Chapter 716: Demon Suppressing Monument, Awakening the Saint Pet - Immortal Ming Bird (2)

Chapter 715: Demon Suppressing Monument, Awakening the Saint Pet - Immortal Ming Bird (2)

Suppressing Demon Monument came to shape, towering and pointing straight into the clouds!

Before, Chu Mu looked up through the hole in the clouds, just to see the tip of the suppressing demon monument, causing the clouds to be unable to gather there.

Feeling the ancient energy awakening, the feeling of time that had settled and was stirred open along with the opening of the monument, Chu Mu felt a strange familiarity.

As if sometime, he also stood in front of a towering monument and welcomed the dusts of time…...

Chu Mu’s incantation was speeding up. In this completely concentrated state, Chu Mu reading the incantation became an instinct. Even though the incantation was incredibly difficult to pronounce, Chu Mu could very easily complete it with this strange familiarity.

Lady Shan stared upwards. Her feeling was very different from Chu Mu. She felt a cowering that could cause her to fall to her knees.

The massive pressure and shock made Lady Shan realize that Suppressing Demon Monument’s aura was something that she couldn’t handle.

She no longer dared to gaze at it, and started backing off.

She forcefully took her gaze back because if she continued to watch the monument inscriptions full of magic, she won’t be able to peel herself away and would continue to suffer the fear, cowering, and panic.

Finally, she escaped from the magic powers of suppressing demon monument. This time, she definitely wouldn't turn her head around. This was because the mental pressure was too terrifying for her. Looking at it without being spirit emperor was akin to destroying her mind.

Lady Shan forcefully moved away, and all the pressure disappeared.

Lady Shan let out a deep breath. Her gaze was looking far away to try to get rid of the aftermaths of the suppressing demon monument’s pressure…...

“That’s……” Suddenly, Lady Shan’s eyes widened as they were quickly taken over by fear!!

Demon Cloud!!!!!!

The Calamity Spider Emperor’s Demon Cloud!!!!!!!

Lady Shan had no instincts, but she remembered clearly that when Chu Mu started the incantation, that region had no clouds.

Yet now, the orange red demon clouds were like rolling smokes lit afire. It seemed far away and non-threatening, but it quickly neared and was much faster than lst time!!


The spring water uneasily shook at the same rate as the completely decimated ground!

Lady Shan’s entire being froze. A massive being with a demon cloud was nearing at frightening rates!!

Its running was like an entire army approaching, or like a tsunami crashing into shore. Even dozens of kilometers away, Lady Shan felt as if she had nowhere to run.

“Chu…...Chu Chen….. It’s……. It’s back!!!!!”

Finally. Lady Shan manage to utter a few shaky words!

Chu Mu didn’t reply at all. He was completely absorbed into the monument as if his soul had left his body. His heart floated amongst the ancient words of the suppressing demon monument. This dreamy feeling was something Chu Mu was certain he experienced before.

Yet, why couldn’t he remember at all?

The incantation had already become a mere muttering that Chu Mu continued, but his spirit remembrance had already floated deep into the thousand year old language of the monument…...

As for the arrival of Calamity Spider Emperor, Chu Mu had no clue, no matter how hard Lady Shan shouted and cried or how hard the ground shook.

“The calamity spider emperor reappearead!”

Through the reflection spring, spirit emperors saw lady shan screaming and also felt a heart-freezing spatial shake!

“It was still nearby!”

“This thing, once it locks onto a target, it wouldn’t give up even in a few years!” The old spirit emperor surnamed Li held the Calamity Spider Emperor’s information book and read out slightly panickingly.

“Please don’t read the incantation wrong, Chu Chen, please don’t!” Flower type emperor Xiang Yiyun was clasping her hands in prayer.

“The Calamity Spider Emperor is intentionally making such a scene to try to break Chu Chen’s mental state. As long as Chu Chen reads a single syllable wrong, it will add 4 minutes!” Feeling the top tier emperor rank energy come through space, the old spirit emperors were even more uneasy.

All of the spirit emperors started muttering out of nervousness, but they were all shouting the same thing in their hearts, “You have to finish, this is the last chance!”

If they can’t complete, Chu Mu and Lady Shan will die in the spring like Han Jinling and the entire Tianxia City will be one step closer to death!!

“He will complete it!” Liu Binglan gazed firmly at Chu Mu’s back image.

After speaking this, Liu Binglan bit her lips. She could feel that Chu Mu had entered the monument state, and wouldn’t be influenced by the outer world.

 Liu Binglan was the only one able to enter this state. She didn't know how Chu Mu got the recognition of the suppressing demon monument and could communicate directly with the Immortal Ming Bird through resonance. But the incantation at this point was just a formality!

Everyone gazed at the reflection, not daring to even blink.

