Chapter 711: So This Fight Just Now Turned Out To Be So Important?

Chapter 711: So This Fight Just Now Turned Out To Be So Important?

Thousand Spectral Strikes. The might of this attack was several times more powerful than Hundred Spectral Strikes!

The Thousand Spectral Strikes’ dragons occupied a huge area of space, and magnificently swallowed up the low class beast type emperor at the front!!

Each dragon from the Thousand Spectral Strikes was full of majestic energy. The beast type emperor’s attack seemed to meet an oncoming wave and was fully suppressed!!

Quickly, the beast type low class emperor was suppressed by the Thousand Spectral Strikes!

When Hao Ting, at the back, witnessed this tyrannical technique, the cold smile on his face froze!

“Ao hou hou hou hou~~~~~~”

The thousand spectral dragons roared like a magnificent army. They crashed through the beast type, and charged at the low class demon emperor!!

Teeth and claws bared and a boundless majesty. The puny demon wasn’t even able to dodge and it was swallowed up like the low class beast type emperor!!

As for Hao Ting’s other pseudo monarch, it was knocked flying like a piece of grass when the technique arrived. It was powerless in the face of the technique!

“Long long long long long~~~~~~~~~~”

There were countless gorges in the surface of the earth and streams of air skyrocketed up. Space was in completely chaos!

This tyrannical scene was all caught by Han Jinling. When he saw the thousand spectral dragons fly by him, his face was full of shock!

Such might was definitely not something a normal low class emperor could create!

What rank was Chu Chen’s soul pet?! Why did he feel as if its strength suddenly erupted?! The destructive force even caused his heart to palpitate!!

“Weng weng weng!!”

The technique lasted for a while as the ringing in Han Jinling’s ears didn’t stop.

He took a glance at the entire Demon Suppressing Monument area. Aside from the spring, which had nothing more than a few ripples, the surrounding area was now unrecognizable from the destruction! 

A few hundred meters away, Hao Ting’s beast type emperor was lying in the ground, its body full of blood and painfully howling. When this beast type low class emperor fought Han Jinling’s soul pet, it had already suffered heavy injuries. 

This time, after the Thousand Spectral Strikes swept through, the beast type was filled with injuries. Even if it hadn’t died, it had pretty much lost most of its fighting strength. 

A hundred meters away from it, Hao Ting’s hair was a mess, and his clothes were in shambles. Next to him was the demon with lower defense.

This demon was behind the beast type so it suffered lighter wounds. When it climbed to its feet, its movements were sluggish and its body was trembling. It seemed to have been concussed by the strike.

As for the remaining pseudo emperor, it was unclear where it was buried, but it probably wouldn’t be able to climb up for a good while.

“Look after him. Don’t let him get away!” Chu Mu immediately said to Han Jinling.

Han Jinling recovered from his shock, and hastily ordered his two low class emperors to rush towards Hao Ting. 

Hao Ting’s original plan to flee with full strength hadn’t accounted for the terrifying technique of Chu Mu’s dragon that even low class emperors struggled to defend against. Right now, his demon was so concussed it had lost its sense of direction; thus, how could it flee from the pincering of Han Jinling’s two low class emperors!

"What… what on earth is this dragon?!!” 

“Just now it clearly had the strength of a normal low class emperor. Why did its aura, majesty and strength all rise in such a short period of time!!” 

“Is Chu Chen’s dragon really only at the ninth phase?” 

An uproar began!! 

Everyone present wasn’t a normal soul pet trainer. They were all the strongest members of the spirit emperor camp. But even they couldn’t tell the reason why Chu Mu’s soul pet had exploded in strength!

It was truly hard to believe that this twenty year old young man would have a dragon that could stun all the spirit emperors here!!

“Your Majesty, which dragon subspecies is this creature? I’m already very familiar with dragon species, but even now I can’t think of a dragon species with such a powerful bloodline!” inquired the elderly Hai Qiu.

After she had shed her tears, Liu Binglan had returned to normal. However, she herself wasn’t sure what dragon Chu Mu had raised. She had only heard the cawing Old Li often describe how powerful this dragon was,  and how special it was before boasting that creating such a dragon was his doing. 


“Ao Hou Hou!!!!!!”

The Little Hidden Dragon let out a pant before giving a wild roar. It then beat its wings and landed heavily in front of the heavily wounded beast type low class emperor.

The physical strength of Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragons was shockingly powerful. If it were other soul pets, after utilizing such a powerful attack, they would definitely have to rest for a bit first. Yet, the Little Hidden Dragon had just given a pant before being able to formidably fly over. High ranking bloodlines were indeed high ranking bloodlines; they were too superior!

With it being so heavily injured, how could the low class emperor escape death? 

The Little Hidden Dragon bared its teeth, and bit the beast type low class emperor into two pieces!

Fresh blood spurted out. The low class emperor didn’t have the strength to resist and its body was bitten through by the Little Hidden Dragon’s dragon teeth!

In order to recover the energy it had expended through the continuous fights, the savage Little Hidden Dragon swallowed the low class emperor’s inner crystal into its stomach!

