Chapter 714: Heart Palpitating, the Calamity Spider Emperor’s Terrifying Perception

Chapter 714: Heart Palpitating, the Calamity Spider Emperor’s Terrifying Perception

“It’s moving in this direction!” Chu Mu’s heart clenched.

The Calamity Spider Emperor’s eyes were facing him. Although according to what Old Li had said, it wasn’t able to see objects, it was clearly moving towards him!

The word slow described the speed at which the Calamity Spider Emperor took each step. Because it was an enormous creature, each step, however, was nearly a hundred times that of a human’s step. The 3000 meters in between them wasn’t so far! 

“It’s walking in the direction of the remaining air flow from the Little Hidden Dragon. Young master cannot make any rash moves right now.” said Old Li.

Although Old Li had said it so easily, what they were currently facing was an ultra savage beast spider at the peak emperor rank that could cover a hundred meters with each step!

“Young master, have the Little Hidden Dragon spectrify. If you’re willing to believe in my words, let’s take a gamble.” said Old Li.

“A gamble? You’re treating my life as a joke!” said Chu Mu.

“Young master, the Calamity Spider Emperor was sealed last century. I happened to see that fellow back then. It possesses extremely acute senses, and it is virtually impossible for any creature to sneak attack it. However, this is also its fatal weakness in that there must be a fluctuation in order for it to sense a creature. If young master has the Little Hidden Dragon completely spectrify, and it moves very carefully, it won’t have any influence on the streams of air and spatial fluctuations.” said Old Li.

“But what about our scents. This fellow is able to smell our scents, and it is also able to determine my human scent from the Little Hidden Dragon’s rotten aura.” said Chu Mu.

“This…” Old Li wasn’t able to answer.

Chu Mu was speechless. This old fellow wanted to take a gamble without thinking everything through. If he did as Old Li said, Chu Mu would be toast.

“Little Hidden Dragon, swallow us into your stomach.” Chu Mu said to the Little Hidden Dragon.

The Little Hidden Dragon was confused and looked blankly at Chu Mu.

The Little Hidden Dragon was able to rationalize eating that woman because she was just a hindrance. But what about eating his master as well? 

“That’s right. Young master, the Little Hidden Dragon has gastric acid in its stomach, and can cover the aura of a human. It will be safe if you hide there. Then, if you have the Little Hidden Dragon completely spectrify, your smell will no longer exist.” said Old Li.

After Old Li’s explanation, the Little Hidden Dragon understood. It first boorishly swallowed Young Lady Shan into its stomach before having Chu Mu slide into its digestive tract. It then widened the tract and left a bit of air inside. 

The Little Hidden Dragon had most recently only eaten soul crystals so its stomach was rather clean. Of course, the putrid stench from its stomach was not easy to smell.

While the Little Hidden Dragon swallowed Chu Mu and Young Lady Shan, the Calamity Spider Emperor had moved 1500 meters. Now only a thousand meters away, the Little Hidden Dragon was extremely terrified as it sensed its fearsome claws and teeth! 

The Little Hidden Dragon didn’t dare delay and slowly spectrified, its body becoming completely transparent. 

After becoming transparent, Chu Mu was able to see through its body and see the enormous Calamity Spider Emperor.

The mere body of this peak emperor rank creature was enough to imbue fear into one’s bones. Moreover, this enormous creature was releasing a powerful aura!!

1000 meters to the Calamity Spider Emperor wasn’t very far. It seemed to have detected Chu Mu, Young Lady Shan, and the Little Hidden Dragon’s scent and suddenly sped up!

The Calamity Spider Emperor’s speed was shocking. The moment it sped up, its flesh palace-like body instantaneously appeared where Chu Mu and the Little Hidden Dragon were previously hidden!

“Si si si si~~~~~”

The Calamity Spider Emperor turned its enormous head, and let out a low growl!

This place had the scent of a human, but there was no prey here. The Calamity Spider Emperor’s fur all over its body began to faintly brustle, feeling the ground and the air...

Although the Spectral Dragon wouldn’t disturb the space and flow of air, the Little Hidden Dragon didn’t dare make any large movement. Indeed, it didn’t even dare beat its wings!! 

It was under 300 meters away from the Calamity Spider Emperor!!

Through the Little Hidden Dragon’s body, Chu Mu was able to see the fur all over the Calamity Spider Emperor’s body wriggle!! 

He never imagined he would be so close to this enormous creature!!

Right now, Chu Mu had even stopped breathing, and had used his hand to cover Young Lady Shan’s nose and mouth. 

The Little Hidden Dragon’s stomach wasn’t an absolute safe space. At such a close distance, the Calamity Spider Emperor could sense any minute fluctuations hidden in a spectral body!

The Little Hidden Dragon’s movements were extremely slow as it began to move laterally. The pressure the peak emperor rank Calamity Spider Emperor gave the Little Hidden Dragon was powerful! 

Suddenly, the Calamity Spider Emperor turned its head at them!!

Its head was full of teeth and red eyes. Right now, these eyes were all focused on the location the Little Hidden Dragon was at!!

In this instant, the Little Hidden Dragon froze and was unable to move an inch! 

