Chapter 712: The Coldness that Pierced Through Space, Blood Drenched Spring

Chapter 712: The Coldness that Pierced Through Space, Blood Drenched Spring

“Speaking of which, do you know how to leave here?” Chu Mu asked. Though he was a hero now, he was still extremely down to earth!

“No clue. We seven came in with the intention of not living. The only path to survival is to awaken the ancient sacred pets, and cease all the chaos and wait until the departed world gates open back up……” Han Jinglin shook his head.

“Then to leave here, we have to summon all the ancient sacred pets.” Chu Mu started muttering.

“Save Tianxia City, this…...this is too exciting!” hearing that Chu Mu was going to help summon all the ancient sacred peets, Lady Shan was immediately excited, her face glowing!

As a patrolling officer of immortal city, Lady Shan represented the “justice” of battle of the realm members, she had always dreamed of doing something that could cause a sensation in the realm.

This time, having been trapped in immortal city and gone through so much, now that she knew it was extremely important, for honor, she dared to risk it all!

“Shashasha~~~~” Little hidden dragon extended its head over, and glanced with detest at this woman who only knew how to hide on its back and scream. It was as if it was saying “why are YOU getting excited?”

Lady Shan actually understood little hidden dragon’s glance. Putting her hands on her hips, she pouted angrily, “I know the seven Suppressing Demon Monument locations, and can definitely point out the shortest and safest route!”

Han Jinglin laughed and said, “I will have to follow noble woman’s guidance and awaken Immortal Ming Bird first. Chu Chen, please guard me and try not to let other organisms nearby. This needs my full attention and may take awhile.”

“Brother Han, don’t worry and do your thing.” Lady Shan quickly replied for Chu Mu.

Chu Mu only nodded. Whether he was doing it for himself, Liu Binglan, or all of Tianxia City, Chu Mu had to take this important mission, and naturally had to give it his all!

Of course, Chu Mu was far from as excited as Lady Shan.

Because Chu Mu wknew that defector young woman’s subordinates in immortal city were far more numerous than He Ting and Yang Qi. This immense mission wasn’t that easy to complete.

Han Jinling started putting all his effort into waking up Immortal Ming Bird.

On the other end of the spring, they all saw Han Jinling start the incantation that noble woman taught and started to awaken the first sacred soul pet!

This process could take a while. None of the spirit emperors would completely relax here, all of them staring at Han Jinling reading the incantation while standing on the spring.

Lady Shan became very active, starting to drag Chu Mu over and drawing out a simple map of the other six suppressing demon monument locations. Acting like a female strategist, she said, “Next, we’ll go here since it’s the closest to us. There may be other lackeys of the mastermind, so we have to help the others summon their ancient sacred pets too.”

“Weiwei, are you even listening? This is related to the fate of Tianxia City, its an important mission to save the world, please be more serious will you?”

Lady Shan was incredibly frustrated because she said a whole lot while Chu Mu acted like she didn’t exist. She also found that Chu Mu, who was ridiculously calm, didn’t seem to have much passion for saving the world. 

“Do you remember when that red cloud nearly touching the ground appeared?” Chu mu stared at an extremely bizarre demon cloud and asked.

“How would I know, who would care, are you even listening to me?” lady Shan said.

Chu Mu furrowed his brows.

He remembered that when he was fighting Yang Qi, though the sky was still dark and full of gloomy clouds, there definitely weren’t strange demonic clouds covering nearly the entire sky like it was now!

“How much longer until immortal ming bird awakens?” Chu Mu had a very bad feeling about this.

This was an instinct, and a very accurate survival intuition that Chu Mu built up through many years of training outside.

“There still may be 15 minutes.” Lady Shan looked at Han Jinling deep in focus and said.

Chu Mu’s brows knit up further!

The demon cloud was nearing!!

Chu Mu could even smell an acrid scent come from afar, the scent of extreme danger!

“What is it that is making me so uneasy! Am I just overthinking it?” Chu Mu stared at the demon cloud getting thicker and thicker and asked himself.

It was all calm around him, without even the sounds of other sealed organisms and defending organisms.

In fact, since some time, there wasn’t even a single roar nearby. The ten kilometer radius around suppressing demon monument had a frightening silence!!

“No sounds, yes, not a single call!!” Chu Mu stood up and yelled out!

Chu Mu wasn’t loud at all, yet it spread through this incredibly empty region…...

“What are you doing, no sound means there isn't anything nearby. Isn’t that better? Why are you so keyed up!” Lady Shan said.

“When some beasts lay down in ambush for its prey, the bugs and birds nearby all go silent. This is an invisible influence organism higher on the food pyramid place on lower positions. It was the same in the soul pet world, and based on soul pet rank, the influence reaches a very wide range!” Chu Mu suddenly remembered this information that his dad once told him.

“Not a single bit of noise, this isn’t normal. Let’s leave here immediately.” Chu Mu stood up and pulled Lady Shan onto little hidden dragon’s back.

“What are you doing? We still have to guard Brother Han, he’s waking up the ancient sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird!” Lady Shan thought Chu Mu was crazy, becoming scared, just because of some abnormality in immortal city, not acting like a hero at all.

“Don’t waste time! Tell Han Jinling to leave with us!” Chu Mu was very strict and an icy tone took over his words!

Chu Mu’s manners caused Lady Shan to freeze and not dare to speak again.

Chu Mu immediately told little hidden dragon to fly in front of Han Jinling and told him to stop awakening the Immortal Ming Bird.

“Brother Chu Chen, I only need 15 more minutes!” Han Jinling just reached a point where he could take a break in the incantation and said directly to Chu Mu.

“I sense an extremely powerful organism coming towards here. 15 minutes is too long. If we stay here for that long, we may all die!” Chu Mu said very seriously.