After eating it, the Little Hidden Dragon extracted any advantage it could gain from the beast type’s body, absorbing its dead soul into the dragon soul pearl and letting the Spectral Dragon eat its fill! 

“After reaching the emperor rank, the Spectral Dragon seems to need even more powerful soul energy in order to increase in strength. Even low class emperor souls aren’t notable anymore.” after eating the low class emperor’s dead soul, Chu Mu checked over the Spectral Dragon’s ranking.

The Spectral Dragon was still a pseudo emperor and its strength didn’t rise. It seemed that the Little Hidden Dragon’s strength couldn’t rise so easily. After reaching the pseudo monarch rank, a low class emperor rank’s dead soul couldn’t meet the Spectral Dragon’s requirements. 

The Little Hidden Dragon definitely would not be able to defeat a middle class emperor. He had to wait for it to reach the tenth phase, and he had to spend 250k spirits to consolidate its attributes before this was possible. 

The dead souls of a low class emperor weren’t very distinct, but Chu Mu knew that every little drop counted. He definitely could not let the low class demon emperor go; moreover, a spirit emperor’s soul was equivalent to an emperor’s soul which meant that Chu Mu wanted Hao Ting’s soul too!

With Han Jinling’s two low class emperors watching him, Hao Ting couldn’t flee even if he wanted to!

Quickly, Han Jinling’s demon was subdued!

Unfortunately, the demon’s body and soul contained the energy from numerous other soul pet attacks. The Little Hidden Dragon’s gathering soul pearl was unable to absorb these half-destroyed dead souls.

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon had the hidden Gather Souls species technique. This allowed it to imprint a special marking on its enemies’ souls each time it attacked them. For however much life force the enemy lost, the marking would correspondingly occupy that amount of its soul. Only when the marking encompassed 70% or above of the soul was the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon able to absorb the dead soul into its own body, transforming the soul into its own strength.

If the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon could absorb every dead soul, Chu Mu would have been able to have his other emperors beat down a low class emperor before having the Little Hidden Dragon deliver the finishing blow and absorb the soul...


“Kill me! Don’t even think about finding anything out from me!” Hao Ting was stubborn. He was indifferent towards Han Jinlin trying to force a confession from him.

Chu Mu wasn’t a nice guy though. He promptly used a White Nightmare technique to burn Hao Ting’s soul, forcing him to tell them everything. 

Unfortunately, Hao Ting had been injected with some mental serum by the defector young woman that made it so he couldn’t tell them anything, even under the burning pain of the soul devil flames! 

“Kill him. He’s not going to say anything.” he had even used the soul devil flames but this fellow still wasn’t saying anything. There was no need to keep him alive.

Chu Mu did things properly this time and didn’t allow Hao Ting’s soul to go to waste. Instead, he gave it to the Spectral Dragon as a delightful snack. 

Hao Ting’s spirit emperor soul was like a low class emperor’s dead soul. Unfortunately, the Spectral Dragon’s rank still didn’t rise.

Chu Mu wasn’t hasty. After the Little Hidden Dragon reached the tenth phase, its strength would explode again. 

“Big Brother Han, what are you doing here? Are you here to rescue us?” Young Lady Shan, who spent the entire time cheering and shouting, asked a question to Han Jinling.

“Uh… no. It’s a long story.” awkwardly said Han Jinling.

Promptly, Han Jinling gave an approximate account of the vital mission he had undertaken to Chu Mu and Young Lady Shan.

Immortal City’s pillars, the seven great Demon Suppressing Monuments, the seven ancient saint beasts, the seven heroes… 

After Chu Mu and Young Lady Shan learned about this, Chu Mu was greatly affected. He never expected that Soul Palace’s ancient saint beasts would exist in Immortal City. Moreover, they were all eminent and powerful peak emperor ranks!

How would Young Lady Shan know about this either? She was shocked for a long while before finally saying: “So you’re saying that this fight regards the survival of Tianxia City?!” 

“Yes. I’ve come for the closest Demon Suppressing Monument to the entrance. Which is here. This is pivotal to whether I can awaken the first ancient saint beast!!” Han Jinling took in a deep breath before staring intently at Chu Mu. He was somewhat excited as he said, “Thank goodness this time for Chu Chen, otherwise our city would be faced with a crisis!” 

Young Lady Shan hastily turned around and looked with a face full of shock at Chu Mu. She looked like she was in disbelief as she said: “You… you unexpectedly saved Tianxia City!” 

In Young Lady Shan’s eyes, the Chu Mu that had wantonly destroyed Immortal City was nearly grouped together with the conspirators of this plot. Yet, in the blink of an eye, he had suddenly become a world-renown hero! 

“So the fight just now turned out to be so important?” Chu Mu was also shocked for a long while, before mustering these words. 

Chu Mu had naively wanted to get rid of Yang Qi and Hao Ting because they had chased him for over ten days. 

If he knew that this fight was about an ancient saint beast and it was pivotal to whether Immortal City’s chaos could be suppressed, Chu Mu wouldn’t have been so calm when fighting Yang Qi...

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