Chapter 713: Saving the World is Fine, but I Can’t Sacrifice Myself!

Chapter 713: Saving the World is Fine, but I Can’t Sacrifice Myself!

Han Jinling’s blood seemed to dye the space red, reflecting a red sky in immortal city!

The spirit emperors’ thoughts were all frozen by the frightening scene. They stared wide-eyed closely at the reflected world.

Liu Binglan sucked in a deep breath, her gaze staring unwaveringly at the rippling surface!

Other than noblewoman Liu Binglan, no one saw how Han Jinling died!

The water was rippling in the sacred spring. The power that killed Han Jinling pierced through space, causing sacred palace’s reflection spring to have ripples as well!

Liu Binglan knew that only top tier emperor rank power could cause true spatial vibrations between two spatial realms!

“Heavens, that…...what is that!!!” A spirit emperor suddenly shouted!

This shout caused everyone’s gazes onto the place the spirit emperor pointed at!

The red skies had unknowingly been covered in thick demon clouds. These demon clouds were very high up, not pressing against the ground.

In the limited reflection, the spirit emperors discovered that a huge spider leg stepped into the spring, slowly crossing over.

This organism was flat against the ground. People could only see the shocking leg!!

Stepping down, everyone felt the spring itself would shatter. At such close distances, the weaker spirit emperors’ hearts were palpitating frenzily due to the coldness that transcended space.

They were apart by a whole space, but seeing a small corner of it gave low remembrance spirit emperors immense pressure!!

Just what rank did it have to be to have such shock!!

The organism seemed to have moved away already, but the aftermath of its presence still seemed to seep through the space, causing them to still be apprehensive.

“Go check what high rank spider rank organisms are sealed in immortal city.” Finally, Liu Binglan spoke. They could see that Liu Binglan’s face was pale.

“Yes…….yes!” The spirit emperor with surname Li replied and quickly turned around.

“Start looking in the first fifty!” Liu Binglan said in a low voice.

The old spirit emperor surnamed Li halted in his steps, turned around to stare at Liu Binglan for a few seconds before saying yes more seriously and running towards the sealed library.

The surrounding went silent. After a while, someone finally said in a low voice, “Noble woman, is… that truly a sealed organism in the top fifty?”

Liu Binglan nodded and didn’t speak further.

Han Jinling’s sacrifice, top fifty sealed organism…...

Just as the first sacred soul pet was about to awaken, everyone took this huge hit. The massive mental stress made everyone feel as if they suffered a huge defeat, causing everyone to feel depressed.

“Han Jinling has been sacrificed, but Chu Chen’s intuition was correct……” Elder Hai Qiu muttered, his expression sad.

“The incantation scroll is with Chu Chen…..there’s still hope!” Elder Ting nodded.

Liu Binglan at this moment felt incredibly complicated. She didn’t think that the final responsibility would land on Chu Mu.

Liu Binglan had a sense of powerlessness. She could only watch. If Chu Mu didn’t have a sharp instinct, then would he have become like Han Jinlin? Becoming two slices that dyed the spring red and face planting right in front of her?

Just the thought of that scene caused Liu Binglan to feel a heart-wrenching pain.

And even if Chu Mu managed to escape this fate, Liu Binglan couldn't remain calm because sealed organisms in the top fifty weren’t that easy to avoid!


Immortal City

“Brother Han……”

Lady Shan laid on little hidden dragon’s back and held her mouth, forcing herself not to cry out loud.

Chu Mu and Lady Shan didn’t hide too far away. The area around the suppressing demon monument was very spacious, so the two watched as the massive beast headed spider bodied organism sliced Han Jinling in two!

Not only Han Jinling, but even his low class emperor rank soul pets were alson’t spared!

Watching this giant organism lay by the suppressing demon monument, Chu Mu’s heartbeat still hasn’t recovered to its normal pace.

Instinct was such a baseless sense.

Yet, if Chu Mu had any wavering in his self-belief, he would have been killed by the immortal City giant like Han Jinling without even noticing!

Chu Mu could go half devil and maybe get some time for Han Jinling.

However, Chu Mu knew he couldn’t go half devil in this immortal city full of sealed organisms.

Just like Liu Binglan, she had top tier emperor soul pets, but she didn’t dare to step into the already chaotic immortal city. It wasn’t because she cared for her life too much, but because the stronger one was, the harder it was to traverse immortal city. Entering meant certain death, a sacrifice with no meaning!

After all, no one could predict how many giants have already appeared in immortal city.

“Now… what do we do?” Lady Shan used her soul remembrance to ask tentatively.

