Chapter 715: Demon Suppressing Monument, Awakening the Saint Pet - Immortal Ming Bird (1)

Chapter 715: Demon Suppressing Monument, Awakening the Saint Pet - Immortal Ming Bird (1)

“You may as well have choked me to death… *sniff*...” Young Lady Shan who had survived the predicament had a face full of tears. 

She didn’t care that Chu Mu nearly choked her to death because if she had breathed, she would have been killed by the Calamity Spider Emperor.

However, when the Little Hidden Dragon spat her out, she found that most of her clothes had been corroded by its stomach acid.

In other words, when she emerged, she was almost completely naked!

Chu Mu’s clothes were of better quality so although some of his skin was showing, it wasn’t as much.

Much of Young Lady Shan was revealed, and her white body still had a bit of dragon fluid on it. Chu Mu, who would inadvertently glimpse this scene, pretty much confirmed what Ye Wansheng had guessed back then that this woman was truly curvy and well-rounded.  

Chu Mu would always have extra clothing in his spatial ring so after he crawled out of the Little Hidden Dragon’s stomach, he walked over to the spring under the Demon Suppressing Monument and jumped in to wash off.

The spring had powerful purifying effects. The spring had been covered by fresh blood not long ago, but now it had returned to its original clear nature. Even Han Jinlin’s corpse had disappeared. 

After washing off the acid, Chu Mu changed into a clean pair of clothes behind the Little Hidden Dragon. 

“Turn around.” Young Lady was holding a big windbreaker from Chu Mu’s spatial ring around herself.

She stood beside the spring as she went to look for Han Jinling’s corpse. However, she didn’t discover anything. The spring was as clear as usual. 

“Why must I turn around?” Chu Mu was confused.

“I also need to wash off the acid, otherwise my skin will be corroded.” angrily said Young Lady Shan.

“Ok. Hurry up. I’m going to practice the incantation a few times.” said Chu Mu. He sat down behind the Little Hidden Dragon and took out the scroll Han Jinling gave him. He began to practice the summoning incantation.

Young Lady Shan was wrapped in the windbreaker as she squatted besides the spring. She stretched her hand out to feel the water...

Obviously Chu Mu and Young Lady Shan didn’t realize that their every movement next to the spring was being watched by 50 spirit emperors! 


“Eh, these two kids…” Elder Hai Qiu let out a cough, his face full of embarrassment.

When Chu Mu had just jumped into the water and refreshingly washed his body, this was seen by the spirit emperors. However, he was still wearing clothing while doing so, and didn’t reveal everything while in the water.

The male spirit emperors had let out a laugh. They were clearly very happy to see that Chu Mu was safe and sound. The female spirit emperors had turned around with a red face. Only Xiang Yiyun, who had arrived not long ago, stared at the spring with fervent eyes. 

It was unknown what this flower type female spirit emperor would ever feel ashamed about. She had very bluntly enjoyed Chu Mu’s manly body, and had worn a smile that a young lady wore when she was excited. 

It was fine that Chu Mu was washing off. Everyone had guessed that Chu Mu had hidden inside the stomach of his dragon to escape from the savage creature.

However, when Young Lady Shan walked over to the spring, a group of younger spirit emperors’ eyes began to bulge as they looked at Young Lady Shan’s exposed white and slender legs. 

It could be seen that this sexy woman was going to undo her clothes and wash off!

This woman was really about to step into the spring!

Just as the younger spirit emperors and a few old perverted spirit emperors swallowed their saliva, the scene in the reflection spring disappeared! 

Liu Binglan coldly retracted her hand and apathetically said to everyone: “I forgot, Han Jinling’s corpse dissolved in this spring!” 

The person who had dispersed the reflection was naturally Liu Binglan. This wasn’t a time to give the young spirit emperors who weren’t actually suffering from any hardships right now a chance to peek at Young Lady Shan. 

Liu Binglan’s chiding caused the young spirit emperors whose imagination had begun to roam to think of Han Jinling who had died not long ago. Quickly, they lost interest in peeking. 

“Chu Chen has returned. There’s hope of the Immortal Ming Bird reviving.” said Elder Ting.“Yes, he can chant in place of Han Jinling. He should be able to finish it in four minutes. I just hope the Calamity Spider Emperor is far away now.” Liu Binglan nodded her head.

The old spirit emperor who had gone to find information about enormous spider species creatures had found it was the Calamity Spider Emperor. 

The Calamity Spider Emperor’s perception was exceptionally terrifying. When she had learned of this information, Liu Binglan wanted to faint because this monster was able to recognize human aura and rotten aura.

Liu Binglan had been on the edge of her seat until she saw Chu Mu appear full of gastric acid and wash himself. It was only then that she let out a sigh of relief.

Obviously, Chu Mu not only had a very powerful survival instinct but also had an agile brain. 


Young Lady Shan knew that it wasn’t a time to take a comfortable bath. She stripped off the windbreaker and washed her body and hair a few times before quickly walking out and wrapping the clothing around her. 

Of course, if Young Lady Shan knew that this was a reflection spring and on the other side were 50 spirit emperors, she would have rather been strangled to death by Chu Mu in the Little Hidden Dragon’s stomach or corroded to death by the acid. Otherwise, even if she managed to escape Immortal City, she wouldn’t have the face to continue living!

