his hands that he was reading.

“Eldest uncle.” Chu Mu walked in front of Chu Tianheng.

“Eh, it’s Chu Mu.” Chu Tianheng nodded at Chu Mu and had him take a seat next to him.

Chu Tianheng saw that Chu Mu’s gaze happened to be on the letter in his hand and he immediately smiled and explained: “It’s your elder sister Chu Xian. She currently has become an outstanding figure within the inner clans disciples. With a few years of training, she should be able to rank in Luo Region’s young battle ranking.”

Speaking of Chu Xian, Chu Tianheng’s eyes revealed a somewhat gratified expression.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen older sister Xian Xian.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu’s memory of Chu Xian was rather profound. She had a beautiful face and a moving body. She always gave others a feeling of young vigor. No matter who it was, he or she would easily be influenced by her smile and beauty. Amongst the entire Gangluo City, Chu Xian’s reputation was even above Qin Menger’s.

A few years earlier, Chu Xian had been regarded as important by the Great Chu Family and been chosen as an inner courtyard disciple. She had already been cultivating in the Great Chu Family for a long time now.

“She mentioned that she would return to Gangluo City in a year…” said Chu Tianheng.

“Oh, then eldest uncle can write back telling her she doesn’t need to return to Gangluo City.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Tianheng was stunned. He put away the letter in his hands and stared at Chu Mu.

“Eldest uncle should understand my intentions.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu essentially understood Chu Tianheng rather well. Chu Tianheng was a steady person, and he was able to hold his temper during a lot of things. Moreover, when he truly was going to make a move, Chu Tianheng definitely would not be compassionate or lenient. He could be classified as a swift person with decisive reactions. In this regard, Chu Mu felt that it fit the demeanor of a family head better than his always apprehensive grandfather, Chu Ming.

Chu Tianheng obviously understood Chu Mu’s intentions. Back then, at the Recommendation, Chu Mu had asked him whether he wanted to see a bloody spectacle.

“I understand. Only, how do I put it, that Gangluo City has also been our foundation for 100 years…” said Chu Tianheng.

“This Luo Region is the Yang Family’s territory. We will only suffer restrictions here. Moreover, after this affair is over, the Yang Shi Family will definitely interfere…” said Chu Mu.

Chu Tianheng stared at Chu Mu. Looking at Chu Mu’s decisive eyes, he suddenly saw the reflection of a certain person and the trace of a bitter smile appeared on his face: “I’ve already discussed this matter with your grandfather…”

“Grandfather should already understand then.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Tianheng hesitated a while. Ostensibly finally making his decision, he said: “Since you want to kill, then be a bit more thorough. Eliminate the root of the problem so that future problems don’t arise!”

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