Han Jinling looked at the nearing demon cloud, and specially told his soul pets to sense the surroundings.

However, Han Jinling didn't find anything.

“Brother Chu Chen, do you sense something?” Han Jinling asked.

Chu Mu shook his head. He didn’t feel anything. It was completely an instinct and he was confident in the experience his dad Chu Tianmang had told him!

“Then do your soul pets feel anything?” Han Jinling asked again.

Chu Mu shook his head again. Little hidden dragon didn’t sense anything amiss either.

“Chu Chen brother, you may be overthinking.” Han Jingling laughed, “And, even if there is a powerful organism, my soul pets all have the rotten aura, so it won’t care much about us insignificant beings.”

“Hehe, this is a normal phenomenon. When I used to train, when I’m in an extremely dangerous situation and my life is threatened, my subconscious would always think there’s something wrong with the surroundings, but in reality, it was all just in my mind.” Han Jinling understood what Chu Mu was feeling.

“I already dripped the heavenly dew into the spring and the incantation is almost complete!” Han Jinling said.

With what Han Jinling said, Chu Mu didn’t know how to continue. After all, Chu Mu indeed didn't have convincing evidence that something powerful was nearing.

“I still trust my instincts. I will leave.” Chu Mu knew that he couldn’t convince Han Jinling, who only wanted to become a hero and save Tianxia City, so he directly stated.

“How can you do that!” Lady Shan immediately shouted.

Han Jinling paused, and stared at Chu Mu.

After a moment, Han Jinling pulled out his spatial ring and gave a scroll to Chu mu and said, “This is the awakening incantation. I memorized it already. The incantation takes two hours and needs a little longer for me to finish. I can’t give up based off of your evidenceless instinct; after all, too much relies on this. No one can predict whether this retreat may forsake all our chances, since more degenerates like He Ting and Yang Qi may come. We can’t postpone it, and dare not.”

“However, your considerations aren’t without reason. For safety’s sake, take this scroll. If, and I say if, what you say really does happen, then the mission that I, Han Jinling, can’t complete will be yours.”

Han Jinling was a logical person. To be able to say this and give the incantation to Chu Mu now meant that he indeed wasn’t a person blinded by the honor of being a hero.

Chu Mu was logical too and didn't say much more. He put the scroll into his spatial ring and said, “Let’s hope I’m overthinking. Stay safe!”

Han Jinling nodded, and wasted no more time talking, starting to finish the last bit of the incantation.

Chu Mu jumped onto little hidden dragon’s back and specially glanced at the determined Han Jinling.

Lady Shan at this point started hesitating. She didn’t know whether she should stay with Han Jinling. In the end, she somehow decided to stay with Chu Mu and leave, for reasons even she didn’t know.

In the soul palace, through the reflection of the spring, the spirit emperors saw the scene where Chu Mu said farewell to Han Jinling.

They couldn’t hear anything, but the spirit emperor who knew how to lipread approximately relayed the information to everyone.

“Chu Chen is overthinking probably.”“Yeah, Han Jinling’s soul remembrance is higher than Chu Chen’s, yet he didn’t sense anything.” A few younger spirit emperors started discussing.

“But, being safe is a good thing.” Elder Ye Tao said.

Liu Binglan saw Chu Mu suddenly give up at such a crucial time to leave, and was also confused.

Yet, Liu Binglan didn’t mean to put blame on Chu Mu. She moreso hoped for Chu Mu to be safe.


15 minutes felt like an incredibly long time for the spirit emperors. Many times the young spirit emperors couldn’t help but ask how long was left.

“Almost, there can’t be more than 5 minutes.” Liu Binglan said.

At this moment, Liu Binglan for some reason also had a bad feeling. The closer it was to the key moment, the more uneasy she felt. Maybe it had something to do with Chu Mu leaving!

In the calm reflection, Han Jinling still stood at the spring, his clothes and hair starting to hover and dance due to the energy of the incantation. Around him, countless ancient marks vaguely appeared, looking very mysterious!

The incantation was getting more and more powerful. Spirit emperors all realized that Han Jinling was about to awaken the top tier emperor rank Immortal Ming Bird!


In the soul palace sacred spring, a slight inexplicable ripple passed through, creating wrinkles in the reflection…...

The ripples affect their vision, but no one minded it.

“En, strange, why did Han Jinling stop moving?” A sound broke through the silence.

When the ripple appeared, Han Jinling’s body suddenly went stiff!

This feeling felt like a photo freezing time…...

Everyone gazed at it, not daring to blink at the reflection.

Yet, the next instant, everyone saw a frightening scene!!

In the reflection, Han Jinling’s stiff body started spraying blood out from the hips, blurring the reflection in the water!!

As this striking red diffused, everyone saw Han Jinling’s body break in half from the hip, becoming two pieces that slowly fell down in the spring!!

Everyone saw it with their own eyes, and felt a cold shiver like never before come from within and spread through their entire bodies!!

It was a coldness that transcended space!!

All the spirit emperors were in shock, including the three supremes and Liu Binglan. They couldn't’ believe their eyes as they watched the spring slowly turn blood red…...

The spring had become completely red due to the blood, a horrible crimson!!

Han Jinling’s upper body was in the blood water, his face planted and reflected in the center of soul palace’s sacred spring, gazing into fifty something spirit emperors’ eyes. They were split up by immense space, but seemed so close together.

They could even see the expression on Han Jinling’s bloodied face, one of irrepressible excitement as he was about to summon the ancient sacred pet.

Yet, after becoming a corpse, this face was frozen in the blood water. In the blood, the face remaining excited and passionate gave all the spirit emperors a shiver!

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