While Young Lady Shan bathed, Chu Mu had roughly looked over the incantation.

When Chu Mu walked to the center of the spring and attempted to chant, he surprisingly discovered that the effect from Han Jinling’s chant hadn’t disappeared. 

Chu Mu carefully compared the two, and found that only the last portion of the incantation wasn’t complete.

“How’s it going?” Young Lady Shan, whose hair was dripping wet, made her way over with a face of excitement. 

“I’m only missing the last part.” said Chu Mu.

“Then why aren’t you chanting?!” said Young Lady Shan.

“Do you think that the inancation is a child’s phrase?” apathetically replied Chu Mu. He waved his hand, indicating for her not to disturb him.

The incantation was very complicated, and required repetitive practice to be completely chanted. Moreover, because the incantation contained energy, the process would expend soul power. To soul pet trainers with weak mental strength, a high ranking incantation could cause them to pass out.

The amount of soul power expended by summoning incantations wasn’t very much.  The problem was that Chu Mu had never memorized this incantation before. 

Soul pet trainers would always practice soul techniques for a long time and obviously, even more for a complicated and ancient summoning incantation. 

Fortunately the incantation hadn’t been cut off by Han Jinling’s death, otherwise if he needed to rechant the incantation, Chu Mu would need 3 days and 3 nights to be able to recite a large portion of it. 

“Young master, don’t be hasty. While you chant, a powerful energy wave will definitely emerge from the Demonic Suppressing Monument. There’s a 100% chance the Calamity Spider Emperor will rush over, so you must wait for it to get even further away before you chant again!” Old Li warned Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu nodded his head. He needed to take things steady to achieve victory. In these circumstances, he couldn’t be too hasty. 

In the preceding period of time, Chu Mu attempted his best to familiarize himself with the last portion of the incantation. 

The Little Hidden Dragon laid down beside the jade spring. While they were in Immortal City, it was the only soul pet that could fight for Chu Mu. It had been a period of time so it was evidently a little tired. 

Young Lady Shan was not as in high spirits as before because of Han Jinling’s death. Saving Tianxia City truly was an extremely glorious mission. But she recognized that if she wasn’t calm and prudent enough, or lacked strength, she would just be throwing away her life. 

Chu Mu was very patient. He spent about half a day before deciding to chant the incantation.

Before doing this, Chu Mu had the Little Hidden Dragon fly in a twenty kilometer radius around the Demon Suppressing Monument.

If the Calamity Spider Emperor wasn’t hiding under the ground, it would be located outside the 20 kilometers. 

Only with this info would Chu Mu be completely at ease when he chanted the incantation.

The spirit emperors on the other side of the jade spring had waited until they were both mentally and physically exhausted. But the younger spirit emperors were much calmer than the older veteran spirit emperors. 

“Chu Chen is about to chant the incantation.” 

This sentence caused all of the spirit emperors to focus. 

They all knew that if a peak emperor rank exploded with all its strength, it would be extremely fast. As long as the Calamity Spider Emperor was outside the 20 kilometers, it would need at least 4 minutes to reach the Demon Suppressing Monument. 

The death of Han Jinling made everyone raise their wariness and everyone understood why Chu Mu was being so careful and prudent. 


The jade spring was clear and clean. There was not the slightest impurity. The surface was like a mirror and reflected the dusky sky.

An uneasy wind blew through Immortal City. Emperor rank energy was ripe and abound. Although this energy was only able to leave ripples on this spring, the wind was able to cause larger waves as the water began to slowly undulate… 

Chu Mu stepped on the water and stood where Han Jinling stood before.

He raised his head and stared at the sky opposite of the jade spring. Occasionally, he would see circular spatial holes in the dusky layers of cloud.

“The human eye cannot see the Demon Suppressing Monument…” Chu Mu let out a sigh.

Chu Mu had already memorized the incantation and he couldn’t waste time. The longer he waited, the more high ranking creatures would emerge. If he waited until Immortal City was completely in chaos, even summoning all the ancient saint beasts would be incapable of suppressing the situation.

Taking in a deep breath, Chu Mu began to concentrate his mind on chanting the incantation! 


Practically the instant Chu Mu let out the first syllable, the spring began to beautifully ripple. Chu Mu was at the heart of this ripple as it spread outwards!

At this moment, a special energy surged out from the center of the spring. This energy was like a stream of air but at the same time like a stream of water that slowly rose up.

For some unknown reason, the moment he chanted, Chu Mu felt that the space in front of him began to change. It was as if the spring’s fully reflecting surface had been lifted and he could clearly see the bottom of the spring, which was another space! 

A towering monument! 

While he was chanting, Chu Mu abruptly discovered a tall silhouette that reached the heavens! 

The silhouette slowly materialized as Chu Mu continued his incantation. Shockingly, the thing that materialized were ancient and venerable words!

It was a cluster of ancient words that were hard to decipher. They contained a mysterious magical power. When they were combined together, the energy gradually formed am astonishing building… 

Suddenly, a mysterious thought arose, causing a sense of dread, reverence, repentance and submission to involuntarily arise… 

It was as if one felt that even if he was stronger, he would still be insignificant in front of it! 

Demon Suppressing Monument!! 

An illusory demon monument formed by ancient words!!! 

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