Yet, at this time, the Suppressing Demon Monument’s tip suddenly casted down a holy light screen!

This light shrouded the entire suppressing demon monument. The reflection in the spring became too dazzling. Other than shimmering, the spirit emperors could no longer see anything.

The sacred light screen brought Chu Mu in as well. At this moment, only Chu Mu could see the suppressing demon monument!

In the light screen, the entire suppressing demon monument started crumbling. All the ancient letters flew and revolved around the light screen!

The ancient incantation floated through the gleaming sacred light screen. This scene gave Chu Mu unprecedented shock. He had never thought that words could act like little sentient fairies. They wrapped around patternless, yet also going through seemingly fixed routes. Chu Mu felt like he fell amongst the stars!

The ancient texts started spinning faster and faster, slowly concentrating in the center of the light screen and drawing out a sacred bird’s outline!

Chu Mu was captivated by the scene. The light screen became a canvas as the words flew around and brushed together into the outline of an ancient sacred pet…...

This was a scene only possible in dreams!!

The Immortal Ming Bird was truly a sacred pet, having to be drawn on a sacred light screen by ancient words!

After Immortal Ming Bird’s silhouette appeared, its body was slowly filled in by the countless words…...

A proud and noble head, long swan-like neck, sacred and beautiful feathered wings, elegant and streamlined body!

This lifelike Immortal Ming Bird didn’t have any cruel or violent feelings, instead like an immortal fairy that wasn’t contaminated by the mortal world. Its exquisite feathers were clean like a woman’s supple skin.

Chu Mu had seen all the soul palace seven diagram sacred pets before. He saw the Immortal Ming bird multiple times too. Yet, they were like skylarks compared to a phoenix like this Immortal Ming Bird. Including Elder Liu’s Immortal Ming Bird, they were all inferior to this one full of an immortal aura!

Its clean feathers lightly lifted in the wind. Chu Mu found that the Immortal Ming Bird was watching him, as if it wanted to say something.

Chu Mu only then realized that the sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird was awakened!! It was using its fairy-like soft body to get close to him and watch him with its pure eyes.


A mental note came into Chu Mu’s mind.

It was like a song. Chu Mu felt like the Immortal Ming Bird wanted to tell him something, so he used his soul remembrance to listen to its voice.

“There’s a devil in your heart……”

Chu Mu paused for a second.

There indeed was a devil in his heart!

It was half devil’s evil energy. After the jade spring sacred blood’s washing, this utmost evil power became even more powerful, much stronger than what Chu Mu could rein in, needing ice type soul items to control it!

Yet, why did the Immortal Ming Bird say this the first time it met Chu Mu? Did it know that Chu Mu was going to use half devil as anchor too?

“Ming~~~~~~~~~” Sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird let out a light call.

Chu Mu came back to his senses, and realized that Immortal Ming Bird was signaling for him to get on its back.

Chu Mu didn’t think any further and leaped on.

The sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird lightly flapped its wings. The light screen started sinking, slowly becoming a special immortal glow that embed itself into Immortal Ming Bird’s feathers, making it look even more holy!

After the light screen disappeared, Chu Mu’s vision returned to normal.

Yet, the scene that entered his eyes caused Chu Mu to suck in a breath.

Since an unknown time, the massive Calamity Spider Emperor was very near!! Its cruel and ugly body created a striking contrast between the noble and beautiful Immortal Ming Bird!!


Little hidden dragon’s voice came from the spring. This little fellow had unknowingly shrunken back to its mini state. As if a wounded child after feeling the pressure from Calamity Spider Emperor, it flapped over with a pouty face along with Lady Shan, who had fainted long ago. It quickly threw Lady Shan aside and hid in Chu Mu’s embrace.

Little hidden dragon was at most two years of age. Its mind was still somewhat reliant like a child’s. Meeting an organism like, Calamity Spider emperor that was impossible to defeat, it naturally felt incredibly wronged and also felt a huge blow to its confidence.

Standing on the sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird’s back, Chu Mu hugged the fat little hidden dragon and comforted, “Okay, okay, this big sister Immortal Ming Bird will help you deal with it!”

Looking down from above, the Immortal Ming Bird’s wings lightly flapped, hovering, while watching the cruel, ugly giant…...

Before, Chu Mu had to survive between the cracks of this powerful organisms grasps. Especially the time his heart rate quickened, he felt very repressed by this giant.

If Chu Mu’s thoughts were voiced, they were definitely, “If I didn’t have to anchor, I would’ve obliterated you long ago!”

Now, it was time to fight back!

Sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird was awakened by Chu Mu. Adding on a special spiritual connection, though this Immortal Ming Bird won’t completely obey Chu Mu, it would definitely attack whatever Chu Mu pointed at!!

With the sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird, how much longer can this giant Calamity Spider Emperor be rampant for?

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