Lady Shan was glad that she left with Chu Mu.

Chu Mu didn’t reply and creased his brows. He noticed that the Calamity Spider Emperor was doing something.

The massive Calamity Spider Emperor laid there, and used its hair to touch the ground, seemingly looking for something!

“Young master, Calamity Spider Emperor probably smells a human scent but can’t find its precise location yet.” Old Li suddenly spoke at this time.

Chu Mu and Lady Shan both relied on little hidden dragon’s rotten aura to hide their aura. After all, a human’s aura in this immortal city full of dangerous beasts was like a piece of fragrant steak.

Yet, top tier emperor rank organisms’ senses were incredibly sensitive. If they can smell a human’s scent from inside little hidden dragon’s rotten aura and find them, then Chu Mu and Lady Shan were dead for sure!

“It… seems… seems to be looking towards us…….it notices us!! Quick…...quick run!” Lady Shan’s face turned sheer white!

The Calamity Spider Emperor’s beast head had countless eyes, many of which were staring at Chu Mu’s  .

Under normal circumstances, for safety, Chu mu would definitely try to distance himself as much as p[ossible from this giant organism.

Yet, this time, Chu mu didn’t dare to move, and neither did he dare to tell little hidden dragon to move.

Because Old Li told Chu Mu before that Calamity Spider Emperor was an extremely famous cruel beast of the last century. All of its senses came from the dense furs on its body. They could feel the ripple of water drops hitting the ground from a thousand meters away, or the beating of wings of a fly from a thousand meters away. It could even feel the air flow of a human breathing within a thousand meters!

Just now, Lady Shan was scared to the point of crying, and Chu Mu forced her to hold her mouth. If she cried audibly, even three thousand meters away, the Calamity Spider Emperor could definitely sense it. Even, for safety’s sake, their breathing had to be very light!

“Young master, the Calamity Spider Emperor has eyes but they aren’t used to see. It can smell it but can’t locate it. I think the reason its locked onto here is probably because of the remnant air flows of little hidden dragon’s flying. Young master please do not panic. You have to stay calm. Also, make sure the airheaded chick doesn't do anything stupid.” Old Li said.

“She won’t be able to.” Chu Mu glanced somewhat calmly. As he spoke, Chu Mu used his soul remembrance to cause Lady Shan to faint.

This woman was the best at screaming. The Calamity Spider Emperor was incredibly sensitive, and Chu Mu couldn’t let this woman cause his demise.

So, Chu Mu very decisively made her faint when she was about to panic.

The fainted lady Shan had even and light breathing. If this woman breathed loudly, Chu Mu wouldn’t mind choking her out completely. Though this woman looked okay and had a curvaceous body, Chu Mu could easily crush her still. He would save others, but under the condition that they don’t harm him!

“Young master you have to awaken ancient sacred pet. If Calamity Spider Emperor is the only giant in Immortal city, Immortal Ming Bird’s strength is enough to deal with it. Ancient Sacred Pets are the veterans of this city and have a lot of power in this city. The sealed emperors and guarding emperors won’t easily fight ancient sacred pets.”

“If the immortal city has more than just the Calamity Spider Emperor, then the Immortal Ming Bird is our scout.”

“Of course, young master needs to awaken not only Immortal Ming Bird, but all the other ancient soul pets as well if you want to leave safely. The ancient sacred pets need to fight all the giants and undermine all their power.

“Also, the immortal city giants are almost all top tier emperor rank. Young master would probably half to go half devil if you want to awaken the ancient sacred pets. However, young master can only do one battle in half devil state. Young master can go half devil but…...but you have to ensure that after you go half devil, the chaos will be suppressed and immortal city gates will open. Or else, after losing the effects of half devil, remaining in immortal city will be certain death.”

Chu Mu nodded. Chu Mu understood everything Old Li said. Immortal City’s chaos had to be stopped for the departed world gates to open. And the only way to suppress the chaos is to summon all seven ancient sacred pets, combine their energy to fight against the giants that cause all the organisms to have discipline.

Now, the sealed giants had the absolute advantage.

Half devil Chu Mu could barely count as an eighth ancient soul pet. However, the first to appear is the first to die! Let alone Chu Mu’s half devil wasn’t even permanent.

So, looking at the situation, summoning the other ancient sacred pets was a must, while Chu Mu had to act as anchor!

Chu Mu was very down to earth. He could save Tianxia City but he wouldn’t sacrifice himself!

As for testing the waters and “being the first bird to go out”(Chinese idiom describing the first mover), the ancient sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird was perfect, since it was a bird and had the species advantage.

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