Inside its stomach, both Chu Mu and the fainted Young Lady Sha were like statues. Their breathing stopped. The only thing moving was Chu Mu’s violently pulsating heart beat!!

The heart, the pulsating heart!! 

The Calamity Spider Emperor had sensed Chu Mu’s rapidly beating heart!!

If he could, Chu Mu right now wanted to use his other hand to cover his heart so that it wouldn’t beat so fast!

The passed out Young Lady Shan’s heart wasn’t beating as fast, so it hadn’t attracted the Calamity Spider Emperor’s attention. However, the heart rate of Chu Mu, who was watching the Calamity Spider Emperor, was slowly growing faster, nearing the lowest limit at which the Calamity Spider Emperor was able to detect him! 

In front of danger, Chu Mu would often take in a deep breath and calm down!

But right now he had even stopped breathing. One breath was equivalent to yelling at the Calamity Spider Emperor “We’re right here!”. 

Moreover, Chu Mu didn’t dare perspire right now, because the movement of sweat could attract the Calamity Spider Emperor. After all, even his beating heart had attracted its ‘stare’! 

The further away it was, the weaker the Calamity Spider Emperor’s senses were. Chu Mu understood that his heart could fall within the boundary of its senses.

However, the more nervous he was, the faster his heart beat!

Once discovered, the Calamity Spider Emperor would move in this direction and its senses would be even more acute. When that came, unless Chu Mu died, even his normal heartbeat would be discovered by it!

When he couldn’t breathe, it was very difficult to regulate his heartbeat. Chu Mu had frequently encountered life-threatening situations and in many of these occasions, life or death was determined by a breath, a movement or a technique. 

But Chu Mu had never been more nervous than right now because right now his life or death was not determined by those things, but rather by a heartbeat! 

His heart!

Chu Mu never expected the beating of his heart would become the crux between life or death and in this situation, it was speeding up as if he was going to explode!

Chu Mu had already closed his eyes. The more he looked at the Calamity Spider Emperor, the more he felt fear and anxiety.

He had to calm down or only death awaited!

In this world, was there any test of the heart harder or frightening than this?

Chu Mu had thought about knocking himself out like Young Lady Shan, but if he did that, who would stop his breathing?

One of Chu Mu’s hands had covered Young Lady Shan’s mouth and nose so that her face was pale and she looked like she was about to suffocate soon.

But it didn’t matter if she suffocated. He had to slow down his heartbeat… he had to!

Calm, cool.

Calmer… cooler… 


“Si si si si si si si si~~~~~~~~~~”

The Calamity Spider Emperor’s eyes were ‘staring’ at the Little Hidden Dragon. It seemed to have faintly sensed something, but this sense could have just been a misperception.

Time became slow. Perhaps the ordeal had only lasted a few seconds, but to Chu Mu it was incomparably slow!

Finally, it turned its head!

It was staring at a series of middle class emperor wing type soul pets that were rising into the sky! 

The Calamity Spider Emperor’s eyes utilized mental power to lock onto enemies. The enormous movement the wing type soul pets created when they flew up immediately caused its fur to stand on end. Thus, it immediately moved its eyes in another direction and placed its sensory abilities on the wing type emperors! 

“Si si si si si si~~~~~” the Calamity Spider Emperor took a step in the opposite direction of the Little Hidden Dragon! 

The enormous storm-like aura had caused the Little Hidden Dragon to turn into a spectral statue. When the Calamity Spider Emperor took a step in the other direction, the pressure immediately disappeared, and the Little Hidden Dragon immediately lay itself on the ground. 

Of course, when a specter stepped on the ground, it didn’t cause any dust to rise. If it were another attributed creature, at such a close distance, the Calamity Spider Emperor would definitely have been able to detect it, easily.

The Calamity Spider Emperor took another step as it slowly moved towards the wing type emperors. 400 meters, 500 meters … 1000 meters away.


Inside the Spectral Dragon’s stomach, Chu Mu took in a deep breath before exhaling!! 

This was a full breath. Although he was stuck in the cramped stomach filled with a putrid stench, this was Chu Mu’s most enjoyable breath ever! 

"Peng peng peng peng peng~~~~~”

After Chu Mu completely relaxed the restrictions on his heart, it instantly sped up and grew more fierce! 

This was due to ex post facto fear!

Chu Mu no longer cared if his heart was beating fast. 

“Wu wu wu~~~~~”

The small Mo Xie inside Chu Mu’s soul pet space let out a series of indistinct murmurs. Clearly, she had also let out a cold sweat for Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu’s other soul pets hadn’t dared to breathe either just now. Now that the danger was gone, they all took in deep breaths. 

“Young master, if you don’t loosen your grip, this girl is really going to suffocate.” at this moment, Old Li gave Chu Mu a very timely reminder.

Chu Mu finally realized and hastily loosened his grip.

Young Lady Shan eyes were wide open. Veins could visibly be seen bulging in her eyes and her face was completely pale.

She had awakened because she hadn’t been breathing properly, and was about to be suffocated to death by Chu Mu. her glaring eyes were filled with the anger and fear of a person struggling at the gates of death! 

It could be assumed that if this woman had died, as a ghost she wouldn’t let off the person who had strangled her to death, Chu Mu! 

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